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South Pasadena, CA
October 25, 2019

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Mark Guan email:

IT Professional phone: 626-***-****

address: Los angels

Professional Overview

With 20 years of experience in several roles in the IT field, I have successfully demonstrated my ability to contribute to full SDLC in IBM ISeries platforms, enabling the business to efficiently carry out service deliveries and to produce better solutions and outcomes. For 16 years, I have also worked in various consulting roles, serving businesses in retaining, distribution, manufacturing, entertainment, health care, mortgage banking, as well as in automotive sales and warranty.

Skills :


Over twenty eight years of programming on IBM i/AS400 system with both on-line interactive and batch programming in RPGLE/Free Form, CL, SDA/DDS,SQL/Imbedded SQL, Store procedure, DB2,client access, and all other AS400 utilities.

Experienced in ERP conversions such as: BPICS distribution warehouse system consolidation and interfacing, JD AS400/Edwards One world conversion, AS400/Oracle conversion and implementation, Data warehouse conversion, SAP exposure and conversion. Banking loan processing system processing, Island Pacific Retail application maintenance. Manufacture application Mapics XA, Infinium financial application support, EDI TrustedLink transition creation.

Involved in some web front-end, Net, C#,AS and Java J2EE web developing interface with front-end web HTML/JavaScript, JSON and back-end AS400 interfacing and processing. Developed AS400 Store Procedures and Trigger Program.

Involved in Client/Server file transfer, AS400 iDB2 Data provider, MS IBM host integrator, ODBC connections, SQL server

Experienced in wireless hand-held RF Autosoft warehouse application on IBM RS6000 AIX UNIX and Lunix Knowledge of UNIX operating system.

Starting exposure, self study of Bigdata, Hadoop, AWS technology

System Analysis Skills:

Complex problem solving, analysis and resolutions

User and/or business requirement functional and technical design creation for business and enterprise level systems

Software testing preparations, execution, reporting, and full cycle system testing.

Analyzing applications.

Researching and trouble-shooting user business problems, suggesting solutions, and resolving issues.

End user development demonstration and training

Development tools:

VPN remote and on call support.

AS400 Turnover, Implementer, Aldan, version control and Hawkeye Pathfinder utility.

EDI TrustedLink

Visual Studio, SQL reporting server

various proprietary tools.


My overall focus in my professional career has been promoting efficient and cost-effective use of information systems toward successful realization of business and other enterprise goals. In my consulting roles, I have been working in support of systems toward these goals, with regard to both in-house software development as well as packaged solutions, in cooperation with users and management. My hard work ensured the success of each project during all my years supporting business and accounting users throughout each phase of project analysis, research, testing, and implementation and trouble-shooting.

Professional Experience:

GUESS? Inc: May 2018 – April 2019

Retail business, consultant

Working on JDA retail merchandise system on IBMi/AS400 system. Research, modify and create new RPGLE programs to support company multi countries unite daily business.

Programming RPGLE, Embedded SQL create merchandise items, locations, pricing, exchange rates and associates IFS files download to company store servers.

Research, analyze different version, files length and attributes, consolidate to command version to simplify the process. Communicate with directors, users to resolve the process issues.

Analyze, modified the reports program and files and set to company web server.

WNC Insurance Service Inc: May 2017 – Nov 2017

Home and mortgage insurance Company, consultant

Working on company reporting system conversion. On minimum supervision, research the current and new reporting needs. Analyzing business rules, define and create permanent and work files, programming, testing and communicating with users for variety reports and online maintenance programs. Come up with better solutions to creating the reporting system, for current and future use. Use RPGLE, SQLs, upload and download files and generate IFS files.

Penhall Company: July 2016 – Jan 2017

Concrete servicing Company, consultant

Worked on AS400 ISeries RPGLE programming on equipment management, dispatch system Projects. Developed new interface to third party ERP system via AS400 IFS. Exposure and interface third party Java to AS400 for xls files. Communicate with division director and managers to demonstrate new projects. Support user equipment management, dispatch job payrolls, research and resolve issues. Provided some system, third party software evaluations, design and administration.

Denso Products and Services America Inc: July 2015 – May 2016

Automotive warranty, consultant

Worked on AS400 RPGLE programming for company with overseas parent company system consolidation project. Analyze current BPICS in-house programs and data for warehouse distribution, modify or create for production systems.

Worked on EDI ASN consolidation program. Heavy current system program analysis, design, create and implementation.

Hyundai Autoever: May 2013 – July 2015

Automotive warranty, consultant

Worked on AS400 warranty MPG project. Designed and developed project transaction and payment process with SQL,RPGLE. Supported business users through all analyses, meetings, daily user support throughout the entire life cycle of the project. Communicated with outside IT business vendor for web interface, troubleshooting and support. Supported .net C# team for front end interface and Siebel system reporting.

Ventura Food: Oct 2012 – April 2013

Distribution, consultant

Worked on JDE one world ERP conversion AS400 support for manufacturing, inventory, order entry. Developed new AS400 RPG application to JDE one world interface. Worked in fast paced lifecycle of analysis, coding, testing, implementation and post implementation support. Involved in all user meetings, design, and heavy daily testing with JD Edwards one world.

Bank of America: Oct 2010 – Oct 2012

Mortgage Loan, consultant

Worked on BOA application initiative development and enhancement. Involved in various critical projects for Fees Due team with big volume update processing. Used AS400/RPGLE, free form RPG procedure and service program, store procedures, SQL, Turnover. Performed performance analysis, and used multi-threading and proper file indexes. Interfaced with .net C# front end application. Provide application system analysis and documentation. Worked with Analyst, QA, LOB, MQ through full project life cycle process, including Maximo incident approval process.

Hyundai Motor America: March 2010 – Oct 2010

Industry Parts, Consultant

Worked on two Customs Parts regulation projects. Full SDLC development both online and batch programming including free form, procedure calls, embedded SQL, and commitment control. Developed functional and technical specifications, test scripts and implementation documentation. Involved in user meetings, discussion, testing, and after implementation support. SAP implementation exposure and interface.

Bank of America: February 2009 – March 2010

Mortgage Loan, Consultant

Participated in BOA/Countrywide HELOC and Investor Accounting conversion and application gap enhancement development. Used AS400/RPGLE, procedure, service program, SQL, and multithreading job process. Developed store procedures calls and Java J2EE interface. Provided application system analysis and documentation. Coordinated with various teams and provided offshore support. Used Turnover source control.

Hyundai Motor America: October 2007 – December 2008

Dealership Sales Marketing, Consultant

Worked on variety projects to support Sales Marketing, vehicles dealership system.

Programmed using Free form, imbedded SQL, Procedure Prototype binding with interactive programs and batch application.

Participated in all phases of the project, including business analysis and project application design up to user testing.

Worked on .Net C# interface to online Dealer Sales application, AS400 data provider, Store procedure calls. Used Visual Studio Involved in Webservice. Developed Store procedures to interface to DB2 AS400.

Countrywide Home Loan Calabasas: February 2007 – September 2007

Mortgage Loan, Consultant

Participate in developing new front-end Dot .net and back end AS400 loan transfer application system.

Program on AS400 RPGLE, store procedures interfacing with Dot.Net front-end. RPGLE free forms. Main person developing for the AS400 back end process for the team. Involved in all user design discussions, developing, unit and integration testing

Worked on some existing Dot .Net C# maintenance projects in MS VS2005 and VS2003. Developed Dot net. Screen, add, and change backend AS400, update and repost back to front-end.

Hyundai Motor America: March 2006 – January 2007

Dealership Sales Marketing, Consultant

Worked on variety projects to support Sales Marketing and vehicles dealership system.

Programmed using Free form, imbedded SQL, Procedure Prototype binding, Service program with interactive programs and batch application.

Interfaced to a variety of Web online application, distributing the reports from AS400 to Web. Create XML for Vendor application.

Involved in some .NET C# project to interface and support third party web Sales Marketing application.

AS400 to JDE One word ERP interface.

Health net: April 2004 – November 2005

Health care, accounting, Consultant

Worked on a two years million dollar healthcare payment system development and implementation project. Project successfully implemented for the important business payment function.

Programmed using Free formed RPGLE to interface with Valutech Mainframe application with huge transactions. Including full development life cycle with analysis, user discussions. Provided documentation, coding, testing, implementation and post-production support for a big project. Communicated with users and other technical teams to get the best outcome.

Interfaced with the bank and Provider/Client Claims printing services.

Performed Visio representation of business and technical process workflow to the user and other technical teams.

Provided analysis and process Company Provider 1099 for year 2004.

Worked on HTML. Folder file to display AS400 reports on intranet.

Worked on FTPs, Procedure calls, batch, reports, online programming. Using SQL, MKS implementer, and Robot Scheduling analyze and improve operating efficiency by coding multiple processes at the same time for jobs

Troubleshoot and fix the user testing and post implementation problems.

Worked on interfacing to Mainframe COBOL files and mainframe based healthcare payable system.

Toshiba: June 2003 – April 2004

Distribution and Manufacturing, Consultant

Teamed up with Accenture accounting consulting firm to work on a multi million dollars distribution and manufacturing project to perform a conversion from AS400/RPGLE to Oracle ERP. Project successful implemented in production for all planed division functions.

Programmed using Free formed RPGLE for a RMA function Oracle interface using embedded SQL

Work includes full development life cycle with current system analysis, technical user discussions. Documentation, coding. Heavy unit and integrated testing, and post-production support for the big project.

Performs program specification, flow charts, test plans, unit and system test.

Worked on various modules such as MACPAC Credit Memo, Invoice, Purchase Order, Pricing, Inventory programs analysis and programming interface with WebMethods, Broad Vision, Siebel interface, Oracle PL/SQL, forms and reports/Discovery, and MS SQL Server and VB application.

The Disney Store: May 2002 – February 2003

Retail and distribution, Consultant

Instrumental in creating a Supply Chain for International merchandising Retail Business sales and distribution projects.

Programmed using RPGLE to interface with VMI system and EDI PO transmission, to automate PO processing. Embedded SQL with both batch and online programs.

Created AS400 receiving worksheet report on web intranet through IFS file system.

Extracted business data from AS 400 and interfaced with Unix based RETEK warehouse management system.

Worked online and batch program for allocation and inventory balancing between two systems.

Analyzed current system for an optimum programming plan to implement pre-package functionality; documented and evaluated the current system program, and submitted an in-depth project proposal for the half-million dollar major system modification.

Countrywide Finance: May 2000 – May 2002

Home loan, consultant

Participated in a million dollar Global Loan system project development for United Kingdom on AS400.

Worked on development of a new loan servicing system and interfaces for UK mortgage banks.

Programmed Free Form RPGLE/RPGLE/RPGIV batch and online, journaling, trigger and commitment controls. Programmed embedded SQL for reports.

Used Turnover version control.

Participated in all team projects including project development, testing and production support life cycle.

Involved in MQ/MQSI XML messaging data transmission.

Exposure and interface to Java J2EE development, JSP, JDBC, IBM Java WebSphere and interface with GOS loan origination.

Experienced using internal data conversion tools.

Fadal Engineering: December 1999 – May 2000

Part time Consultant

Programmed using Free formed RPGLE/RPGLE. Provided Mapics XA application support

Provided Mapics XA application support.

Used AS400/InternetWeb auto entry data to create AS400 interface to trigger and update Mapics application.

Automated Web order to auto pick/pack, ship and auto invoice.

Created Auto inventory backflash/bill of material order input.

Used VB, Visual Studio.NET, and ASP applications to interface with AS400.

Used CRM software interfacing.

Provided proof of concepts with Java, AS400 and JSP.

Frederick’s of Hollywood: April 1999 – December 1999

Retail, Distribution, Consultant

Programmed RPGLE on AS400 on online, batch, and RPGLE procedure programs.

Supported Mozart Internet Web order and Catalog mail order programs.

Supported Island Pacific retail applications.

Programmed POS data transfers.

Developed AS400, Prestige Payroll, and STR POS time hours interfacing programs.

Used DB400 ODBC to Access database.

Retail Aspect StartUp Co: April 1999 – July 1999

Online Startup, Off hour/Part Time Consultant

Programmed RPGLE on AS400 to support IP applications with retail clients.

Interfaced and posted Journals IP to JD Edwards.

Started Java programming, AS400 interface and API development using Eclipse.

IBM/Kubota Tractors: September 1997 – April 1999

Consultant, Developer

Programmed in RPGLE to support company loan system. Programmed in embedded SQL for all the reports.

Contracted to IBM ISSC and consulted for IBM’s client Kubota Tractors

Develop loan Origination front end, and service backend Loan servicing package. From user information screen validation, updates and important loan amount calculations.

Programmed RPG400/RPGLE interactive subfiles/batch on AS400.

Provided hands on programming and created Internet application in HTML/Java, CGI on AS400.

Supported front end/backend Loan servicing package and Dealership warranty system.

Used IBM Client Access, Lotus Notes/Dominos Client Server software.

Involved in SAP ERP implementation, ABAP programming.

Develop proto-typing of Java demonstration.

The Disney Store: May 1996 – September 1997

Retail, Distribution, Sales, Senior Programmer Analyst

Supported Island Pacific Retail package.

Programmed RPG400/RPGLE interactive subfiles/batch and performed SQL programming.

Supported Multi-country retailing/distribution application, and traveled to Disney.

UK for programming support.

Worked on AS400/RS6000 PCS warehouse application interface projects.

Used Rumba Client Server software.

Exposure to SAP/ABAP4 initial testing implementation.

Duty Free Shoppers: September 1991 – April 1996

International Retail and distribution, Senior Programmer Analyst

Programmed RPGLE on IBM AS400 in retail environment on RPG400/RPGLE.

Supported GL/AP/AR for accounting for end user using Software 2000 GL, Computer Associate AP.

Worked on POS data transfers.

Support for AS400 evening problem on-call/dial-in

Programmed on SQL.

Converted and supported RS6000 AIX Unix wireless handheld RF Autosoft/Noran warehouse distribution system.

Involved in Monarch/Intermix bar code AS400 interfacing.

Used Netsoft Client/Server for AS400/PC interfacing.

Supported nationwide remote location users.

Work history prior to 1991, including permanent employment available upon request.

BS, Computer Science, University of California, Irvine, CA, Dec 1986 GPA 3.6

AA, Computer Science, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA, June 1984 GPA 3.4

Technical Training.

AS400: Many seminars, onside and offside training.

Dot Net: MoorPark College.

Java: Cal Poly and Colleges

Oracle: PL/SQL, Forms/Reports, Oracle University

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