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Power Plant Engineer

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
February 26, 2020

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Name: Muhammad Iftikhar

S/O: Muhammad Bashir


Date of Birth: 15/05/1966

Cell no: +923*********

Electrical Engineer around 26 years of experience working with some of the prestigious companies including utility, private and multinationals. Able to analyze complex engineering problems, evaluate and recommend alternatives, and communicate recommendations effectively. Skilled in time management. Have designed and installed overhead and underground distribution projects for industrial, residential and commercial customers.

Professional Skills

• Erection of power plants and related .substations

• Design of MV and LV distribution system including industrial, commercial and hospital buildings.

• Protection relays.

• SCADA system, BMS and EMS using RTUs and PLCs, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

• Review of design drawings, shop drawings and material approvals (electrical, telecom., security, fire control, data system etc.).

• Manage project from beginning to the end, preparing work package, ensuring compliance with code, and preparing specifications.

• Conducted engineering site audits to collect structural, electricl and related site information.

• Perform electrical distribution circuit coordination.

• Prepared construction project proposals that include cost estimates and discuss proposals with stake holders.

• Developed a standardized process to improve communication between departments and to minimize cost variances between estimated and actual costs.

• Provided engineering support including training to field operations and supervisors.

• Calculating short circuit currents, transformer size, breaker sizes, cable sizes, voltage drops, feeder schedules, panel schedules, SLDs, power cable layouts, load flow, earthing and lightning protection etc.

• Microcontrollers embedded systems.

• Solar power systems design, installation, testing and commissioning. Software Skills

• Autocad

• Revit

• Dialux


• Development of HMIs for automation using RTUs and PLCs.

• MS Office (M.S. Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, MS Project, visio.)

• Embedded systems programming

• Solar power system design software like pvsyst, compass etc. Page 2 of 7

Academic Qualification

Examination Institution Grade/year

S.Sc Govt. Muslim Model high School A+/1981


F.Sc Government College Lahore. A/1983

B.Sc Engg.(Elect.) University of Engineering and Technology A/1990 Lahore.

Final Thesis

Study and recommendations for 132kV SHADMAN GRID STATION Lahore, Pakistan. Language Skills

Urdu, English. (Well), Arabic(fair)


Six Months Technical Training:

May 1991 – Oct. 1991

WAPDA Engineering Academy Faisalabad:

Power Generation and Instrumentation:

It covered operation and maintenance of steam turbine power plants, gas turbine power plants, combined cycle power plants, hydel power plants. The course comprised of complete theory of operation, safeties, controls, protections and different interlocks along with on job training at Faisalabad Steam power and Gas Power stations including instrumentation.

Got familiarization with all the steam plant main parts

• Boiler

• Economizer

• Air-preheater

• Steam turbines

• Condenser

• Condensate pumps

• Ejectors

• Instrumentation

• L.P and H.P heaters

• Deaerator

• Feed water pumps

• Water treatment

• Cooling towers

Transmission and Grids:

It comprised of detailed theory, and practical

introduction to power system equipment like, P.Ts, C.Ts, different kinds of circuit breakers,

instrumentation, protection relays (over current/earth fault, differential, distance, reverse power, negative phase sequence, restricted earth fault, directional overcurrent etc). The on job training was conducted in one of the biggest grid stations of Pakistan namely Page 3 of 7

Gatti Grid at Faisalabad (500kV/220kV), where

everything was observed and executed personally. All the protection schemes like distance protection,

overcurrent/earth fault, differential, and residual earth fault etc. were studied and observed.


It comprised of surveying, electrification design of 11kV distribution line, study of standard line

assemblies, store procedures, making B.O.Q.

and practically worked on different steps used in line construction.

Design of overhead 11kV distribution system .

1991 – 1992

Six Months Basic Management Training

(WAPDA Academy Tarbela):

It comprised of basic management concepts, finance, accounting, store procedures and physical training. The basic aim was to develop the concept of

punctuality, discipline and managerial skills in the participants.

Engineering economics concepts and case studies

were also a part of the course. Got familiarization with the following general concepts.

• Process design development

• General design considerations

• Cost and asset accounting

• Cost estimation

• Feasibility studies

• Balance sheets

• Profit and loss statement

March 1, 1993 to August 31, 1993

Six months Basic Hydel Generation training

Included different kinds of hydel plants, turbines, parts, equipment and controls. May – 2001

One Week Production Operation Management Training Riyadh (K.S.A.): Different operational concepts in the plant design, store procedures and case studies were discussed.

• Inventory Control.

• Plant design and layout.

• Design features of a properly designed


Numerical protection relays training by GE.


Indoor and outdoor lighting design using DIALUX 4.11. 2019

Solar power system design training for off grid, hybrid and grid tied systems. Page 4 of 7


July 2018 till Now

Working freelancer as a consultant and trainer with different organisations. MODA/MSD/OMD (Ministry of Defense, Saudi Arabia)

Aug. 2007 till May 2018

Working in the capacity of electrical design and review engineer, completed out different projects, including substations, hospital buildingsk hospital extensions, auditorium, IT building, different kinds of accommodations, dialysis centers, dental clinics etc. I was responsible for design of MV/LV system and review of shop drawings of the following categories.

• Electrical lighting layout drawings.

• Electrical power layout drawings.

• Single Line Diagrams(SLDs).

• Panel schedules.

• Feeder schedules.

• External power and lighting layout drawings.

• Grounding layouts.

• Lightning protection layouts.

• Telephone system layout drawings.

• Data system layout drawings.

• Fire protection system layout drawings.

• Public address system layout drawings.

• BMS system

• Networking

• Riser diagrams for telephone, data, public

address and fire protection systems.

• Coordination only with other disciplines like

architecture, mechanical, civil for reviewing

the drawings of their discipline.

2006 - 2007

MTMM (Muhammad Turkey Mott Mcdonald)

Woked as incharge electrical, supervising a project comprising of transmitter station of 1200kW

(MoCI,Saudi Arabia), power plant, power distribution system, BEMS system along with medium voltage and

low voltage distribution.

The BEMS system was Invensys from Schneider.

Went through all the aspects of the project including scrutinizing material submittals, drawing submittals, RFIs, site work as per specifications, inspection, testing and commissioning.


2005 – 2006

Worked as manager power plant projects at

GharibWal Cement. I was responsible for the 40MW

gas power plant by Wartsila. It already had two Vaasa HFO based engines and two 32SG engines were

going to be added in the initial stage and three dual fired to be added in a later stage. I supervised all the electrical works. The specifications of MV(6.6kV rated voltage) LV switchgears, transformers, cable trays, size of electrical power cables and other related

electrical designs were carried out by me. Award of contract for manufacturing of switchgear was

negotiated and finalized with Areva T & D and visit Page 5 of 7

was paid to their Indonesia factory for general

checkup and witnessing if it is being manufactured as per standards. The bus bar rating was 3500A. All other items regarding electrical works were negotiated and finalized with different suppliers along with erection work.

A visit was also paid to Wartsila factory at Vaasa Finland to witness the factory acceptance tests for the above mentioned gas engines.

2002 - 2005

Working as project manager with different companies like Syed Bhais and engaged in installation, testing and commissioning activities. I have completed the installtion, testing and commissioning of 2500kvar power factor improvement plant at SABA Power

(132MW Steam Power) successfully under the banner

of Syed Bhais. Everthing was handled independently by me in the project. The training was given to the related power plant engineers as well.

Had been teaching to B.Tech.(hnr) and B.Tech

classes as a visiting lecturer. I was giving lectures on the following subjects, Electrical Engineering

Technology and Engineering management.

I also undertook the project of installtion, testing and commissioning of earth fault protection of outgoing feeders using core balance C.Ts with highly sensitive earth fault relays from G.E. This project was executed at Gharib Wal Cement company’s Power Station

within restricted time due to shutdown.

Worked on design of 5400kVAR power factor

improvement plant for AES Lal Pir, 864MW steam

power plant. Working in parallel on 500kV grid station, for addition of new line bays at Lahore and Rewat grid stations for transmission of power of Ghazi Barotha power station.

Worked as project manager for Solutions, the

renovation of Nestle(AVA) mineral water plant at

Islamabad, Pakistan.

Worked as project manager at Shahpur Textile and

responsible for installation, testing and

commissioning of diesel generating power plant

based on (2x1250)MW expandable to four sets.

1998 – 2002

Al-Watania Poultry K.S.A.

I was responsible for operation, maintenance and

expansion work of four power stations based on Deutz engines (2.88MW x 4 x 3) and (5.92 x 4 x 1). All the instrumentation and calibration was also in my scope of work.

It also comprised of huge distribution system with ring main scheme more than one hundred ring main units. These ring main units and power stations were being controlled by SCADA by Siemens. The operation and

maintenance of which was also under my supervision. The SCADA was based on Simatic S-5 and software

was COROS. All the SCADA application techniques

were applicable here as well.

The system also had a huge number of standby diesel gensets like, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit,

F.G.Wilson, Fiat etc.The operation and maintenance of which was also with me.

I was also responsible for the interconnection of power stations at 33kV. New H.T. substation was completed under my suervision. The generation voltage was

13.8kV which was stepped up for interconnection

purposes. The distance between stations was 30km.

The new switchgear from Siemens was installed

which was of SF6 type. I also took part actively in setting and coordination of relays.

1995 – 1998

Ellahi Electric Company Pakistan.

I joined Ellahi Electric Company as deputy manager. I was responsible for erection of NIIGATA based

(2.3MW x 2) H.F.O. based power house. Following

major activities were carried out under my supervision. Page 6 of 7

• Building electrification.

• Checking equipment as per packing list.

• Foundations of engines, generators and

different storage tanks.

• Trenches and insertion of plates for

supporting cable trays and pipes.

• Placing of equipment on respective

foundations and leveling.

• Installation of cable tray supports and cable


• Installation of level switches, temperature

switches, pneumatic valves and control


• HFO and lube oil purifiers, viscosity

controllers installation, their control and power


• Installation of 11kV panels.

• Installation of generator control panels.

• Installation of L.V. panels.

• Cable laying as per cable schedule.

• Control cable termination and power Cable

termination using heat shrinkable Raychem


• Instrumentation.

• Heat tracing.

• Installation of fire tube boiler.

• Testing and commissioning.

• Earthing of power station and building.

• Lightning protection equipment installation.

• Designing and installation of 11kV

sdistribution line.

• Instrumentation installation, testing and


The testing and commissioning activities were carried out under the joint supervision of myself and an

expatriate Japanese engineer. The plant was

commissioned successfully without any flaw.

Later on I was responsible for operation and

maintenance of the pant. I was also responsible for training of the newly inducted staff through lectures and on job training. Surplus electricity was

distributed/sold out to nearby plants around 6kms at 11kV.

1992 – 1995

Tarbela power Station:

I was posted at Tarbela Hydel Power Station (175MW x 10 + 432MW x 4) with total generating capacity of 3478MW as junior engineer. I was assigned the

charge of external works where all the external

structures and power distribution control’s operation and maintenance was with me. It included

electrohydraulic operating mechanisms of inlet and outlet gates of tunnels, spillway gates, 11kV and 400V distribution system, standby CAT gensets, security lights operated by constant current transformers,

gantry cranes etc.

I was selected to be attached with ABB Network

(Sweden) to take part in the installation of inplant SCADA system at Tarbela Power Station, contract EM 36, Tarbela Inplant SCADA system.

I took part from the very beginning of the project till end in every activity done on site. Following are major activities. All the 500kV switchyard signals from

protection relays, switchgear, power transformers and other switchyard equipment was taken into the


• Adaptation work done on site.

• Installaltion of RTUs.

• Installation of Front End Computers.

• Installation of main computers.

• All the process signals from power house and

switchyard including their control and

synchronizing were included.

• Installation of workstations.

• Cable laying and termination.

• Instrumentation.

• Testing and commissioning

As a WAPDA engineer I took part in the erection of RTUs, Computers, transducers, video display units, UPS system etc, under the guidance of an expatriate engineer. More than 2000 input, output, analog

signals were incorporated.

Also took part on software side and got familiar with different techniques to interface the hardwired signals in software and different processing techniques in software.

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I have working knowledge of database maintenance,

system adaptation to process and system tests on

software and hardware side. I have working

knowledge of VAX/VMS operating system,

understanding of SCADA functions and SCADA

design. I have knowledge of maintenance and

operation of S.P.I.D.E.R. SCADA system. All the

components were put in a network controlled through Ethernet CSMA/CD.

Later on I was in charge of the operation and

maintenance of the system.

1990 – 1991

Rupali Polyester Ltd.

Joined this polyester plant as a trainee engineer. I got familiar with different codes and standards. I got familiar in power station control, MV, LV distribution system, motor control centers, speed control of motors through inverters and instrumentation.

Muhammad Iftikhar.

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