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Engineer Electrical

US$15:00 an hour.
November 05, 2019

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Electrical/Electronic lnstallation/Maintenance Technician.



Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Work Experience


FRATELLI AMATO - Napoli-ltalia, Europe

May 1991 to November 1996

on charged of Magazine "B" in Secondigliano, 152-Napoli, ltalia. Responsible for day-day loading and offloading of goods (product), Controlling, report writing and inventory taking, arranging/rearranging of goods and weekly cleaning of the Magazine (Warehouse). l am also good in any type of plubing

(sewerage system) work. l have been working as plumber for sometime now during weekend. Telecommunications Technician

TAZURA Research Centre, LIBYA - AFRICA - Tazuara-Tripoli(N/Africa September 1991 to March 1992

l was incharge of the operation, maintenance/installation of all Transceivers used by Construction and Drilling Companies, Marine and the Police. Controlled, Operated, maintend/installed RACAL Milgo, Pye, Ericsson Telephone Exchange, Conducted visibility study on New Equipments, weekly, Monthly inventory taking and report writing. Checking of Overhead/Underground Telephone wires. NB: l was an Assistant Engineer Practical for a short period before our expulsion. Assistance Practical Engineer.

AERADIO (P & T). - Benghazi-Libya (N/Africa)

March 1983 to August 1989

on charged of the RADIO museum. Responsible for installation/maintenance of all Transceivers used in the Desert by Oil/Construction Companies, the Marine and the Police. Later on Radio merged with General Post and Telecommunication.

Assistance Practical Engineer

POST & TELECOMMUNICATION. LIBYA - AFRICA - Benghazi/Tripoli-Libya, N/Africa. March 1983 to September 1987

Assistant Practical Engineer: Electrical/Electronic(Tel.) lnstallation/Maintenance - Services.l was responsible for lnstsllation/Maintenance (Repair) of all electrical fixtures,Transceivers/Electrical system of the Company, Construction/Oil Companies operating in Libya, Africa. AUDIO VISUAL TECHNICIAN


January 1973 to January 1983

AudioVisual Technician:- Responsibled for auditing, Film Showing, conferences, lending of AudioVisual materials/projectors, PA System, Slide Projectors, Podium,Video Deck, Television, weekly/monthly and annually report writing/inventory taking. Repaired faulty Electrical/Electronic gadgets in most Diplomats residences, Crosscheched/repaired faulty Electrica cable to their Various home and worked for other Embassies like German, French, Libyian and British High Commission in Accra-Ghana, Africa. Education

NVQ. Grade 1&11 Certificate. in Electronic/Electrical Engineering PRESCO ELECTRONIC INST., ACCRA - GHANA - West Africa September 1970 to September 1974

Grade 1& 11. Electrical & ELetronic.



SIX (6) Month PRATICAL TRAINING TELEC. Tazura Research Centre, Libya, N/ Africa. Skills

l have had more than 25 years working experiences as Electrical/Electronic lnstallation/Maintenance- Services Technician with recommendation.


Military Service

Branch: N/A

Service Country: Canada

Rank: N/A

N/A (l didn't served in the army.)

Commendations: N/A


Award for Devotion, Dedication and Self-Respect.

October 1996

1) WRIST WATCH. 2) MEDAL BREAST PLATE PLUS 1talian Lire1000:00. Certifications/Licenses

NVQ. Grade 1&11 Certificate in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. August 1973 to Present

NVQ Grade 1&11 Certificate in Electrical/Electronic lnstallation/Maintenance-Services. l have indeed been working with/useing this Certificate for years now and l have achieved A lot from it since.

Additional Information

Skill/Competences: Scored 85% in Math and on Electrical/Electronic Skills Testing Devices Practical Combined. Familiar with hardware for example:PLC5, DLC 500 and Controlix Platform Controller, Panel Views, and and Software Packages for example 6.500, RSlinx, Drive tools, RSNet work. Have a good idea on variety of net working for example:ControlNet, DH+, Serial, FlO, Ethemet, Profibus, Microsoft Office Ptoducts (Word, Excel, Outlook. AV:Good on integration of Background & Foreground Music installations-PAVA Systems.Good on Connectors and Wire fixing method and types, Plasma/LCD Screen/Video Wall lnstallatio n along with all Projectors and more, DLC Effect Lighting lnstallatio n, Video wall lnstallation plus Net infrastructure Cabling, Access Control and Security lnstall/Maintenance plus Electrical lnstallation. Good understanding of Wiring System and Schematic diagrams, Good on CCTV, gate and door access System, Aerial and Satellite lnstallation and distribution. Have good understanding of A/V racks in next, efficient and professional manner.

Experience and good understanding of Video Conference System. Have good Practical Skill and good understanding of 1st and 2nd fix A/V installation and Ability to work from Schematics, terminating Sheets, Siteplans and Projector drawing.

Excellent in Soldering, Crimp and an understanding of Construction technique in a residential, Commercial and marine environment.

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