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Sap Engineer

Austin, TX
March 12, 2020

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MFarhan Chaudhary


Summary of Qualifications:

●30 years plus of IT Experience including 17 years of Aviation, Object oriented analysis and design, 5 years of Java, JSP, J2EE and 5 years’ experience in AWS, GCP, Hyperion, BI, AI, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# .NET, Python, Involved with current and emerging standards (W3C Schema, SOAP, Web Services, COM, DCOM, XML, C++, XSL, XSLT, DHTML, CSS) and MS-SQL, T-SQL, My SQL, SYBASE SQLANYWHERE advanced experience with CI/CD tools such as Concourse.

●Experience in SAP Hybris, Adobe AEM, Magento, Hana, PLM, AFARIA, SAP PS, SAP PM, SAP MM, SAP HR, SAP ABAP, SAP FI/CO, Share Point with strong functional expertise, configuration, integration, upgrade, troubleshoot, and support in SAP ECC FI, SD, MM implementation for clients in the Pharmaceutical, AFS, Automobile and Chemical industries. Strong experience in business re-engineering, gap-analysis, blueprinting, modeling, integrating, training and testing. Strong expertise in Configuration of New General Ledger, Accounts payables, Accounts Receivables, FSCM, SD-FI and MM-FI Integration, EDI, Workflow, Billing. Expertise in cross-application and integration of Financials with MM, SD, PM, CO modules.

●Experience in FRICEW design document preparation and Integration through EDI and external systems. Experience in using SAP’s implementation methodologies such as ASAP, Solution manager, fit-gap analysis, Design Documentation. Knowledge in using third party tax software, Vertex, Taxware. Experience with Automated test tools such as eCatt, HP Quality Center.

●Five years of hands on project management and development experience in the wireless arena including emerging technology used JAVA Wireless J2ME, Ability to Solve Complex Problems, Self-Motivated, Efficient Team Player and well in time Achiever. Excellent Communication and strong Interpersonal skills with ability to work successfully as a part of a team or independently.

Technical Skills Summary

Software : Windows Seven/Vista/ Windows XP Pro, Lindows/Xandros, Sun Solaris, Linux (IBM/Redhat/Suse/Debian/Ubuntu), Windows NT. Novell/Linux9.X. OS/2 (Warp), MS 2000 suite, Corel Suite X.X, Power Builder, Intershop's enfinity, Broadvision SDK, Broadband SDK, Lotus Smart suite 2000, Notes 4.5 Domino, MQ Series, MS. System Management Server (SMS) ver x.x, Internet information Server (IIS), Apache, NEWS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Perl CGI's, HTML, DHTML, XML, EJB, VRML, SGML, ASP, JSP, Active X, RDBMS SQL Programs (Oracle, MS SQL 2000, Informix, DB2 and Sybase), SAS, SAP X.X, ANS COBOL, CICS and MVS 2.7. Variety of Shareware utilities over the net. First time introduced Universal Word for windows and Mac/OS with multilingual support in Java 2 Enterprise edition, Specialized in all type of lingual applications. ID Security management system which I was involved in full SDLC.

Hardware: IBM S/390, NEC, Gateway 2K and compatibles in desktop as well as portables. Macintosh, Mac power book, power PC, Sun (OS/Solaris/Sparc systems), Fax/modems, hubs, hybrid panels, CD-ROM's, CDR's, PD's, MO's and Rewrite able CD's, DVD's (HD,Blu-ray) media. Cisco 2500 (IGS and AGS+) Routers, TCP/IP & NFS software routines, synoptic hubs and Ethernet SMC/Kalpana Switches.

OS/Languages : Visual Basic, ASP, XML, SOAP, WSDL., C#.NET, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, COM/COM+, JAVA, J2EE, Java Servlets, JSP,JDBC, CGI, Perl, C, ASP, XSL, DOM, SAX, CSS, JFC/SWING, PHP, MS-DOS, Windows 2000, Windows NT X.X, Unix (SCO + Sun), Red Hat Linux 6.X, IBM AIX 4, Agora system, Os/390, MVS and Mac/Os X.X. Win Batch, Borland/Visual C++, Perl, Delphi, Java JDK/SDK x.x.x and scripting tools.

Topologies: Ethernet All, Fiber Optics, T1, T2, T3, T4, E1, E4, SDH/SONET, WDM, PCS/Wireless, ATM, FTT, H/C/B, and XDSL products/networks, Token Ring, ISDNARC net, Hybrid and TN3270 (Telnet), Cable Modems, Wireless LAN 802.11/802.11a/802.11b/802.11g/802.15/802.16/802.20, WAP/CDPD Modems.


●Stanford Certified AI (Artificial Intelligence) Expert.

●Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and CCNA.

●Certified CTT+/MCT+/A+/Network+

●Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

●Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP),CCSK, GIAC

●HFYWN (HFY Certified Wireless Network Administrator), HFYCWSP certification (HFY Certified Wireless Security Professional), HFYCWAP (HFY Certified Wireless Analysis Professional), HFYCWNE (HFY Certified Wireless Networking Expert)

●Graphic Animation Certification from Sony Corporation.

●Professional Management Certification from American Management Association.

●Certified Computer Hardware Engineer (Novell CNE v.4.X).

●Certified Java / XML / ASP.Net Professional.


●2016 MBA-MIS-Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Stanford University, CA, USA.

Professional Experience

11/15 - 2020 HGSC, New York. CTO

●Analyzed and Design the system for their ISP, ASP.Net and CRM Services. Used Advanced Html Parser a .NET library designed for HTML parsing and manipulation. Used Hyperion Essbase (ASO/BSO), Hyperion System 11+ Web Analysis, Hyperion System 11+ Finance Reporting, Hyperion System 11+ Workspace, Hyperion Planning, MaxL Script, SQL, MDX script, VBS script. Ability to think strategically and thoroughly plan, execute and document, used Terraform, Kubernetes. Willingness to challenge the status-quo and develop and recommend viable alternative solutions. Managed for our aviation client flight operations, maintenance and engineering, airport customer service, in-flight service and system and operations control. Proven ability to successfully manage multiple§ assignments to successful implementation. Used CASM for comprehensive measurement of airline costs, which reflects the costs incurred by an airline to fly a single seat one mile.

●Used data extraction, encoding and A.I. Deep Learning, machine learning runtime performance optimizations, Worked on Hand on Apple APIs like UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, Core Foundation, Hands on Experience building large-scale consumer facing software, Hands on Experience with machine learning in iOS development with C, C++, Objective-C, swift, Build and maintain high-performance systems that ship on all device classes (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS). Ensuring high quality and agility with unit and integration tests. Advanced experience with CI/CD tools such as Concourse.

●Hands on experience in AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Platform / IBM Watson IoT platforms. Participate in planning, implementation, and growth of our infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. Analyze cloud infrastructure and recommend improvements for performance gains and cost efficiencies, Configure, tune, deploy, and back up Elastic search clusters, Implement TLS certificate use and deployment, Baseline system administration tasks and prepare for transition to O&M resource, Prepare documentation for configuration and install procedures, Knowledge of monitoring, logging and cost management tools that integrate with AWS. Create and implement automation for cloud platforms as well as monitoring and alerting purposes, Identifying and driving the CSI and automation initiatives, Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes, Provide technical direction and oversight to cloud implementation teams, Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS, Providing analytics and forecasts for cloud capacity, troubleshooting analysis, and uptime.

●Google cloud platform (GCP) for the following core services such as Computing and hosting, Storage, Networking, Big data and Machine learning. Used Google Compute Engine, as IaaS for rapid deployment of virtual machines. Used Google App Engine, which allows for much greater scalability. Used Kubernetes Engine, GKE On-Prem – to make apps cloud-ready and move them to the cloud, Cloud Functions – serverless computing, Knative - components to create Kubernetes-native cloud-based software, Shielded VMs - Hardened virtual machines on GCP, Container Security. Used developer tools such as Cloud SDK, Container Registry, Cloud Build – DevOps continuously build, test, and deploy, Cloud Source Repositories – A single place for your team to store, manage, and track code. Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Tasks, Cloud Tools for IntelliJ Cloud Tools for PowerShell, Cloud Tools for Visual Studio, Cloud Tools for Eclipse, Gradle App Engine Plugin, App Engine Plugin, Firebase Test Lab. Deploy GCP with the Google search engine and its basic services. Deploy the site in multiple regions for the fastest response times.

●Adobe Experience Manager AEM (AKA-CQ) in collaboration with hybris• AEM comes with connectors to fetch data from Salesforce or any other social platform. Integrating with anything that exposes a restful api is straight forward so your AEM works with Eloqua, SiteCore, TeamSite or any other platform seamless. Works within most applications servers including jboss, weblogic, websphere etc. Painful search can be super optimized by integrating Apache SOLR. Integration with MongoDB is great. LDAP and SSO (SAML) support within JCR are stable. JCR (Java Content Repository) is that it decouples content access the underlying persistence storage. Apache Sling, a web framework that webifies* JCR. It is a RESTful web framework that looks at the web request that comes in and gets content in format requested without having to write a lot of code (It supports JSON, HTML, TXT, XML, PDF).• used Automating content process, involving users and code, is as easy as drag and drop and hit save. Workflows take up the responsibility of keeping the AEM magic working. OSGi (Open Source Gateway Initiative) the Container that runs on top of JVM. The all-powerful dynamic component system for Java applications to build modular, service based applications.• used Coral UI which make the front end coding very lighter. The DAM supports all kinds of Digital assets from images to documents to binaries which integrated with JCR and comes with extensions to support fetching content from virtual repositories keeping it transparent to the end user. AEM is made up of (Database, the web layer, Container, Search and Indexing, Dev tools) is all open source Apache Lucene, Tika, Felix, Sling, TAR. Used AEM and Magento which integrate using the Commerce Integration Framework (CIF). Which can be used as-is or with very minimal modifications and connect with Magento via GraphQL APIs or REST APIs.

●Used SAP PS, SAP PM, SAP MM, SAP HR, SAP ABAP, SAP FI/CO, SAP data warehousing capabilities to simply, organize and audit every byte of information that flows through the enterprise. Used SAP SRM and created a point-and-click environment that provides simple to advanced analytics, data manipulation and reporting capabilities, which permitted review of supplier activity enabling better decisions on a daily basis. Used SAP Data Warehousing tool to manage the delicate process of distributed data handling from source to target.

●SharePoint 2010/2007 Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) development. Experienced in Implementation of Client Server Applications using Microsoft technologies. Worked through all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Installed and configured MOSS 2007 on web-front-end servers. Created Sites, site collections, content types, custom lists and Libraries, Meta data, Tagging, image mapping to the Audit site, migrated this site to SharePoint 2010. Upgrading the existing SharePoint 2007 collaboration site to SharePoint 2010.Experience in Installing, Configuring, Administrating, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 / WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2010. SharePoint customizations, Branding and site configuration, site administration, usage analytics, data view web parts, custom content types, custom workflows, and InfoPath forms. Worked through all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, and Testing. Installed and configured MOSS 2007 on web-front-end servers Expertise in Upgrading SharePoint sites from 2007 to SharePoint 2010. Experienced in Installing, Configuring, Administrating, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 / WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2010. Used MVA-based products e.g. SAS/BASE, SAS/STAT, SAS/Graph and Metadata Server for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Integration. Managed data quality, data integration, and master data management. Used SAS Data Integration Studio with Data Flux Data Management Platform. PLM, ERP, content management field, PLM development and process design, PLM software configuration and code release management. Used InfoPath, SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Server. Used ADO.Net Components effectively to classic ADO, Integrate .NET and COM components, Used 100% managed code ADO.NET data for all major databases - Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase. Which provide me to take advantage of the numerous built-in services of the CLR to enhance the performance of my managed application, memory management and built-in security checks.

●Used SAP hybris delivers enterprise software and on-demand solutions for e-commerce, multi-channel commerce, master data management and order management. Used SAS to improve Enterprise customer service, IT Audit to Increase business overall productivity.

●Develop distributed Framework by using 802.11a/b/g, 802.16 and 802.20 IEEE standards to distribute from Wireless Data from LAN to WAN and WAN to Broadband MAN. Used ISM Band as well as other licensed bands by FCC. The open source Projects based on UNIX (Linux /Kernel) environment. Deploy Linux system management paradigms, UNIX system performance analysis and design. Used Linux distributions (Red Hat, Suse). Done Enterprise storage configurations on Linux and/or Unix (EMC and Veritas, Introduced first time Wireless data encryption level up to 2048bits.

10/99 - 10/15 IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, New York. Project (FP. Project 2000)

Analyst/Developer (Contract)

●Analyzed and designed the system for their Finger Print Project 2000 in S/390 environment including MQ Series. Which Provide highly secure ID Security management for IBM Servers, experience in SOC, Digital Forensic and Incident Response operations.

●Used SAP PLM, PS, SAP PM, SAP MM, SAP HR, SAP ABAP, SAP FI/CO, Designed and maintained high complexity multilevel approval SAP Workflows including the configuration, customizing and development of the same, customizing workflows of Business Objects, manually raising events, and triggering workflows by configuring business transaction events. Participated in implementing Global Business Integration Project (GBIP) with SAP R/3 across the company and its affiliates Developed design document for integrating employee expenses data into invoices in Accounts Payable. Used Web dynpro and ABAP OO, SAP Enhancement concepts, developed interfaces with complex system landscapes and implementations. Experience with authoring tools (Cadence, Mentor, Pro-E), authoring tool to PLM integration (ECAD, MCAD, CASE, Requirements Mgmt). Used MES & PLM/PDM Application, MatrixOne, PTC Windchill and SAP PLM. Used Geospatial Information Systems (ArcGIS). Worked on Compliance, risk management (e.g. PCI, SOX, GLBA etc) for direct clients.

●Experience building SharePoint solutions using out of the box features. Building web parts, custom list and custom content type using Visual Studio 2010.Proficient in creating and deploying forms using InfoPath and creating workflows. Developing projects in SharePoint 2010/2007 and .NET framework. Technically proficient in Internet/Intranet Development, GUI based Programming for Client server and web development projects. Experienced in Preparing Level of Effort (LOE) for the projects. 508 testing using JAWS and Object inspector, Converting Use cases to test cases /Creating Test Plans and Test Cases.

●Maintained Inventory synchronization between SAP and external systems, designed different interfaces to perform move, consumptions, adjustments, scrapping, and count transactions when an activity was initiated in external system, and enabled a corresponding entry to be performed in SAP to keep both systems in sync. Designed the UPS SAP integration by finding the gaps in SAP FI, SD and UPS. Handled integration of UPS connects ship with SAP, and provided Go-Live issue resolution. Used hybris for Ecommerce Integration Solution. Workedon IoT development, IoT Platform management and administration, Strong understanding of IoT concepts, protocols, device management and analytics. Experience in Cumulocity IoT platform, registration of devices, software and firmware upgrades, security aspects and data analytics, cloud integration. This will be advantageous. Experience in any of Azure / AWS / Google Cloud / IBM Watson IoT platforms is essential. Strong experience in either of Python / C++ programming languages is essential. Ability to write firmware for the IoT devices is added advantage. Experience on wireless sensor networks, and wireless communication protocols such as WiFi, Zigbee, BLE, RFID, LoRA, and Cellular. Deep understanding of Micro services, APIs is essential. Experience in building web and mobile applications, Software AG webMethods, Apama, Mashzone and Zementis.

●Use these applications on S/390 by using MVS File Directory to store template files for user Id and Fingerprint Scan image. The whole idea is to log on with user id and instead of password use fingerprint scan image through Veridicom scanner for authentication for log on process. Used Applied Bio systems, develops and markets instrument-based systems, reagents, software, and contract related services to the life science industry and research community. These technologies enable biological discoveries in life science research, pharmaceutical research and development, diagnostics, and agriculture.

05/96 – 09/99., Seattle, WA. Database/Web Developer (Contract)

●Used OOAD, JAVA, ASP, Perl, CORBA, MS Access, VB, and C++ for Web Applications plus developed E-commerce site. Solved Y2K Bug and Developed a Routine to migrate previous routine databases in to Lotus Notes Ver 4.5 Domino and used Developer 2K and generated forms with Crystal Reports in Oracle 7.3 for their SQL Server routines. Developed the E-commerce system for their online bookstore. Used Object oriented analysis and design tool, JAVA, VB., VC++ for Web Development like (Scripting, Beans, Applets AWT in JDK, JSP, JFC/(Swing), XML and EJB, Linux 6.X. Developed ASP, CORBA, Solved Y2K Bug, and Net Dynamics, Net objects Cold Fusion, C++, MFC, OLE, and COM/DCOM. Used ActiveX Controls for the client logic and designed COM components (DLLs) for Data Access logic.

●Demonstrated the ability to provide accurate software development time estimates for system functionality, Used VB script for server-side scripting and Java Script for client-side scripting.

●For media streaming used Broadvision SDK and some broadband tools, ORACLE 8i, MS SQL SERVER, Sybase, Active X, ErWin Logic 3.0, and Crystal Reports. IIS, WIN 2000, NT X.x.

●Used Crystal report 8.0 to generate reports. Used ADO to communicate between SQL Server 7.0 and the Internet Site. Developed Stored procedures, Views and Triggers using T-SQL Used Macromedia Director 5.0 and Adobe Photo Shop 4.0 for GUI and Animation, Perl CGI Scripting Created more efficient plugins with adobe acrobats, macro media flash, shockwave and others

02/93 - 03/96. MOTOROLA, USA/HONG KONG. System Developer Analyst. (Trainee)

●Worked on Linux, UNIX, SUN Solaris 4.11/Sparc/OS and IBM AS/400 mainframe. Used CICS, MVS, PRO C, C++, ANS COBOL, SAP and BAAN. Involved in analyzing the information from our head office in Arizona USA and transformed it to the assigned system. Applied PERT/CPM Techniques in our Quantitative Analysis, Matrix Design and Distribution Network.

09/90 - 01/93. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Broker and Trader (Trainee).

Worked at Wall Street plus Forex Trading used Reuters 1000.

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