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Industrial Training Project

Marathahalli, Karnataka, India
4 lac per anum
October 31, 2019

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Curriculum vitae


Contact: 809-***-****


Corresponding Address-Pratibha Luxury Pg for Ladies near kamadhenu apartment Hunasamaranahalli,Bengaluru,Karnataka 562157


To seek a position of lab assistant in one of the Bio-tech firm where I can use my academic qualification for the benefit of the organization as well as gain knowledge for my career growth . I am quite confident that my technical skills/knowledge and creative ideas will help me prove myself as a value to the organization.


M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology - Banasthali Vidyapith with 72%.

B.Sc. in Botany(H) - Ranchi Women’s college with 74%%.

12th – Jamshedpur women’s college (JAC Board) with 51%.

10th – SSHS (JAC Board) with 69%.


Project-Assay development for Plasmodium vivex infected hepatocytes in micropatterened Co-culture (MPCC) plates.

Present status-Presently the project is in halt from March 2019 .

Role-Lab Technician level 3 at the Medicine for Malaria Venture(MMV) funded project in ICMR NIMR under the guidance of Dr.S.K.Ghosh, officially from National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru,Karnataka

Work-Mosquito abdomen and salivary gland dissection, egg bleaching processes, Mosquito colony work and maintenance.

Project- 6 months Dissertation on Standardization of Sandwich ELISA for detection of Shigella and E.coli at DRDO Defense food research laboratory at Mysore, Karnataka.

Role- I got an opportunity to work as an project intern under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Kingston(HOD) and Radhika. M where I took the role of standardizing the procedure of SANDWICH ELISA for the Detection of Shigella and E.coli. The standardized Sandwich ELISA was found to be reacting to Shigella strains beyond S. flexneri whereas showed cross reactivity with E. coli and with Staphylococcus aureus. Assay was also performed with spiked stool samples and could detect Shigella flexneri in comparison with in house developed PCR Method.

I also created a detailed thesis on this procedure. Intention of the thesis is to provide complete steps for creating the end to end kit.

Result-The system could detect 10 bacterial cells in the 6h incubated sample. This protocol would help in detecting Shigella genus along with E. coli during routine investigations of food and clinical samples and also during the biological emergencies.

Machines learned-

Thermal Cycler

pH Meter

2D gel electrophoresis


multimode plate reader



Procedures learned-

Bacterial Strain preservation by preparation of Glycerol Stalk

Whole Cell Lysate Preparation

Media and Buffer preparation

Monoclonal Ab purification

Dot ELISA, Sandwich ELISA

Western Blot



Polymerase Chain Reaction

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis


Lab Protocols learned-

Learnt the IS standard protocols to be followed in a the lab.

Project- Industrial training on Identification and analysis of bacteria in street food at Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd in Sitapura,Rajasthan.

Role- Collected foods from street vendors and identified the food borne Bacteria by different microbial process. Most of the studies done on street foods in India had indicated that these foods are not meeting the microbiological standards and are contaminated with various pathogens like E.coli, Vibrio, Salmonella, Shigella etc. The microbiological status of the food has been reported and the samples was estimated by spread plate method on pre-sterilized solidified NA,XLDA, MA,MB agar media Charcterization and identification of the isolates were made through standard microbial method.

Machines learned


Laminar air flow


Inoculating loop

Water bath / Boiling water bath

Heating mantle

Colony counter

Microscope, Refrigerator, Balance

Procedures learnt-

Pour plate method

Media preparation


Streak and Spread plate Method

Project- Exploring Halophilic Bacteria from Sambhar Lake for Potential Biosurfactant Properties which could be used as an substitute for costly chemical detergents.

Description- A National seminar on Science and Technology was organized by Indian Science Congress Association Jaipur Chapter. I participated and presented a poster on Exploring Halophilic Bacteria from Sambhar Lake for Potential Biosurfactant Properties at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Role-Collected Soil Sample from Sambhar Lake and with the help of different microbial techniques isolated the Biosurfactant properties of the Halophilic bacteria and provided the sample to team for examination.


Molecular Biology and recombinant DNA technology-DNA isolation.

Plant Tissue Culture- Anther Culture, Embryo Culture, Callus Culture.


Have good hands-on experience on MS word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.


Proficient in Hindi, English and Bengali.

Naïve in German


Participated in seminar on Interdisciplinary Advances in Biotechnology organized by department of biotechnology in Ranchi women’s college, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Participated in International Workshop on Enhancement of Communication skill and Language Acquisition at Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan.

Organized the college fest JANUS’15 and 16 at Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan.

Won 2nd prize on model making in “Best Out Of Waste” event organized in the college fest JANUS’16 at Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan.


Father’s Name : Mr. Manik Chandra Kundu

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Pushpa Kundu

Date of Birth : 4/08/1992

Nationality : Indian

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Rupa Kundu

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