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PhD Candidate

Louisville, KY
December 02, 2019

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Grace Freundlich

Phone (Cell): 419-***-****

**** *. ***** ****** **********, KY 40292


University of Louisville, KY 2016 – present

PhD Candidate in Ecology and Evolution

Dissertation Title: How does “smelling danger” affect growth-defense tradeoffs in eavesdropping plants?

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Sarah Emery

Dickinson College, PA 2010-2014

B.S. in Biology, Dickinson College

Minor: Art History; completed 11/13 courses required for the major

Overall GPA: 3.4/4.0

Professional Positions:

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Louisville 2016-present

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Louisville 2016-2017; 2019

NSF Graduate Research Assistant, University of Louisville 2017-2018

Research Assistant II, Ohio State OARDC 2014-2016

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Dickinson College 2013-2014


*denotes mentored undergraduate

Arnold T, Freundlich G, Weilnau T, Verdi A, Tibbetts IR (2014) Impacts of Groundwater Discharge at Myora Springs (North Stradbroke Island, Australia) on the Phenolic Metabolism of Eelgrass, Zostera muelleri, and Grazing by the Juvenile Rabbitfish, Siganus fuscescens. PLoS ONE 9(8): e104738.

Bissmeyer S*, Freundlich G, and Frost C (2018) The Influence of Dose of a Plant-Derived Volatile Cue on Arabidopsis thaliana Resistance against Insect Herbivores, Kentucky Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship: Vol. 2: Issue 1, Article 10.

Freundlich G. and Frost C (in review at Phytochemistry) Costs and benefits of eavesdropping on cis-3-hexenyl acetate on two plant species in a common garden. Biorxiv preprint

Publications in preparation (* denotes mentored undergraduate):

Freundlich G, Greenberg L*, Bissmeyer S*, Nunamaker V*, and Frost CJ. cis-3-hexenyl acetate mediated Defense Priming is independent of fitness costs.

Frost CJ, Freundlich G, Primed Plants Generate Unique Transcriptional Responses to Different Chewing Herbivores. Nearing submission to New Phytologist.

Freundlich G, Pickett C*, Shields M*, Wong V*, and Frost CJ. Herbivore identity significantly impacts neighboring fitness effects in Phaeseolus lunatus under field conditions.


Plant-Herbivore Interactions Gordon Research Seminar invited speaker 2019

NSF GRFP Honorable mention 2017

Kentucky Academy of Sciences Oral presentation in Ecology and Environmental Science; Second place 2017

Awarded Grants:

University of Louisville GNAS research award $250 2019

Biology Graduate Student Association Research grant $150 2019

University of Louisville A&S travel award $350 2019

University of Louisville GNAS travel grant $350 2019

UofL Biology graduate student presentation award $1000 2018

University of Louisville A&S creative grant $500 2017


*denotes undergraduate co-presenter

Freundlich, G and Frost CJ, 2019 Is there a cost to “smelling” danger? cis-3-hexenyl acetate mediated defense priming is independent of fitness costs, Ecological Society of America, Louisville

Freundlich G and Frost CJ, 2019 The cost of “smelling” danger: source and duration of HIPVs affect growth and reproductive costs in Phaseolus lunatus, Gordon Plant Herbivore Interactions, Oral presentation at seminar, poster at the conference, Ventura, CA

Freundlich G and Frost CJ, 2018 Exposure to the green leaf volatile cis-3-hexenyl acetate differentially influences growth and fitness of Phaseoulus lunatus and Capsicum annuum under field conditions, Ecological Society of America, New Orleans, LA

Freundlich G and Frost CJ, 2018 The green leaf volatile cis-3-hexenyl acetate differentially influences fitness of field-grown Phaseoulus lunatus and Capsicum annuum, Midwestern Ecology and Evolution Conference, Kellogg Biological Field Station, MI

Shields M*, Freundlich G, and Frost CJ, 2018 Determining the Cyanogenic Potential of Two Land Races of Lima Bean, Phaseolus lunatus, Kentucky Academy of Sciences, Berea College, KY

Freundlich G 2017 Differential fitness occurs in response to varying duration periods of the herbivore-associated cue, cis-3- hexenyl acetate, Kentucky Academy of Sciences, Berea College, KY

Freundlich G 2017 Species-Specific Responses to Cis-3 hexenyl acetate Result in Differential Fitness Costs within Phaseoulus lunatus and Capsicum annuum Oral Presentation; UofL Graduate Student Research Conference, University of Louisville

Freundlich G and Frost CJ 2017 Plant Derived Volatiles Alter Fitness in a Species-Specific Manner Oral Presentation, Kentucky Academy of Sciences, Murray State, KY

Freundlich G 2016 On High Alert: Differential Fitness Costs Upon Continuous Exposure to the Priming Stimulus Cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate Poster Presentation; Kentucky Academy of Science, University of Louisville, KY

Teaching Experience:

Instructor of Record for Chemical Ecology 435/635 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Louisville 2016-2018

Teaching Assistant for Biology 121: This is Your Life 2014

Teaching Assistant for Biology 318: Animal Development 2013

Undergraduate and post-bac mentees:

Allie Peot: Investigating species-specific tradeoffs 2016-2017

Sarah Bissmeyer: Dose of a volatile cue effects on Priming 2016-2017

Liana Greenburg: Volatile duration effects on plant-pollinator interactions 2017

Gabe Joachim: Drought and salinity affect recovery in Mimosa pudica 2017

Carly Nunamaker: Volatile duration effects on growth-defense tradeoffs 2017

Connor Slone: Transgenerational effects of herbivory on germination 2017-2019

Vicki Wong: Herbivore identity affects growth-defense tradeoffs 2018

Courtney Pickett: Herbivore identity affects growth-defense tradeoffs 2018

Maria Shields: Cyanogenic potential is affected by herbivore identity 2017- 2019

Myron Adams: F0 effects of herbivory on F1 growth and defense profiles 2019

Emma Isson: Parental herbivory affects defense induction in lima bean 2019

Public Outreach and Departmental Service:

Graduate student representative for Quantitative Ecologist search 2019-present

Community outreach at Blackacre Conservancy 2017-present

Biology Graduate Student Organization Graduate Committee chair 2019-present

Gallatin county scientific literacy outreach coordinator 2018

Kentucky Academy of Sciences Middle School Mentor 2018

Biology Graduate Student Organization Vice President and Treasurer 2018-2019

Biology Graduate Student Organization Secretary 2017-2018

Scientific Outreach Field Organizer for Lexington Local Schools 2015

Professional Development:

University of Louisville Graduate Teaching Academy 1&2 2019-present

University of Louisville Grant Writing Workshop 2017

Professional Society memberships:

Ecological Society of America 2018-present

Sigma Xi Honor Society 2018-present

Kentucky Academy of Sciences 2016-present

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