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February 18, 2020

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d/Mohammed Abd aallaah Ahmed 020**********/

Accordingly announcing HDraatkm about his positions of vacant kmstshaarqaanwn and lawyers of lawyer. aafaannY that I the work look forward for enemy your rule for the work as consulted law of merchant or his judicial adviser of disputants or contracts b.o.t)) and regards of the disputants and the contracts aalmte'lqh in the law the merchant where case be exalted live fY the work in her as lawyers renewal of free and in inductive fY the law the merchant for the master's degree and the doctorate followed his researches of pamphlet fY that and researches of shackle aalnshrkmaa that contracts aalaastshaaraat ( investment advisory contract-le contrat de consil professional) currency in her lftrh tall his as research wmHaamY.kmaa currency in the contracts aalaadaaryh and her disputants aalmxtlfh.waatTle' for the work enemy your rule fY the contracts is enough his from where aalSyaaGh in the three languages and from where where the disputants aalmte'lqh in her judicial his or his arbitrations . Also in all what his contracts hang in disputes of the law the merchant ( of commercial local his and varicose his – contracts of transfer adorn with a scarf and emptying - his – marks of commercial is merchant and what they hang in and in their matters - aalsfynh and what starch hangs in Thaa and royal her – aalTaay'rh and what the atmosphere and their hangs in his heads the pilot and companies of the transfer responsibilities his papers of financial wbwrSh… etc runs him his financial governor of papers his follower is contracts of contracts and balances him and his investments of financial is direct his and other than court usher in ear Allah

The testimonies the occurring on her :-

1 - lysaans his the truths from mosque Assyut sharpens him 1991

2 - master's degree fY the law

3- Doctorate fY the law aaltjaary0 and address of the letter (contract of presentation aalaastshaaraat in Sean financial circulating the papers) and his result on superior of estimate from the committee aalmnaaqsht.whY rsaalh his pamphlet in his office starched his the knowledges baalaaskndryh mn2011 to Alan and his result on superior of distribution fY the opposed .Hyth that she similar have fun fY the doctrine Arabic.

4- Testimony aaltwyfl in the language aalaanjlyzyh his beautiful blessing aalaamdyst aalaamrykyh in hectic Cairo

5- shhaadh the level fourth in the language French blessing concentrated cultural French in illuminative Cairo and more than from level in aallGh aalfrnsyh from his mosque Assyut

6- More than testimony in the teller aalaalY produced her his role programmers in institute the Egyptian accountants and the reviewers (does not complete) .kmaa the teller excelled aalaalY excels him complete his

7 - the searching excelled the law waalqDaay'Y in the languages aalaanjlyzyh waalfrnsyh.

The experiences: -

1- Free lawyer (his veil aaljyzh) since more than twenty year and Alan is lawyer in the revocation waaldstwryh aale'lyaawaalaadaaryh aale'lyaamn 2014

2- His currency for periods in offices of famous as office 'a.d/the camel salutes substitute prime minister previous and professor of the law aalaadaarY . Office 'a.d/Ramadan watermelon professor of the law aalaadaarY opal. wlftrh limited his consulted office the doctor/compensation bitter head of aalmHkmh aaldstwryh high and office of the professor/Saad honor of Abd the famous light the lawyer.

3 - currency lftrh years as lawyers for comprehensive his 6 October just as did lftrh as executed in aalbwrSh and specialized lawyer in disputants aalbwrSh (persisted him the arbitration aalxaaSh baalbwrSh aalaajbaaryh previously)

4 - top in teaching the law the merchant and the cities lftrh in divisions of the law in the institute the art the merchant and schools aalaadaarh as work added

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