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software Developer

Mountain View, CA
February 29, 2020

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Mountain View, CA, USA

650-***-**** EDUCATION

Carnegie Mellon University Aug. 2019-Dec. 2020

Master of Science in Software Management Mountain View, CA Related courses: Architecture & Programming Principles, Software Engineering Management University of Texas at Austin Jan. 2020-June 2022

Master of Science in Computer Science (Online program) Mountain View, CA Queen Mary University of London & Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Sept. 2015-June 2019 Bachelor of Science(Engineering) & Management with honours in E-Commerce Engineering with Law Beijing, China

• GPA: 3.73/4.0; Rank: 13/192

• First Class with Honors & First Class Scholarship (Top 3%) & Merit Student Awards & Outstanding Student Leaders Related courses: Data Structure, Intro Java Programming, Internet Protocol, Software Engineering, Internet Database, Security and Authentication, Advanced Network Programming, Information System Management SKILLS

Programming Languages: Java, C, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML Tools: MongoDB, MySQL, TensorFlow, Keras, Android Studio, Angular, Android Studio, Express, Docker PROJECTS

Carnegie Mellon University, Mountain View, CA, USA Aug. 2019 – Nov. 2019 Architecture & Programming Principles Coursework: Implement a full-stack RESTful Web APP

• Developed a recommendation system in the form of a website related to trip options based on dynamic traffic, weather, default information, and preference of customers. Implemented the web page by HTML, CSS and the user interaction by JavaScript, Angular.

• Build application using Tomcat, implementing business workflow by Java and maintaining database by MongoDB.

• Solved high concurrency problems by implementing the RabbitMQ-based RPC architecture.

• Utilized Celery asynchronous tasks and Redis cache to optimize Google Map API access speed. (6s->1s) EECS dept. of Queen Mary University of London, Beijing, China Oct. 2018 – June 2019 Undergraduate Thesis: Study the possibility of over-fitting in various Machine Learning methods.

• Performed classification based on CNN for MNIST, CIFAR-10, MSCOCO data sets employing TensorFlow and Keras framework, and measure the degree of overfitting.

• Collected 2000 graphs by web-scrawler from photo website for training.

• Investigated factors affecting overfitting including the data set size, the ratio of training to testing dataset; Modified the ratio of 'hold out' data to training data and measured its effect on test accuracy.

• Investigated several strategies to mitigate overfitting, i.e., batch normalization, dropout, regularization, N-fold cross- validation.

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China June 2017 – May 2018 2018 College Students’ Innovation Project (top 10%): Lead an integrated intelligent bookmarking system with the function of regulatory, social, and translation.

• Located position of English words from a photo and applied OCR to classify each letter.

• Maintained the SQLite database of the Android things system, translated English words into Chinese by query record in the SQLite via raspberry pie bookmarks entity.

• Realized mobile phone APP reminder of reading and supervise timetable with the help of Android Studio; Collect crowdsourced book reviews from multiple users and use hadoop to analyze them. INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE

Deloitte & ByteDance, Beijing, China Mar. 2019 – June 2019 Program Internship: Implement and maintain a global Logistics and Supply chain management system of ByteDance.

• Designed the logistics and supply chain management modules, workflows and logics.

• Did the Front-end UX design and implemented the web page by JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON and XML.

• Based on Git for version control, MySql for data storage.

• Did black, white box testing and UI, performance, load, security testing of the system.

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