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Air Force Technician

Temple Hills, MD
$65,000 to $75,000 /Yr
October 31, 2019

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Norman S Gaskins

**** **** ****

Temple Hills, MD 20748


Cell: 301-***-****

Hm: 301-***-****

Work Experience

Simco Electronics

**** ** **** **.

Allentown, Pa 18103


Supervisor: Alex Katyan

Calibration Technician

Salary: $27.00/ Hr (Sep 2015 to Mar 2016)

Duties: Calibration of measurement equipment to include electronic, pressure,temperature, mass, dimensional, as well as variou types of pharmacutical measuring devices. Micron Inspection & Calibration

2870 Haymeadow Drive

York, Pa 17406


Supervisor: Avyayam Dave

Calibration Technician

Salary: $25.00/Hr (Dec 2014 to Jul 2015)

Duties: Calibration of general purpose electronic measurement equipment, to include digital multimeters, function and

arbitrary generator, oscilloscopes,frequency counters, calibrators, thermocouple and other temperature devices. Also

responsible for calibration of dimensional devices, to include calipers, micrometers, bore gages, and other dimensional

handheld devices. As well as pressure gages and transducers. Davis Calibration/ Tektronix Service Solutions

Timonium Maryland United States

Calibration Technician/ Metrologist

Supervisor: Shilo Bivins

Salary: Approx. $72,000/Yr (Feb 2004 to May 2013)

Duties: Calibration, adjustment and repair of electronic TMDE. Calibration of a variety of test measurement and diagnos-

tic equipment, both as part of a type 4 laboratory, and as an onsite calibration technician. Calibrated equipment tracable

to NIST, and to 17025 accredited standards. Served in a supervisory capacity at customer phacilities, as part of an on-

site calibration team. Responsible for calibration of balances and scales, pipettes, generators, oscilloscopes, universal

and frequency counters, meg-ohm meters, power supplies, digital multimeters, data aquisition meters,as well as soldering

stations, hipot testers, freezers, ovens, static mats, and low frequency RF measurement equipment. Use opf DOD calibration

procedures, and manufacturers verification procedures, as well as schematic diagrams, drawings and manuals to troubleshoot

instruments to component level. Maintained a safe and clean work environment. Conducted A2LA 17025 calibrations, both man-

ually, and automated. Work independently, and as part of a team. Worked together with customer in scheduling work, and on-

site events. Have knowledge of computers and automated software used in calibration of electroni TMDE. Use of metcal, vee-

cal and surecal.

Accucal Inc.

Manassas Va, United States

Calibration/ Metrologist

Supervisor: Tom Efaw

Salary: $16.00/Hr (May 1997 to Dec 2003)

Duties: Technician in charge of oscilloscope calibration section of type 4 calibration laboratory. Use of metcal automa-

tion software as primary calibration procedures. Calibration, and adjustment of all general purpose electronic, torque,

and pressure instrumentation. As well as tension, pressure and vacuum calibrations. Using high precision standards, geo-

metric and algebraic computations, computer based automated work stations and a variety of instrumentation/ equipment.

Carried out calibration duties in accordance with manufacturers specifications, wherein procedures are well established

but may require some adaptation or modification to satisfy specific calibration objectives. Have knowledge of pin gages,

measurement rings, dial indicators, gage blocks, etc. Salary: $17.00/Hr (Jan to Mar 1997)

Patuxent Naval Air Station

Lexington Park, Maryland United States

Co-Manager Jet Engine Test Cell Calibration Program/Metrologist Duties: Responsible for writing and emplementing calibration procedures for station jet engine test cels. Identified and

purchased equipment (TMDE) needed for proper calibration of all instrumentation in T-24, T-22, and all other test cell

phacilities at Patuxent Naval Air station. Charged wit maintaining all instrumentation in test cell to include repair,

and replacement of faulty test equipment. Also worked in type 4 navy laboratory between calibrations of jet engine test


USAF Honorable Discharge

Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory Specialist 1985 to 1992

Duties: Repaired, calibrated, and modified test measurement and diagnostic equipment.Held supervisory position in physical

dimensional, and radiac laboratories. Charged with calibration of all physical dimentional devices to include surface pla-

tes, and theodelites, as well as other telescope devices. Used and calibrated radiac

(radiation) meters, radiac probes,

dosimeters, and other associated radiation equipment. Trained in the use of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation, as well as

all safety regulations associated with each type of radiation. Performed electronic calibrations in K1, K8 and K3 sections

of USAF type 4 laboratory, as well as K6.

Awards: Maintanance Person of the Month Award

Air Force Achievement Medal

Good Conduct Medal

Education: 1987 USAF Radiation Measurement/ Calibration Certification 1987 USAF Non-Commissioned Officer Preparatory Certification 1986 USAF Physical Dimentional Measurement/Calibration Certification

- Optical Measurement

- Application Physical Measurement I,II and III, Engine Measurement System 1985 USAF Community College of the Air Force, United States Air Force Lowry Air Force Base Colorado

1985 Percision Measurement Equipment Lab Certification (PMEL) 1980 Univercity of District of Columbia

Personal Strengths: Neat, professional appearence, and or demeanor... Highly creative and adaptable to a variety of people

and situations... Proven ability to manage a great variety of tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and effectively...

Work independdently or as a team member to meet deadlines... Able to nurture and direct team spirit and effort... Strong

organizational, and interpersonal planning... Pays attention to details, yet can follow through to goals... Career reflect-

ting hard work, ambition, reliability, competence, and confidence, underscored by personal commitment and professional performance.

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