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AGL/Electrical Engineer

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
10,000 -15000AED
March 10, 2020

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PRC LICENSE No. 0012203

ABU DHABI, UAE :+971********* / +971********* : email:


Highly motivated and professionally trained Electrical Engineerwith extensive experience and training seeks a position in a responsible company where I can use my trainings and past experiences, to help reach the company’s objectives and to find opportunities for advancement.


Degree on Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Manila, Philippines

June 1991 to March 1996


Engineering &Design :Supervise and implement daily engineering functions including planning and coordination. Identifies and resolves engineering and design issues. Installation of equipment, quality control and warrantee issue. Possesses outstanding analytical, quantitative and conceptual skills.

Technical Support:Provides strong knowledge of operating system, software engineering principles and objective-oriented design methodologies. Delivers comprehensive support for projects requiring electrical, infrastructure, installation and testing expertise.

Project Management :Proficiently organizes and manages teams, equipment and other resources for routine and special projects. Tracks and reports work-in progress, inventory and quality assurance while prioritizing projects according to importance. Ensures on time completion of all tasks.

Key Strength :Exceptional interpersonal skills, effectively interfacing with customers, engineers and senior management. Able to convey complex technologies to a variety of skill levels. Utilizes talent for quick learning of new information, procedures and technologies. Organized and able to handle multiple tasks and deadlines. Proven ability to work independently and as a vital member of a team. Offers fluency in English and knowledge of Autocad 2D.


Electrical Supervisor

CSI Commissioning for Electromechanical

Equipment Installation and Maintenance LLC Februray 12, 2019-Present

Project Title: Commissioning Midfield Terminal Building

Location : Abu Dhabi International Airport

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Commissioning works on LV electrical equipment.

2.Provide technical support in the resolution of technical issues during commissioning.

3.Witnessing functional testing.

4.Submit notification to carry out pre-start checks and commission the system.

5.Coordinate all commissioning tests as per requirements on all terminal building.

6.Ensure that the commissioning activities are in line with and performed in accordance with the laid down quality time.

AGL/Electrical Engineer

ADB Safegate Group – Abu Dhabi, UAE December 2015 – September 2018


Location : Abu Dhabi International Airport

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Planning and implementing the approved design of airfield grounding system including Sub Station works.

2.Prepare Method Statement in preparation for approval of Site works.

3.Supervision and coordinating each Teams from day to day mobilization and Installation activities of AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting).

4.Ensure manpower, equipment and materials are available for the timely completion of work.

5.Check all the materials, light fittings, cables are in good quality before using in the field.

6.Manage all sub-contractor installation activities.

7.Prepare WIR (Work Inspection Request) and MIR (Material Inspection Request) for evaluation and checking of the Client.

8.Ensure to meet delivery schedules upon execution.

9.Monitor the work, equipment and material. Collate the installation area with design drawings and indicate any diversity.

10.Ensure that the works are carried out strictly as per approved method statement.

11.Testing and commissioning of Airfield Ground Lighting for Site Acceptance by the client.

12.Prepare handover documentation such as As-built drawings and installation sketches.

Electrical Engineer

Tamas Projects – Abu Dhabi, UAE September 08, 2007 to August 12, 2015


Location : New Midfield Terminal Project

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Manage the site works such as installation of Crisbelt and Crisbag conveyors including VFD motors, sensors, switches and panelboards.

2.Installation of Power control panel, switchboards, LV panel, cable trays and supports.

3.Supervision of cable pulling works such as power, control and communication cables including termination works.

4.Ensure the method statement procedure is followed and observe the hold points and notify the Consultant for Inspection.

5.Ensure all teams work with a quality and safety manner.

6.Responsible to the Project Manager for matters relating to the projects.

7.Testing and Commissioning works.

Project Title : TRAFFIC SIGNALS – Replacement of roundabouts with signalized intersections

Location : Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Installation of Traffic Signals, traffic signboards including control panels.

2.Supervision of cable pulling works such as power, control and communication cables including termination in traffic poles and power/control panel.

3.Saw cutting works for loop sensor and pulling of sensor cables.

4.Ensure that the jobs are carried out as per the contractor’s requirements and the project specifications.

5.Ensure that the material complies with the required specification and standards.

6.Organizing the works in a safe manner to ensure that safety and PPE’s are being properly utilized.

7.Testing and Commissioning works.

Project Title : Expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport

Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Duration: September 2007 to November 2012

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Supervision of Coring & saw cutting works and setting out for the bases of Airfield Ground Lightings.

2.Installation of Inset and Elevated light fittings and fixtures.

3.Installation of PAPI, Approach lights, wind cones and Airport Signages.

4.Installation of Transformers, CLD’s, pit fit out and dressings of cables.

5.Supervision for the Primary and secondary cable pulling.

6.Installation of CCR’s, digitrac, panels, cable trays and supports.

7.Testing and Commissioning works.

8.Maintenance works such as replacing airfield lights, transformers, CLD’s and upgrading the Insulation Resistance (IR) of primary cables.

Electrical Supervisor

Tacophil Engineering & Construction– Philippines Aug. 20, 2004 to July 15, 2007

Project Title : 40MW Northern Negros Geothermal Power Plant

Location : Negros Occidental, Philippines

Project Title : Mindanao Coal Fired Power Plant Project

Location : Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Supervision and Installation of Power Plant Earthing Ground System.

2.Supervision and Installation of Duct bank for outdoor cable installation.

3.Installation of Electrical Equipment such as Transformers, HV & LV Bus Duct, 13.8KV Switchgear, 4.16KV Switchgear, 480/220 Volts Load Center & Distribution Board.

4.Installation of DC Supply system and UPS system panel.

5.Installation of Fire Alarm System and CCTV system.

6.Installation of Lighting fixtures, distribution boards and cables & wiring termination.

7.Lay out and installation of secondary electrical such as building & telephone outlet.

8.Installation of cable trays and supports, pulling of HV, LV and communication cables.

9.Installation of Lightning Protection System.

10.Installation of Switchyard equipment such as Current transformer, Circuit Breakers, Disconnecting and earthing switches.

11.Installation of Power Plant perimeter lightings.

12.Project monitoring, planning, scheduling, reporting of various electrical works.

Electrical Foreman

Bi-Water International – Abu Dhabi, UAE July 08, 2002 to July 10, 2004

Project Title : Sewerage System Rehabilitation and Expansion Project

Location : Abu dhabi, UAE

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Rehabilitation of Electrical System of Pump Station No.1,2,3,4 & 5.

2.Lay out & Installation of newly re-routed cable trays and electrical conduit pipes.

3.Lay out and cable pulling of new power feeder line cables of pump motors.

4.Installation of local switched and instrument devices.

5.Loop checking and IR test of cables and equipment motors

6.Installation of pressure transmitters, level transmitters, pressure transmitters and limit switches.

7.Installation of MCC, Switchgears and Distribution board.

8.Termination of power and control cables.

Project Supervisor

Cement Construction & Equip. Inc. – Manila, Philippines May 05, 1998 to May 28, 2002

Project Title : Installation of New Jet Pulse Dust Collector

Location : Union Cement Corp. – La Union Plant, Philippines

Project Title : Installation of 2 Units New Jet Pulse Dust Collector

Location : Apo Cement Corp. – Cebu, Philippines

Project Title : Rehabilitation of Overhead Crane

Modification of controls for CO2 spray system

Location : Union Cement Corp. – Davao, Philippines

Project Title : Installation of Rotary Feeder & Controls

Location : Limay Grinding Mill – Cebu, Philippines

Project Title : Installation of Radial & Axial Fan Blower

Location : FR Cement – Teresa, Rizal, Philippines

Project Title : Rehabilitation of Gypsum Plant

Operation of Gypsum Plant

Location : Planters Product Inc. –Lamao, Bataan, Philippines

Project Title : Replacement & Alignment of Kiln Shell

Location : Hi Cement –Norzagaray, Bulacan, Philippines

Job Description and Responsibilities:

1.Supervision and Installation of Jet Pulse Dust Collectors including ducting, I.D Fan drive and motors.

2.Responsible in various electrical works such as control wiring, feeder wiring, testing of electric motors of overhead crane.

3.Installation of load cell, transmitters and control wiring of devices in sequential order, manual and automatic of CO2 spray system.

4.Installation of ACS 400 Frequency Converter of Rotary feeder Gear Motor

5.Install pneumatic valves, pressure & temperature transmitters including wiring and termination.

6.Provide outline inspection programs that will help, ensure safe, efficient, economical and dependable operation of the plant.

7.Prepare preventive maintenance program for planned shutdown to ensure continuity of operation and lessens the danger of breakdown.

8.Recondition motors ranges from 2Hp to 30Hp.

9.Inspection and testing of sequential & interlocking control of electrical equipment/motors for gypsum plant processes.

10.Eliminate grounded feeder lines and control wiring.

11.Testing and Commissioning works.


Date of Birth : July 17, 1974

Civil Status : Married

Nationality : Filipino

Religion : Roman Catholic

License : UAE Driving License


Airfield Ground Lighting 6 – Installation and Quality Awareness

ADB Safegate Group

Abu Dhabi - UAE

15-16 March 2017

Installation Supervisor Training – CRISBAG 5

Crisplant a/s – 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

07 August 2014

Airport Lighting System Seminar

COOPER Crouse-Hinds

Abu Dhabi - UAE

16-18 December 2013

Solar Power System

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines

Abu Dhabi - UAE

03 December 2010

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