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Sales Maintenance

Verona, PA, 15147
January 15, 2020

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John S. Gemellas

**** ****** **** ******, ** ****7

Home Phone: 412-***-**** Cell Phone: 412-***-**** E-Mail: Objective: An opportunity to do work in coatings and product development. Qualifications: Experience, acquired knowledge and proven accomplishments. Projects: Formulated the P-66Y primer. The system had the advantage of superior adhesion to metals and for accepting various top coats. It was instrumental in winning many sales contracts over our competitors.

Formulated industrial maintenance coatings using vehicle of epoxy, urethane, polyester and alkyd. One urethane product was used on off shore oil rigs that permitted greater operating intervals between routine maintenance shut down.

Formulated anti-graffiti coating. Used on city transit vehicles by many municipalities. Formulated trade sales in oil and water base coatings. Conducted experiments to test durability and stability of products. Developed an exotic color line for a client in an interior design studio. Re-formulated coatings to bring systems into compliance of environmental standard for V.O.C. Formulated a "Tar-Ep" coating for U.S. Navy that had a property of absorbing sonar signals. Formulated coil coatings to specific customer requests. A. First considered the application method of roll, spray or dip. B. Optimized bake schedule for maximum coating properties. C. Designed and carried out experiments to illustrate advantages for our products. Skills: Chemical methods of wet lab titration and gravimetric analysis. Hamilton & Simpson Text. Familiar with instruments S.E.M., T.E.M., UV, UV-Vis., F.T.I.R., Most, Techtronic Scope, Coulter, Zeta Sizer, I.C.P., X.R.D., also worked using traditional coatings equipment Hegman, Tag Cup, Goniometer, W.W. Bars., Gardner Cup, and viscometers of both time volume and the dynamic units such as the Brookfield.

Synthesis of organic electrographic polymer and of vailogens that are used in photo chromic cell as a chemical mechanism.

Have experience with U.V. and E.B. cured coatings and with associated process and manufacturing equipment. Produced a no fill U.V. cure coating, one of only two existing formulas used world wide, used at SONY to manufacture array grill in VEGA T.V.'s. Formulation was later transferred to other chemical milling process for metal parts production. Military Service: Received honorable discharge after active duty and reserve obligation was completed. Duty involved electronic maintenance of secure communications equipment. The equipment was installed in I.C.B.M. silos and aboard S.A.C. aircraft. Had a clearance of Top Secret Crypto with a C.A.T. II S.I.O.P. access.

An additional achievement while carrying out assigned duty. Was able to devise a troubleshooting technique for circuit analysis, that was later adopted by the manufacturer of modem units and incorporated into their maintenance manuals as a S.O.P. Employment:

PPG Glass Research Center. Harmarville, PA.

Mirror Systems, O’Hare Twp. PA.

Nanomat Inc. Research Center. North Huntingdon, PA. John S. Gemellas

6519 Verona Road Verona, PA 15147

Home Phone: 412-***-**** Cell Phone: 412-***-**** E-Mail: SONY Technical Center. Mt. Pleasant, PA.

PPG Chemicals Research Center. Monroeville, PA

Lake Computer Inc. North Olmstead, OHIO

Addressograph-Multigraph Research Center. Warrensville, OHIO Grow Chemical Coatings Co. Cleveland, OHIO

Sherwin Williams Company. Cleveland, OHIO


Organic Chemistry (post grad.) Kansas State T.C. Kansas Electronics Tech. School (48 weeks) Lackland A.F.B. Texas B.S. Degree Chem. Major, Math. & Physics Minor. C of E Kansas Coatings Technology. Kent State University. OHIO

Computer Science. A.C.C. Monroeville, PA.


American Legion Oakland, PA.

Pittsburgh Society for Coating Technology- served as board member two years.

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