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Graphic Designer

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
February 26, 2020

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Address : No: 478 Jalan 18/5, Taman Sri

Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Mobile No : 016*******/012*******

E-mail :

Home Town :Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Age : 28-years Date of Birth : 02th Nov 1992

Nationality :Malaysian Gender : Female

Marital Status:Single My Card No. : 921***-**-**** Children : -


Highest Education

Level : Diploma in Multimedia Advertising

& Broadcasting Grade : B

Field of Study: Media Studies

Major : Diploma Studies – Faculty of Communication Media & Broadcasting Venue : Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Located : Cyberjaya, Malaysia Graduation Date: Dec 2012 Second Highest Education

Level : Secondary School Grade : 2nd Grade

Field of Study: Accounts & Arts

School : Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Serdang

Located : Selangor, Malaysia Graduation Date:Dec 2009 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY


Company Name : Chi X Fitness Sunway


Position : Customer Service

Position Level :Junior Exec

Specialization :Fitness and Health

Industry :Fitness and Health

Monthly Salary :MYR1, 700.00

Date Joined :23th Aug 2019

Date Left : 31st Dec 2019

Work Description :

Assigned to being a key person at the counter of Chi X Fitness Sunway Velocity club. OPENING

Club opening audits club starts at main entrance till the end the club to make sureness club is in clean and great pleasant conditions on the whole club from time to time, cleanliness of the club, maintenance club as all in order. Handover with cash float counting, membership cards counting, all the forms have a higher number counting. Daily sales report preparation, Guestlist daily basis preparation, after all the process sends snapshot in WhatsApp group chat. Assigned on, service members with a pleasant smile always, with filled all their requests, issues and needful.

Handles members issue, termination, payment, freezing and all needful of their membership. MIDDLE

Assigned to deliver the updates since morning to fellow colleagues of CS will be in the middle and late shift.

Single asset in club well managed, with accurate update. CLOSING

Assigned club audit and maintain the club cleanliness well managed and organized. Pulls the sales report, totals up the cash count, card and cash tally with the sales report in the system. Drops the cash in and the basics form count, membership card and the float cash count tally in the cash book, in the cash book.


Being a fast-paced learner in the fitness industry, organized and managed to be an accurate person while on task. Encode new sales in the system and clear payment. Have mould with the eagerness to be fit, and craze on a workout. CASE HAS BEEN HANDLED

1. Members locker trigger jammed. Resolve and make her shower. 2. False counted and give out cash and clear payment of members. 3. Clear members payment twice.

4. False encoded members details in the system

5. Encoded without created account to members

6. Handled yelling and frustrative members


Company Name : London College of

Clinical Hypnosis

Position : Internet Marketing.


Position Level :Junior Exec

Specialization :Clinical Hypnosis


Industry :Education

Monthly Salary :MYR2, 000.00

Date Joined :15th Sep 2016

Date Left : 28th Feb 2017

Work Description :

Assigned to publish write up written by empower Director of London College Ms Sheila Menon on social platforms such as Facebook as routine tasks. Ensured entire inspirer design flow as a market tool of London College. Prepared SPEC sheets and sketches; present it as step one. Done approved by Director, precede design artwork.

Boost up and raised the sales of London College by preparing intellectual marketing tool such students collage, videos, articles of London College and published at other social sites such as Google Community, Gumtree, and LCCH website’s front and backhand in Joomla. Eager work on Newsletter by released to entire database contacts of Constant Contact the back-hand site by a stack collection of data with few category selections been edged by the Director Ms Sheila Menon. Passionate on designs own flyers, Facebook cover, Website Cover as creative ideas will flow on the go while I’m getting to or even pass by the streets Proposed and come up with creative and critical ideas such as Collage; Video of LCCH Certificate students class interaction. Get done SPEC sheet and sketches for approval from Director. Followed by conducted my own photoshoot of Certificate students class interaction. Assigned to designs own background design and convert the best shots into video form. Assigned on video shoot tasks elaborates lectures, practitioners, tutors and trainer’s experiences in London College.

Well monitored internet marketing at entire online platform and another classified online platform as domestic and Singapore as well. Ensure to publish articles, single beet phrases, video’s collages, photographs, etc at those online platforms. Consequences

1. Frequently attempt by unsatisfied furs expressed by my Director Ms Sheila on my design material. Always have minor changes such as phrases, info and add on more content. Having gained knowledge such worthy of content plays an equal role as creative and wealthy design for selling point purpose. Have mould with an acknowledgement on rectified accurate content for every design material in the attempt of reaching the professional out there. 3.

Company Name : NOBEL International

School SDN BHD

Position : Junior Exec – Front

Office Assistant cum



Position Level :Junior Exec

Specialization :Educational Industry

Industry :Educational Industry

Monthly Salary :MYR2, 000.00

Date Joined :5th April 2015

Date Left. : 31st Oct 2015

Work Description :

Ensured a pleasant service to the parent's or visitors place enquiries on the school by walk in fulfilled with certain criteria and qualities such as being great with a smile and possessing the standard question line “Good morning, sir or madam how can assist you?”. In order, I prepared a small refreshment such as chill water and grabbed them to sit in Excalibur. Ensured unread emails pop up from the enquiry mailbox and replied promptly according to parent’s needs and preferences.

Appointment to handle incoming enquiry calls by maintaining the origin brand and reputation level of Nobel International School. Represented an icon of customer care with the main criterion such fulfilled customers preference until they satisfied with the best solution. Ensured there were friendly senders of drop off stuff and messages to the students by their parents. Prepared starter kids folder for the open day to get on more enrolment. Handled on school touring to the new walk-in enquiries. To ensure the front desk cleanliness and maintain the brand and image of the front office.


1. Faced a mother of a student step to our front office with a screamed voice, throws disrespectful words for not allowing her child to pay the fee used with her mother’s credit card. As per school’s law, it's a misled act but unexplainable to the mother. Have gained a piece of a smile and politely welcome the mother and make her calm by placing her at parent visiting room with a glass of ice water and connect her to the respective finance dept. Gained her apology for her anger act. The consequences have moulded me well with basic knowledge of customer service personality such as pleasant smile, polite welcoming phrase, calm and cool handled method till satisfied by customer. 4.

Company Name : ISentia SDN BHD

Position : Print Media Assistant

Position Level :Junior Exec

Specialization :Media Monitoring

Industry :Media Monitoring

Monthly Salary :MYR3, 500.00

Date Joined :5 May 2014

Date Left. : 31st April 2015

Work Description :

Appointed in Tamil Team as one of the branch teams in the Print Media Team. Entitled on taking charge of five Tamil Newspapers includes a Singapore Newspaper named Tamil Murasu. Ensured morning paper scanned accurately once after I clock in at 4 am early morning in ISentia. Print Media Assistant to cut off each piece article which was uploaded as a soft copy version at the vendor created the software.

Write up short and simple English Headlines as the translation of Tamil version at the vendors created the software. Once accomplished the whole collection of a particular paper then goes to the next paper and followed by another. Done completed all five newspapers informing Team Heads contact through skype.

Sequent, take over the magazine section article to ensure the brand mentioned count and coding according to the company’s article same goes to business papers and English paper as well. During the festive period get the special task of editing and cutting English; Malay paper article. Will gained task from the backhand team for translating the Tamil News article for the client relation support team to do their cording such news rate and categorize. Deadlines complication for the entire artwork of morning paper is before 8 am and the rest followed by is before 1 pm.


1. Non– consequences.

Throughout the entire process of this job-scope has gained well worth knowing as a well versed recognised company’s sustainable market will act as engaged and assigned contract with media monitoring companies such as ISentia SDN BHD to monitor their news. The client relation support team will monitor the account of every client. The Media team falls as Print Media team, telecast team whom in-charge of television and radio ads, Mag Team whom in-charge of magazine ads.


Entire collectivists of artwork uploads to clients’ accounts. Client Relation Support Team will conduct with their coding and rating of the client’s news with maintaining the origins brand and image.

As for servicing clients this is how the media monitor companies’ work. At the client's hand, the client appointed a personality specification to monitor complete package done news uploads at their account access.


Company Name : Bristol Furniture

Position : Assistant Planner

Position Level :Junior Exec

Specialization :Manufacturing /


Industry :Manufacturing/

Production Operations

Monthly Salary :MYR1, 500.00

Date Joined :10th Jun 2013

Date Left. : 31th Dec 2013

Work Description :

Appoint as Assistant Planner in Bristol Technologies to prepare accurate documentation accordingly on the BOM paper prepared by Planner team seniors-based drawing released by Interior Designer.

Ensured documentation with prompt and accurate content and submits to the sales team, delivery team, according to project destination such as domestic and overseas. Attended pieces of training and went through product knowledge such as production tours and learned on bolt, nut, screw’s weight measurements and number fits in a box. Skilled with

‘Bishop’ set definitions and fit the count


1. Non– consequences.

Gained on furniture manufactures begin the process till end up with the export process. Mould on manufactured knowledge in production workload.


Skill Years Proficiency

Photography >3 Advanced

Videography >3 Advanced

Editing Skills

(SONY VEGAS 10/11) >3 Intermediate

MS, Excel, MAC, OS >25 Intermediate

Multimedia >25 Intermediate


Language Spoken Written

English Excellent Excellent

Bahasa Malaysia Excellent Excellent

Bahasa Tamil Excellent Excellent



Leadership charisma

Dynamic team player

Sense of responsibility

Highly inquisitive

Creative and resourceful

Excellent skills in communication, coordination and cooperation Time management skills

Independent and Energetic

Eager and extreme explorer

Adventures seeker

Additional Skills:

Literate and proficient in photography and videography with software named SONY VEGAS 10/11.0 AND VEGAS PRO.

Interest and Hobby:

Bowling, Write Poem and Short Stories and Travels to Photoshoot. Willing to travel : Heavy

Willing to relocate : Will consider

Process own transport : Yes

Expected Monthly Salary : MYR 3,300.00

Availability : Immediate


Name : Mr. Arasan

Mobile No : 016*******

Position : Assistant Manager of

Chi X Fitness Sunway Velocity

Company : Chi X Fitness Sunway Velocity

Relationship :Superior Reported to,

Chi X Fitness Sunway Velocity

Name :Ms. Priscilla

Mobile No :012*******

Position : Manager of London

College of Clinical Hypnosis

Company :London College of Clinical Hypnosis

Relationship :Manager of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis

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