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Manager Research

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
February 25, 2020

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Mobile No.: 630-***-****

Personal Data:

Date of Birth : 15th Aug 1988

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Unmarried

Languages : English, Hindi, Telugu.

Passport details : No. G-8272616

Career Objective:

Looking forward for an environment where my potential can be channeled into productive avenues.


MBA (Finance & HR) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur, India in 2011.

Bachelor of Commerce (Computers) from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India in 2009.

Technical Skills



MS Office

Maintain Bond

Business Analyst


Creative thinking, inherent drive to excel, excellent verbal and written communication skills, quick to learn and grasp new concepts, team facilitator, self-motivated.


Projects handled:

During MBA:

Title: A Study on “Financial statement analysis of the company through Ratio Analysis” in “Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd. (HMT)”, Hyderabad, India.


Worked as a Research Associate in Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ, Hyderabad, India from April 2012 to December 2012.

Roles & Responsibilities:

* Fetching a new document from a queue.

* Research on Callable Bonds (finding whether it is partially called notice or fully called notice) using an application called Maintain Bond.

* Research on Call Date, Call Price, Call Amount.

* Research on Par value or face value.

* Finding out the correct issuer.

* Research on Paying Agent, Cusip Numbers and its accuracy.

* Research on Conditional Call Notice.

* Research on duplicate documents or bonds.

* Maintaining accuracy of documents by doing quality check.

* Making sure all the data is correct and accurate.

* Interacting with team leader and manager to take wise decisions.

* Resolving issues by interacting with team members.

* Resolving issues which arise from multiple issue bond screen and single issue bond screen.

* Making reverts to Newyork team on issues arised from callable bonds.

* Taking suggestions from manager and Newyork team on any new policies.

* Secondary research through usage of Emma website.

Worked as a Senior Process Associate in Bank of America Continuum Solutions, Hyderabad, India on payroll from October 2013 to December 2017.

Roles & Responsibilities:

* Onboarding the mutual funds which means buying a new fund or Onboarding

a fund in to our client account.

* Investigation on ISIN whether it is valid in market or not.

* Regularly checking with our custodian on our fund eligibility for new Onboarding funds.

* Placing a trade order whether it is buy or sell into the market via our custodian application called Bridgenet.

* Making sure whether the trade actually received by our custodian as we get a auto generated email stating the status of order whether it is accepted or rejected. If rejected we investigate further based upon the rejected reason then we will rectify & again place into the market.

* On next day (settlement day) we will receive a consolidated trade summary

report from our custodian. Based on this report we will post the same trades into client account.

* If net settlement amount is positive then we will send a wire to our custodian.

If net settlement amount is negative then custodian will send a wire to us.

* We reconcile the cash flow between our custody and accounting side.

Worked as Associate 2 in State Street Corporation, Hyderabad, India on payroll from October 2018 to October 2019.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Client delivery management is the first point of contact to the client to raise any request for the reports, additional documents or queries. We contact internal team and request the same as per the client and do a thorough scrutiny before sending it to them.

We also provide daily, weekly and monthly reports as per the agreement between client and state street.

Processing Option, FX and Open trade recon and do reconciliation between IMS and My State Street and if any discrepancy is found contact the internal team and get the issue resolved.

Processing Morning INAV Tolerance Check for particular funds and finding out discrepancies arise and making sure all funds are within tolerance.

After processing Morning INAV Tolerance Check file we need to send it to onshore team.

Processing Short Postion Check file and send to onshore team.

Comparing the NAV file report on day to day basis with the benchmark given by the client and if any tolerance breach do the investigation and comment with substantial document and send it to client.

Cancel dirty bond trades and rebook them in MCH with interest so that NAV is determined properly.

Research through “Bloomberg”.

Run the reports for Fund of Fund and cross checking if any CUSIP is liquidated.

Check for the dividend distribution from the transfer agent file and inform the same to the onshore so that call back procedure can be done and money is transferred on time.

Posting Appreciation and Depreciation entries on the fund so that correct accruals are posted.

Research on funds and its cusips, ISIN’S, trade I’d, trade date, maturity date, settlement date and its Net Asset Value (NAV) through search engine called “Bloomberg”.

Raising IMT ticket for unbooked/unprocessed new trades to GTP Client service team.

Follow ups with onshore team for unbooked trades.

Once trades are booked, we need to process the new trades report as well as daily accrual report.

Making sure all the postings are accurate by doing quality check.

Putting approval stamp on accruals postings pdf and send to onshore team.

Postings before cutoff time and making sure NAV is not affected.

Processing Audit piece for accruals postings of funds and sending monthly audit report to onshore team.

Processing P-note weekly file.

Processing Daily Cash Break file.

Working on any adhoc request sent by the onshore.

Personal strengths:

Tremendous faith to achieve, loyalty and commitment to entrusted tasks.

Quick learner.

Confident and hardworking.


Surfing internet.

Playing cricket.


Area of Interest:

Financial Management.

Financial Services.


I hereby declare that the above information given by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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