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Registered Nurse Nursing

Leduc, AB, Canada
February 18, 2020

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To whom it may concern,

I am applying to this position available within your organization. My work

experience consists of working as a registered nurse for 20 years. I am presently registered with CARNA. During my career as an RN I have worked in an office role to maintain smooth operations of clinic functions and ordering supplies. I have also worked with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Netcare and other proprietary software. I learn quickly with excellent retention skills.

I also posses the relevant experience in healthcare that would allow me to be a strong candidate for this position. I am able to work effectively and efficiently in stressful situations from my years of nursing. I am able to communicate in a clear and concise manner with attention to detail. My commitment to public service extends beyond my bedside care with seven year experience in the hospitality industry.

It is my desire to work for your organization. I believe my work experience and professional attributes would allow me to be successful in this position. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,

Kari-Lynn Nazar

Kari - Lynn Nazar

129 Champlain Place

Beaumont, Alberta T4X-1V9



Dedicated patient-focused Registered Nurse with proven strengths in acute patient care

• Exceptional capacity to multitask; manage numerous, often competing priorities with ease while fostering the provision of superior patient care.

• Administrative and referral experience including admissions, assessment, treatment, referral and education for a wide range of patients.

• Widely recognized as an excellent care provider and patient advocate.

• Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, superior accuracy in patient history, charting and other documentation.

• Practical and quick thinking with very strong assessment skills.

• Possess vast knowledge of a variety of clinical areas.

• Calm under pressure.

• Organized and efficient with clear insight of own capabilities. EXPERIENCE

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton AB — Care Coordinator 2010 - 2012

• Responsible for the safest outcome upon discharge for individuals admitted to hospital.

• Worked within a multi-disciplinary team to assess an individual upon admission and throughout their hospital stay

• Responsible to determine an individual’s resources, living conditions, coping skills, medical conditions, support systems, finances.

• Responsible to educate during the difficult time of life changes from independent to facility living, involved in emotional conferences with family and friends.

• Competent with the RAI and medicus assessment tool as well as other computer competencies.

• Assessed individuals suitable for appropriate sub-acute programs and arrangement of homecare upon discharge as required.

University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB — Bed Coordinator 2009 - 2010

• Responsible for patient placement on 6 medicine units- 2 nephrology, 2 family medicine, GI and haemotology with specialty beds for geriatrics.

• Utilized HASS, EDIS and bed tracking tools to maximize available resources.

• Assessed patients for stability of unit placement for direct admission or to be triaged through the emergency department. Integral role to maintain smooth flow of patients through facility.

• Multi-tasked admissions, transfers and discharges, employed critical thinking skills to emergent admissions or isolation issues.

• Worked as a team to strategize best use of resources with clear communication and documentation.

UAH Clinical Educator Pyxsis Med Station Edmonton, Alberta — 2009

• Assisted in development of educational resources and troubleshooting for the pilot project.

• Responsible for teaching staff on use of Pyxsis med stations either in the classroom or on the unit; either in group setting or one on one.

• Rewarding experience to teach to a wide variety of staff from differing backgrounds and clinical areas.

RAH stn. 24 inpatient Cardiology Nurse, Edmonton, Alberta — 1997 - 2007

• Full time staff nurse on CCU step down telemetry unit.

• Care and treatment of individuals and their families with cardiac related health issues.

• Extensive teaching to patients and family for safe discharge to ensure access to appropriate support and resource.

• Monitoring of patients post angioplasty and specialty training for removal of arterial sheaths and hemobands.

RJA Medicenters, Part-Time, Edmonton, Alberta — 1992- 2003

• Prepared equipment and assisted physicians during patient examinations and treatments, including minor surgical procedures. Assessed patients requiring immediate medical attention.

• Duties included patient monitoring and follow-up, injections, and dressing changes. Emphasis on patient education. Flu shots & pneumovax administered every season.

• Fast & efficient at emergency situations.

Casual On-Call Immunization Nurse, Edmonton, Alberta — Varied dates as required

• Participated in multiple flu immunization campaigns as well as immunizing for pneumonia and meningitis.

• Worked at a variety of sites within the Edmonton area for Comcare as well as Capital Health.

• Responsible for immunizing individuals from infants to the elderly.

• Responsible to ensure the integrity of the cold chain, sterility of materials, informed consent, health assessments, anaphylaxis reactions, vagal reactions and education. EDUCATION

Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing — RN, Diploma 1992 CERTIFICATES

• Lead 2 monitoring

• Arterial sheath removal

• IV initiation, IV push meds

• Sexual assault nursing course

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