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Office Administration and Receptionist

Salem, VA
October 30, 2019

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Deborah Pleasants Rardin

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Salem, VA 24153



In 1977, my husband Roger and I purchased The Tyler Rose Inc. in Salem, Va. and began a successful career together, growing flowers and containerized rose bushes. At first, our nursery consisted of 9 greenhouses at Mayfair Drive, Salem, VA, when we began in 1977.

As our nursery grew, we built our own greenhouses as we needed them and over the next 37 years, our nursery “grew” into a 54 greenhouse nursery and we diversified into growing many types of flowers and plants with over $800,000.00 in sales annually.

We grew and delivered our flowers for big box stores and privately owned retail and wholesale nurseries in VA, WV, MD, DE, NC, NJ and NY.

Our customers consisted of Kmart (130 stores), Wal-Mart (over 200 stores), Franks Garden Centers, Lowes, Ukrops, Home Depot, True Value Hardware Stores, Roses and many privately owned retail garden centers and Produce Stands. We also grew for the City of Roanoke, the City Of Salem and The Town of Vinton.

We annually hired over 60 employees during our growing season for production and delivery.

I can manage an office very efficiently. I can successfully sell products and deliver them on a tight schedule. I am a multi-task person used to keeping over 250,000 sq. ft. of growing space filled with plants healthy while maintaining their growing environment through all types of weather and seasons, 7 days a week/24 hours a day.

I was in charge of our business’s administrative duties using software like, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Quick Books Pro and Wal-Mart’s company Retail link administration. I also went to Wal-mart’s Retail-link Administrative school in Bentonville AR and Jersey City, NJ for Wal-Mart’s company data information and I kept up with their updates for our onsite administration with their desired product maintenance and sales for years.

I was in charge of all publications and web pages for our company including flyers with graphics, pamphlets and our annual plant catalog with detailed English/ descriptions of hundreds of our plant varieties with pictures and graphics that we sold along with, prices

In 2014, Roger and I also started purchasing Fed EX Ground routes and trucks and hiring drivers to drive those routes. We currently own 8 trucks and 4 routs in the Roanoke area.

In 2015 after 37 years, we sold our nurseries to One Earth Landscaping in Roanoke, VA in 2015.

I am now separated from my business partner and husband after 40 years and divorcing soon hopefully. I now plan to dedicate myself to beginning a new career and move forward in a positive direction with my life.

I accepted a position May 12, 2019 with J. Moore & Company PC as their front office administrative/receptionist. I was in charge of greeting all clients and assisting them with their tax and business documents, pickups and deliveries of their business and individual tax data along with helping them with signing forms for submission. I was in charge of answering all calls and operating the switchboard, directing those calls to the 10 associates in the office. I was also in charge of mail pickups and deliveries to and from the post office daily. I was in charge of daily posting outgoing mail and opened and sorted all incoming mail along with many bank deposits taken to the banks for the entire office. I scanned all tax documents that were needed for maintain records for clients and entered them into their computer software using QuickBooks and MS Office for clients future tax reference purposes. I correctly filed thousands of documents as needed. I just loved the position I was hired to do for this company.

A few days after I was hired for this job I was directed by my real employer, the Owner, who was located in the Maryland office and driven to Maryland with 7 of my coworkers for a meeting with him. He asked me to sit next to him at that meeting. After insulting and embarrassing me a few times, he then informed me that my position would now also include marketing of J. Moore and Co. services to potential clients 2 days a week. I wasn’t hired to be the marketing person but I did what I was told to because I needed this job. I was told to market J. Moore and Co. services to Churches and Gas Stations in the Roanoke Valley. I wasn’t too sure of this but using Microsoft Office I created and published hundreds of custom folders containing information about J. Moore and Co. services and their references. I custom designed hundreds of folders customized correctly for each individual church with the hope that they would hire J. Moore and Co for their tax and bookkeeping needs. I did this for about 1 months and didn’t secure any clients at all for J. Moore and Co. I was working 2 days a week on this project using my vehicle also. Every church I visited told me that they didn’t need our services because they had this service provided for free or at a low rate from their members. I visited hundreds of valley churches. By the way there are over 300 churches in the Roanoke Valley. There are about the same number of gas stations!

On Tuesday, September 3 2019, I was told that I was no longer needed at J. Moore and Co because I wasn’t bringing in revenue for the company. (I didn’t know that my job was in any way affected by the success of marketing either. I was told that I had been a great employee and worked very efficiently, but the boss up north had said to “Let me go because I wasn’t making any money for his business despite my employee reputation. I just loved working for this company and really miss the 10 other people that I worked helping there also.

I am now looking for employment and am eager to start again.


I stay fit with Kundalini yoga and walking.

I am a happy 12 year cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2006 after my Marine son Kurt returned from Iraq. I endured 6 chemo treatments and 8 surgeries to be healthy and alive today. Life has large lessons sometime.

I just love to hike.

I love to fish.

I enjoy cooking.

I am clean and organized, positive and friendly.

I just love raising poultry. (I once had an egg business Debz Country Eggs, raising and caring for over 80 sweet hens for a profitable hobby selling my Rainbow Eggs)

I grow a large garden and can vegetables and sauces every year.

I just love having indoor and outdoor plants.

I love to solve puzzles.

I love to play the piano and also enjoy listening to music of all types.

I have 2 grown sons. #1 son - Kurt is a Radford University Business school graduate and a Troy university land surveyors graduate. He is also a marine Iraq veteran that lives in Gainesville, GA with this wife and 2 small children. He is the land surveyor for the state of GA and works from the Forestry Department in Gainesville GA.

#2 Son, John is also a Radford University Classical Guitar Music study graduate that sells and repairs instruments for the Fret Mill in Roanoke, Va. He is single and has no children.

I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. I had 6 Chemo treatments and 7 Surgeries over the next few years. I am now cancer free and living life large these days. I know what a nightmare cancer is and how life is after.

I can overcome many obstacles.

Life’s good!

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