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Tableau Data

Arlington, VA
February 28, 2020

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RADHIKA 719-***-****


Business intelligence professional with 9 plus years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Migration, Production support and Implementation of Software applications.

Extensive Tableau Experience in sourcing, processing, managing and distributing business driven and actionable visual reports in Tableau 2018.1 / 10.x / 9.x / 8.x / 7.x as a developer using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Good understanding of Tableau Desktop Architecture for designing and developing dashboards.

End-to-end experience in designing and deploying data visualizations using Tableau and maintaining effective communication with other team members like ETL, EDW and QA teams on the reports.

Hands on experience in connecting Tableau with data bases like Oracle, SQL server, Cisco Hyperion, Archer (Application). Hands on experience with reporting tools like Tableau, Qlikview and Qlik sense.

Solid understanding of RDBMS database concepts including Normalization and solid experience in creating database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, functions, indexes and other T-SQL (DDL, DML) statements for various applications.

An enthusiastic and goal-oriented team player with excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to pay close attention to detail.

Versatile, result-oriented team player with outstanding work ethics and time management skills


Tableau 2018.1/10.x/9.x/8.x/7.x, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Alteryx,MS SQL Server 2008/2008 R2/2012, 2014 SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS)/SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS)/SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS), Hyperion, Salesforce, Archer, T-SQL, JIRA, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS Share point, Windows NT, Windows XP/2003/2000/98, MS VISIO, MS SQL, Profiler, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL, PL/SQL, JIRA.


E - Trade Nov’ 2018 to till date

Arlington VA

Sr. Tableau developer


Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich graphic visualizations with actionable insights and easy to understand.

Expertise in building interactive and dynamic reports with Actionable filters, Parameters, Calculations, Sets, Bins and Navigation links to meet deliverable specifications.

Very well versed in creating dashboards showing Trend lines, Reference lines and with different kind of filters – Context filters, traditional filters and drill down and drill through options.

Worked with Top talent in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment where Analytics and good data are a top priority.

Incorporated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators for Top Management.

Experience in gathering requirement definitions, drafting validation plans, test plans, test scripts and test summary reports.

Extensive Back end testing experience using SQL.

Extensively worked in creating and integrating data from Archer app using API and Web Data Connector (WDC) to Tableau and developed necessary reports in Tableau.

Expertise in using Level of Detail (LOD) calculations in dashboards to display data in different levels of granularity.

Evaluated Data Management and Data access processes for gaps, inefficiencies and provided recommendations for improvement.

Extensively worked on creating visualizations by setting up custom hierarchies, custom grouping. Merged data from multiple sources using different joins and blending techniques according to requirement.

Proficient in data quality analysis of Tableau dashboards. Expertise includes all levels of Quality Assurance and Testing from development stage, software requirements definition and documentation to User Acceptance Testing.

Developed Complex custom SQL queries to bring data to Tableau and published it in Tableau server as a Tableau data source.

Developed many Tableau workbooks to perform Year Over Year, Year To Date YTD, Quartet To Date QTD and MTD type of analysis.

Very well experienced in handling reports with multiple measures using dual axes and combined axes.

Customized Tableau server by creating different projects, user groups, subscription schedules and built the security model on different levels such as project, workbook, and view level.

Implemented user security to limit the data in the report dynamically based on the login username.

Gathered data and resolved various quality issues associated with data.

Executed manual testing, system and regression testing.

Hands on experience in writing SQL to analyze and test the data. Compare and validate target data with the source data against the specified requirement.

Run extensive test scripts to test the quality of the data

Environment: Tableau Desktop 2018.1, 10.2, Tableau Server 2018.1.3, Hyperion, Microsoft SQL Server, Archer, JIRA, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, JIRA, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, MS Access.

Qualcomm Inc., Aug’ 2017 to Oct’ 2018

San Diego CA

Sr. Tableau developer


End to End experience in designing and deploying data through different environments.

Created and modified the schema objects like Attributes, Facts, Views and Logical Tables.

Heavily built different types of visualizations using Histograms, Scatter plots, Box Whisker plots, Bar charts, Heat Maps, Area charts, Geographic Maps in Tableau Desktop based on the business requirement.

Experienced in using various dashboard components like Horizontal, Vertical containers to display multiple chart types and filters in a single dashboard.

Published extracts to Tableau server with custom extract refresh schedules and tracked and maintained the refresh timelines on a timely basis.

Used performance recorder extensively to monitor the performance of the reports individually for each action and optimized the reports accordingly for better performance.

Developed complex SQL queries for querying the data against different data bases for data verification, identifying null values and duplicates as a part of data validation in the reports.

Active participation in final UAT phases to assist users in ad-hoc testing of the Tableau reports and workbooks.

Aggressively worked and resolved JIRA tickets as a part of UAT and Production support.

Worked closely with Data Warehousing team by providing inputs on the reporting requirements.

Documented the entire process of development to deployment and the testing procedures.

Maintained and updated Tableau reports on a timely basis for any changes.

Good hands on experience in developing the Dashboard reports using ‘Key Performance Indicators’ for Top management for quick decision making to drive the business.

Extensive experience in using ‘Level of Detail’ using Fixed, Include and Exclude.

Provided Production Support to Tableau users and wrote Custom SQL to support business requirements.

Utilized Tableau server to publish and share the reports with the business users.

Also involved in administration tasks such as setting permissions, managing ownerships, and providing access to the users and adding them to the specific group.

Distributed Tableau reports using techniques like Packaged Workbooks, PDF to different user community.

Very strong Dashboard UI/UX design experience and passionate in building effective data visualizations for the best user experience.

Familiar with best Practices around visualization and design.

Good understanding of business environment, excellent communication skills and ability to work proactively in a fast-paced environment.

Communicate effectively with colleagues and business users.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 2018.02, 10.5, 10.3, 10.2, Tableau Server 10.3, SQL developer, SQL Server 2016, Oracle, Teradata, Service Now, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, MS Access, Windows 2007 server.

Prime Healthcare Management, Jan’ 2015 – Aug’ 2017

Los Angeles, CA

Tableau developer


Using Tableau server as a front-end BI tool and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as a back-end database designed and developed workbooks, dashboards, global filter page, and complex parameters-based calculations.

Involved in creating database objects like tables, views, procedures, triggers, and functions using T-SQL to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.

Built, published customized interactive reports and dashboards, report scheduling using Tableau desktop and Tableau server.

Created action filters, parameters and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets in Tableau.

Restricted data for particular users using Row level security and User filters.

Developed Tableau workbooks from multiple data sources using Data Blending.

Provided 24/7-production support for Tableau users.

Responsible for security, administration, release management, troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Migrated and upgraded SQL Server 2008 database to SQL Server 2014 environment using upgrade advisor and tested their applications.

Installed and configured the database server (SQL Server 2014) in production, development and testing environments.

Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, and T-SQL scripts.

Running synchronization process between production, staging, testing and development environment.

Performed QA on databases providing data to the reports. Participated in data quality investigations and analysis to diagnose the root cause of the issue and to make recommendations.

Writing new stored procedures and modifying existing ones and tune them such as they perform well.

Implemented auditing using triggers and enforcing business rules via checks and constraints. Proper use of views to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 9.x, Tableau server / Administrator, SQL developer, SQL Server2008 / 2014, T-SQL, Qlik View, Qlik sense, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle, Teradata, Qlikview, Qlik sense, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, MS Access, Windows 2007 server, JIRA.

Exxon Mobil Aug’ 2014 – Dec’ 2014

Houston, TX

Tableau Developer


Worked on Reports from requirement gathering to Report Development and involved in migrating it to production.

Generated Tableau Dashboard with quick/context/global filters, parameters and calculated fields on Tableau reports.

Created Tableau Dashboards with interactive views, trends and drill downs along with user level security.

Created Tableau scorecards, dashboards using stack bars, bar graphs, scattered plots, geographical maps, Gantt charts, Reference lines, bands, Distribution, Trend Lines.

Create, customize & share interactive web dashboards in minutes with simple drag & drop method and access dashboards

Connected to MS SQL Server 2012 directly to pull data into Tableau and created extracts.

Created multiple visualizations like Bar Graphs and Bullet Graphs and Prepared Dashboards using calculations, parameters, calculated fields, groups, sets and hierarchies in Tableau.

Experience with creation of users, groups, projects, workbooks and the appropriate permission sets for Tableau server logons and security checks.

Developed database objects like tables, views, procedures, triggers, functions using T-SQL to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.

Administer and support a multi-tier Tableau infrastructure including upgrade analysis and planning, security administration, release management, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and general systems maintenance.

Connected Tableau server with SharePoint portal and setup auto refresh feature.

Proof-read all documents and maintain accuracy of information and preparing SOP.

Provided Weekly, Monthly metrics and presentations to management on production issues.

Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, and created indexes. Created Database Tables and database views.

Created and implemented batch job processing, scheduling and production support.

Environment : Tableau Desktop 8.2/8.1, Tableau server / Administrator, SQL developer, Alteryx, SQL Server2008, T-SQL,SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) T-SQL, SharePoint server, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook.

Sonata Software Ltd. Nov’ 2010 – June 2013

Hyderabad, India

ETL Developer


Helped in translating business requirements into technical design specifications and preparing high-level documentation of the Database Design and Database Objects.

Created SSIS packages to extract data from OLTP to OLAP systems and created alerts for successful and unsuccessful completion of Scheduled Jobs.

Used various SSIS tasks such as Conditional Split, Derived Column on the data retrieved, performed Data Validation Checks during Staging, and then loaded the data into the Data warehouse.

Created reports to retrieve data using Stored Procedures that accept parameters depending upon the client requirements.

Performed error handling using script task and event handlers.

Planned and Designed SSIS packages based on the business requirements.

Wrote complex T-SQL queries and Stored Procedures for generating reports.

Used various SSIS tasks such as Conditional Split, Merge Join, and Derived Column on the data retrieved, Data conversion, OLE DB Command, performed Data Validation Checks during Staging, and then loaded the data into the Data warehouse.

Environment: MS SQL Server, Business Intelligence Studio, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler, PL/SQL.

Navayuga Infotech Aug’ 2009 – Nov’ 2010

Hyderabad, India

SQL Developer

Planned and Designed SSIS packages based on the business requirements.

Participated in the full lifecycle of ETL software development - analysis, design, build, documentation and testing for the project.

Created a process to programmatically create ODBC System DSNs within an MS Access database.

Developed MS Access Data Analysis reports.

Designed and tested (Unit, Integration and Regression) packages to extract, transform and load data using (SSIS).

Involved in User Acceptance Test throughout the process.

Performed error handling using script task and event handlers.

Used various SSIS tasks such as Conditional Split, Merge Join, and Derived Column on the data retrieved, Data conversion, OLE DB Command, performed Data Validation Checks during Staging, and then loaded the data into the Data warehouse.

Wrote complex T-SQL queries and Stored Procedures for generating reports.

Created sub-reports, drill down reports, summary reports, parameterized reports and ad-hoc reports using SSRS.

Environment: MS SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Profiler, Windows XP, Microsoft Word.


MS Information Systems

Stratford University

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