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Manufacturing Engineer Engineering

Toronto, ON, Canada
40$ HR
February 24, 2020

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Anu Mohan Panicker—M. Eng, EIT

**-** ****** ***** ** Willing to travel and relocate

M8V 3P8, Etobicoke, ON Permanent Resident (Canada)


Highlights of Qualification

• Manufacturing Engineer with 7+ years of experience in design using SolidWorks and engineering drawings, CATIA V5, AutoCAD, 3D modelling, part design, assembly, drafting, GD&T, and sheet metal work.

• Identified, evaluated, installed and developed inspection and maintenance schedules for all equipment, including fixtures, tools, gages, etc. as required for an efficient manufacturing operation.

• Provided technical assistance to production and modify work instructions as part of the process improvement.

• Facilitated the development of change management strategies, stakeholder analysis, and impact assessments.

• Effective measures to develop manpower skills and ensure the compliance of various quality requirements.

• Knowledge of implementing initiatives like TPM, 5S, safety standards and good engineering practices.

• Experienced in monitoring production, material planning, scheduling, and order processing using SAP.

• Supported production floors and with work orders, manufacturing plan and sequence.

• Analyzed root causes and provided effective countermeasures.

• Highly competent in aircraft structure, electrical, and hydraulic production. Education

Master’s Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.) June 2016 Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Bachelor’s Aerospace Engineering (B.Eng.) May 2012 NI University, Kanyakumari, India

Technical Skills and Competencies

• Design software: CATIA V5, ENOVIA, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and engineering drawings.

• Packages: SAP, DATALINK, NCMS, Eclipse (E-shortage), ICMS, 3D via MS office suite.

• 5S, Lean Six Sigma, Corrective and preventive actions, Visual working instructions.

• Process improvement, Process failure mode effect analysis (PFMEA). Change management.

• Lift training (Boom lift and Scissors lift) from Bombardier, Production support.

• EHS regulations and policies in aviation (safety policies), WHMIS.

• Fluent in English and basic knowledge of French. Career-Related Experience

Collins Aerospace (Oakville)

Methods Agent (Military Machining/Surface Finish) Currently

• Creating and executing the plan for manufacturing F35 STOVL, F35 CV, F18, C-17 & Airbus and Boeing cylinder and pistons through machining and surface finishing technique.

• Supported planning capacity and fulfill demand with plant manufacturing operations machine in surface finish and machining.

• Very good understanding of manufacturing machine such as Boring, Milling, Vertical mill, Lathe, Grind, Deburr BHT and AHT and surface finishing process such as Grit blast, Nital etch, V-hone, H-hone, Shot peen, LPI & MPI, E-Nickel Plate, Nickel, Cad, chrome plate and their operational procedure and to switch alterative operation if required in term of shortage in resource.

• Coordinating with ME to change the sequence of operation depending on the availability and CRD date requirement. For Ex. Interchanging HVOF operation with S-Nickel, because HVOF is limited resource Machine, which needs booth change as per the Ti or steel.

• Preparing and planning a dispatch list for each machine and expediting QN rework based on the CRD date.

• Closely working with the Supply chain to off load critical part to external supplier in order to maintain the CRD.

• Participated in the development of standardized processes within materials planning and SIOP in order to optimize the utilization of business resources and meet customer expectations for delivery.

• Participated in identifying and developing new technologies to improve materials planning and SIOP capability, sustainability, and reliability. Supported the development of processes and plans to improve supply capabilities.

• Tracked and managed inter/interplant work in process (WIP), promise dating, expedite orders to ensure on-time delivery and flow and monitors tracking and shipping.

• Performed escalated expediting when required to ensure on-time delivery of material. Mitigates risks for short term shortages with internal suppliers to ensure successful customer delivery. Bombardier Global 7000/8000 (Toronto)

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer (Final Assembly line) Oct 2018—Sept 2019

• Designed arrangement of machines within plant facilities to ensure most efficient and productive layout using design tool and Worked with computer-based software: CATIA, AutoCAD, ENOVIA, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) MES, SAP

• Designed manufacturing processes, procedures and production layouts for assemblies, equipment installation, processing, machining and material handling.

• Designed sequence of operations and specifies procedures for the fabrication of tools and equipment and other functions that affect product performance.

• Selection of machine or equipment design to factory and production conditions.

• Performed Inspection of machinery, equipment, and tools to verify their efficiency, and investigated and initiated corrective action of problems and deficiencies to ensure product quality.

• Provided support to engineering regarding design concepts and specification requirements to best utilize equipment and manufacturing techniques.

• Ensured processes and procedures comply with regulations.

• Continually monitored, evaluated, recommended and implemented manufacturing process, design and quality improvements in order to reduce costs, reduce inventories, reduce lead times and satisfy customers' expectations.

• Facilitated, led, and implemented 5S, Lean Six Sigma, Corrective and preventive actions. Increased production rate by


• Participated in manufacturing methods and the improvement of production tools. Analyzed production time and optimized implementation deadlines.

Bombardier Global 7000/8000 (México) April 2018—Sept 2018 Manufacturing Engineer (Team lead)

• Prioritized the list of restrictions to be terminated on the aircraft before engine run, functional test and first flight. Created workflow, including different suppliers, to agree on the restrictions and approve RSIs (Restriction special instruction) without any delays in the milestone.

• Optimized RSIs by capturing multiple A/C and terminated by proving the latest production configuration.

• Followed up with the suppliers to improve the ECD. Collected all the required artifacts to terminate the RSI. Daily meetings with multiple suppliers to understand roadblocks.

• Created and maintained the cross-functional harmonization/implementation of RFC and PCR generated changes. Established accountability through governance systems and provided feedback to Management on projects and results.

• Harmonized the implementation of engineering changes or assembly strategies by working in close collaboration with Engineering, Parts Logistics, Quality, and Production.

• Interpreted, verified and approved drawings and other engineering documents. Actively participated in production support and solved production issues by undergoing suppliers investigating different engineering issues (electrical, system and structural) on the aircraft, finding the root cause and providing disposition to it.

• Created Requests for Change (RFCs) with regard to the engineering issues on the aircraft.

• Harmonized program change requests, and captured all the current issues in the Action Register. Provided product improvement suggestions to Engineering from the Manufacturing/Production point of view.

• Performed Trial and Error method on the aircraft to implement engineering changes before making any modification Bombardier Global 7000/8000 (Toronto)

Manufacturing Engineer June 2017—April 2018

• Supported the shop floor, collaborated on equipment tooling fixturing requirements, reviewed and documented suggestions, provided training recommendations and supported quality requirements.

• Participated in the timely resolution of shop floor manufacturing problems and ensure proper documentation of manufacturing procedures.

• Participated in plant and equipment maintenance, including the preparation and control of a scheduled maintenance program and recommendation of required maintenance.

• Assist in maintenance and preparation of required documentation, reports, procedures and training to meet applicable safety, environmental and health regulations.

• Prepared and maintain documentation for manufacturing procedures, instruction, and routings. Recommend and support training requirements as required.

• Established and completed action plans as required to meet the company's established objectives.

• Actively participated in continuous improvement activities to improve company processes and products. LumenWerx (Montreal)

Manufacturing Engineer July 2016—June 2017

• Prepared and reviewed job order packages as per work instructions. Identified and communicated the process plan update requirements to the process planner.

• Reviewed the production plan to identify and report potential risks to the Manager.

• Planned and managed production schedules to ensure 100% on-time delivery to all customer orders.

• Monitored set up and run times VS planned times. Analyzed and reported on discrepancies.

• Closely worked with material buyers, subcontract buyers, production team leads and process planners to forecast the resources required to meet current and future production needs.

• Coordinated maintenance and repairs of machines to avoid downtime and delays. Ensured that the production process and machinery were following safety standards in conjunction with the plant manager. Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd (Tamil Nadu, India) Methods Engineer—Analysis and Engineering design support May 2013—June 2014

• Involved in the feasibility study, design and modelling of a horizontal stabilizer intermediate jet trainer aircraft.

• Maintained constant collaboration between the designers and technicians to implement the methods and understand the impacts on the overall design and assembly process.

• Generated bill of materials for products and ensured its proper update after revision execution.

• Created a methods document, introducing all methods document discrepancies found to increase work efficiency and eliminate repetitive checks.

• Created a methodology to address change requests in a relevant way. Organized meetings and presented design highlights and vital analysis results with clients.

• Implemented changes according to the action plan. Involved in a case study to obtain data, as well as to measure and improve supplier product definition and operational performances, material handling, conditions of supply, inventory and quality, by identifying imperfections and eliminating defects in the manufacturing system. Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO (Kerala, India) Jan 2011—Dec 2012 Reliability and Quality Engineering

• Prevented product quality and reliability issues from reaching the customer, by investing problems to root cause, implementing & verifying corrective actions, documenting the findings, improving process instructions and Operator training.

• Ensured the product qualification strategy and requirements are implemented, with advisory technical support and hands-on involvement from the Design, Engineering and Quality team.

• Inspected and analyzed all returned products to determine root cause failure. Provided data-based on root cause analysis to identify failure modes and manage the RMA process.

• Documented, validated and managed NCR/CARs process to resolve problems and improve the quality of products from manufacturers, as well as departments.

References will be provided as per request

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