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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
December 03, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page *

Personal Details:

Name & Surname: Mohamed Faouzi Al-Imam

Date of birth: 10.06.1951

Place of birth: Aleppo- Syria

Marital status: married, 2 children.

Present address: P.O.Box: 509 Hawally 32006, Kuwait Mobile: +965-********.

Home address: 129, Str. Al-Zahra, Kastal Musht,

Aleppo Tel.:+963**-*******

Passport no.: 012367932 Issues 16.04.2018 Expire


Kuwait I.D. no.: 251*********.

Driving Licence, No. 251*********: Hawally Till


Radiation License, No.:65/2007.

Kuwait Society of Engineers No.: 13561

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 2


1- B.S. Electrical Engineer from Damascus

University, Faculty of Electrical & Electronics,

Scholar year 1975.

2- Post graduate in Electrical & Electronics

(Networking), from Aleppo University Faculty of

Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Scholar year 1986.

3- Paper & recherché, Supreme council of sciences


Teaching Experiences:

1- At Aleppo University, Faculty of electrical and electronics engineering, lecturer as multi

disciplining on engineering from 1986 till 1993,

concerning computer applications in engineering

(CAD & CAM), Including all backbone program

and programming.

2- At Damascus University, Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Damascus –Syria, Lecturer

on Power department, 1975-1976.

3- ACK Kuwait, Temporary instructor Scholar year 2009- 2010

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 3

Courses attended:

1- Training courses for radiation protection, Ministry of health Kuwait:

a- Radiation safety officers in field of industrial engineering, April 1994.

b- Diagnostic radiology maintenance engineering,

January 1997.

c- Dental personnel radiology, April 1995.

2- Maintenance Training Courses in Italy, attendance certificate from cooperativa industrial romangnola, S.C., Imola, Bologna, Italy 1994-1997.

3- Maintenance Training Courses in Italy Cefla

Group, for Anthos Dental units. Imola, Bologna,

Italy 1999-2001.

4- Maintenance training courses in Ostrich for

IVOCLAR porcelain equipments, Leshtenshtien,


5- Maintenance training courses in Jordan for

Urology, Physiotherapies, heart treatment from



6- Training courses for shock wave therapy, 2006 - 2010

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 4

Presentation of personal research, Studies and


1- In Biomedical Engineering, for the season of 27th science week of supreme council of sciences,

Damascus – Syria, 1987, Certificate of

appreciation no.: 129 of 12.11.1987 from supreme

council of sciences, Syria.

2- In advance technique, New concept in control

system using PLC, and Computer and new

maintenance engineering, for the season of 29th

science week of supreme council of science, Aleppo- Syria, 1989, Certificate of appreciation no.: 215, dated 04.11.1989, from supreme council of sciences. 3- New concepts for equipments engineering, in the season of 30th science week of supreme council of

science, Damascus, Syria, 1990, certificate of

appreciation no.: 229 dated 03.11.1990, supreme

council of sciences.

All appreciations certificates, under patronage of president of the republic, signed from minister of high study, after approval from supreme council of science, in Syria.

4- Lecturer in Equipments of Anesthesia and

intensive care for the season of the 4th Pan Arab

Congress on Anesthesia and intensive care, held in Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 5

Damascus 26-29 October 1993, Syria, Certificate of appreciation from MOH Council committee, of

Pan Arab.

5- Lecturer on the First Symposium Arab on

Electronic Engineering, held in Aleppo, 11-13

March 1990.

6- Evaluation of power stations to serve pick demand using computer and ETAP stability flow system,

Study presented to syndicate of engineers, during his conference heeded in Aleppo University 1987.

History engineering of experience:

1-From 1.jan 2009 till present, Weldon Company

Kuwait, Medical Department as Technical Manager.

Iben Kaldon Str. Al-Mulla complex 2nd floor, P.O.Box 509 Hawally 32006 Kuwait.

2-From 1.Jan.2008 till 1.Jan 2009, A.M.Khorafi Co. Medical department, as Technical Manager.

Al-Qibla, Fahd Al-Salem Str., P.O.Box:757 Safat 13008 Kuwait, Tel.:+965-*******, Fax: +965-*******

Private: +965-*******, Mobile: +965-********

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 6

4- From 1.jan. 2007 Till 1.jan.2008, Weldon company, Medical supply & Weldon clinic-Salmya, esp-

European clinic, Farwania, and Weldon

pharmacies, hawally, salmiya, jabria.

Technical Manager for medical supplies.

Iben khaldon Str. Almulla complex 1st floor.

Tel.: +965-***-****, Fax: +965-***-****, mobile: +965-********

5- From 1.Jan. 2003, till1.Jan.2007 Tectron Co.

Medical laboratory supply, Team leader, Business

unit manager, Tel.:+965-*******/4814623,


6- From 1.Jan.1998-Until 2003, Al-Sayafe Medical

pharmaceutical supplies, Head of maintenance

department for medical & dental equipments,

Al-Salmiya, marine head office, P.O.Box:8133

Salmiya Kuwait.

Tel.:+965-*******, Fax: +965-*******.

7- From end of 1993 until end of 1998, Al-Bader

Trading Company, dental & medical department,

Head of maintenance department.

Al-Angari Complex- Fahed Al-Salem Str. Kuwait,

P.O.Box: 24119 Safat 13102 Kuwait, Tel.: +965-

2461116. Mobile: +965-********

8- From 1986- Until end of 1993, Consultant engineer for various engineering project in Syria using

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 7

computer application for industrial and technical

applications, Supervisor and consultant for Sugar

plant productions in Mascaneh city near

Aleppo,(Decret no.:257 for expert designation

signed after official approval from president of the republic under Minister of Industry, dated on

12.12.1988, and published in official journal),

Managing private study office for electrical

engineering, B.S.C.E.E., Tel.:+963**-*******

Fax: +963**-*******

P.O.Box:5478 Trod, Aleppo-Syria.

9- From 1980 until end of 1986, Study Office in


Study & supervised several technical projects,

including urban projects and health technical

projects, different application study including

interior & exterior lighting, technical equipments design, pre-installation and post installation

condition design execution, expert for

C.T.C(Control Technique des Constructions),

Attached to Ministry of Habitat, in Alger capital, Algeria, E.T.A.U.(Etude Traveux Architecture &

Urbanism) Oran & Alger, & B.E.R.P.(Bureau

Etude de Renovation & Preservation) Alger

capital, Algeria.

70, Chemine Larbi Allik, Hydra, Alger, Algeria.

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 8


10- From my graduation 1975 until the end of


a- Lecturer in Damascus university

b- Supervision and execution of several urban projects including main workers hospital in Damascus, and

detergent plant in Adrra Damascus, and main

building for Syrian Ferrier in Aleppo, and main

milling station in Tartous.

Complex of thickens production and TV tube

factory in Al-Zerba, Aleppo.

Cement factory in Muslemiah Aleppo.

c- Internal & external lighting design and executions. d- Industrial system designee modification and


All are executed under SYRABCO ALEPPO

(Syrian Arab Co. Head office), AlAbbarah

square, city center Aleppo- Syria


Telex: 51022syrabco.

e- Attached to military services department techniques in the head unit of walkers (1978-1979).

Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 9

Other Activity:

a- Lecturer on the symposium of Al-Ahella and times, Kuwait, March, 1989, Kuwait Science Club.

b- Corrosion phenomena and how to avoid it?

Presented to Organization of Arab Petroleum

Exporting Country (OAPEC) May 1992.

c- Medical piping for medical gases, Faculty of

medicine, Anesthesia department, Aleppo 1993.

d- Different papers in journals of engineers Syrian & Kuwait.

e- Execution and follow up electrical projects for lighting and distribution, calculations load flow for B.T., T.B.T, firing, and communication

networking, for private company in Kuwait.

f- Internal & external lighting designee and execution Books:

1- Introduction to biomedical equipments 400


2- Protection from lightning for electrical &

electronic systems

100 pages.

3- Lunar calendar and simplest calculation method



4- Sondage Magnet-telluric,”Model mathematic and

practice “for definitions of earth composition using Curriculum Vitae

Faouzi Page 10

magnetism earth fields. 200


5- Course for learning programations using :

a- FORTRAN 77.

b- Basic&VBasic

c- C+

6- B.S. for Projects Management using CPM and

Microsoft project

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