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Water Treatment Manager

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
February 25, 2020

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Contact: Jordan +962********* KSA +966********* Email: LinkedIn: Salem.Gammoh


~ Thought Leadership • Business Vision • Corporate Strategy Development & Implementation ~

Over 21 years of diverse experience with thorough understanding of many aspects of water and Wastewater treatment, including managing projects design, installation, and operation of water and sanitation systems, staff supervision, site management, SCADA integrated systems management.

Career Review

August 2019 – Nov 2019 Saudi services for electrical mechanical works 4 Construction Manager

(ARAMCO) 60,000 m3/day RO plant, 40,000 m3/day STP plant. Jizan Economic city

Oversee and direct construction project works.

Oversee all onsite and offsite constructions to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations

Managed the project in terms of Safety, quality, procurement, engineering, civil construction, and mechanical & electrical installation

Milestone tracking of the overall projects

Monitored planning schedule using Primavera Software Program.

Improved the speed of the equipments Installation, and construction schedule by initiating new dashboards

Coordinate and direct construction workers and subcontractors

Meet contractual conditions of performance

Review the work progress on daily basis

Meet with Aramco counterpart management team on weekly bases for work progress.

Clarified technical issues on Hydro tests, and equipment alignment procedure


Key Deliverables

Established project objectives, policies, procedures and performance standards within boundaries of company policy.

Build High-Performing Teams by identifying and developing a team that sustained empowered behavior and displayed the characteristics of a high-performing.

Provide technical expertise and technical strategy for the development of the plant’s PLCs programming.

Operating Flovac Monitoring System (FMS) shows the operating conditions of the vacuum station, collection chambers and the Flovac interface valves.

Supervising Flovac Team developing a MODBUS communications protocol for monitoring all aspects of the vacuum sewerage system. Where the monitoring takes place in two main sections, the Vacuum Pump Station and the Reticulation Network, which all information was sent via a web based system or linked to SCADA and relayed to a PDA or remote office.

Make decisions on significant design and engineering problems and procedures, including serving in project manager and technical lead roles, and performing quality control reviews of design documents prepared contractor.

Financial aspects of contracts was established including but not limited to fee payment, rental equipment, expenses to protect the company’s interest while simultaneously maintain good relationships with Clients.

Preventive maintenance schedule was set for plant equipments.

Yearly budget relative for the plant operation and maintenance fiscal Year was established.


Key Deliverables

Achieved the completion of the construction of Mafraq wastewater treatment plant. (USAID Funded project) 28 million USD, flow of 6000 m3/day. The construction includes concrete nitrification & de nitrification Tanks, Aeration lagoons lined in HDPE sheets, sludge holding tank, Dry beds, sand filter tanks

Completed the construction design of new VO pump stations, odor control systems, Bar screen, and new trunk line 5.6 Km (HDPE) to existing plant.

Monitored the timeline tracking of the whole project, and the risk management associated.

Managed the operation and maintenance of the plant from Jan 2015 until the handover date Jan 2017.

Built a trusted relationship with the management team and with the client’s counterpart staff.

Participated in committee meeting involving the Employers Rep and the consultant.

Preparation of payment certificates to USAID and Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ).


Key Deliverables

Achieved the successful delivery of TUBLI Waste water treatment plant upgrade Project 20 Million dollars.

Capacity 100,000 m3 per day. Construction of new classifiers, sedimentation tanks, grid diffusers in Aeration tank, Air blowers.

Installation and operation of complete integrated PLC and SIEMENS SCADA monitoring system Control, and instrumentation, for Graphical display in real time, process & production, alarm monitoring, event monitoring, and Data logging.

Ensured the effective progression of a project from initial contact with the client to final account in order to achieve the company's objectives in relation to service, profitability and development with a functional authority over all aspects of the progression of designated projects.

Management of all Electro mechanical works for Upgrading of Secondary Treatment Using HYBACS Technology (Smart Units) to eliminate or minimize impact on the existing plant and operations as much as possible.

Held on site meetings to establish any deviations and problems and take action to solve such.

As a Project Manager, independently coordinates the work of engineers and the balance of the multi-discipline project team throughout the entire project development

Jan 2005 – Jul 2010 Water Authority of Jordan 4 Plant Manager

Key Deliverables

Wadi Ma’in Zara Ma’in & Mujib Water Desalination plant and Conveyance Project. US AID 120milloin dollars

Flow 105,000 m3 per day.

Overall responsibility of delivering and handing over the project successfully and safely to the client in accordance with the contract requirements.

Fully responsible for the progress and completion of the company Initiatives by setting priorities and improved Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Continuous Improvement

Participated in the construction of the design of the RO plant& 6 pump stations, and conveyance pipe line 41 Km (DI pipe).

Managed the performance of the RO Plant to produce 105,000 m3/day of drinking water as per world standards.

Prepared monthly payment certificates with the engineer (Black&Veatch), and comparing electrical consumption related to water production.

Supervised the generation of Monthly report by the SCADA System to evaluate plant performance, Management information systems such as Preventive maintenance, Product traceability, energy monitoring, and production efficiency and downtime reports.

Established a trusted relationship with contactors (Morganti & Infilco Degremont).

Directs and coordinates water activities of several disciplines on everything from major projects to projects of moderate scope or a combination of smaller projects

Work with a multi-discipline team of engineers and technicians in the design of municipal water treatment facilities as well as the contractors and construction staff on design/build projects

Understands and applies conventional and advanced treatment technologies to solve complex water quality challenges for clients throughout Jordan RO water treatment plants.

Previous Engagement

Mar 2002 – Dec 2004 with SAUDI BERKEFELD FILTERS CO. Saudi Arabia4Maintenance Manager

Role in Brief: Developed and recommended long-range plans to meet future maintenance needs for Sea water treatment plants (RO) and sewage water treatment plants. Capacities range between 5,000-45,000 m3/day

·In charge of the sale of water purification systems.

·Negotiated maintenance contracts, and increase sales 50 % for annual revenue 3 million dollars.

·Managed to review and estimate costs including equipment, installation, labor, materials, preparation, and other related costs

Sep 1999 – Feb 2002 with Reza Environmental Industries Jeddah Saudi Arabia4Maintenance Manager

Role in Brief:

Managed the maintenance of Sea water desalination (RO)

Wastewater treatment Operation and maintenance

Water/wastewater treatment plant design experience including development of conceptual/preliminary designs, detailed design document preparation, and engineering services during construction.

Maintained and developed excellent public relations

Increased Maintenance contracts, estimated project values 4 million dollars.

Spare parts monitoring and inventory supervision.

Professional Development

Development Courses

Attended development courses on:


oABC certification, Water Treatment Class 1 (Association of Boards of Certification)

oCourse in Aquatic Chemistry, Fouling & Scaling in Reverse Osmosis; Organized by the government of Japan

oCourse in Sea water reverse Osmosis Technology; Organized by MEDRIC

oCalifornia State University, Sacramento. Certificate for management of Water Treatment

Plant (Manage for Success) office of water program

oCalifornia State University, Sacramento. Certificate in water treatment plant operation

oCalifornia State University, Sacramento. Certificate in water distribution system Operation and Maintenance.

oICDL Certification

oMember at Jordan Engineers Association.


Education & Credentials

Bachelor’s of Science Engineering Technology Manufacturing 1997

California State University, Long Beach

Linguistic Abilities: English & Arabic

Nationality: American

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