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Power Plant Maintenance

Sulphur, LA
May 13, 2020

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Stephen Marrell Foster




Objective:To use my knowledge and experience as a precision millwright as an asset to your company.


Valley High School Valley, AL

West Georgia Tech LaGrange, GA

03/2019 to 02/28/2020 Hackberry La

Worked for CCJV McDermott at Cameron LNG.

Millwright work consisting of motor and pump alignments, Enclosure doors,performed oil flush on compressors,installed installed enclosure panels,flashing,pipe cover plates,PNID tags installed grating as needed.I removed broken studs from filter houses,and drilled,tapped holes for new studs.I worked with other millwrights regularly as well as other craftsmen to achieve tasks.We installed large inlet and exhaust ducts on the compressors. I worked with engineers and tech reps from GE and Elliott. I installed expansion joints as well.Performed duties with silicone, grease,cleaners,etc.Reinstated piping,and torqued flanges to spec. I worked with other millwrights on pipe stress.Removed and replaced couplings on pumps.I worked with other millwrights on vibration analysis,running systems,smoke tests,oil fill,initial start ups. Removed and replaced belts,hoses,pulleys,tubing,motors,guards,braces etc.

07/2018 to 02/2019 Hackberry, LA

Worked for Enermech at Cameron LNG plant.

Pump alignments,motor alignments,pipe stress.

Alignments and belt tension on fans,new construction. 06/2018 to 07/2018 Lacrosse WI

Worked for Midwest Construction at a baking facility in WI. Installed robotics and machinery for moving bread. Overhead robots,racks,fences,conveyors,etc.

04/18 to 05/18 Atlanta Ga,West Palm Beach FL.

Worked for Tradesmen International out of the Orlando Office. Turbine outages with Mitsubishi. Georgia Power and Florida Power and Light.Disassembly and rebuild of turbines and generators. 03/18 Allentown PA

Worked for MMI at Sam Adams Brewery

Installed bottle conveyors and machinery.layout,fabrication, machinery erection.

02/18 to 03/18 West Palm Beach FL

Tradesmen International

Turbine Outage,shutdown on Mitsubishi turbine and generator. worked out of the Orlando FL office.

11/17 to 01/18. Gregory Tx

Hemi Systems

New construction,Pipe mill

Installed machinery,set machines on elevation,optical alignment. Grouted machinery,installed shims,shafts,brackets,bases,etc. 11/17. Carolton Ga

Turbine outage for Siemens,disassembled,repaired maintenance On a Siemens turbine,through Tradesmen International Orlando office

7/17 to 10/17 Sparks NV,Lehi UT

Aerotek,Omega Morgan

New construction job at Tesla in Sparks NV.

Installed and set machinery to precise specs.Installed Rollers,set machinery using precision instruments and levels, Making shim changes as needed.

New construction at I M Flash in Lehi UT.

Installed and set pipe rack stacks and modules.

6/17 Mighigan,Indiana


Worked in two meat processing plants,one new construction, One existing.Installed machinery,performed maintenance. Installed and or replaced bearings,shafts sprockets,chains,etc. Set machines on elevation,anchored supports,alighnment. Replaced worn,damaged parts.

3/17 to the 5/17 Atlanta GA/ Loxahatchee FL

Working with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power services through Tradesmen International.Performing major overhauls on Gas Turbines. Inspecting and replacing parts as needed.Cleaning and inspecting Bolts and hardware.Repairing as needed.

2/17 Enerstaff Gillette WY

Performed maintenance and repairs at Black Hills Power. Worked on fans and pulverizers.Performed aliagnments., Replaced couplings,belts,seals,etc.

11/16 4MMS Allentown PA

Installed conveyor system at a FedEx,metal fabrication,welding Leveling,etc.

9/16-11/16 Tradesmen International

Power plant fall outages,with Mitsubishi Hitachi at various Locations,performing maintenance and inspections at Powerplants,as well as repairs.

8/16-9/16 Tradesmen International/Cavanta Lorton VA Demolition of existing conveyors,platforms,and steel Installing new steel,platforms and conveyors at

a powerplant.Performing steel fabrication,rigging,etc. 6/16 -7/16 Core Crew/ Miller Coors Brewery Elkton VA Installed various tanks and equipment,erected steel, 4/16-5/16 Tradesmen International Orlando FL

Worked in New Castle PA and in Morgantown WV.

Performed inspections and maintenance one industrial valves Both in the shop and onsight,disassembled check valves, Butterfly valves,inspected parts,resurfaced valve seats, Installed new parts,drilled and tapped holes,sand blasting, Etc.Worked with Portersville PRD,a well known valve company New Castle PA.

8/15-3/16 Strom Engineering Minnetonka MN

Worked at ATI Flat Rolled Products In Pittsburgh PA I performed millwright maintenance work in the finishing dept. This was a labor lock out job.I performed all work that would have been normally the union workers responsibility. I worked in the #3 maintenance dept.I performed equipment Inspections,PM work orders and handled break downs, I also repaired,refurbished fabricated new jobs.I had rounds to perform every day,greased bearings,oiled machinery,filled gearboxes and hydraulic researvoirs.I worked on belts,pulleys, shafts,rollers,hydraulic cylinders,etc.I replaced knives in metal shears,and set the machine up.I calibrated the acid test twice a day.I performed other work and duties as well.

Operated lifts,overhead cranes,forklifts,drill presses,worked Thousands of an inch.

4/15-7/15 Tradesmen International Orlando FL.

Performing outage work at various power plants.Inspecting Turbines and generators,performing maintenance,replacing Parts,repairing parts,drilled out broken bolts,tapped holes, Honed and surfaced parts,etc.

2/15-4/15 Performance Staffing Charlotte NC

Installed and erected machinery at Owens Corning in Gastonia NC. Worked with AME on a Voith Hydraformer.Installed machinery, Leveled and shimmed machinery,anchored machinery.Fabricated parts And modified parts per instructions from the tech rep.New construction. 5/14-9/14 Spirit Construction Shelby NC

Installed a paper machine at Clearwater Paper,

Installed/ erected machinery,installed conveyor,new construction 3/14-5/14 Tradesman International Orlando, FL

Turbine and generator Inspections and maintenance. Performed work on Mitsubishi gas turbines in Atlanta, GA. Performed inspection on General Electric generator in Clarksville, VA. Presently employed as a turbine mechanic w/Tradesman International.

1/14-3/14 GRUS Byhalia, MS

Working w/H&H Sheet metal on a Roxul insulation plant. New construction. Installing various machines, conveyors, steel, ovens etc. 11/13-1/14 RFM Lanett, AL

Rigging, millwright work, welding. Moved machinery in various locations around Auburn, Alabama. Welded spool reels together on a jig in the shop.

10/13-11/13 Midsouth Mechanical Lagrange, GA.

Outage shutdown at Yellow Dirt Georgia Power (Southern Co). Performed maintenance, replaced worn and damaged components. This job lasted 3 weeks.

3/13-10/13 Contracted Resource Inc. Dallas, TX

Installed conveyor at various locations nation wide. Installed pallet and box conveyors in the paper industry. Installed new conveyor as well as retrofits. Performed installation maintenance and repair performed electrical work also.

7/13-8/13 GRUS Enderlin ND

Maintenance shutdown at ADM grain facility. Repaired & rebuilt conveyors, pumps, gearboxes, etc. Changed sprockets, chains & bearings. Worked with company maintenance men to perform specific tasks. 01/13-3/13 Fletchline Springfield, TN

Installed mezzanine at a clothing distribution center. Erected steel and Installed conveyor in Lebanon, TN.

6/12-12/12 Mechanical Dynamics WinterHaven, FL

Installed machinery and piping systems.Welding, machinery

. repair, maintained, installed machinery in food facilities at various locations in Florida. Companies such as Florida Natural, Mission Foods, Publix, etc.

2/12-6/12 DLJones/American Crystal Sugar Moorhead, MN. Pre-maintenance at a sugar mill. Performed rounds daily. Oiled and Greased bucket elevators, scroll conveyors, air Compressors, dust collectors, blowers, etc.Monitored and Recorded temperatures of bearings, motors, gearboxes, etc. Monitored all conveyors in the warehouse. Performed Maintenance and repairs on machinery and equipment. Coordinated and scheduled repairs with production

Supervisor, maintenance supervisor and other coworkers. Trained American Crystal Sugar workers. Designed, fabricated, and welded brackets and supports. Participated in teardowns and rebuilds. Provided documentation on all work.

11/11-12/11 KBR Orange, TX

Paper mill shutdown, teardown and inspection of a paper machine for International Paper Co. Inspected bearings, replaced flex joints etc.

11/11-11/11 Maintenance and Machinery Erectors Mulberry, FL Erected and installed bag house, duct work, welding, metal Fabrication and welded tanks. Locations include Florida Distillers, Aqua Clean Carpenters Insulation, etc. 03/11 - 09/11 Benjamin Brand Automotive Lakeland, FL Auto Mechanic, Body and Fender, classic car restoration 01/11 - 03/11 Techtrade - Intelligrated Job Indiana Conveyor installation at Coca- Cola plant Auburndale, FL 08/10-12/10 Fletchline Springfield, TN

Built, modified and installation of conveyor according to blueprints. Maintenance and repair of conveyor systems all for various companies nationwide.


03/09 - 03/10 Snowman Tools Lakeland, FL

Mac Tools, retail sales, owner/operated tool truck Sales, Stock, reports, inventory, purchasing, shipping, receiving. 03/08-02/09 Self Employed

01/08 - 02/08 Dan-Mar Installations Memphis, TN

Installed, welded & Painted Conveyor System at Honda Plant, Greensburg, IN. Built, welded, Installed platforms and mezzanines according to blueprints and drawings. Core drilled concrete. Metal fabrication.

11/07 - 12/07 Atlantic Plant Maintenance Ft. Myers, FL Power Plant Outage, Turbine Rebuild

10/07 - 11/07 Industrial Staffing Service New Jersey Performed maintenance at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL. Launch Equipment Shop. Calibrated blast doors performed PM's On various shop equipment, inspected and refurbished equipment for upcoming shuttle launches.

06/07 - 10/07 Dan-Mar Installations Memphis, TN

Installed, Welded & Painted Conveyor System at UPS, Orlando International Airport,

Installed, welded & painted conveyor system at FedEx, Tucson, AZ Welded and Installed platforms and mezzanines according to blueprints and drawings. Core drilled concrete. Metal fabrication. 11/05 - 06/06 Mike's Painting Lakeland, FL


05/05 - 11/05 Self Employed, Painter Lakeland, FL

Residential - Interior/Exterior, Driveways. Latex, Oil, Epoxies. Spray, Brush and Roll. Pressure Washing. Stucco Repair. 04/05 - 05/05 Turbine Diagnostics Tampa, FL

Mosaic - Riverview Plant turnaround: Tampa, FL

Industrial valve repair, steam turbine and generator maintenance. 04/05 Adecco Lakeland, FL

Alabama Metal Products; Lakeland, FL

Welding and metal fabrication. Installed, fabricated mezzanine, Built steel work benches, repaired conveyors, etc. 03/05 Insultech Group, Inc. Plant City, FL

Maintenance outage, Indian River Power Plant, Titusville, FL Steam Turbine, generator, tear down & inspection.

Industrial Valve work.

02/05 - 03/05 American Valve & Pump Lakeland, FL

Installation, Welded, Paint & maintenance repair of industrial valves. Various power plants in Central FL

09/04 - 12/04 UNICCO Orlando, FL

Stanton Energy, OUC Scheduled Outage

Performed maintenance and rebuilt and welded machinery in cooperation with OUC maintenance shop.

08/04 Turbine Diagnostics Tampa, FL

5 day outage for TECO

Disassembled, inspected, and reassemble turbine and generator. 07/03 - 07/04 Lanfranchi, North America Tampa, FL

Setting up and starting up machinery, painted machinery, Troubleshooting machinery, welded, modifying machinery when necessary, Training in the operation of the machinery. Work performed in various Locations nationwide and Canada. 04/03 - 07/03 Ironworkers Union Local 397

Training classes in Mango, FL

03/03 - 04/03 Universal Machinery Erectors, Inc Richmond, VA Cocoa Cola Bottling Co.

Installed machinery and welded handrail, mezzanine, painted 10/02 - 12/02 Turbine Diagnostics Inc. Ft. Pierce & Ft. Lauderdale, FL Power Plant maintenance, outage

Generator and turbine inspections, disassembly & inspection of parts All precision work.

08/02 - 10/02 Watkins Branford, FL

Cement Plant, new construction, installed bucket elevator, Heavy ductwork, etc.

06/02 - 07/02 Ameriforce Staffing Norfolk, VA

Shutdown in fiberglass plant in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Dismantled old machinery and added new machinery,

cutting welding mezzanines, handrail, etc.

02/02 - 04/02 NEPCO Lake Worth, FL

Power Plant, installed gas turbine and generator

01/02 - 02/02 FWM Mechanical Simsboro, LA

Installation of plywood - sorting machine

01/02 - 01/02 Cubic storage & Office Systems, Inc. Tampa, Fl Installing conveyor in a distribution center in Tampa 10/01 - 12/01 American Slick Rail Lakeland, FL

Installed static rack in formal wear stores.

Locations: Milwaukee, WI, Baton Rouge, LA,

Glendale, CA, Orlando, FL

09/01 - 10/01 A-Lert Construction Findlay, OH

Shut down at ADM, soybean-processing plant.

Performed maintenance on and rebuilt machinery

08/01 - 09/01 Wanzek Construction Marshall, MN

Minnesota Corn Processors

Installed large ductwork and piping on roof.

07/01 - 08/01 Zachary Construction Chanute, KS

Cement Plant

Installed and welded machinery

06/01 - 07/01 Fagan Union City, CA

Minnesota Corn Processors

Set Pumps, built stands for machinery, set machinery, etc. 03/01 - 05/01 S & B Lakeland, FL

McIntosh Power Plant

Worked on generator, structures, set pumps, lots of layout. 02/01 - 03/01 Nepco Payne Creek, FL

Payne Creek Power Plant

Worked on gas turbines, tanks, lot of layout, etc

01/01 Kamtech Mahoopoany, PA

Procter & Gamble Paper Mill

Iron work shut down, lasted 2 weeks. Connected Iron, stuffed bolts, mounted various machinery.

10/00 - 12/00 Teton Intercession City, FL

Cane Island Power Plant

Installed gas turbine, diffuser, various tanks, structures, etc. 08/00 - 10/00 Casey Construction Palatka, FL

Gypsum Plant

Installed, welded and erected various machinery and conveyors, etc 06/00 - 08/00 GRUS Somersworth, NH & Boston, MA

Industrial factories, Installed ductwork in industrial factories 04/00 - 06/00 B.E.&K. Plaster City, CA

Sheet rock plant

Installed heavy conveyors, welded and erected machinery; kiln, kiln feed, inverter table, etc.

01/00 - 04/00 T.I.C. Miami, FL

Concrete Plant

Installed and welded heavy conveyors & coupling alignments, etc. 08/99 - 12/99 I.C.M Atlanta, GA

Felt Company/Paper Company

Installed/erected drop frame & carriage, relocated paper presses, etc 05/99 - 08/99 Thamer Construction Jonesboro, GA

Water treatment plant.

Millwright lead man, installation of aluminum handrail, catwalk, toe plate and stairs.

11/98 - 03/99 Production Systems Inc. Atlanta, GA

Warner Robins Air Force, Warner Robins, GA

Convington, GA

Peach Tree City, GA

Troy, AL

Athens, GA

Installed new conveyor installed S.R.S. (Syload Retrieval Systems) machines, some welding/metal fabrication. Government clearance. 09/98 - 10/98 National On-Site Personnel Fort Wayne, IN Topeka, KS

Helped build water tank

Huntington, PA

Owens - Corning Fiberglass: removed machinery, removed mezzanine, installed new mezzanine, and replaced machinery. 01/98 - 8/98 Rapistan Conveyors Grand Rapids, MI

Millwright Lead Man: Installed and fabricated conveyor system and Pick modules; Welded and erected mezzanines, platforms, stairs, handrails, guardrails, laser layout, etc. Job site Windsor, WI - Walgreens Distribution Center

08/97 -12/97 Hightech Installations St. Bonifacious, MN Millwright Lead Man: Installed conveyor, power columns, carousels, dock levelers, & plates, installed and welded mezzanines, platforms, Pallet rack, shelving, lockers, etc. Job sites include: Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, Red Wing Shoe Factory-Red Wing, MN, IBM

- Rochester, MN

02/97 - .8/97 Rapistan Grand Rapids, MI

Installed, erected conveyor system welded handrail, cat walk, mezzanines, platforms etc. at RPS in White Bear Lake, MN 10/96 - 01/97 Piedmont Mechanical Spartanburg, SC

Duracell Battery, LaGrange, GA

Installed mezzanines, handrail and catwalk, copper pipe, screw pipe, instrumentation, etc.

03/96 - 08/96 Rapistan Grand Rapids, MI

Ellenwood, GA

RPS Distribution Center

Installed conveyor, extensive welding, metal fabrication, and ironwork. 03/95 - 02/96 Ira Griffin & Sons Charlotte, NC

Various Southeast Locations

Installed & erected textile machinery (slashers, ovens, krill's, etc.) floor layout, metal fabrications, screw pipe black, stainless and galvanized, instrumentation, stick and mig welding.

References available upon request.

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