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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
May 16, 2020

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Attorney, Notary & Conveyancer

South Africa

Full Names: Julian Richard Napier Bartlett

South African Identity Number: 530-***-**** 081

South African Passport: No. A02719493

British Passport : No. 533834709

Religious Denomination: Christian - Anglican

Race White

Date of Birth: 9 July 1953

Age: 66

Health: Good

Marital Status: Married

Children: Two sons

Reside: 31 Huguenot Avenue, Bordeaux, Randburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa. (Johannesburg).

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Rhodes University – Grahamstown South Africa) 1977, Bachelor of Laws (LLB) ( Rhodes University) 1980, Master of Laws (LLM) (1993 University of Cape Town, South Africa – Company Law and Tax Law), Attorney (admitted by High Court of South Africa 1980), Notary (admitted 1995) & Conveyancer ( admitted 1995), Right of appearance in the High Court.

Experience: 35 plus years of legal practice experience in various fields as a practicing attorney.

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Establish Law Firm February 1994 commenced practice for own account in Johannesburg, South Africa as Bartletts Incorporated, a private professional company. Office is currently located at 163 Oak Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, Gauteng Province, Republic of South Africa.

Substantiating Documentation: Available on request. Legal Experience: See schedule below

Law Society: Member of good standing of The Law Society of the Northern Provinces (Pretoria, South Africa) ( Membership No. M 00617

Current Recreational Interests: Golf, fly fishing, wild life and conservation.

Club Membership: The Country Club Johannesburg (, Schooling: St Andrews College, Grahamstown, South Africa – 1971

( .

Tertiary Education: Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa; University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town, South


Schedule of Legal Practice Experience:

This schedule is not exhaustive but indicative only: 1. Litigation

Primarily commercial litigation in the High Court. 3

2. Trusts

Drafting Trust Deeds, establishments of trusts, Acting as a trustee for client trusts, ensuring compliance with the provisions of the trust deed and other legislative and governance issues.

3. Property Law and Conveyancing

I have attended to hundreds of property transactions of different types including, commercial property deals, residential property transactions both freehold and sectional title, and Share Block transactions.

Registration of transfers of immoveable properties, registration of mortgage bonds for banks and private persons, registering sectional mortgage bonds and cancellation of mortgage bonds.

Drafting of Sale Agreements, advice on structuring of property transactions, preparing amendments and addendums thereto, and advising buyers and sellers and real estate agents on contractual and other issues relating to property transactions. Advising on disputes between buyers and sellers, and resolving disputes. Managing properties on behalf of clients, arranging leases, extending leases, collecting rentals, paying rates and services, dealing with disputes. Drafting Share Block Sale Agreements, attending to sale of shares in share block companies (a form of fractional ownership) for which there are specific requirements in terms of the Share Block Control Act.

4. Leases

Scrutinising lease agreements for clients prior to signature thereof. Drafting leases of residential and commercial property, preparing extensions and amendments thereto, dealing with breach situations and cancelling lease transactions 4

Drafting cessions and assignments of lease agreements 5. Corporate Law

Drafting agreements for the purchase and sale of shares in companies. Drafting shareholders agreements and MOI’s.

Scrutinising and vetting Memoranda of Incorporation (MOI) for the establishments of companies.

Establishing companies and advising clients on all aspects thereof. Drafting agenda for directors and shareholders meetings. Drafting resolutions of meetings,

Advising on legislative requirements for the passing of resolutions requiring complex technical compliance.

Dealing with shareholders disputes.

Transferring shares and attending to secretarial matters. Advising on various aspects of corporate law including fiduciary duties of directors and managers, conflicts of interest issues and other governance issues. 6. Due diligence Investigations and Reports

Conducting investigations and preparing reports for investors wishing to acquire equity and / or make loans to companies and businesses.

7. Commercial Law

Drafting of many different types of documents / contracts, including but not limited to the following, which is not an exhaustive list :-


Development Agreements (for projects)

Project Funding Agreements

Sale of business agreements

Sale of shares agreements


Pledge of shares and cession of rights thereto;

Cession of book debts

Loan agreements

Acknowledgement of Debts;

Partnership Agreements;

Joint Venture Agreements;

Agency / Mandate Agreements;

Powers of Attorney, General and Special;

Distributorship Agreements;

Franchise Agreements;

Licensing Agreements;

Option Agreements (various) ;

Assignment of Patents and Trade marks;

Confidentiality Agreements;

Non- Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreements;

Letters of employment;

Releases of various types;







Lengthy and complex correspondence relating to matters being handled; Scrutinizing contracts and providing advice to clients on the pro’s and con’s thereof and amendments thereto;

Negotiating contractual terms;

Solving problems, finding solutions to commercial issues, to avoid disputes and litigation;

Perusing, considering and preparing responses to correspondence on complex issues for clients;

Perusing and advising on a broad array of documents for clients. Advising clients on how to structure transactions, drafting the documentation, assisting with negotiations and implementing the transaction. Advice to clients on numerous varied commercial and related matters. 8. Notarial work

Drafting and registering of :

Special Notarial Covering Bonds,

General Notarial Covering Bonds

Cessions of exclusive use areas for sectional title transfers; Pre- nuptial Agreements;

Numerous different types of Notarial certificates; 7

9. Last Wills and Testaments

Advice to client on Wills and drafting thereof. Resolving disputes relating to Wills and estates.

10. Administration of Deceased Estates

Acting as an Executor of deceased estates and administering deceased estates and dealing will all issues relating thereto.

11. General

I have experience in many different fields of law. This cross section of legal experience has enabled me to see the “bigger picture” with most legal issues. Commercial contractual work, drafting, vetting of and negotiation of contracts constitute a large part of my professional work.


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