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Manager Real Estate

Bangkok, Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand
February 22, 2020

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Mark Melanson

Citizenship: Canadian


Skype: mark.melanson2 Line: markd135


To obtain a position as an E.S.L teacher, providing a positive and valued experience to my students and employer.


-Effective interpersonal skills, respectful, caring, professional.

-Excellent organizing, analyzing and management skills.

-Languages: 1st English and 2nd French. CPR & first aid Certified.

-Over 100 educational research papers mention Mark Melanson. EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:

I am a graduate of the BA TESOL program at Thongsook College in Thailand. I graduated in 2019 with 1st honors and have written several educational papers. I am also a Graduate of the TESOL certification program from United TESOL International College of Teacher Training in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (2010). I hold a certification from the Ontario Real Estate College from my province of Ontario and am licensed to sell Real Estate as a result of successfully completing this program. I also completed a Business Marketing Management Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. At Darcy McGee High School I was an elected member of the student council and a high school team captain. I also received honors in various subjects such as English, French, Physical Education and Biology.


2019 Bangladesh

Taught general English, grammar, writing, and P/E at a Canadian K12 international school. Prepared lesson plans and assessments. 2016-2018 Thailand

Taught English, Grammar, Writing, Math, Science and P/E to primary levels 2 to 5. I also worked part time at language centers. 2015-2016 American Academy, Saudi Arabia

6 month contract for American Academy in KSA as an Educational Administrator and substitute teacher at a Polytechnic college. 2015 China

In China I taught at a K12 Canadian International school. I prepared lesson plans, power point slides, and assessments. 2014 American Academy, Saudi Arabia

I conducted sales presentations to corporate clients and created customized training programs. I taught general English and business English, using Touchstone Cambridge University Press Publications along with Cambridge Classware Software.

2013 Duelcom International, Kayseri, Turkey

I taught for one term various levels of English from beginner to advanced, and mostly to university students.

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2013 Language Link, Shakhty, Russia

I taught various levels and age groups at the Language Link in Shakhty, Russia. I also worked one summer at a Language Camp for Children and conducted a discussion club on a weekly basis. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Presently (2020), I am working as a Recruitment Manager for NESTEACHERS Recruitment and Placement Agency. I promote our services and qualify applicants for English teaching position abroad. From 2006-2012, I worked in real estate. As a Realtor I was constantly working with clients and educating them about the real estate market in my city Ottawa, Ontario. I identified their needs, prepared offers and offered opinions on value. I also assisted them in other areas such as obtaining financing and informed them about incentive programs. For my clients selling property, I listed their homes on MLS and created effective advertising, provided opinions on value and staging. As a realtor I followed a very strict code of ethics as set out by the Real Estate Council of Ontario.In 2005, I worked as a Territory Manager for Zee Medical, consulting customers in the area of First Aid and Safety. From 1997-2001, I worked as a Territory Manager at Shaw Dental Laboratories. At Shaw Dental Laboratories, I informed and educated clients on new technologies and procedures relating to the fabrication of prosthetic appliances. I also organized seminars and continued education programs for my clients and created a newsletter to periodically inform them about new technology. From 1990-1991, I worked as an Account Manager for C.C.H Canadian Ltd

(legal publisher), calling on legal and accounting firms and other business and government professionals. I am familiar with business language and practices. I attended trade shows and ongoing training/education required for all of these positions. From 2002- 2004, I was self-employed and the owner of an asphalt repair and paving company. I assisted customers design projects for interlock and provided scale drawings and estimates. I also renovated homes for resale.

Physical Education: From 1976-1978 I was Karate Instructor. I instructed children from 5-16 years of age for several years in the area of self-defense and traditional Karate. I was responsible for leading the class warm up and effectively demonstrating the instruction of technique. I consider myself very knowledgeable within this discipline and have won several awards in competition. I also taught a recreational version of dodge ball in Thailand and Bangladesh. I am confident I have both the patience and skills necessary to teach both simple to complex concepts to students. Interests: I like to cycle, swim and going to the gym. I also play racket sports, like to travel, write, and have participated in equestrian events. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I have also written a self- help inspirational book. Traveled to: Ukraine Zambia Zimbabwe France England Cuba Bermuda Russia Turkey Saudi Arabia USA Iraq Thailand Bangladesh South East Asia

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