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Senior ABAP Consultant

Chicago, IL
November 10, 2019

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ABAP Skills:

Reporting and Dialog Programming (ABAP Objects, ALV, Enjoy Controls)

Enhancements (user exits, SMOD/CMOD, BADIs, Enhancement Points, FQEVENTS, VSR)

Interfaces (LSMW, BDCs, BAPIs, IDOCs)

Forms (SapScript, Smartforms, Adobe Forms)

ABAP Web Dynpro

Performance Tuning


Bill has worked as an ABAP Consultant and ABAP Trainer since June 1997. He has worked in various industries, in Private and Public Sector, specializing in Financials. Bill is qualified for the role of ABAP Lead, but prefers assuming the role of Senior Lead Developer. He is best suited for mentoring Junior developers, assisting the ABAP Lead with the workplan, assisting Basis with the evaluation and implementation of complex OSS Notes and program performance issues and undertaking the most complex development tasks. He is also very competent on the functional side of FICA, FI, FSCM, MM, SD and SLCM.

Sample of project specifics:

Bloomberg Financial – Sr. ABAP Consultant 01/07/19 – current

Implemented Security Self-Service process using GRC Fiori apps

oAssisted team in upgrading GRC system from release 10.1 to 12.0 as well as Access Control plug-ins for connected SAP systems

oCreated custom routing rules for routing adhoc security requests after executing risk assessment

oActivated oData/SICF services for communication between Fiori and GRC

oBuilt Fiori catalogs and groups for different user groups

oDeveloped interfaces for passing GRC workflow items through ECC to Bloomberg Terminal through a Workflow exit so Access Requests could be actioned in a central Approval transaction with other system Workflow Approvals (POs, invoices, shopping carts,…)

Assisted in the completion of the BNA Financial integration into Bloomberg’s ECC focusing on the Billthru Carry Forward project to prevent invoicing of product lease items when a lease is ended/restarted with a different billing plan due to a change at the customer (usually moving a Bloomberg terminal).

Small work items, such as adding Turkey to its Circuit Billing process, program tuning and enhancing outbound invoice attachment data files.

W.W. Grainger – Sr. ABAP Consultant 03/12/18 – 12/21/2018

Assisted in the development in ECC of an external business unit called Grainger Global Sourcing as a separate company code, which was previously operating on an external system. My role centered on Accounts Payable. My tasks included:

oLoading Bank Master data used for vendors into SAP with a custom load program

oConfiguring Bank Chains for indirect payments to overseas vendors

oLoading Open Accounts Payable documents to be paid into SAP with a custom load program

oMany overseas vendors were prepaid by GGS before goods receipt occurred so I wrote a custom process for reconciling goods received against the prepaid invoice with the ability to generate a debit memo when a shortage occurred.

oAdding company code configuration for Payment run, House banks, EDI and invoice exception processing for the new company code

oWorked with Gentran to make necessary changes to IDocs handling for inbound invoices and outbound payment files

Created a program for rebuilding customer credit exposure

Enhanced FSCM Credit and Collections Management Mass Update functionality for changing customers, open FI postings and credit and collections data

Wrote an FSCM Aging report to summarize the number of days in various collection departments with the amount collected during those time periods to help analyze performance at various stages of Collections

MillerCoors – Sr. ABAP Consultant 12/14/16 – 03/9/18

Working on the MillerCoors compliance team reviewing SDLC steps of all RICEF items being developed by Ernst & Young and Accenture for consolidating SAP systems between Miller and Coors. Primary focus is on eWM Functional Spec review, Technical Spec review and code review of all Build objects.

Triage Defects being raised to augment FUT testing reports with more technical detail before being given to the SI’s offshore development teams.

Configured the ABAP Test Cockpit and customized the Code Inspector to add company-specific rules to have reviewed with changed violation levels to comply with company coding standards.

Bloomberg Financial – Sr. ABAP Consultant 11/05/12 – 12/9/16

Participated in upgrade to Business Suite for S/4 Hana and SAP Simple Finance.

Enabled a credit card interface for purchasing a BLP product that created/maintained customers, created a DMR, DB Memo, Invoice and Invoice List, Cleared the Invoice and emailed the Invoice List to the customer contact in one LUW.

Built archive objects for custom database tables.

Wrote a program to analyze all aspects of Quotes, Orders and Leases to identify problems with contract data, billing plans, renewals, etc. and the financial impact to the company.

Created a process for reconciling bank statements and the corresponding G/L accounts and providing that reconciliation information to Geller & Company, which holds the SAP system of record for Bloomberg.

Developed an interface to receive stock market trade activity from Bloomberg’s Tradebook system to be summarized and posted to the G/L.

Wrote programs to receive Bank detail files from Accuity, store the data in custom tables and extract the address and SWIFT codes from relevant banks to keep the SAP Bank Master entries current.

Built a custom transaction to group multiple products together to apply Bulk Pricing routines to.

Generated Payment Advices from inbound emails noting upcoming payments

Lead Developer on FSCM implementation of Collection Management. It entailed a massive amount of customization through BAdis, Enhancement Points and custom development to turn the Worklist into a cockpit for the Cash and Collections teams. A few examples of this included:

oadded custom fields and toolbar functions to the Worklist and Process Receivables screens

oinput fields in the Process Receivables’ ALV

oreplacing the Customer Contact screen and integration with a custom screen, with no impact to navigation or data flow

oadded line item point assignments and ability to add Notes at the item level to complement the contact-level notes

oadded a No Action Until Date function to defer point assignment to items with a NAUD until that date arrives

ocreated multiple forms of customer correspondence to be triggered from the Process Receivables screen

ointegrated standard functionality to set/change/remove Dunning Blocks and Reason Codes

odeveloped programs to assign payers to Collection groups and account reps as Collection Specialists to payers

oaltered FSCM worklist to create temporary re-assignments of new reps to a payer without having to change master data

ochanged worklist regeneration to allow on an hourly basis

Created a custom open document re-application process to apply open debits/credits against each other, even across payers, to move an open document from one payer to another and to split an open document by triggering Workflow when approvals were required for the desired action.

Worked on a team to build a process to scan payment advice email correspondence, store attachments, import a file of data into SAP to create a payment advice entry and create a necessary reporting around the data.

Built custom Archive objects to archive data from custom tables, reload the data from an archive and read and display records from an archive file.

University of Kentucky – Sr. ABAP Consultant 10/10/11 – 10/26/12

Developed a Grants Accounts Receivable process. This consisted of two different forms of Cover Letters, two different forms of Customer Account Statements and three different layouts of those Customer Statements using Adobe Forms. Customer Account Statements could be produced, and reprinted, with copies of the invoices and the Forms could be reproduced upon request to assist when customers called with questions.

Built a custom Installment Payment Plan process for students to participate in and pay their tuition and fees over multiple payment periods versus one lump payment without incurring late fees as Due Dates were pushed back with monthly compliance. RFCs were developed to allow enrollment and status display on the Portal as well as a custom transaction used by Student Account Services for enrolling, de-enrolling and changing the payment plan for students manually.

Converted the Student Account Statement from Smartforms to Adobe Forms with different layouts for those on an active Installment Payment Plan versus those who were not.

Added enhancements to the Student Account Display to launch the payment plan for those with an active payment plan.

Boston University – Sr. ABAP Consultant 05/15/11 – 09/30/2011

Joined the project as it neared Go Live and completed development of inbound Web Service triggered interfaces for Vendors from Aravo and Grants, Sponsored Programs and Sponsor data (new and updates) from KCRM.

Developed separate Adobe Form invoices for Federal Grants, Non-Federal Grants and standard university invoices.

Built a Grants Notification process to generate notification emails for Responsible Persons for new and closing Grants and Sponsored Programs as well as budget changes and availability concerns.

Developed a program for Blocking Grant items for being invoiced after loading the new SAP production system as well as blocking items that were allowed to be posted that put the Grant over budget

Built load program for Responsible Persons for Grants and Sponsored Programs.

Built CMOD enhancement for the Payment Run process

Alberto-Culver – Sr. ABAP Consultant 08/01/10 – 05/15/2011

Extended inbound INVOIC02 IDoc to include AC-specific Invoice header and detail line fields. Customized inbound Invoice IDoc function module to perform validation and substitutions of inbound IDoc data before posting Invoice.

Extended outbound ORDERS05 IDoc to include AC-specific Purchase Order header and detail line fields. Customized outbound Order IDoc function module to populate new IDoc fields before sending to PI. Coded Requirement to determine if IDoc should be built and transmitted and enhanced MIGO to send updated Purchase Order information after a Goods Receipt.

Developed custom table with population and report programs to hold current Inventory information as well as projection for following 12 months following MRP runs.

Developed financial and purchasing view with detailed and summary information against the company’s Internal Orders.

Developed Export Shipping Report detailing all Deliveries and freight charges linked to Purchase Orders created from the SRM system.

Developed a Month-End Inventory Accrual program to create Parked financial accrual documents for materials on hand.

Weill Cornell Medical – Sr. ABAP Consultant 10/12/09 – 07/15/2010

Configured, enhanced and produced the 2009 1098-T and 1099-Misc tax forms and IRS files. Build multiple custom reports and update programs to correct data and provide analysis for reconciling numbers generated by SAP tax transactions.

Assumed role of functional Business Analyst to work with the business users, identify gaps and errors. Used the upgrade to train business users of how to best use Student accounting FICA transactions and made configuration changes where needed.

Worked with Basis team to update ECC 6.0 system with missing Support Packs and OSS Notes application.

Participated in upgrade to ECC 6 Enhancement Pack 4 by documenting and testing end-to-end Student Accounting processes through Solution Manager and fixing any development upgrade issues for custom objects and applying OSS Notes for SAP transactions.

Configured and developed WCMC-specific student Account Statement and Invoice using Smartforms. Also developed Smartforms invoice for Grants.

Created custom Trial Balance and Aging report.

Used available FQEvents to tighten input controls on FKKORD1 (Create Request) and FPCJ (Cash Desk) transactions. Also used FQEvents for enhancing FPL9 account display.

Create custom process to close and transfer Reconciliation Keys to the GL.

MindWorks on Demand (Remote services) – ABAP Consultant 07/15/09 – 10/09/09

Provided remote assistance to a variety of companies for short-term performance tuning or functionality issues for interface or reporting programs.

Provided analysis for desired functionality not present. Recommended solutions via SAP enhancement techniques or custom development. On occasion, opened Customer Notes with SAP for solutions.

Delivered onsite training in various ABAP topics.

Worked individual customer development requirements for enhancements, reporting and interfaces.

University of Kentucky – ABAP Consultant 09/02/08 – 07/01/09

Assisted in the upgrade of UK’s 4.7 SAP system to ECC6, Enhancement Pack 3.

Evaluated, collaborated with the BASIS department to install and test OSS Notes for changes in ECC6 eHP3 functionality.

Updated custom development in many areas to take advantage of new and changed functionality in ECC6.

Updated and added additional enhancements via FQEVENTS for Cash Desk processing and Correspondence for generation.

Worked with SAP to update functionality in FICA and FI for reports, Grant Billing and Clearing for changed functionality that did not work properly in ECC6 eHP3.

Built Daily Balance history of Funds and Grants, reporting system and Interest Posting process for Federal Funds and Grants.

Worked with SAP to improve the 1098-T tax reporting process.

FirstEnergy Corporation – ABAP Consultant 07/06/08 – 08/14/2008

Assisted in the ECC6 FICA conversion to Flexible Dunning.

Implemented and modified existing FQEVENTS exits used during the Dunning and Correspondence process.

Built custom tables to hold Disconnection configuration settings and added corresponding functionality to determine disconnection level during Dunning process.

Updated custom BAPI for retrieving customer account information.

University of Kentucky – ABAP Consultant 11/01/04 – 06/26/2008

Assisted in the implementation of a 4.7 SAP system using modules MM, FI, HR and Campus Management

Delivered the equivalent of SAP ABAP Academy training for the UK development staff

Added functionality via FQEVENTS to enhance various FICA transactions and processes;

Provided default value assignment and validation of header and item input in the Cash Desk and Lot processing transactions and well as during the Posting of documents created from these transactions.

Enhanced the FPL9 Student Account Display to condense document list and display additional information

Provided value assignment/overrides and validation of documents created from the Financial Aid interface and Fee Calculation document creation

Provided value assignment/overrides and validation of header and item input in the Request creation

Altered method of delivery of various Correspondence forms (Account Statement, Dunning,..)

Changed Payment and Interest Run calculations for processing Statistical documents

Wrote custom program to automate posting of FICA documents from Lots using BAPI_CTRACDOCUMENT_CREATE BAPI.

Wrote programs to automate closing of reconciliation keys, posting of FICA documents and transferring of Reconciliation Keys to the GL.

Used the Print Workbench to build the student Account Statement, Dunning Statement and Check.

Wrote custom transaction to maintain Payment Locks on FICA documents.

Created custom Selection Methods for extract of students for Fee Calculations and for 1098T form generation.

Built interface functions to inbound Financial Aid and Estimated Financial Aid postings.

Worked with SAP to co-develop the process for building the 1098T tax form and calculation of the tax numbers for the form and the interface file to upload to the IRS.

Added extensive UK-specific fee processing to student Fee Calculation using CMAC_BADI_PRICING BAdi, Pricing Formulas and Requirements.

Added UK Grant fields to GMGRANT transaction via the Business Data Toolset and correspondingly enhanced the Grant Master database table.

Enhanced Fund Master transactions to capture and display UK-specific fields

Built custom load programs to create Fund Center Groups, CM course booking rules and CM course booking restrictions.

Built “Endowment Module” report against UK Endowment Funds and generated financial postings using income earned via investments.

Developed interface with JP Morgan to receive, store and report against Procurement Credit Card transactions. Additionally, the transactions were used to create FB01 and FB50 documents.

Implemented many OSS Notes and provided assistance to Basis during upgrade testing to ECC 6.0

Texas State University – ABAP Consultant 7/14/03 – 11/01/04

Assisted in the implementation of a 4.7 SAP system using modules MM, FI and HR

Delivered the equivalent of SAP ABAP Academy training for the TSU development staff

Enabled multiple enhancements with the Purchasing module for TSU-specific fields on the Purchase Requisition that carried to the Purchase Order and to the invoice

Generated email notification of Electronic payments from F110 to vendors and students

Added new vendor fields and enhanced SAP standard vendor data load program

Created initial data load program using Create BAPI function, as well as on-going updates using Excel spreadsheet, to campus Budget entries in FMBB

Added field derivation logic from FMDERIVE to the Asset transactions via an enhancement

Enabled enhancements for additional Authority Checks to multiple MM, FI and FM transactions

Extracted functionality from ME54N into Z-version of ME55 for specific security functions as no suitable enhancement was found

Used Business Add-in to enforced a particular House Bank and Payment method dependent on value of Fund used on Invoice in FB60/MIRO

Wrote program to allocate invest income across multiple funds and generate journal postings using a Call Transaction to FB01

W.W. Grainger – ABAP Consultant 01/27/03 – 06/18/03

Assisted in the merger of two 3.1H systems into a new 4.6C install.

Used Output Determination to trigger code to build IDocs for passing data internally to implement unique functionality based on Grainger’s business model. Used outbound Purchase Orders to produce inbound Sales Orders via IDocs and built inbound Goods Movement IDocs out of MIGO.

Also used Output Determination to trigger functionality for external notification of document status via email, including sending a PDF document of a Smart Form.

Implemented multiple enhancements to the outbound and inbound IDoc function modules to add specialty coding to support the above processes

Built new Inbound IDoc function module with corresponding process code

Coded user exits to Sales Order and Purchase Order processing for adding Grainger-specific fields and functionality

Ported of code from 3.1H and enhanced and optimized to 4.6 functionality

University of Mississippi – ABAP Consultant 12/2/02 – 1/24/03

Assisted with the creation of missing functionality in the new Campus Management module.

Created CM Infotypes for Students and Admissions data

Created new tabs to the Student Master and Student File data tabstrips, implementing the screens used to collect student data.

Performed data loads of student and course information

Los Angeles Community College District – ABAP Consultant 11/26/01 – 11/27/02

Used enhancements in CJ0* transactions to add link to a screen of LACCD-specific fields on the Project master and WBS. The exit consisted of screen development, a Customizing Include and input validation of new fields.

Used enhancements in FM5* transactions to add link to a screen of LACCD-specific fields on the Fund master. The exit consisted of screen development, a Customizing Include and input validation of new fields.

Created various reports dealing with Project and WBS data and displayed using the ABAP List Viewer Grid Control.

Used Field Exits to issue messages to users posting Goods Receipts in MIGO.

Used enhancement to validate line item information in MIRO.

Created an RFC to collect fund budget information and export it to a VB program for posting as a web report.

Applied OSS Note to allow user entry of date of Change Document in Commitment changes instead of defaulting to system date.

Modified SapScript forms F_M40S_CHEQUE for check deposits, MEDRUCK for Purchase Orders, RVDELNOTE_SUPPL for Delivery Notes,…

Worked on a team to create a dialog transaction modeled after an existing legacy application inventory control; from purchasing to MRP, creating and confirming purchase and production orders, moving/staging inventory from location to location, etc.

Extended IDocs to incorporate LACCD-specific fields

SAP ABAP-Certified Instructor specializing in ABAP/4 classes in release 3.x thru ECC 6.0

Teach Technical Architecture overview and full line of ABAP classes; reporting, dialog programming, enhancements, ABAP Web Dynpro, optimizing and data load/ interface programming courses, and the Data Dictionary course at SAP training centers, Partner Academies and customer sites throughout US and Canada.

Teach Object-Orientation use within ABAP as well as the EnjoySAP Controls and BAPI development courses

Teach all forms of interfaces; BDCs, BAPI, IDocs,…

Teach ABAP Delta change classes for all releases of SAP

Teach Adobe Forms, SapScript and SmartForms courses

Teach IDoc and EDI courses



Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology, May 1990

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