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Dallas, TX
February 24, 2020

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Chandini Kumar Portteus

Dallas, Texas • 214-***-****

Chief Executive Officer / Strategic Advisor / Growth Catalyst Reputable Visionary CEO, Strategic Consultant and Fractional Expertise Leader. Particular strength in envisioning and evolving strategic, financial, personnel and programmatic platforms to achieve the next phase of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT. Seasoned fundraiser with proven ability to act as an outward facing influencer and spokesperson to raise visibility with communities and key stakeholders. COLLABORATIVE, STRATEGY-DRIVEN AND BREAKTHROUGH THINKING MINDSET: Inspirational and resourceful, with an entrepreneurial spirit and reputation as an innovator and thought leader in leveraging mission and strategic alliance-building to deliver impact and raise visibility globally. Forward visioning, catalytic leader with mastery in developing and retaining high-morale, performance-focused teams, by fostering an environment of mutual accountability, respect and professional development. Influential and trusted consensus builder with the ability to engage and effectively work with senior level execs to entrepreneurs, community leaders, elected officials, and the community at- large. Keen ability to lead others, with solid strategy and consistent, ethical transparency. Relatable and authentic leader with an eye for the potential of non-traditional influencers, emerging generations, evolving communication modalities, and the present power and penetrance of social media channels. DRIVE RESULTS THAT BALANCE INNOVATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, FINANCIAL IMPACT AND MISSION: Organizational Vision and Strategy Fractional Chief Executive for Entrepreneurs Reputation of Strong Stakeholder Relationships Fundraising and Outreach History of Impact Financial Oversight and Management of $2B Program Design and Delivery Measurements Team Recruitment, Development & Retention Conflict Resolution / Crisis Management Communication, Public Relations and Marketing Creator of Emerging Leadership Models Proven Track Record of Milestones Met Governance, Leadership and Advocacy Experience, Key Contributions and Performance Milestones PORTTEUS CONSULTING GROUP – 2014 to present

Principal and Chief Executive Officer


The Portteus Consulting Group is a management consulting firm that provides strategic business solutions for organizations of all sizes, across all areas of the business both for-profit and non-profit. The group has unique specialization in various areas, and has been sought out by business executives and board leaders for advising, guidance and hands on direction to create vision and strategy, implement business plans and redirect or expand organizational activities. In addition to project specific work, Chandini also serves in roles as facilitator, speaker, convener and panelist for specialized areas, or for broader audiences with topics ranging from leadership, non-profit growth, crisis management, fundraising, and many additional unique requests for focused presentations on topics such as females in business, racial and cultural diversity in the workplace, young executives along their career path, brand turnaround tales, and thought stimulating discussions about work life intersection and family balance.

Areas of Expertise:

Leadership ranging from business start-up and creation, revenue, fundraising and growth execution for organizations either in rapid growth or desiring greater levels of engagement; strategic and business planning; financial and operational advising with an eye for increased efficiency; structural re-organizations, staffing plans or business redirection; to final stages of business transition planning and interim leadership placements. Chandini Kumar Portteus Page 2 of 5

Cornerstone Achievements and Areas of Influence:

PROVIDES ENTREPRENEURIAL START UP CEO LEADERSHIP: Recruited by various founders, board members or investors in the early phases, to provide strategic direction, advising, and to provide CEO leadership for founders working on new ventures. As a fractional leader with decades of experience, this knowledge base along with executive expertise engaged in hands-on work versus just advising, provides credibility to new inventors. In addition, it has created a new model for the consulting practice, where those with good ideas are able to hire executives with key niche foci at a fraction of time and cost to get tangible results.

CONSULTS AS A SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT: For social or entrepreneurial ventures that have strategic key need, Portteus brings her key expertise, particularly in the areas of fundraising due to an extensive background in multi million dollar raises. Given her broad knowledge base, she is used as an advisor, executive recruiter, a consultant on retainer, board member, or spokesperson. Her knowledge in FinTech and STEM, and experience working with entrepreneurs in emerging tech has offers global reach for her clients, such as blue-chip financial firms like VISA, and its key initiatives. Portteus represents globally for the United Nations, at SXSW, and other forums consistently, and with the offices of Presidential Administrations and other international leaders.

A PROVEN ASSET IN AN AGGRESSIVELY COMPETETIVE MARKET: Given a long-standing career and credibility in her field, Portteus holds a keen ability to assess the market for clients and uses her strongly established relationships and reputation to bring attention to new products, software and services. Her known successes in revenue generation and grantmaking give her access to peers and influential thought leaders, political figures, celebrities, and high-profile leaders. Utilizing emerging technologies of today, she leads strategic decision- making for her clients, reorganizes business functions, removes and replaces key talent as needed. She creates strategies for competitive advantage by combining best in class human capital, with optimized business practices.

WIPE OUT KIDS’ CANCER, Dallas, TX – 2016 to 2018

President and Chief Executive Officer


Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer (WOKC) is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based non-profit organization founded in 1980 dedicated to providing hope and support to the lives of children and families affected by pediatric cancer as well as raising awareness and funding key initiatives and pediatric cancer research on a national basis. Scope of Responsibility:

Portteus was sought out and selected by the Board of Directors (BOD) to be the catalytic strategist who could take WOKC through stagnancy into a new phase of growth. Blending talents and strengths of the team to support one another, the staff were able to maintain and grow all existing loyal donors and corporate partners. In just 20 months with exceptional best in class pro-bono and discounted consultants, she reached & exceeded goals set for all 3-year targets, as part of the 5-year strategic plan we created together with her team, approved by the BOD. This resulted in revenue diversification and relationship cultivation of over 25 new cash partners and over 55 new generous in-kind partners for both mission and fundraising. In addition, as part of the development strategy, Portteus and colleagues were able to solicit an impactful six- figure individual major gift donation, allowing the organization to focus again on its mission to fund research, a critical need in pediatric cancer.

Cornerstone Achievements and Areas of Influence:

BUILT ABSENT AND NEEDED INFRASTRUCTURE: While existing for 38 years, the organization lacked the infrastructure needed to truly grow beyond its current budget. Through applications for grant dollars and requests for in-kind services, the full battery of needed documents from administrative, to donor management, systems for fundraising were put into place and utilized. All areas of need in the human resources and legal compliance were addressed and new policies and procedures were put into place to ensure best practices. Chandini Kumar Portteus Page 3 of 5

CREATED A THREE TO FIVE YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN: Without a clear Board directed strategic plan, Portteus facilitated the planning process with the staff, external consultants and the Board of Directors to create a multi- year strategic plan that focused on immediate needs of the organization, and long-term milestones to be met. This provided a baseline for growth and from that point, WOKC was able to grow every revenue channel and every partnership in existence, both in the areas of mission and also the key needs in fundraising.

RAISED ORGANIZATION VISIBILITY: Well known to many families in the community, the awareness of the work of the organization had not transcended nationally. With key work done with social media, and public appearances, meetings and mobilization of new partners, WOKC was able to garner a greater level of public attention from the press, from other nonprofits doing similar work, and ultimately was able to meet the goal of being a leader and convener in the pediatric cancer space in North Texas, with expansion into other cities and also representation on a larger national level for the work done to fund collaborative projects and research nationally. As would be expected this resulted in the ability to generate more partnerships and donors.

THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION, Austin, TX – 2015 to 2016 President and Chief Executive Officer


Top seated recruit and officer of The LIVESTRONG Foundation, which fights to improve the lives of people affected by cancer now. Created in 1997, the Foundation is known for providing free cancer support services and advocating for policies that improve access to care and quality of life. Known for its powerful brand – LIVESTRONG – the Foundation has become a symbol of hope and inspiration around the world. Since its inception, the Foundation has served 2.8 million people affected by the disease and raised more than $580 million to support cancer survivors. Chandini was recruited specifically to bring new fresh energy, passion and vitality to the organization, after it had suffered dramatic double digit decline following controversy surrounding its Founder. Meeting that challenge with great determination, focus was put on immediate need to remind external audiences of the key mission impact of LIVESTRONG and mobility of engagement to revive a passionate base, and recruit new audiences to the mission. In this role, Chandini was established across mass media markets as the experienced and emerging leader to watch. Scope of Responsibility:

Focus on aggressive and immediate organizational assessment resulting in a major recruiting and restructuring of the organization, starting with senior management, through the staff and volunteer programs. Cost savings were millions in each quarter, with more money available to be deployed for mission programming and financial assistance for cancer patients, families and survivors. With more funds available to mission priorities, strategy built to streamline the mission delivery and eliminate dual providers of services, and move to a more cost effective service model for education and patient services, while maintaining the quality and allowing for scalability of volume to increase the number of people served. This milestone was reached within the third quarter of tenure at LIVESTRONG, and more patients are benefitting today. In addition, focus was given to volunteer and global programs that expand the reach and visibility of the organization, to cohesively remind constituents of the mission.

Cornerstone Achievements and Areas of Influence:

ORCHESTRATED ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE CHANGE: Served in partnership with the Board, drawing upon a strong blend of vision, strategic and operational planning abilities to execute effective business management practices to reorganize, right- size and restructure the organization. Delivered over $5M dollars in savings within the first two quarters, reducing operating costs by a third, and increasing organizational coherence. ENHANCED PUBLIC PROFILE: Outward facing advocate, networking and building relationships with corporate, philanthropic and governmental organizations to continually strengthen the visibility of the LIVESTRONG brand. Represented a new era of the organization, post-controversy, serving as a mass media spokesperson and leveraging influential speaking opportunities. Demonstrated ability to effectively manage crisis communications, being proactive about adverse publicity to rebuild LIVESTRONG’s image.

Chandini Kumar Portteus Page 4 of 5

FOCUSED ON THE PATIENT FIRST: Led the development and design of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes with a

$50M gift to the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin, putting the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem. Through the Institutes, new patient-centric models that treat the whole person, rather than just the disease, will be created and offered to medical institutions throughout the world. OPTIMIZED MISSION EFFECTIVENESS: Cultivated a strong, blended and high-functioning interdisciplinary team capable of advancing LIVESTRONG’s mission, vision, purpose, goals, objectives and related policies. Recruited and positioned leaders who were deeply seasoned, with decades of experience is best in class non-profits, and with urgency for turnaround work. Blended a team of new, existing and promotable talent to maintain morale through change. Increased the organization’s flexibility and responsiveness post reputational risk. IMMEDIATE DEVELOPMENT FOCUS AND RESULTS: Assumed an active leadership role in development activities to increase revenues and value perspective, including recruiting a development team rapidly. Assessed all revenue generating channels both in traditional and event based development. Within in the first year, was able to over-perform the prior two years of fundraising across signature events, and also by implementing an immediate direct donor campaigns in company with reactivation of lapsed donors. Marked immediate gains demonstrated with longer range development planning for three years on track for long term benefit.

SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE CURE, Dallas, TX – 2005 to 2014 Chief Mission Officer (2013-2014)

Vice President, Research, Evaluation and Scientific Programs (2010-2013) Director, Scientific Programs (2010)

Director, Research, Application and Review (2008-2009) Director, Grants (2006-2008)

Program Manager, Grants (2005-2006)


Rapid progression through increasingly responsible leadership roles, demonstrating ability to drive transformation and innovation and provide stability while navigating through major inflection points: (i.) Multiple organizational change initiatives resulting in 7 new President/CEO’s in 8 years; (ii.) Controversy and brand health decline during a time of public turmoil; (iii.) Rapid growth from $55M in funding in 2008 to an active daily research portfolio of $300M+ in funding worldwide. Role required political savvy and crisis management finesse, internally and externally. In Portteus’ tenure and during her decade at Susan G. Komen she was responsible for the management, strategic direction, outcomes and analysis of over $2B in mission investment towards finding cures for cancer. She was the youngest, and longest seated Officer and executive in Susan G. Komen history, and remains so today. In addition, she created new paradigms for work place standards, as a woman, a woman of color and an executive shattering glass ceilings for mothers who chose flexible work life intersections in order to balance the demands of work and family.

Scope of Responsibility:

Provided strategic leadership and management of Komen’s key mission areas: Research, Community Health, Public Policy and Global Programs, with oversight for an active research portfolio of over $300M in funding worldwide on a daily basis and extensive community health outreach through a network of 120 Affiliates funding nearly $100M annually. Visioning and implementation of Public Policy programs on federal and state levels poised for impact in key issue areas of cancer. Led strategic direction and operation of Komen’s work in over 30 countries, including oversight of international Affiliates and fundraising and awareness platforms such as the Race for the Cure series abroad. Cornerstone Achievements and Areas of Influence:

EXCELLENCE IN MISSION VISIONING AND EXECUTION: Served in partnership with the Board, drawing upon a strong blend of vision, strategic and operational planning abilities to execute effective business management practices to critical functions of Finance, Fundraising and Human Resources. Delivered millions of dollars in savings, reducing operating costs by 28%, while significantly increasing organizational coherence. Chandini Kumar Portteus Page 5 of 5

CULTIVATED STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Assumed an active leadership role in development activities to increase revenues and value perspective, including maintaining and creating support from foundations, corporate funders and new contracts. Nurtured, built and managed strategic relationships with major corporate partners, including Walgreens, American Airlines, General Electric, Merck, etc.

BUILT A BEST PRACTICES OPERATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE: Implemented disciplined practices, open communications, and key performance metrics, instilling a lean thinking culture to maximize organizational effectiveness. Transitioned previous outsourced work model to an in-house function- recruiting, hiring and training a progressive remote workforce. Initiative resulted in an immediate 30% savings in costs and continued annual budget management below cost, with increase in quality, team cohesion and retention.

DROVE PURPOSEFUL CHANGE: Established Komen’s Scientific Advisory Board and Komen Scholars, a distinguished group of leaders in breast cancer research providing expertise across the organization’s mission. Key driver in expanding Komen’s program effectiveness and elevating public image. Restructured departments to enhance administration. Envisioned and built Komen’s Mission Evaluation department, focused on communicating results from Komen’s research investments of nearly $800M in 31 years.

Advisory Boards, Memberships and Honors

Impact and Service Award, Billionaire Weekend for Women, Empowering a Billion Women, Inc. Board Member, Alliance in Resconstructive Surgery (AiRS) Member and Participant- Townsend Leadership Program Member and Contributor- Forbes Non Profit Leadership Council NonProfit CEO Council

Dallas Business Journal- 40 under 40 Honoree and Alumni President's Advisory Council- Austin College

Highland Park Independent School District- Parent Teacher Association, Hyer Preschool Association Advisory Board Member to Dean Drako- Advisory Board Member- Austin Music History Museum Board of Directors- Zoocam

Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Austin

Member and Alumni- Executive Leadership Impact Lab Steering Committee – President George W. Bush's PEPFAR Initiative, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Steering Committee Member- Breast Health Global Initiative Advocate Representative and Presenter- The President's Cancer Panel Scientific Program Committee – Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) Program Committee Co-Chair – FDA Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and Validation (AAADV) Steering Committee – American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinically Meaningful Benefit Executive Committee – Breast Health Global Initiative Ex-Officio Advisor – California Breast Cancer Prevention Initiatives Steering Committee – C-Change HIPPA

Steering Committee – C-Change Workforce Advisory Board Executive Member and Chair- Health Research Alliance Executive Member and Chair – International Cancer Research Partners (ICRP) Executive Member- Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance Member- Junior League of Dallas


Masters of Public Health – University of Texas Houston School of Public Health, Dallas, TX Program Emphasis: Research Methods and Design, Statistical Analysis, Strategic Planning Bachelor of Arts, Major- Psychology/ Minor- Biology – Austin College, Sherman, TX Baylor Medical Center Mike Mitchell Volunteerism Scholarship; Austin College Academic Achievement Award REFERENCES, MEDIA, PRESS SAMPLES AND PUBLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE HERE OR UPON REQUEST

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