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Developer Engineer

Boynton Beach, FL
November 08, 2019

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An accomplished professional with over 15 years of increasing responsibility in the development, leadership, and management of mission-critical information technology. Expert proficiency in the design and development of OOP, multi-tier client/server-based applications as well as distributed applications development and .Net application development using Microsoft ASP.Net, Vb.Net and C# technologies. Advanced progression to senior-level engineer with an extensive range of related tools and techniques. Built an extensive amount of experience in enterprise, small business, and startups; consistently demonstrates superior results leading and working within high-performing enterprise engineering teams. Friendly personality, excellent interpersonal skills, self-motivated and a team player.


MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft, License F210-7874

MS: Programming in C#

Microsoft, License F210-7876

MCSD: Web Applications

Microsoft, License F270-9892


Computer Languages

Microsoft .Net Framework(1.0–*) > 12 Years

Microsoft VB.Net(1.0–3.5) – 4 Years

Microsoft C# & ASP.Net(1.0–*) – 10 Years

Microsoft Azure – 3 Years

Java Script – 15 Years

Node.js – 2 years

Objective C – 8 Years

MS Visual C++ and (MFC) – 6 years

C Programming Language – 5 years

Perl 4.0/5.0 – 3 Years

Python 1.0 – 6 Mos.

XML – 8 Years

Operating Systems for Development

Windows Server (2000-*) > 10 Years

Windows 3.1 to 10 - 17 Years

UNIX DEC (SCO) – 3 Years

LINUX – 4 Years

MAC-OSX – 5 Years

Databases and Tools

Microsoft SQL Server (6.0-*) – 10 Years

SQLite, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL – 10 Years

T-SQL – 10 Years


RDO,DAO,OLEDB, EF – 12 Years

Other Skills / API’s / Frameworks

Docker, Kubernetes, Silverlight; XAML, ADO.Net, ADO Entity Frameworks, WCF, WPF, WCF, TCP/IP, Crystal Reports, COM,MFC, DCOM, LDAP, MAPI, TAPI 2.0-3.0, SAPI 2.0, Win API, Rest, HTML, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML,CS, IIS 4.0-5.0, MTS, MSMQ, jQuery, Node.js, MVC, XML, SVN, Team Foundation Server, Linq, Razor, Knockout, JSON, Gulp, Grunt, NPM, GIT, UWP

Application Domain

Web Application Development – 8 Years

Desktop/GUI Development – 5 Years

CTI Telephony – 5 Years

Process Control – 3 years

Data Acquisition – 8 years

Embedded Systems & PLC – 2 years


Senior Developer (FT – Remote)

5/18-10/19 Information Logix ( Santa Monica, CA

Principal engineer responsible for the refactoring an administration application that is part of a large enterprise CMS. The CMS solution consisted of multiple web applications including a public facing signage service, public website, microsites and a small business and real-estate data API that aggregated and served backend webservices to the websites and microsites.

The administrative application managed the content for the public websites, signage as well as the creation and maintenance of microsites that were available to real estate and small business agents of the bank.

Wrote Unit Tests to test both services and backend data layer.

Environment: VS2017 Enterprise, TFS, MSSQL Server, .Net 4.6.2, WebAPI 2, MVC, HTML, JSON, AutoMapper, ASP, jQuery, C# .Net Javascript and More.

Senior Developer (Contract)

10/16-5/18 Ability Commerce, Delray Beach, FL

Senior engineer responsible architecting and leading a team of developers on a project to retro fit Ability Commerce’s flagship desktop order management system with a scalable cloud-based data service. In addition, the legacy CSLA.Net backend had to remain intact with minimal changes to the existing codebase.

Designed and developed two code generation utilities. The first application used database and assembly scanning to facilitate the coding of over 1000 C.R.U.D. (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations including interfaces, data/business layer, and web api (web service) controllers.

A second code generation utility produced code to integrate the client CSLA layer with the new RESTful service layer.

Designed wrote MVC web based administrative utility for user management. Utility provided administrators a secure method to add/remove users and manage user roles and rights.

Developed web services using Web API 2 (C#) which implemented SQL Server 2012 as the backend data store.

Wrote Unit Tests to test both services and backend data layer using Visual Studio’s built-in test tools augmented with Resharper’s testing utilities.

Environment: VS2015 Enterprise, TFS, MSSQL Server, .Net 4.6, WebAPI 2, MVC, HTML, XAML, WPF, JSON, AutoMapper, ASP, jQuery, C# .Net Javascript and More.

Senior Developer (FT)

11/13-09/16 Allin Interactive, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Upgraded existing legacy Security and Permissions Management for Allin’s Flagship interactive multimedia and entertainment solution. Upgrade provided more granular management of roles and permissions in addition to making a single application installation support multiple properties.

Ported several legacy system modules to support multiple properties and cloud implementation.

Completely rewrote a utility used to skin/brand ITV applications making it more efficient and easier to use. The architecture was changed to MVC 5 and took advantage of Dependency Injection, Razor, and other modern development techniques.

Designed and build a log analysis tool and dashboard. This Win Forms application allowed implementation and QA techs, both local and remote, to access and search all logs. The dashboard included a performance matrix, charting, query tool, export and printing functionality.

Provided technical support to colleagues when required and assisted in testing and debugging as new releases became ready.

Provided end user documentation as required for new development as well as upgrades and changes to existing modules.

Environment: VS2015 Enterprise, TFS, MSSQL Server, .Net 4.5.1, Winforms, MVC, WPF, WCF, AJAX, XML, HTML, CSS, Knockout, JSON, Unity, Razor, Claims Based Security, ASP, jQuery, C# .Net Javascript and More.

Senior Developer (Contract)

03/13-11/13 Bureau Veritas, Sunrise FL

Developed Interface to existing enterprise management system that enable editing, import and export of specialized data.

Wrote application to scrub millions of existing address records and generate valid address using standards as documented by US Postal Service. Application used C#, and SQL Server.

Developed reports using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and SSBI.

Environment: Ado.Net 4.0 Entity Framework, SQL Server, WCF, SOAP and C# .Net 4.0 and Asp.Net 4.0, Linq

Senior Developer

03/12-03/2013 Zimmerman Advertising, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wrote backend and frontend UI code to support several public facing production websites in Asp.Net 4.5 on Kentico CMS platform, including required html, JavaScript, Asp, JQuery, C#, SML (Social Markup Language by Involver), FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and Gigya Social API.

Designed and wrote mini catalog website using required supporting web technologies in addition to MVC, Entity Framework (Code First), Linq, WCF, Razor, C# and more.

Maintained and updated various front-end issues including those related to JQuery and Ajax..

Authored various Facebook tabs using JQuery, JSON and FBML and REST Gateways.

Environment: VS 2012, SQL Server, ASP, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML

* Manager (Owner)

01/09- 3/2012 Slick Systems Development, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Pet Grooming and Hair Salon Management/POS Application

The Client portion of the application was written as a desktop app using C++ and Microsoft MFC along with Windows 7 SDK.

Business objects/logic was written in C++ using Standard Template Libraries to maintain cross-platform mobility.

The data store is comprised of either MS SQL Server or MySQL Database platforms.

Application manages point of sale, appointment scheduling, inventory control, waiting room, employees, payroll and financial reporting, alone with other various features that define product tier.

Application interfaces with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and allows for social broadcasting for marketing purposes.

Environment: Microsoft C++, MFC, Windows 7 SDK, MySQL and/or MS SQL Server, OleDB, HTML, Ultimate Toolbox (with modifications to bring controls up to date).

Silverlight 4 Business Management Application

Was chief engineer and managed the full development lifecycle of an enterprise scale, public facing website that provided a social media tie-in to the internal business solutions as well as providing employees in the field access to reporting, scheduling and mapping, internal email and messaging, time tracking and various other features. The solution was hosted in DNN CMS Platform (formerly DotNetNuke). React and knockout.js were used generously as well as ajax to provide a responsive and intuitive user experience.

Designed and developed business management solution in Silverlight 4.0 that included accounting, sales and commissions, job tracking, contact/client management and reporting.

Deployed MS SQL Server 2008 R2 as data store and SQL Server Business Development Studio to migrate data from legacy Visual FoxPro application.

Environment: Microsoft C#.Net 4, ASP.Net 4, ADO.Net 4 and Entity Framework 4, DNN Platform 7, Linq, WCF and RIA Services, Silverlight SDK, Silverlight Toolkit, and IIS 7.

Local Business Review Website

Designed and developed ecommerce website similar to that provided paying business members a way to issue coupons to cell phones using SMS text messaging.

Site administration included accounting and CRM.

Wrote SMS API to provide high level integration with SMS text messaging service providers.

Designed and deployed MySQL as data store.

Environment: Cent OS Linux, Apache Web Server, PHP 5, Cake PHP Framework, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Real-time Options Trading and Analysis

Designed and developed desktop application that performed real-time analysis of financial provided by Bloomberg and execute trades based on prerequisite pricing set by the user.

Implemented Bloomberg Terminal and API to provide real-time ticker data

Environment: Microsoft C++, MFC Cent OS Linux, Apache Web Server, PHP 5, Cake PHP Framework, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

* Self Employed / Owner of Slick Systems Development. Listed are the most notable projects I successfully contracted, designed and delivered for several clients. Other projects included IVR feature additions, websites and ETL services.

Senior Software Developer (Contract)

12/07-11/08 Southeast Toyota / JM Family, Deerfield Beach, FL

Member of enterprise support team tasked with maintaining and upgrading existing code and authoring new applications.

Designed and built solution for automated photography using Nikon’s MAID3 API. Software was written in C++,

Updated and Authored many new stored procedures for various applications.

Environment: ASP(legacy), ASP.Net 3.5, ASP.Net 3.5, C#.Net 3.5, VB, LINQ, MS SQL Server 2005, MS IIS 6.0., HTML, DHTML, CSS, XHTML,SOAP, XML JavaScript

Senior Application Developer, Project Lead (Contract)

02/05-12/07 Florida Power & Light, Juno Beach, FL

Design and code FPL’s ERP solution that handles FPL’s work management including plant maintenance, overhaul and regulatory reporting.

System implemented .Net 2.0, Web Services, MS Workflow Management, MS Best Practices and Pattern’s, multi-tier design, application blocks, MS Atlas (AJAX).

Authored several reports using MS SQL Server Reporting Services, Web Services, Sybase and SQL Server.

Environment: .Net 2.0 development technologies, ASP.Net 2.0, C#.Net, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MS IIS 6.0., HTML, DHTML, CSS, XTML, XML, JavaScript

Senior Programmer / Developer (Contract)

10/04-4/05 International Data Networkers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Responsible for the overall engineering and design of software that is to replace existing legacy “business management” programs including accounting, security, sales, collections, escrow and financing.

Other responsibilities include management of the full life cycle of the software development including the initial proof of concept and design, documentation, development, testing/Q&A and final integration.

Environment: ASP.Net, C#.Net, VB.Net, MS SQL Server, MS IIS 5.0., HTML, DHTML, CSS

Senior Programmer (Contract)

01/04-8/04 International Lifestyles Inc., Hollywood, FL

Responsible for the design and programming of internet applications (

Updated and maintain many of the over 23 websites that tout their all inclusive vacation properties.

Designed and programmed an application that periodically checks for new invoices, automatically prints them to PDF, checks through a number of SQL tables to find to the appropriate email address then sends them, after which a post invoice log is updated.

Environment: Visual Basic, .Net, C#, SQL Server 2000 and ASP.Net, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript

Applications Developer (FT)

03/03-11/03 GTI Technologies Inc., Burnsville, MN

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Design and Programming

Re-designed the Dial Server application Microsoft SQL Server database implementing RDBMS theory and normalization techniques to increase speed and efficiency.

Improved overall application efficiency and reliability through thread prioritization.

Developed Wrapper objects using C#.Net to provide a high level interface to Dialogic API.

Environment: C#; Visual C++ (MFC); JavaScript; ASP; XML; ADO; SQL Server. TAPI, Win32, Visual Voice; IIS 5.0; LDAP.

Programmer / Developer (FT)

11/98-12/02 LCI, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Design and program IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems including Voice Mail, Predictive dialers, Auto Appointment Confirmation Systems, Web-based POS systems.

Managed scheduling of work assignments to ensure the effective utilization of available resources. Assisted development team in analyzing problems and identifying and implementing solutions.

Environment: Visual Basic; Visual C++ (MFC); JavaScript; ASP; XML; ADO; SQL Server. TAPI, MAPI and Win32 API’s, VV 5.0; IIS 5.0; LDAP.

Web Applications Developer (Contract)

10/99-4/00 Office Depot, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ecommerce Web Development

Computer Telephony and Interactive Voice Response Development

Environment: Visual Basic, ASP, ADO, XML, JavaScript, SQL Server, AS/400, IIS, MTS, Windows NT, TAPI.

Plant Engineer (Perm)

03/97-10/99 Intermedia Communications, Miami, FL

Design, maintain and document plant infrastructure.

Applications design, that included assessment of client requirements, provide hardware and equipment specifications.

Provided construction drawings for permitting and implementation, equipment room layout and plant layout using AutoCAD and AutoCad Map.

Designed and built the companies first Web based GIS mapping system which included digitizing USGS Maps and converting them to vector graphic data. Once the maps were converted to Vector format, AutoCap Map was used to create relational data the correlated to the entities that represented streets, buildings, fiber utilities, equipment rooms, and other GIS related data. This prototype was eventually implemented at the corporate level.

Environment: AutoCad R12, AutoCad Map, Visual Basic, ASP, ADO, XML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, Windows NT


Broward County Community College

Florida Atlantic University

OSHA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

40 hours of Health & Safety Training

Includes CPR and First Aid Certifications

Broward County Journeyman’s Preparation

Nova Davie Community School

MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft, License F210-7874

MS: Programming in C#

Microsoft, License F210-7876

MCSD: Web Applications

Microsoft, License F270-9892

Journeyman / Master Electrician in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties (Not Current)

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