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Manager, Project Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, Systems Integrator

Dallas, Texas, United States
November 04, 2019

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Phone: 214-***-****


City, State, Zip: Mesquite TX 75181

Skype ID: rmholmes75149


Professional Summary

US Veteran – USMC – US Citizen

(Please see the bottom of resume, for specific device, OS information and application information)

30+ Years documentation and customer/end user support and training. Three terabytes of my personal documentation, over more than thirty years.

30+ Years, planning and managing various technical and/or IT projects, using spreadsheets, MS Project, Workbench, ZOHO, Linux PM, Clarity.

30+ Years requisitioning/buying of network, server, PC, storage and other equipment

30+ Years managing the life cycle of equipment and extending the life of retired proprietary equipment

30+ Years Systems security - volume, directory, file / user, group and resources.

30+ Years installing, upgrading and managing storage systems, SAN/NAS, Fiber channel, iSCSI, multi-pathing (MPIO).

30+ Years scripting GW/Quick/Visual Basic, Batch/Cmd, MS Edit/Edlin/Copy con, Bash, Bourne, Korn, Atom, PowerShell, NotePad++, for HTML5/CSS, PHP, Pearl, Python.

30+ Years building, configuring, generic Off The Shelf or OTS servers, PCs, and laptops.

30+ Years installing, managing and supporting various report writers, Q&A, ACT!, R&R, Crystal Reports, and Ripplestone.

25+ Years database Installation, upgrade, maintenance and support, for DBase III/IV(XBase or flat databases), clipper, FoxPro, MS Access, MySQL, SQL, MSSQL, Acess, Oracle. Building DSNs for MS Server Apps.

20+ Years as Senior Systems Engineer of Windows/Microsoft and Linux (RHES/CentOS/Fedora, SLES, SLES SAP, SLED, Gentoo, BSD, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware) servers (retired Novell OS).

20+ Years installation, upgrade/maintenance and management of OpenDirectory, eDirectory(NetIQ) and Active Directory services.

20+ Years Resource security - SSH and SSL. Building PKI and creating RFCs, cleaning up and reissuing self-signed keys. Building SSO and Authentication systems. Tools would include SnifferPro, WireShark.

20+ Years of experience with the TCP/IP stack and protocols, DNS/DHCP/FTP/SFTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/SNMP/LDAP and other protocols

20+ Years of IIS/FTP, Apache/Tomcat, LAMP, WordPress.

20+ Years of experience with regard to installation and maintenance of monitoring applications like HP SIM, What's up gold, Nagios, WebMin, SiteScope, WebJet, and latest iMFP or integrated Multifunction Printer.

20+ Years Installation, upgrade, replacement, supporting, monitoring and managing, print servers, print spool, Cups, printers and their drivers, on MS/MSPS, Linux and Android 20+ Years with HP servers, storage, networks and printers

20+ Years Installation, upgrade, maintenance of email servers and services, of Groupwise, MS Exchange, Open Exchange, SendMail and hybrids.

15+ Years of Virtualization/Cloud with VMware, Citrix (XEN Enterprise), XEN and Hyper-V experience and Oracle’s VirtualBox, LXC, Docker.

15 Years Business/Home Automation and Audio Video Surveillance.

10 Years Legato and Veritas Backup Exec, backup.

10+ Years with Dell servers, storage, networks and printers

5+ Years of Windows Server 2012, installation and maintenance.

3 Years, using Microsoft Windows server 2016.

Active online training:

Currently enrolled in the following:

Project management: Jira Agile SCRUM




LXCFS (Fuse - Userspace)




Microsoft Azure

Linux distros



Staying current, with technology by installing and using GitHUB, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle’s VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Pro 15, ESX and vSphere, on HP hardware.

-Implementing and/or standing up, virtual servers, desktops and appliances, in home Lab.

-Linux Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu – WebMin/VirtualMin/UserMin, CUPS, LAMP, WordPress. OpenVPN, OpenLDAP Directory AD and DHCP/DNS.

-File Systems (SMB, NFS, CIFS), Linux File Server and FreeNAS (iSCSI).

-Windows Servers (2008r2 2012r2 2016 2018), Active Directory, MS print servers, storage, Workstations 7, 8, 10.

-Physical appliances, firewalls, proxy servers, Wi-Fi, switches/routers, print servers.

Participating in WebCasts, TED, Town Halls and Management Subscriptions.

Educating and Mentoring, New and Existing Technical Individuals.

Professional Experience

Lockheed Martin - 4/2019 - Current, Ft Worth, TX

Contractor Information Technology

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Ansible Tower

Red Hat Fuse, camel, jboss, json


Support for SSL using Venafi

Scripting in yml/yaml and bash

I built an entire virtual Lab for this project and documented the entire build and process. I used GitHUB and several Debian, virtual appliances to include NAS, Ansible and creating several LXCs, to demonstrate JSCAPE and it's capabilities, to include DNS failover JSCAPE failover and centralized virtual storage.

My presentation was generic and I captured it via WebEx.

Also using the Lab to test upgrading from Debian 9 Stretch, to Debian 10 Buster, by using sources.list, methods.

ESP 1/2019 - 4/2019, Dallas, TX

Systems Administrator

Supporting Dell and HP servers and NAS.

NetApp FA3240 and various EMC Storage NAS devices.

Windows 7, 8, 10. Windows server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016.

Microsoft Hyper-V

VMware 5.5 clustered and 6.7 standalone essentials. P2V and V2V migrating existing environments from several remote data centers, to a Dallas data center and licensing.

Veeam backup/replication 2680

Supporting AD, users and computers, print servers and their printers.

Migrating user and printer shares and their data.

Building new printer objects and queues.

Fixing and maintaining AD using tools like ADrep. Fixing trust problems between servers/domains.

Supporting MS SQL databases and their NextGen applications.

Support for ACT! and ACT! database.

Microsoft Exchange 2008, 2013

Planning migration to O365, using Microsoft PSTtool and PowerShell scripts, I wrote.

Support of DNS/DHCP

PowerShell scripting for inventory of:



-Exchange servers


-Printer, printer mapping and driver


-Other mapping inventory

Various utilities such as, RV tools, Advanced IP Scanner, ViceVersa and robocopy, IDERA and Solarwind Tool sets and other various user storage like OneDrive, Googe drive.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, remote work 12/2018 - 12/2018


MoveIT! Project

Data migration from retiring storage platforms to new.

Remington Hotels, Addison, TX


Short thirty-day contract (April 2018) Completed in two weeks

Took the lead, on the Project

Project scope - to build a WAP environment that used Microsoft Authentication (NPS) of AD “Domain Computer” group and Cisco 5500 Wireless Controller. Setup support for DHCP

NPS - Created Radius Template for future additions.

Documented, tested and added to production.

PST Project - Project scope - to write scripts, to document the location, block rights, copy PST files, and Grant rights back to the PST files. NOT MIGRATE TO 365. PowerShell scripting.

Bank of America (May 2013 – March 2018) Plano, TX

Systems Engineer - Windows FTP/IIS, FTP Gateway and Repliweb Integration Team (DTS)

ITIL Certification via BoA

Used BMC/Remedy ITSM (Change, Incident, Asset Management). Which replaced MAXIMO.

Nexus, for daily tasks.

Used Venafi for SSL request and deployment.

Monitoring the environment using SiteScope

Worked on core FTP migration (working directly with Microsoft); A method to export the entire newer environment for backup and propagating changes to all servers.

Documented entire upgrade and migration, in SharePoint.

Re-tooled PowerShell script for reporting, to gather virtual directory data.

Worked on the MOVEit! Project with the Manager.

Learned the current MOVEit! process that was in place and created, tested, analyzed, refined and documented.

Documented restarts. Documented clearing jobs. Documented moving trigger files back to kick off recopies, called .done files.

Learned the current MOVEit! Report process that was in place and created reports, tested reports, analyzed reports, refined and documented the reports, and their configurations.

Learned the current MOVEit! Directory Structure, Users, Groups and how they were correlated and how AD security was structured, that was in place and documented.

Researched differences: Had local admin for group admin access for MOVEit! DMZ (Userx).

Servers Server1 and Server2, needed to have the service account "UserAccount", given the same Admin rights as on server Serverx.

Researched differences: LDAP/AD for MOVEit DMZ (userX), LDAP/AD for Blue Awnings (Serverx), Client and server differences.

Weekly: Closed Nexus request, Creating FTP configuration for CORPFTP/CORP2FTP, Learned Repliweb, installed on Linux and Microsoft platforms, Created tasks on Linux and Microsoft platforms, BP meetings in support of the core FTP/core test FTP, and MOVEit! Environments, worked with specific BP, and diagnosed MOVEit! Issues, Load balancing request made for UAT, Learned B2Bi, Created configurations for data transmission.

Daily: Moved trigger files back for MOVEit!.

Completed: PowerShell, generating health server reports. Set up Remote Execution for PowerShell on 2008 R2 servers, Tested single imports, PowerShell scripts for Method 1 and 2, with and without usernames, and passwords, PowerShell scripts for migrating from IIS/FTP 6 to 7/7.5.

Documentation: Built a new basic BU/TP account for B2Bi.

myLearning: Technical Change Process Training WBT-0043464 5/6/2014, 2014 Information Protection 4/7/2014, 2014 Global Financial Crimes Course 3/19/2014, 2014 Enterprise Privacy 3/18/2014.

Created testing for SSL certification.

Project plan for testing FTP over SSL connection.

Created process for testing FTP over SSL connections.

Documentation for testing FTP over SSL, using the FTPS DOS utility.

Tested FTP over SSL.

Tested SSL certs.

Core test FTP migration completed from FTP/IIS v6 to v7x.

Supported FTP services, end to end, for and with Business Partners, to include Red Hat and SUSE distros, with SMB/CIFS protocols and file services. This also included, Support for applications such as MoveIt!, Repliweb, and other in house applications, in Transact, such as their B2Bi and ESI.

Balfor Publishing (March 2013 – May 2013) Dallas, TX

Systems Administrator

Gentoo Linux builds.

CentOS Linux builds.

Supported DELL Servers.

Installed Ubuntu DELL desktop.

Installed the following on CentOS using wget and Gentoo: Nagios, WebMin, Zenoss.

Created and updated SSH Certificates.

On CentOS, at a bash prompt and using a basic script editor VI, configured iptables, multiple bound NICs in/etc/modprobe.d/bondage.conf and NICs in ifcfg-em#, /etc/ntp.conf, Postfix/, /etc/init.d/ntpdate and crontab, /etc/ntp.conf, java jdk 6, /etc/idmapd.conf, yum update, ssh-keygen.

Basic shell prompt, adding users with useradd, bash your-script-name, sh your-script-name, ./your-script-name, chmod permission your-script-name, etc. An example would be the following: $ bash bar, $ sh bar, $ ./bar.

Documented procedures.

Raytheon (October 2012 – March 2013) McKinney, TX

Network Centric Systems


As one of the Lead Representatives, built ERP/SAP (HANA) systems with SLES, and Oracle 11g and migrated Oracle databases from HP UX.

Supported SLES High Availability 10.x 11.x, building Logical Volumes/LUNS.

Supported RHEL 5.x 6.x base installs for Web Services as a VMware guest.

Supported VMware, P2V/V2V, installing and supporting Wintel and Lintel.

Supported Windows, 2003R2/2008R2, installing physical and virtual.

Supported HP SAN and NAS, building LUNS.

Supported HP Servers BLs/DLs, updating firmware, installing the above OS.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (March 1997 – October 2012) Dallas, TX

Senior Technical Support Specialist/Systems Engineering Team

A proven Leader and Mentor through DARTs own, 18-month leadership course.

Project Manager, Coordinator, and Lead

The Administrator for “DART.ORG”, until 2015

Supported all divisions, Bus, Rail, DART Police, HandiRides

Provided support for 6000+ users and 3000+ nodes to include hubs, bridges, routers, servers, print servers, IVRs, TVMs, MDTs, and workstations.

Data center installs, updates, upgrades, migrations to virtual and management and build out of secondary data center.

PM, Planned, coordinated, procured, budgeted - Human Resources, OS, hardware and software, for multiple facilities - existing and new construction.

Provided ongoing technical writing, documenting, Training, SOPs, Best Practices, Check List, and SLAs.

R&D with regard to new OS, hardware and software - to install, test and recommend.

Performed the following:

User account moves, adds and changes; server updates (hardware, software); upgrades of NOS to Netware 6.5 from 3/4/5/6x, installation of RedHat or RHES, SuSe Linux, MSNT4 workstations and servers (PDC/BDC/SA).

Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 beta, NDS or eDir(NetIQ now) and w/AD servers - i386 to x64 platforms, to include user and group moves, adds, and changes, Group Policies, container O/OU management, and managing Role Based Objects, for device specific authentication (iLOs, OAs, LDAP authentication).

Installed NetWare SAA 2.2 gateway for LAN to Mainframe communications using Ethernet and Token Ring, for data migration project.

Planned, coordinated, installed, and configured all DART eDirectory Certificate of Authority servers or CAs. Created, managed self-signed keys using PKIDiag and PKI methods:

PKI Health Check

Verify the server’s link to the SAS Service object

Verify the SAS Service object

Verify the links to the KMOs

Check the Server Certificates (KMOs)

Reverification the links to the KMOs

Create default certificates

Synchronizing certificates for external services

Exporting the eDirectory CA certificate to the file system

Planned, coordinated, installed, and configured HP/Compaq ProLiant servers using Altiris for Compaq servers for Rapid Deployment Packages (RDP) of Linux, NetWare, and Windows 2000/2003/2008.

Installed, manager and supported Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization, building MSI and EXE applications for deployment.

Planned, coordinated and implemented HP SIM and Webmin to manage and monitor systems for a more proactive solution to early detection and diagnoses of server problems, as well as updating and service packs.

Deployed SNMP cards for Compaq and APC UPS systems and support for all locations and all servers.

Planned, coordinated and implemented remote management services such as Integrated Lights Out, switches, routers, and RADIUS, using LDAP services, eDirectory services, Print Servers (Spooler, Cups, MSPS), and then migrated the remote management service to AD, for secure login. This helped outside contractors support the environment applications.

Planned, coordinated and implemented transactional credit card proxy servers, for secure Ticket Vending Machine or TVM credit card transactions, for all DART TVMs using both, NetWare Border Manager and SLES Squid proxy services, to credit card clearing houses.

Enterprise Storage - Planned, coordinated, installed, and managed storage systems such as HP Storageworks Compaq hardware using FCQA MSA1500/1000s and EVA4400/6400/8400s and HP 8/8 SAN Switches.

Building, installation and management of tier II or near line storage - BackBlaze, GLuster.

HP Severs with attached MSAs or third-party devices.

Planned and coordinated the installation and management of applications such as FileNet, document management for HR, CADServe, for DART police. Secure Perfect Enterprise for DARTs building security.

Installed and Managed Print Servers and NDPS (local and remote) for Create! form/RPM print server, for Payroll (LAN based and multifunction - Brother, Epson, HP, LexMark, QMS, Ricoh, also CAD Printers, Castell/HP/LexMark PS).

Installed and Managed Legato and Veritas Backup Exec backup.

Supported LDAP for directory services, SSH and SSL, PHP 4.x/5.x, Apache. Integrated FileNet, FreeRadius w/eDirectory, Network HW, and Novell GroupWise 5.2/5.5/6/7and IIS 4/5 web servers.

Planned, coordinated, and installed IIS4/5/6/7 and SSL support and management through IIS Manager/MMS and created CSRs.

Backups and renewals using MMS and IIS Manager.

Planned, coordinated, and installed Apache 2x and SSL support and management through OpenSSL and created CSRs.

Backups and renewals using OpenSSL.

Edited httpd-ssl.conf, usually located in the /usr/local/ssl/bin, editing the Virtual Host information.

Installed building, managing and/or supported MS SQL, MSDE, MSQL2000, MSDE2000, 2005 and Express, MySQL, SQLAnywhere, Oracle 8/9i/10g/11g.

Installation, management, updated and support, for Crystal Reports, Ripplestone and various other report writers.

Planned, coordinated, and installed RHEL 7 servers for GPS - bus and rail location, for Where's my Bus or Train Google Maps application.

Planned and coordinated the automation of client installations for 95/98/NT4 workstations through ZEN Works Packager (.msi) for applications such as Lawson, Trapeze, Oracle Client, ODBC Drivers, NetScape, IE4/5/6/7, FireFox, etc.

Created work station (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, W7) and server (NetWare 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6, 6.5 and MS NT, 2000/2003/2008) images to facilitate faster deployment of new DART facilities.

Cloud experience involved end-to-end installation and maintenance, ZOHO and Google cloud.

This included setting up the SAN or NAS, for Cloud storage, building the LUNs for Cloud storage, and then presenting the LUNs to the Cloud, using WWIDs/WWINs, from SAN or NAS, to switch to server, multi-pathed.

Installed, managed updates/upgrades VMware on 16 hosts and built over 200 guests and P2V/V2V, from existing prod servers.

Various proxy server installations and management, NAT and multi-homed, from NetWare Border Manager and SLES (Linux) Squid/SquidGuard, for Enterprise use, to include Ticket Vending Machines or TVMs and the “Where's my bus and rail for Google maps”

Planned, coordinated and created a curriculum, for in-house training of staff of Administrators for NetWare 6.5.

Planned and coordinated the deployment SLES10/11, SLED10/11 and VMs Using Xen Enterprise, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2/2008 R2 and VMware ESX 3 vSphere 4/5.x and server for MS and Linux OS such as Terminal servers and various applications.

Migrated physical Linux and Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 servers to VMware virtuals. (P2V and V2V)

Planned, coordinated, installed, and configured WebMin to manage and monitor Linux servers.

Planned, installed, configured, and tested 2012 beta and supported storage, on EVAs to BackBlaze.

Used key remote management features and disparate type of supported file systems, from NTFS, NFS and CIFS.

November 2010 - PM to train and manage several contractors, to install HP servers and disparate OSs.

Certifications via DART

March 2009 - HP/VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Install and Configure.

April 2008 - Novell SuSE Linux Administration.

August 2005 - ATT - Advanced GroupWise 6.5 Services and Troubleshooting.

February 2005 - ATT - ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Advanced Deployment.

January 2005 - ATT - Advanced NetWare 6.5 Services and Troubleshooting.

January, February and June 2005 - Novell GroupWise 6.

2003 - Planned, Implemented and Maintained a Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory Infrastructure.

January 21-25 2002 - 370 GroupWise 6 Administration.

May 1-4 2001 - Enterasys Networks - ES NetSight Element Manager Training. Managed Cabletron and Enterasys switches and routers.

Leadership DART program - 18-month certification October 3 2009 - April 3, 2011.

FranklinCovey - Leadership: Management Certification - Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results - certification, 22 Contact hours 2.2 CEU January 5, 2011.

Awards at DART

1997 - 1999 Many employee recognition awards from other employees and managers outside own department.

1999 Two Platinum awards, one from direct manager and one from ITs AVP!

Texas Credit Union League and Affiliates (March 1996 – March 1997) Dallas, TX

Systems Analyst

Building Relational Databases using Microsoft Access

Building and deploying desktop images, via ZIP

Awards at TCUL

Many management and employee Awards

University of Texas at Arlington and Pacific DataWare (January 1996 – March 1996)

Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)

BKM of Dallas (November 1994 – July 1995) Dallas, TX

Systems Engineer/Systems Integrator /LAN Administrator for Novell NetWare (3.11 20 Users)

Byerly Foods, Inc. (December 1992 - July 1994) Dallas, TX

LAN Manager - Systems Engineer for Novell NetWare (v2.15, 100+ users). Upgrading network hardware and client software. Responsible for creating an efficient automated environment; backups; installation and networking Windows 3.1; evaluation and purchasing of new hardware and software for upgrade.

Building and managing Fourth Shift Databases, using DBASE III, Clipper and FoxPro

Upgraded and streamlined PO system.

Upgraded, streamlined and managed all aspects of shipping and receiving.

Responsible for generating all reports, using R&R, for fiscal, quarterly, shipping, receiving, bills of lading, buying, accounting(payable/receivable), overages, etc...

Honeywell, Inc. (PSD) September 1986 - September 1992 Dallas, TX

Supervisor of Customer Service for six Years; LAN Manager; Responsible for hardware technicians; software programmers; software backups of core MIS programs for Banyan 2.x and NetWare 3.11 environment.

Installation management and support, for Q&A (Symantec).

Installation management and support, for ACT! A contact database used bay sales.

Building DBASE III databases.

Responsible for generating all reports.

Marine Corp (September 1982 – September 1986) Dallas, TX

Reconnaissance (0311/0321) US Veteran - Honorably discharged

Technical Summary

NOS and Topologies: Designed, installed and configured Banyan, BSD, Linux (UNIX Flavors), Microsoft and Novell network operating systems. ArcNet Star/BUS topology, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gig Enet, Apple Talk, Token Ring and Wi-Fi. Installation of network cabling for 10/100/Gig base-T/2/5, fiber (SC/ST).

Other LAN experience: Installed and configured Peer to peer with Workgroups for Windows, Windows 95/98, LanTastic 6.0, Novell NetWare Lite, Personal NetWare, Window NT Workstation\Server 4.0, 2000/2003/2008r2/2012r2, XP/Vista/7, WiFi -Web Environmental Controls

Protocols: Installed and configured TCP/IP to include DNS/DHCP, FTP, NTP, SMTP/POP3/IMAP, SNMP, PXE, LDAP389/Secure LDAP636, SSH, SSL. IPX/SPX (NLMs/NETX/VLMS), DECNet

Clients: Installed and configured Novells 16bit and 32bit clients for MSDOS, Win3.1x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT4, 2000, XP. Installed and configured Microsoft clients for WFW, Windows 95/98, Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10.

Network Hardware: Installed and configured Bridges, Hubs/Repeaters, Routers, Switches to include BayNetworks, Cabletron (Enterasys), NetGear, RACAL, HP, Ascend, Cisco and others

Web servers: Installed and configured IntranetWare 4.11 Web Server (2.5/3.1), NetScape FastTrack and Enterprise, Microsoft IIS4/5/6/7/7.5 and PWS, Apache, Tomcat (LAMP, WordPress)

Firewalls: Installed and configured Novell Border Manager (v1-3.9), MS Proxy, GateKeeper, CommSOX, Basic Unix firewalls for Linux, BSD, True64, SLES 9/10/11 (Linux) Squid/SquidGuard, IP Tables to include Packet Filtering

Security: Installed, configured, integrated, and maintained LDAP/OpenLDAP security services for applications such as FileNet, HP SIM, IlO, etc. For servers such as Firewalls, Proxy servers, Radius (Netware/MSNPS) and FreeRadius, MS NPS servers, IBM and endpoint (for SSO), switches, routers, networked managed alarm panels/systems, and to manage router security.

Installed and maintained SSH and Java clients that used LDAP, SCP and WINSCP for secure file transfers

Streaming: Silicondust - HDHomeRun Dual, Aver Media - AVPlus, SlingBox, (OTA/FTAS), XBMC, LinuxMCE

VPN: Novell Border Manager (v1-3.5/3.6/3.9), MSVPN, OpenVPN

Virtual Environments: To include VMware ESX 3.5 4 5, VMware Server/Player, Workstation Pro 15, Horizon on Microsoft. MS VS 2005 R2/2008 R2/2012 r2 Hyper-V, PC2004/2007, SuSe Linux 10/11/12 Xen Server, XenExpress/XenEnterprise v3.x/4 (now Citrix), Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Installed gateways for LAN/MAN/WAN/Internet. Experience to include maintenance and security for all of the above, understand their concepts and capabilities to apply this technology effectively.

Linux Distros: RHS/RHES/VRHS/CentOS/Fedora, SLES/SLED, SlackWare, LinuxMCE, Ubuntu, Debian, FBSD and Gentoo

PC Hardware Experience: Desktop/Laptop from Generic to HP, Dell, IBM, Acer, etc…

Architectures: ISA, EISA, VESA, MCA, PCI and AGP, and PCMCIA

Processors: XT, AT, 286, 386SX-DX, 486SX-DX-DX2-DX4, 586, 686, AMD, Cyrix, Intel, Itanium, XEON, etc…

Drive Encryption: MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE, EIDE, and SCSI

Memory Type: SIMM, SIPP, DRAM, and SDRAM

PCs/Server Types: AST, Clones, Dell, IBM

HP/Compaq: Installation, upgrade and maintenance of ProLiant 2500/1600/3000, DL360-380g1-7, ML370, BL10e, BL20pG1-3, BL460cG1-4, and c7000

DSC Alarm panels, and TLink management devices

Surveillance: IP Wi-Fi two-way audio cameras

Programming experience in OS and program types:

DOS or Text environment: All MS DOS versions edlin, edit, PowerShell V2, 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1, Artificial Intelligence (AIS), BASIC (Professional Development System BASIC 7.1), QBasic, Visual Basic, DBase III Plus and IV w/SQL, Clipper (S87 5.0), FilePro, Turbo Pascal, Lotus 1-2-3 (2.01x), Quattro Pro (3.0, 4.0), WordPerfect (5.1), WordStar (5), Q&A (4.0, 4 user), Relational Writer (R&R), Peachtree, Fourth Shift (3.3-4.2), MS Works and most FAX/Modem software, MS FoxPro (2.5), ACAD v12

CLI for a lot of disparate systems from applications, controllers, servers, storage and routers

Graphic environment/Graphic User Interface (GUI): MS Windows (3.0, 3.1, 3.11), Workgroups (3.1-3.11) Windows95/98 NT4, Visual Basic, WordPerfect (Windows 5.1), CorelDRAW, WinFAX/WinPORT, MS Works, All OpenOffice (OOo), MS Office, PageMaker (4), Lotus Works. Some MS Visual C++ (1.5), Java, Perl, PHP, MySQL, MSQL, MSDE, MSQL2000, MSDE2000, 2005Express, SQLAnywhere, Oracle 8 - 9i. Installed, upgraded or programmed in all of these end user programs with a great understanding for most end user programs and their concepts.


TechLink Training (January 1997)

Networking Windows 95 and NT

Windows 95's New Networking Features

Installing Windows 95 Automatically Over Your Network

Configuring Network Hardware Components and Using Interface Tools

Connecting to NetWare 3.x and 4.x

Connecting to Windows NT Servers and Domains

Setting Up and Managing Peer-to-Peer Workgroups Networking

Configuring and Maintaining Network Printing

Managing Windows 95 Remotely with Registry and Policy Editors

Implementing Network and Workstation Security

Using Dial-Up Networking to Dial Out to the Internet

Using Dial-Up Networking to Dial In to the LAN

Troubleshooting Network Problems

Internet/Intranet Networking


Associates Management (2018) DCCCD (WIP)

Other interests

Business/Home Automation and Audio Video Surveillance.

Solar/wind/12/24/36/48-volt, hybrid systems.

OTA Analog and Digital, FTA satellite and communication alternatives.

Support for AT&T, Verizon phones/tablets and HP laptops

-Networks include, GSM, CDMA

-SIM cards include, Standard, Micro and Nano

-Handsets include, Motorola and Samsung

-Services include, AT&T, NET10, Sprint, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin


Fishing, hunting, RVing

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