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Senior production engineer

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
May 12, 2020

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Amr Ahmed Mohammed Sha’ban

Senior Production & Workover Engineer

El-korasheyah, El-Santa, Gharbia, Egypt.

Cellular +2-012-******** Phone +2-040-*******

Date of birth : 26 January 1985 Nationality: Egyptian

Languages : Arabic / English

Career Summary:

I have 12 years’ experience in oil field divided to 11 years in Production field operations and 1 year in Work-over and completion. I started for 1 year as a Roustabout in ECDC-4 and during my part time I was responsible for a job for Norpetco, I worked on Sour wells up to 150,000 PPM, shallow heavy oil wells with steam injection 3000 ft, I am looking forward to expand my experience.

Worked on rigs (during Work-over period):-

Rig ECDC-4 & ECDC-5

Rig EDC-098 & EDC-099

Rig Dasco 14 &19 & Rig Cardwell-5

Worked on rig (during my part time):-

Rig Hi-tech 105

Work-over completion Experience:

Running single Well Completion and Radial Drilling as a new technique in Middle East.

Gravel pack Completion for sand control.

Installation down-hole tools (Permanent and retrievable packers and bridge plug) and accessories.

Perforation TCP technique.

Artificial lift installation/assembling and retrieving ESP/PCP/SROD.

Fishing operation using impression block technique.

Running down hole gauge (SRO) of Zenith with PCP-pump

Squeeze Cement Jobs.

Slick-line operation.

Well stimulation operation (acidizing and hydraulic fracturing) using coiled tubing.

CH logging FPI, CBL-VDL, Corrosion mode PLT using ESP and Y-tool.

Production operation Experience:

Monitoring wells and evaluating productivity especially from wells completed with Radial Drilling.

Optimizing production for low inflow wells.

Checking problems of down hole pumps and communicating with Work-over rig if necessary.

Well production processing by many facilities such as Heater Treaters, FWKO, Skim tanks, gas separation and water disposal in safe operations.

Injection of different chemical compounds for De-emulsification and Safety such as Baker and EPRI chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, Oxygen Scavenger and Scale inhibitor.

Beam Pumping System Design.

Well Test Analysis.

Production Optimization (NODAL Analysis).

Modeling heavy oil reservoir using OFM software.

Analyzing problems of down hole SROD pumps from UNICO panels.

Managing 3 Batteries with all their facilities and monitoring all stages of production processing in order to deliver oil production to GPC.

Dealing with PCP-pump design.

Monitoring problems of LRP units and communicating with Unico to solve them.


Aug 2009- Present NOPC- GPC /Red sea


Senior Production field operation.

Employer: Scimitar Production Egypt Limited (SPEL).

-Job Description: Working from 2009 till now in Ras Gharib ( Issran field ) as a production engineer

Responsible for a Battery performing processing of well production by operations:

Gravity settling, heating, retention time, de-emulsifier injection and water disposal.

Handling gas production from wells by Separators and flare systems.

Responsible for 3 Batteries monitoring more than 300 wells including water wells.

Identifying repetitive problems resulted from heavy oil, H2S and produced water such as parted rods, hole in Tubing string, hanging rod string, stuck in pump barrel and damaged pumps.

Modeling heavy oil reservoir and EOR technique (steam injection) using OFM software.

Dealing with steam produced from wells recently coming out from steam cycle and handling

problems resulted from it in Battery system.

Responsible for reporting production of wells, safety meeting held with production crews.

Responsible for monitoring preparing of wells for steam injection or steam flooding as an EOR technique and monitoring wells till be ready back for production.

Dealing with Test Separators in to evaluate productivity of wells.

Handling gas produced from wells by Separators, how to calculate amount of gas produced

by Flow meters, how to get condensate oil from gas produced by KOD in flare system.

Handling problems of Production lines by injecting Corrosion, Scale inhibitors.

Handling Group Separator, how to adjust pressure to handle Production stream in Battery system.

Monitoring and solving some problems of SROD pumps by Unico system using many ways such as pump cleaning, snug initiation and pump maintenance.

Data entry required for SROD start up using LRP system.

Dealing with PCP-pump design in order to obtain the mechanical and electrical parameters related to PCP-pump operation and monitoring them periodically to protect pump.

Monitoring ESP pump performance, optimizing operating parameters and communicating with NOVOMET company to solve problems.

Handling problem of low inflow wells by many solutions such as:

1-Dealing with SAM VSD system to enhance pump fillage for Tubing pumps.

2-Dealing with Downhole gauges (SRO) to optimize speed for PCP pumps.

3-Dealing with UNICO LRP panels to optimize SPM and fillage for Tubing pumps or using UNICO system to operate wells intermittently to get optimum production period.

Using SROD software for Beam Pumping System Design to protect surface units, not to make them overloaded and get the optimum operating parameters for maximum running lifetime.

Aug 2008-Aug 2009 NOPC- GPC /Red sea


Work-over and Completion engineer

Employer: Scimitar Production Egypt Limited (SPEL).

-Job Description: Working in Ras Gharib (Issran field) as a Work-over engineer:

Responsible for well Completion (Single completion) with SROD/PCP including insert pumps.

Cased hole Gravel pack completion installation for sand control.

Sand bailer technique with Napesco for sand control.

Perforation using TCP technique.

Fishing Operation using impression block technique with Weatherford Co.

Artificial lift installation/assembling and retrieving ESP/PCP/SROD.

Slick-line operation and Correlation using Gamma ray-CCL logging.

Well stimulation operation (acidizing).

Dumping cement for formation isolation.

CH logging FPI,CBL-VDL including production logging such as PLT using ESP and Y-tool.

Running different Packers (Production & Operation – Mechanical & Hydraulic permanent for

different downhole tools companies Baker, Halliburton and Canuck.

Preparing well for EOR (Steam injection technique) and preparing it back for production.

Evaluation of cased hole logging (CBL, Image log) and corrosion mode for CSG integrity

Part time NORPETCO-Western desert Egypt

Work-over and Completion engineer

Client: North Bahariya Petroleum Co. (NORPETCO).

I was responsible for Running TAC "tubing anchor catcher" (Rig Hi-tech 105).

Feb 2008-Apr 2008 Qarun-Western desert



Employer: Egyptian Chinese drilling Co. (ECDC-4).

Client: Qarun company.

-Job Description: Working in West Desert (Karama field) as a Rest about sharing in operations:

Hydraulic fracturing using coiled Tubing.

Running ESP pump.

Running well logging tools of Schlumberger.

Personal Data:

Military Status: Exempt.

Marital Status: Married.

Passport Number: A06918753.

Driving License: Private, 1007218

Ability to Travel and Relocate: Yes, immediate.


-College Degree: B.Sc. of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering.

-University: Suez Canal University.

-Major: Petroleum Engineering.

-Graduation Project Grade: Excellent, Study on Ras Ghara Oil Field ( PETROBEL CO.) "

-Accumulative Grade: Very Good.

-Graduation Date: May 2007.

Previous Training and Courses:

-Summer training at PETROBEL Co. (Abu Rudies field), August 2006 (Grade: Excellent).

-Basic components of Drilling rig (ECDC Office).

-Course in Progressing Cavity Pump Fundamentals (Scimitar Field).

-Defensive driving (Scimitar Field).

-Basic principles of Safety (Scimitar Field).

-Course in Beam Pumping System Design By SROD (Lufkin Office).

-Seminar in Cast-CBL logs (Halliburton Office).

-First Aid, H2S course and Firefighting (MTC).

-Course in Well Test Analysis in Middle East for Training and Consultation (METC).

-Course in Production Optimization using NODAL Analysis by PIPESIM in Oil & Gas Skills (OGS).

-Course in LRP Units and Panels in UNICO Company in United Kingdom (UK).

-Course in OFM software for Reservoir monitoring and prediction (NEXT center, Schlumberger).

-Online course in Production field operation for 1 year in Canadian Institute (SAIT)

Course Code: PTOP-250A Student ID: 000639363

Special Skills and Capabilities:

-Adapted easily with different cultures and work environment.

-Managing groups, coordinating tasks, making decisions and meeting goals at deadlines, and the experience of being a part of a team and working with time schedule been gathered in a small scale.

-Being a team leader in some kind of practical projects has been experienced before.

-Very good communication skills.

-Ability to learn new technologies, tools, plans, or work procedures in a short time.

Computer Skills:

-Skilled user of Office (MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point) in all their editions.

-Internet searching, surfing, and resources usage skills.

-Knowledge of Windows XP/2000 Professional, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 & Windows 8.

-Using SROD program for Beam Pumping System Design.

-Using SAM program to determine the Optimum Tubing Size.

-Using Ecrin Program in Well Test Analysis.

-Using PIPESIM software in Production Optimization (NODAL Analysis).

-Using OFM software for reservoir modeling.

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