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Assistant Nursing

Taipei, Taiwan
December 02, 2019

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D.O.B: ****-Jan-** Nationality: Taiwan, R.O.C.

Gender: Female Marital: Not Married

Height: 168cm Weight: 79kgs


China Medical University – Major in Pharmacy. Graduated in January 2010. Work Experience:

1. Mackay Memorial Hospital, Hsinchu Branch

Fracture of thigh in traffic accident

2. Mackay Memorial Hospital:

Urinary-tract infection

3. Cathay General Hospital (in Xizhi):

Vertebral fracture

4. Cathay General Hospital (Taipei):

Gastric bleeding

5. National Taiwan University Hospital:

Metastatic thigh bone of lung cancer


Minimally invasive resection of celiac aneurysms 6. Taiwan Adventist Hospital:

Cellulitis Nephrectomy

Postoperative chemotherapy

7. Tri-Service General Hospital:

Cerebral embolism

Nephrectomy for renal tumors

Gastric bleeding

Tracheal tightening



1. General Skills:

Provide personal care, companionship

Prepare and serve nutritious meals

Tzu-Ching (Nina) Liao


Mobile: +886-*********

Add. No. 16-3, Ln. 99, Wan’an St., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 242

General housekeeping duties

Full responsibility household case (in absence of householder);

Regular exercises for the patient (e.g. walking);

Weight handling: up to 45kgs (100lbs)

2. Special Skills:

Chemotherapy patient meal

Cancer patient meal

Spinal surgery rehabilitation

Abdominal surgery rehabilitation

Coronary artery bypass graft rehabilitation

Phlegm suction

3. Additional Skills:

Pets care

4. Language:




My name is Nina Liao, and I have been working as a nursing aide/nursing assistant for 3 years. I’ve been working from in-house assistant to hospital and nursing homes to help people who have special needs such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, dementia, arthritis, disability and rehabilitation. I started to work as nursing aide was because of my father, who suffered from pancreatic cancer, and I took care of him until he passed away. Through the experience, I gained full knowledge of understanding the physical and mental needs for the patients

I’ve always been a tender and considerable person, and I like to take care of people and pet since I was a child. This is also the reason why my college major was Pharmacy, and I have been participated charity activities at orphanages in Taiwan since then. Through my experiences as a volunteer and as a nursing aide, I learned how to communicate to patients with empathy and patience and I got many appreciation letters from my patients’ family.

Besides working, I also spend time to study, and therefore I got many certificates or licenses. Before I became a nursing aide, I was working for a pharmacy company, and my job responsibility was to comprehend and get government’s selling permission to the medicines made in Taiwan as well as overseas. The experiences helped me a lot when I take care of the patients. My patients and their families find my professional and trustworthy.

With all my experiences, I would like to work overseas especially in Toronto, Canada. I want to help more people, and I want to gain more experiences and knowledge. I am a fast learner, and I always want to learn more skills, and I believe working at your facilities will be the best choice. Other Certificates and Appreciation Letters:

1. Graduation Certificate

2. Caregiver Training Certificate

3. CPR, APE Certificates

4. Working Passes (National Taiwan University Hospital, Tri-service General Hospital) 5. Health Examination Report

6. International Driver’s License

7. Police Criminal Report Certificate

8. Appreciation Letters

Work Logs:

1. Mackay Memorial Hospital, Hsinchu Branch

2. Mackay Memorial Hospital:

3. Cathay General Hospital (in Xizhi)

4. Cathay General Hospital (Taipei)

5. National Taiwan University Hospital

6. Taiwan Adventist Hospital:

Dear Nina,

My father was a phase 4 cancer patient. At first our family took turns to take care of my father, but we also need to work during daytime, we therefore hire caregiver from the hospital. Luckily, we got Nina, she is the most hard-working caregiver we’ve met.

It was not easy to look after my father, but her patience and considerable personality made my father trust her a lot. She’s not like others, mean and impatient. I am thankful for Nina’s work. She even came to my father’s funeral after my dad passed away. Thank you so much!

Best regards,



我的爸爸因爲癌症第四期而住院原本是我們家人自己照顧 後來因爲我們都需要

上班所以請了醫院的看護 當我們請到廖姿晴這個看護我們真的是太好運了 她


因爲我爸爸比較不好照顧 她的貼心跟認真讓我的爸爸也很喜歡 她跟其他的看

護很不一樣 其他的看護我遇過很兇也不細心 謝謝姿晴一路來的照顧 還謝謝

她我爸爸過世了還過來給他上香 真的很感謝


Best regards.

Dear Nina,

I need to stay at Taiwan Adventist Hospital for 7 days because my foot was swollen up to my calf. I am a cerebral palsy patient, and my parents were too old to take care of me, so my parents arranged a caregiver to take care of me. Before I met Nina, I was thinking maybe the one who’s going take care of me might be around mid-forties, but it turned that Nina was younger than me. She is a careful person. I often get the ideas of caregiver would torture patients from the news. However, she treated me as her friend, and would spend time chatting with me. She understood me. For example, it looked very simple to measure blood pressure, as for me, it became a problem because I felt anxious because of my brain. Other caregivers felt grouchy, said I intended to make things difficult. But not Nina, she told jokes to distract me when measuring my blood pressure. She also helped me taking showers. This is the first time I was take cared by someone I don’t know, and it left me very good impression to caregivers.


因我腳腫到小腿一半 所以我才住一星期台安醫院7天 我父母年紀大不方便

照顧 因我是一位腦性麻痺 有些地方需要人家協助一下 父母不放心我 所以

請一位看護中心人員 我心裡在想一定來 媽媽級 人照顧我 沒想到來了一位

比我年紀小 妹妹級 她叫廖姿晴 是一位非常認真也仔細照顧我 因為我經

常看新聞報告說 家屬請看護人會經常欺侮病人 可是她把我當成無所不談朋友

因為病院沒有電視可看無聊死 所以經常聊天談心 她很懂我心裡想法 像我量

血壓時 表面上是簡單 可是我卻好緊張讓血壓升高 因我腦部讓我緊張 需要

量好幾次才行 有些護理師都不耐煩 說我故意讓她們為難 所以要量血壓 廖

妹妹都要講笑話讓我分散 還幫我洗澡洗頭 真難為她 這是我第一次讓不熟人

照顧 也對看護人員留下第一好印象

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