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Data Project

KR Puram, Karnataka, India
November 04, 2019

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I am currently seeking opportunities to work with industry professionals in the field

of Data Science and related technologies.I believe my fast self-learning ability,team involvement,technical skills and relevant education would make me an ideal candidate for the position.


Cambridge School

Standards I to X (2003-2015)

ICSE 85%

St Joseph's

Standards XI and XII (2015-2017)

Karnataka PU Board 84%

CMR Institute Of Technology (2017-2021)

(Currently in 5th Semester)

UG Computer Science and Engineering under VTU

Average GPA at the end of 4th semester - 7.99/10.0 Events

Google App Fest -2017,

CMRIT, Bangalore

6th Sense Robotics Workshop-2018

Pravega’18, IISc

ETH India - 2018(Conference)


Machine Learning Workshop - 2018

CMRIT, Bangalore

Workshop on R Programming -2019

CMRIT, Bangalore

ETH India - 2019(Conference)


Big Data Workshop - 2019

CMRIT, Bangalore


Programming Languages

● Python

● Java

● C


● Data Analytics in Python

● Tensorflow

● OpenCV

● Selenium

● Flask/Dash/Eel

● Django



● Communication Skill

● Presentation Skill

● Analytical Skill

● Entrepreneurial Skills

● Team Player

● Logical Reasoning

● Problem Solving Skill


● Machine Learning

● Computer Vision

● Web Technologies

● Blockchain,D-Apps

● Crypto-Currency


● Music

● Running

● Debating


The Kludge PESIT, Bangalore(2018)


The theme of the hackathon was to develop solutions on sustainability.The solution proposed by us involved building smart devices to make a smart garden which used an optimal amount of water to minimize wastage.My main contribution to the team was Arduino programming to collect and store sensor data.

HackItOn 1.0 CMRIT, Bangalore(2018)

1st Place

The theme of the hackathon was to develop solutions for the travel industry.The solution proposed by us involved an android app which lets hotel owners and travelers directly interact and do business in terms of reservation of accommodation.The transactions were stored onto a private blockchain(Hyperledger-Composer).My contribution to this project involved ideation,design,analytics of air fares for travelers using Azure ML Studio. HackItOn 2.0 CMRIT, Bangalore(2018)

2nd Place

The theme of this event was the City/Campus problems .The project involves detection of Potholes on a mobile phone using its camera sensors.The mobile application uses a Tensorflow Lite version of the MobileNet architecture trained on pothole images.My role included ideation, data collection, feature extraction and model training, presentation and final pitch. Dora Hacks, Bangalore (2018)

1st Place

The project initially started as a part of CMRIT HackItOn2 was further enhanced in other for better accuracy, integration with Google maps providing features to pin the location of potholes to caution riders, logging all the pothole locations on a blockchain. Hedera 18, Bangalore (2018)

2nd Place

The Hedera’s platform provided us with the opportunity and tools to extend our pothole project to extend and serve as a decentralized governance platform to allow for crowd sourcing of small scale community projects and government work reviews by the public.My contribution included ideation, understanding and developing application using the Hedera SDK provided at the event.

Social Hackathon(CMRIT), Bangalore(2019)


The project for the social hackathon involved low cost hydroponics set up for urban and metropolitans.We had built a smart hydroponic irrigation system accompanied an app.My role included building data pipeline for data collection to aggregate the data from the sensors. India Daap Fest 2019, Bangalore(2019)


The project at this hackathon involved a decentralized peer-to-peer application to connect small scale farmers to local buyers.The buyers would make their purchase well in advance, as a form of investment to the farmer and would be able to track his progress via Iot devices placed in the invested farmers fields.My role involved building a RESTful API for posting collected sensor data to Cloud-Database and deriving insights from this data. PROJECTS

1. Sign Language Recognition

A Convolutional Neural Network used to recognize the sign-language digit from a like camera feed.The CNN model was built using Keras with a tensorflow backend . Received the “Best Mini-Project Award” in semester of Aug-Dec 2018-19. Link to GitHub repository here.

2. Neural Style Transfer

A tensorflow implementation of the research paper “A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style” (link to paper) . This implementation demonstrates the abilities of CNN’s to be effectively used for tasks outside image classification and its utilities as a feature extractor . Received the “Best Mini-Project Award” in semester of Feb-Jun 2019.Link to GitHub repository here.

3. Game Bot for Cart Pole-OpenAI

A simple game-bot for the game ‘Cart-Pole’ which uses a neural network to guide a game agent for binary decision making.This project involves openAI’s Gym framework.The neural net for the agent was written using tensorflow. Link to GitHub repository here.

4. University Result Collection And Analysis

A Web Automation Tool written using Selenium & Beautiful Soup in Python which automates the collection of results of all the students from the university website. Analytics of this data is presented as graphs generated using Matplotlib and Pandas and the complete result report is made available to teachers in the form of spreadsheets.This was done as a departmental project in 2018. 5. Job Listing Website using Django

I am currently working on a job listing portal where recruiter and applicants can sign-up and interact by posting and applying for jobs respectively.This is being built on Python's Django web-framework with HTML/Bootstrap being used for the UI and MySQL as the database backend.This is done as a part of the mandatory VTU project for 5th semester.


Name : Ashwin.M.S

Date Of Birth :10/06/1999

Gender : Male

Address : #198, Shivadarshan Niwas, 1st Cross,

R.R Temple Road, Devasandra,

K.R Puram, Bangalore - 560036,

Karnataka, India

Nationality : Indian

Languages :English, Kannada, Hindi,

Marathi, Tamil

E-mail :

Github :

LinkedIn: Phone No : +91-725*******

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