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Procurement Manager

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
R800 000
May 12, 2020

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SURNAME : Hlongwane

FIRST NAME : Thandeka







2 P a g e


Mrs. Thandeka Hlongwane

1067 Howick Lane,Lenasia South Ext 1;1829



NATIONALITY : South African


HEALTH : Excellent




Competence on a scale of 1 – 5 ( 1 being basic and 5 being excellent) Language Speaking Reading Writing

English 5 5 5

Afrikaans 1 4 4

IsiZulu 5 5 5

SeSotho 4 4 3

SeTswana 4 4 3

IsiXhosa 4 5 5




St Ursula’s Convent 1994 - 1995 Standard 5

Standard 6

Princess High


1996 - 1999 Grade 9 - Matric


3 P a g e



University of Johannesburg B-Tech Degree Logistics 2009 Technikon Witwatersrand

(University of Johannesburg)

National Diploma Logistics 2001-2003


MATRIC National Diploma Logistics B-Tech Degree Logistics 1999 1ST YEAR 2009

Mathematics Practical Accounting I Purchasing Management IV

Physical Science Admin. Communication I Advanced Strategic Management

Business Economics End-User Computing Logistics IV History Human Relations I Project Management IV

English 2nd YEAR

Afrikaans Logistics II

Purchasing Management II

Cost & Estimating II

Commercial Law II

Managerial Problem Solving

Techniques II

3rd YEAR

Logistics III

Purchasing Management III

Production Planning & Control


International Business III



Business Continuity management Deloitte 2016

Managing Tenders,Contracts &


Envision International 2012

Bid Committees PALAMA( School of



Public Acquisition Management Southern Business School 2006 CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

4 P a g e

(NQF Level 5)

Anti-Fraud & Corruption Training Profounder Intelligence 2012 7. PROFFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (Work Experience)

POSITION: Senior SCM Officer

PERIOD: January 2015 to August 2018


1. Financial Management

Contribute to the Budget planning process

Financial delegations of authority Implemented in line with the FAMPLA and GPL Delegations of Authority

Contribute to a unqualified Audit Report

Responsible to reconcile expenditures as per annual business plans 2. Risk Management

Adherence to GPL Asset Management Policy

Adherence to turnaround times as per SCM Standards and policy

Telephone usage in line with Telephone policy and SCM requirements

Audit Tracker

3. Quality Assurance of Procurement functions

Implement SCM Policy and procedure and propose enhancements

Implement the Quarterly and Annual Operational Plans

Allocate requisitions to buyers

Requests for Quotes (RFQ’s) checked as per SCM


Quote/s as per SCM policy, process and


Verify and approve Purchase Orders (Supplier and GRN)

Verify Comparative schedule of price quotations and approve per requisition

Review buyer workloads and reassign responsibilities as required

Update Cost Centres and GL Accounts

Ensure query Resolutions

Expediting the list of orders issued but not yet delivered

Verify Goods Receipt Register

Ensure that GIIR is cleared

Negotiate contractual conditions and pricing with suppliers CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

5 P a g e

Plan and establish procedures and controls to conform with applicable laws and regulations and good purchasing techniques

Establish and maintain continuous market investigation, adequate supply sources and proper vendor relations

Establish reliable sources to supply goods and services

Oversee the compilation of information to prepare orders for procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and/or services 4. Tender/Bid Process

Participate in Bid Specification Committee as a member

Ensure that the tender documents are completed and the checklist is verified

Ensure completed Tender packs are verified

Approved Terms of Reference ToR/ Specification

Compilation of bidding documents

Participate in Bid Evaluation Committee as a member

Develop and submit tenders for advertising in different media

Prepare Tender Documents and Commercial Issue Documents

Publish Adverts

Convene meetings for briefing, site inspection etc.

Ensure completeness of post Bid issue documentation ie. 1. Completed Attendance Bid Register and Signed Briefing Session Declaration

2. Maintaining and filing of Bid Proposal/ submission Register 3. Complete Pre Selection Document per Bidder

4. Maintaining and filing of Completed Evaluation Score sheet of all tenders

5. Capture Evaluation Scores

6. Ensure Pricing and B-BBEE Evaluation

Prepare Bid Recommendation

5. Contract Management

Maintenance of Contract Management Register for all contracts

Ensure that price escalations are as per tender documents and agreed formulas

Ensure that all Contract Payments are in line with the contract sheet 6. Reporting

Responsible for the development of the following reports: CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

6 P a g e

Monthly SCM Reports, (includes Travel, Requisitions, Purchases, Tenders, Contracts, B-BBEE, Catering, Deviations)

Treasury Report

Expediting Report

Requisition and Purchase Management Report

Unreleased Requisition Report

7. Stakeholder Management

Liaise with all relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Regularly advice internal and external stakeholders with regards to SCM procedures and processes.

Coordinate and deliver regular workshops to internal stakeholders on SCM Procedures and processes

Coordinate and deliver regular workshops and information sessions to external stakeholders on changes in legislation and on SCM requirements

8. People Management

Ensure there are agreed Performance plans with all staff

Ensure there are agreed and implemented Skills development plans of the unit

Responsible for conducting Annual and Quarterly performance management reviews of his/her subordinates?

Put in place Coaching and mentoring implementation plans and reports

Manage staff leave in line with GPL Policy

9. Abilities & Skills

Effectively communication with salespersons and vendors

Report writing.

Negotiation skills

Conflict Management

Customer Service skills

Presentation skills

Records Management

POSITION: Acting Director SCM

PERIOD: 1 July – 30 October 2016


Provide support on professional partnership services of SCM to Programmes CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

7 P a g e

Ensure implementation of resolutions that affect the Directorate within stipulated timeframes

Oversee and ensure effective contract management within the Directorate

Establishment and overseeing an appropriate and effective SCM Directorate

Provide Leadership and oversight on a professional Supply Chain Management service to the institution

Asset Management Planning

Chairing of the Asset Disposal Committee which includes recommending the best disposal strategy

Overseeing and ensuring effective and efficient Procurement of goods and services in line with the policy and delegation of authority and legislation.

Overseeing travel management from the procurement perspective.

Ensure provision of quality, effective and user friendly Supply Chain Management reporting to the various targeted stakeholders

Ensure quality, relevant policies and procedures for the Directorate and those relevant to the wider institution regarding Supply Chain Management.

Effective Financial Management of the SCM Directorate

Manage the performance of the SCM Directorate team to contribute to a high performing institution

Oversee and contribute to effective HRM practices within your Directorate

Manage the learning and development of the Directorate staff and drive education and awareness creation of all financial risk and supply chain requirements to which staff must align

Manage change within the Stream to ensure the seamless adoption of changes.

Ensure stakeholder satisfaction with the service of the SCM Directorate POSITION: Acting Manager Procurement

PERIOD: April 2015 to May 2018

This role had been vacant from August 2013 and I acted in it on a 3 month rotational basis together with two of my fellow Senior SCM Officer colleagues from April 2015 to May 2018. Responsibilities

Demand Management

Oversee the development of the demand plans for the institution at the beginning of each financial year and regular management thereof

Lead, develop, propose and implement strategies, policies and review systems and controls to ensure that outputs of the supply chain functions are optimised

Develop risk management strategy for Supply Chain Services

Development of a commodity, category, contract management, strategic supplier relationship and information technology (e-procurement) strategies for implementation of plans to ensure that goods and services are procured efficiently and effectively

Ensure the analysis of data relating to GPL’s spending on goods and services

Manage and monitors spend category performance to assist GPL in defining its procurement needs


8 P a g e

Assesses the supply market and bids and negotiates effectively with the ability of identifying cost drive in the market

Ensure that operational efficiencies within the spend categories is maximized

Ensure that operational excellence is achieved in defined spend categories

Manage and monitor the identification of supply chain risk and implementation of risk mitigation actions

Acquisition Management

Ensure that SCM supports divisions in sourcing quotations for goods and services

Ensure that bids are initiated and successfully completed within the set timeframes for procurement over certain values

Ensure tenders are executed in line with all prescripts

Ensure that enabling contracts are established for commodities

Chairing of Bid Evaluation Committees and provide support to all SCM Committees appointed by the Secretary to the Gauteng Legislature

Ensure thorough bid evaluation processes for presentation to the Legislature Adjudication Council (Bid Adjudication Committee)

Ensures that an adequate audit trail is maintained for all transactions that can be subjected to an audit by the AG

Ensure that suppliers are informed on GPL’s Procurement policies and processes

Ensure the efficient supply of goods and services to GPL is maintained

Develop plans to satisfy the demand while optimising logistics efficiently

Ensure that an efficient supply chain process has minimum risk in in compliance with GPL supply chain policies, procedures and governance

Manage the comparing of set prices and deliberate contracts, payment schedules and monitoring the process to ensure that it runs smoothly

Ensure the centralisation of GPL procurement activities

Develop strategies and ensure economic empowerment of service providers in the context of “taking Legislature to the People”

Ensure that HDI targets are met and develop strategies and initiatives to realize same Logistics and Disposal Management

Oversee the creation and issuing of a purchase order to the approved service provider to ensure goods and services are procured on time in accordance with GPL’s policies, processes and procedures

Authorise procurement of goods and services on SAP Materials Management for values as delegated

Develop a system to monitor the delivery of goods and services, inventory and that the payment process is in place

Oversee that the expenditure is tracked against contracts to ensure that funds are optimally utilised in service delivery

Financial Management:

Manages and monitors financial risk

Continuously looks for new opportunities to obtain and save funds

Understands and weighs up financial implications of propositions

Understands, analyses and monitors financial reports

Allocate resources to established goals and objectives CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

9 P a g e

Aligns expenditure to cash flow projections

Ensures effective organisation of financial resources

Prepares the SCM budget in line with the strategic objectives of the GPL Cost Reduction and Process Improvement

Plans, leads and directs the cost saving initiative to continuously reduce cost through process improvement, contract implementation and inventory reduction while improving on current levels of service and quality to the client

Negotiates high impact and complex contract for goods and services such as capital equipment and associated services

Communicates the needs and objectives of supply chain to Unit Managers and key staff Risk Management

Analyze and assess risks, including conflict of interest and develop appropriate management plans in respect of these, including:

avoiding risk where possible;

allocating risk to the party best suited to manage them; and

Obtaining adequate mitigating strategies for residual risks.

Ensure the supplier database is fully compliant

Ensure all internal and external audit findings relating to procurement are adequately and timeously resolved

Ensure all delegated tasks in terms of the audit strategy are adequately and timeously addressed

Performance Management

Annually assess the performance of the Supply Chain Management system in order to determine, on the basis of the retrospective analysis, whether the authorised and prescribed supply chain management processes were followed and whether the desired objectives were achieved

Operational Management

Develop and implement supply chain dashboard to measure performance against quality, client services, financial goals and target areas for improvement

Develop and manage technology assessment, process such as Enterprise Resource Planning

(ERP) for effective and efficient management of demand, strategic sourcing and acquisition, logistics and performance management

Responsible for the development and management of supply chain budgets for all supply chain functions

Implements internal controls to ensure compliance with all contracts to achieve financial targets

Ensure supply chain processes are accountable for meeting continuous improvement and initiatives both from strategic and tactical perspective including lead time reduction

Oversee the registration of suppliers and the maintenance of a compliant supplier database


10 P a g e

Ensure that HDI targets are met and development of strategies and intitives to realise same

Provide advisory service to Programmes, Sub-Programmes and Units regarding procurement processes to be followed

Ensure valid Service Level Agreements (SLA's) are in place for internal and external stakeholders

Provide direction on contractual issues involving litigation regarding the procurement of goods and service in consultation with Legal Services

Coordinate and provide relevant supply chain management training to Programme and Sub-Programme Services

Keeps abreast of new processes such as procurement methods, technologies, legislation requirements, and market conditions and communicates with

Management on any significant factors that could affect business or financial impact on GPL

Manage, monitor and control records management for all procurement transactions for audit purposes

Maintain appropriate SCM processes to ensure a clean audit on supply chain processes and procedures


Provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the Chief Financial Officer on Supply Chain Management

Provide monthly Supply Chain Management reports to the Oversight Bodies on request

Monitor and curb fruitless and wasteful expenditure, irregular expenditure and unauthorised expenditure through the use of SAP and Intenda system and report these expenditures to the Chief Financial Officer

Provide any other reports that may be required on instruction of the Chief Financial Officer and/or the Secretary to the Legislature

Maintain updated registers for Irregular, Unauthorised, Fruitless & wasteful expenditure Internal and External Stakeholder Management

Ensure stakeolder satisfaction with the service of the CFO Programme

Provide leadership on professional parnership services in Finance, SCM and Risk Mangement to the GPL

Ensure implementation of resolutions that affect the Programme within stipulated timeframes

Ensure maintenace of a stakeholder quesry register and monitor imlementation of resoltions

Human Resource Management

Select, develop and manage Supply Chain Management staff that will promote quality and display commitment to customer satisfaction

Identify opportunities for staff development and fosters growth

Demonstrate accountability for self professional growth and job performance by seeking opportunities to enhance job skills and knowledge

Seek opportunities to increase personal contribution and level of responsibility CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

11 P a g e

Support and respect the individuality of others and recognises the benefits of diversity of ideas and approaches

Delegates and empowers others to increase contribution and level of responsibility

Facilitates team goal setting and problem solving

Recognise individuals and teams and provides developmental feedback in accordance with performance management principles

Deals with labour matters

Identifies competencies required and suitable resources for specific tasks POSITION: Senior Buyer


COMPANY: South African Local Government Association Responsibilities

1. Provided an efficient Demand and Supply Management system within SALGA

Consolidating of Demand Management Plan for various Directorates and Provinces

Monitoring of Supplier performance to ensure service delivery

Delivery of all ordered items according to delivery terms of the supplier

Provision of procurement support to all directorates and provincial offices

Monitoring and adjustment of order process to maximize quality and service level while minimizing inventory.

2. Ensured compliance with relevant legislation, SALGA SCM policy and any other regulations governing SCM.

Regularly advice internal and external clients with regards to SCM procedures and processes.

Ensuring that goods and services are in accordance to the SCM policy and prescripts.

Invitation of quotations from supplier database (SAP) and evaluation thereof based on the PPPFA Regulations.

Provide support in maintaining effective systems and procedures for procurement of goods and services by means of ensuring compliance to the Organisation’s policies.

All queries to be handled effectively as they emerge for client satisfaction.

3. Managed the acquisition functions, which included: CURRICULUM VITAE:THANDEKA HLONGWANE

12 P a g e

a) Requisitioning;

b) Quotations;

c) Tenders

4. Monthly monitoring and recording of deviations; non-compliance, corrective measures instituted and the production of monthly reports. 5. Compliance with National Treasury reporting requirements 6. Ensure the supplier data on SAP system is updated and 100% information complete

7. Quarterly monitoring of supplier database

8. Invitation of service providers annually as per Treasury Regulations 9. Ensure that all advertised bids are handled within the prescribed validity period 10. Quarterly reports with all Treasury practice notes and regulatory reporting requirements

11. Ensure that the corrective measures for audit queries pertaining to SCM are implemented.

12. Provide support to the Bid Specification and Bid Evaluation Committee; also assist in compilation of Terms of Reference.

POSITION : Supply Chain Management Officer


COMPANY: Gauteng Provincial Legislature


Delivering an effective and efficient procurement management system in the SCM Unit and for the GPL as a whole

Procurement of services and goods as per the Supply Chain policy and in adherence to (PPPFA & PFMA)

Coordination of the short & medium contracts & service deliveries

Preparation of Tender Packs

Assisting in Bid Evaluations

Price & delivery negotiations

Capturing of Purchase orders on SAP program 4.6

Generating Monthly Reports

o Monthly Expenditure

o Major cost drivers (Catering,Travel,Transport)

o Reports on Request (ROR’s) – Outstanding requisitions,Deliveries effected etc.

o Reports to Treasury on awarded orders over R100 000,Bids or Tenders over R1 million

o Expediting Reports – released orders or requisition undelivered,delivered not paid etc


13 P a g e

Solving account queries

Supplier Management

POSITION : Procurement Officer

COMPANY : Johannesburg Roads Agency (Head Office)

PERIOD : 2004 May – 2005 May


Spot purchasing - (Sourcing for quotations, negotiating best prices; expediting

Capturing of requisitions and issuing of purchase orders;

Acting as liason between the JRA’s Depots; Head-office Departments and suppliers.

Receiving Potential suppliers’ applications & checking for the necessary credentials to qualify them to be on the company’s supplier data base

Monitoring of supplier performance and documenting

Conducting due diligence of suppliers (Site visits: evaluating the premises,quality of the products and services against the Organisation’s standards

Issuing of tender documents

Maintenance of the tender register (updating the register, attending the tender opening sessions)

Maintaining of the Supplier Database on the Organisation’s ERP System


PART TIME : TWR Procurement Services (Stores Section) YEAR : 2003 March – September 2003

POSITION : Receiving Assistant

(Receiving stock & checking it against all documentation that accompanies it.

POSITION : Dispatch Assistant (Issuing stock to Institution’s Departments) POSITION : Receptionist ( Processing requisitions into the company’s Order Tracking System; Handling queries from end-users; checking the departmental budgets.

YEAR : 2003 October – 2004 May

POSITION : Junior Buyer


14 P a g e

(Sourcing quotations, negotiating prices, and expediting) POSITION : Data Capturer

(Capturing order information & issuing stock)



Mr. Ismail Rawat (Chief Financial Officer)

(011)498 –6300/5951


Ms. Refilwe Nkokha (Procurement Manager)


Mr. Solly Mokgoko (Former Procurement Manager)


Mr. Ernest Hlungwani (Former Director Supply Chain) 082-***-****


Mrs. Zodwa Matlaila (Former SCM Manager)

011-***-****/ 073-***-****/ 081-***-****

Mr. Nkosana Makate

Director Finance Control


Mr Nceba Mqoqi

Chief Financial Officer

012-***-****/ 083-***-****/ 082-***-****


Mr. Sam Moagi (Procurement Manager)


Ms Lindi Bester (Procurement Accountant)


UNIVERSITIY OF JOHANNESBURG (Former Technikon Witwatersrand) Mr. Ian Jansen (Director of Procurement)


15 P a g e


Mr. Clarence Venter (Procurement Manager)


Dr.T.C. Voortman (Lecturer and Head of Supply Chain and Transportation Department)


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