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Manager Chemical Engineering

Wytheville, VA
November 06, 2019

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David W. Dennis

*** ****** ****, *****: 609-***-**** (H)

Ewing, NJ 08628 434-***-**** (M)


Experience Summary

Have managed IT projects from conception to post-implementation and been responsible for funding, interactions with clients, staffing, design, tracking and delivery into production. Have worked in banking & brokerage for all of this time.


Bank of New York 01/07 – Present

Vice President; Trust Accounting System

Worked on the Corporate Action system and on the Tax system. Tax work included Cost Basis Reporting (CBR) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). CBR work covered Tranche1 (equities) through Tranche3 (simple debt) and involved managing a team together with all phases of development; analysis, design, construction, testing & implementation. The development platform was COBOL, VSAM, DB2.

Worked on the Short Term Investment Fund system (GSF) that sweeps client funds into various investment vehicles and involved money market reform(MMR). GSF was changed to process fluctuating funds (FNAV >>> fluctuating net asset value) which involved interacting with Fund Companies to get intra-day prices using files (NDM) and messages (MQ).

Bank of New York (Consulting) 09/04 – 01/07

Managing resources on-shore and offshore for a CICS/VSAM /DB2 Unit Investment Trust (UIT) system. Invovled in all phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) (e.g. gathering user requirements, analysis, modeling) needed for various projects. Projects include the conversion of Sponsors and accounts from JPMorgan Chase, development of a new interface with DTCC to allow automation of the rollover process from matured trusts into new trusts and a database change from VSAM to DB2. Reviewed and worked on all aspects of database design and development including the use of stored procedures.

JPMorgan Chase (Consulting) 07/00 – 09/04

Worked as architect and delivery manager on a real-time, interactive CICS/DB2/VSAM interface between external clients and internal systems; mainframe and distributed. Set standards for protocols to be used between systems as well as standards for the messaging system Added connections to support new clients, including GSTPA, additional internal systems such as global custody and functions such as WMQi. Created a ‘mini-warehouse’, using existing and additional tables, which allowed end-to-end monitoring of messages going through the systems and statistical analysis of the messaging related to clients, volume, type, paths and end-point. Did various volumetrics followed by tuning of the system. Work involved full project life-cycle including the gathering of business requirements, data modeling, writing functional & program specifications, writing test plans, programming (including parsers for both SWIFT and data-centric XML) and interaction with clients during all phases. Managed a team of ten staff including funding requirements. Prepared RFIs & RFPs for vendor products.

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (Consulting for IBM) 02/00 – 07/00

Managed a team responsible for creating customer information on a DB2 enterprise database and enterprise warehouse using account data held on VSAM files. This was part of a project to facilitate access to heritage data (e.g. OLAP) from various Web applications. Involved in all aspects of the effort, from modeling to coding and parallel testing.

Chase Manhattan Bank (Consulting) 01/99 – 02/00

Reviewed a real-time, interactive CICS/DB2/VSAM interface between external clients and custody systems. Changes were made to various components including DB2 queries, locking impact and Logical Units of Work to improve message throughput. Analyzed changes needed to use MQSeries instead of LU6.2 for messaging to and from clients and also replace all VSAM components with DB2 datastores. Work involved full project life-cycle including data modeling, writing functional & program specifications, writing test plans, programming and interaction with clients during all phases.

Bankers Trust 03/98 – 01/99

Vice President; Custody Group.

Worked as technical liaison with various clients who use the domestic custody interactive trade system. Prepared an internal Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the domestic custody area and the data center. Involved garnering information on existing services for prime systems such as links to the Federal Reserve and Securities Lending.

Bankers Trust (Consulting) 05/97 – 03/98

Worked on the conversion of State Insurance Commission custody accounts from Nations Bank to Bankers Trust. Prepared an impact analysis (how three thousand new accounts would affect the custody system), a requirements analysis, functional specifications & program specifications for eight programmers and myself. Coordination involved interaction with Nations Bank, other internal systems (DDA, billing, remittance) and the tracking of custody system changes from requirements to implementation. Used DynaComm scripts for ‘screen-scraping’. Updated IMS, CICS, DB2 & COBOL components as needed.

Chase Manhattan Bank (Consulting) 06/96 – 05/97

Project Manager of a development effort creating a new CICS/DB2 system which provided services such as skeletal processing and reformatting for instructions going to core systems such as global custody. Involved analysis and design, including data modeling for the DB2 database. Supervised a staff of five. Worked on the migration of a real time messaging system, receiving client trades and returning status changes, from the existing Chemical platform to the Chase platform. The system is Cobol II/VSAM using the network protocol APPC(LU 6.2). Had responsibility to inventory the system, note differences in the platforms (e.g. security requirements) which necessitated changes, make the changes, contact infrastructure personnel, as needed, to allow installation, testing and implementation of the system.

JPMorgan (JPMSI) [Cap-Gemini America] 01/96 - 06/96

Worked on an ‘out-sourced’ back-office CICS DB2 reporting system which collected trading data from various vendors worldwide and for various securities including finance agreements. The information was normalized and sent on to various servers and users. Had responsibility for the system with a staff of six programmers. Included managing enhancements and production support.

Bankers Trust 12/88 - 01/96

Senior Analyst (Security Systems Group)

Designed DB2 tables and coded Cobol II programs to use APPC(LU 6.2) to send and receive messages between the stock loan system (running in a CICS region) and an internal message routing system (running in an IMS region) to allow posting and routing to the Federal Reserve or DTC. Developed automated income processing for Private Placements and DTC redemptions (Calls & Parcalls). Designed DB2 & IMS datastores and wrote various on-line IMS-DC screens using Cobol II. Developed and implemented a tax reporting system for foreign accounts holding US securities using DB2 datastores and Cobol II programs. Supervised two people for this project. Developed and implemented the pricing component for a new broker dealer loan system. Involved pricing municipal bonds and CMOs at various pricing vendors for requests generated from on-line and batch. All vendor feeds and updates were real time. Did all parts of the project myself; questioning users, design of DB2 & IMS datastores, coding in Cobol II and post implementation support. Did analysis, coding, testing and implemented a new History (Warehouse) System. The system gave eighteen months of on-line access to securities transactions, together with query facilities to allow analysis of the data. The system used DB2 tables running under IMS. Developed purge and archiving programs, for the History System, using the MicroFocus/XDB Workbench. Code was ported to the mainframe. Supervised four to six people during the various stages of the project. Did analysis, coding, testing, and implemented a database conversion of the Cash database from a single IMS HISAM to a logically related HIDAM/HDAM.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York 11/87 - 12/88

Senior Analyst (Funds Transfer)

Did analysis related to work involving a new ISC interface between the New York Federal Reserve security transfer system and other districts, using IMS DB/DC.

Irving Trust Corporation 1/85 - 11/87

Programmer/Analyst (Capital Markets Division)

Responsible for the design, development, coding, maintenance and user interface for OS/MVS/COBOL, IMS/DB/DC applications supporting the Capital Markets Division. Worked on the functional specifications for a new reconciliation system with the Mortgage Backed Securities Clearing Corporation (MBSCC). Implemented an interim system using ISPF Dialogue Manager, interfacing with COBOL programs and VSAM files. Did the analysis, coding and implementation of an Option Reconciliation enhancement to the Depository Trust Reconciliation system. Other applications included Federal Book Entry Reconciliation and Institutional Delivery (DTC interface).

MEMBERSHIPS: Program Management Institute; ScrumMaster.



EDUCATION: Bradford University

Bachelor of Technology (with Honors)

Chemical Engineering

Liverpool University

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Data Processing Education:

New York University

Novell Network

Software Engineering (CASE tools)

IBM Assembler

Columbia University

Structured COBOL under CMS

Data Structures using Pascal

Engineering applications using Fortran 77

Classroom training:


MICROFOCUS Workbench, CICS command level programming,

DB2 workshop, Writing functional specifications

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