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Director of Facilities

Raymore, MO, 64083
May 16, 2020

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Chris Gardner, CFM, FMP, PMP

Raymore, MO ***** 816-***-****

Senior Level Facilities and Operations Manager/Director

Facility Management / M&A / Real Estate / Facility Evaluations / Programs / Administration / Budgets

Cost Reductions / Safety & Security / Business Development / Capital Equipment / C-level Decision Support Contracts / Continuous Improvement / Negotiations / Team Management / EH&S / Events Consolidations / Communications / Project Management / Construction/ Process Development / Budget Management

High performance, customer focused senior level professional with an exceptional ability to succeed as either an internal or external consultant in a multitude of functions and work streams including facilities, operations, administration and commercial or corporate real estate. Management experience includes creating facilities departments, driving difficult projects, programs, and support functions to profitability and success, managing day-to-day business administration, mitigating risk and improving processes to maximize strategic plan attainment.

Creates robust maintenance processes, innovations and best practices to improve reliability, satisfaction and establish cultures of win-win relationships. Monitors procedures for highest possible quality outcomes. Exceptionally adept in analyzing business needs and improving productivity by aligning resources for exceptional productivity gains and lowest costs.

Strengths include:

Managing massive organizations and their facilities successfully

Designing, building and maintaining properties to secure highest profitability

Controlling vendors, contractors and landowners to complete projects as specified

Leading multi-function teams to find and broker project solutions

Maximizing facilities to boost revenue generation and operational excellence

Selecting scenarios and developing accurate action plans

Delivering business improvements that lower risk, costs and labor inefficiencies

Education: BSBA, DeVry University. CFM, PMP, FMP, Licensed Realtor.

Career History & Selected Accomplishments

Director of Facilities

Foley Industries

2019 to 2020

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing and managing facilities, grounds, equipment, and the Facilities department to include: design, maintenance, repair, alteration, new program roll out, SOP creation and implementation, and construction; ensuring that jobs are completed efficiently and within regulatory guidelines, budget and projected deadlines; preparing and managing the annual budget for the facilities department; and ensuring optimal utilization of personnel and other resources.

Saved over $100,000+ annually through use and implementation of a CMMS system to manage work orders, facility assets, and vendors. In coordination with PropertyTRAK, performed implementation work to implement a CMMS system to assist in facility management. Tasks include but are not limited to workflow structures, vendor performance analytics, work order management, customized task types and work order priority levels, integration with AP systems and reporting systems such as Tableau, asset tagging and management, and facility and asset performance metrics. Saved 5%-10% on capital costs by managing assets through the CMMS system.

Reduced time and costs for maintenance task completion rates by ~15%. By automating the work order process and setting standards, KPI’s, and SLA’s associated with work orders, I have been able to reduce the amount of time spent on any particular work order, increase the accountability of vendors by setting work order priority and response levels, eliminating the manual work order process, and create performance metrics through the reporting features to show progress towards the goals set.

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Decrease maintenance and repair costs 15% by implementing a program to monitor assets and create a predictive maintenance program. By tagging and managing over 2,000 Foley assets, I was able to help Foley see their true maintenance costs for a particular asset by tying the assets to a work order. This would allow for capital planning and also fix vs. replace decisions when performing a cost benefit analysis using the asset data we were able to gather. I was also able to adjust preventative maintenance programs by monitoring the equipment and using real time usage data. Through real time equipment monitoring, I was able to put predictive maintenance plans in place that would allow vendors to take care of a much smaller issue, earlier on before there was a larger impact. The predictive maintenance programs also reduced asset downtime by 20% as the reactive maintenance decreased due to the ability to see an issue for it became something more major. Maintenance was able to be planned during periods the asset was not in use.

Decrease overall operating costs for Facilities by 12% through RFP’s and maintenance contracts. Starting with the areas with the most spend, I was able to draft SOW’s and RFP’s and conduct a formalized process to gather proposals from perspective vendors, negotiate terms, pricing, services, SLA’s and KPI’s while getting the needed service at a contracted rate rather than the standard time and materials rates. I was also able to establish PM activities and set the standards and scope of work the vendors would be held accountable for.

Real Estate Manager


2017 to 2019

Manager of 1,500 retail store facilities nationwide. Design, implement and manage new and existing facilities and support processes. Oversee real estate activities to ensure maximum return and profitability. Assist with site selection, contract terms, site acquisition, leasing space and land acquisition. Negotiate pricing and valuations. Resolves customer/tenant issues. Plans and conducts projects and programs related to lease properties.

Saved $1M+ through use of proactive HVAC program. Analyzed 3,000 HVAC systems and found maintenance were done on a replacement basis only. Caused excessive emergency replacement and temporary HVAC costs. Setup remote sensing system to record equipment performance and problems. Established a true preventative maintenance program. Negotiated labor saving contract for future projects.

Reduced time for maintenance task completion rates by 30%. There were no task duration's set for FM contract tasks. Created internal industry standards for task duration's and worked them into vendor’s KPI’s and incentive package. Aligned performance with time frames for maintenance tasks and strategic plan.

Decrease maintenance and repair costs 15% by bundling market work with one vendor. Determined there were no store standards for, repair or appearance from a real estate perspective. Created store standards and developed an App with a facility assessment so all stores could be assessed against the newly established standards. Used HLE’s for repairs. Improved store performance and customer and employee satisfaction.

Implemented a nationwide janitorial program for 1,500+ stores. Sprint used store employees to clean stores. Lead to stores being dirty, worn down facilities, and excessive catch up maintenance expenses. Negotiated a companywide cleaning service contract with a 10% discount. Secured higher satisfaction.

Senior Project Manager

Optum Rx/United Health Care

2015 to 2017

Managed nationwide, multi-million dollar projects for this Fortune 25 company including automated equipment installations, improvements, and enhancements. Controlled project scope definition, risk identification, project methodology, resource allocation and facilitation. Ensured projects were completed on time, on budget, and within scope. Partnered with PM team to enhance procedures and create BIOS team project management processes and templates. Constructed new office space and led construction, renovation and maintenance processes.

Increased productivity and reduced costs by $100M. On-boarding of new accounts at the mail order pharmacy caused internal production and cost issues. Needed to increase productivity and decrease per prescription costs. Implemented multiple projects that added automated fill equipment, established multiple new processes. Increased productivity and decreased costs for 125,000 prescriptions filled per day.

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Project Manager

PKC Construction


Directed construction project budgeting, contracting, and planning functions. Key contact for the client and all subcontractors. Managed multiple concurrent nationwide projects. Directed on-site project superintendent and subcontractors. Developed, enhanced and maintained efficient vendor and operational service standards. Interfaced effectively with clients, subcontractors, and PKC leadership to ensure adherence to contracts and construction plans.

Saved project from complete collapse. Inherited a project that was over budget and behind schedule. Analyzed scope, aligned leadership players and covered value engineering opportunities with client. Decreased lead times on materials and equipment. Brought project back within schedule and budget.

Director of Facilities Management

Olathe Health System

2012 to 2013

Responsible for the performance of the facilities department covering two hospitals and over 40 clinics consisting of over one million sq. ft. of facility floor space. Ensured high quality appearance and functionality of all facilities while improving timeliness and producing cost savings on construction, repairs, and preventive maintenance. Handled leasing arrangements, construction coordination, capital expansions as well as replacement and improvement projects. Managed site security, environmental and regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness and operational safety.

Created and built a corporate real estate department. Real estate responsibilities were scattered throughout the organization. Selected to develop a new department. Instituted a construction project management and documentation process. Trained team on project management. Created RFP system and reduced the time for completion of a typical project by three weeks. Lowered change orders by 25%.

Reduced lighting utility costs by 12%. All lighting was outdated at 40+ clinics leading to high bills and maintenance costs. Implemented a lighting retrofit program using LED lighting. Reducing utility costs by 12%, and five year maintenance costs by 100%. Reduced ongoing maintenance costs by 30%.

Project Manager

UGL Services

2011 to 2012

Primary project manager responsible for all Humana workplace solutions. Managed 25+ simultaneous capital and major maintenance projects, ranging from $350K to $6.5M. Directed all aspects of project management, including safety, budget, financial components, customer project scope development, contractor selection, project launch, construction management and project closeout. Created unique online depository for reuse of inventory.

Selected as the first outsourced project manager for the Humana account for transactions. Developed processes within UGL Services based on my knowledge of Humana's processes and expectations. Rapidly integrated KPI's and SLA’s. Meet and exceeded expectations. Fully integrated the Humana account.

Project and Facilities Manager


2005 to 2010

Managed expansion and M&A projects for multiple facilities. Oversaw budget, design process, construction, associate moves, project closeout, and turnover of completed project to internal client. Controlled day-to-day operations through 170 employees. Spearheaded projects ranging from 3,000 sq. ft. to over 100,000 sq. ft. in size. Opened 80+ sales offices in 18-months. Implemented first Humana’s Green Team at the Kansas City office.

Created M&A standards from a corporate real estate perspective. Guidance for information was needed to improve deal closure. Created process and facility assessment standards including facilities, leases, contracts, and vendor impact. On the eight M&A projects, saved $3.5M in acquisition costs during the due diligence period. Saved additional millions by consolidating facilities and terminating un-needed leases.

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Chosen as “Special” Facility Manager and Project Manager for unique facilities and projects. Led one of a kind projects, such as Humana’s first mail order pharmacy, and managed unique facilities such as clinics, call centers, and the mail order pharmacies nationwide for Humana. Stepped in to manage these types of projects, programs, and facilities when there was a lack of expertise within the company and put the necessary processes and facility management plans in place.

Created the PMO for managing corporate real estate projects. Used PMI guidelines and experiences to establish a PMO for the corporate real estate department. This drove project consistency, the use of the best building materials for the type of facility being built, consistent space design and FFE (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) within similar spaces that drove reduced operating costs, created best practices and process for project and program management, established consistent baseline costs per square foot for similar types of facilities, and drove consistent facility hand off procedures and documentation so the facility managers had all of the necessary information to manage the facility properly.

Senior Manager and Owner

CTG Real Estate Services

2014 to Present

Established and run a consultancy for facility and real estate project work. Has provided value added work that led to three full time positions.

Experience in / exposure to / accomplishments in: Commercial Real Estate, Capital Planning, Financial Management,

Strategic Direction, Client Management, Cost Control, Department Management, Monitoring Industry Trends, Devising Operating and Capital Budgets, Life Cycle Forecasting, Attaining Operational Excellence, Performance Management, Portfolio Management, Quality Assurance, Relationship Management, Vendor Management, Asset Management, Work stream, CMMS, Audit Management, Coaching, CPM, Training, Forecasting, MSA, Procurement, Reporting, Service Delivery, Sourcing, Human Resource, Facility Operations, Client Management, Staffing, Microsoft Office Suite including Excel and Project), Outsourcing, Client Relationships, Problem Solving, Best Practices, Facility Management, Program Management, Project Management, Facility Technology, Facility Program Development and Roll Out

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