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Medical Mental Health

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 28, 2019

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Name Tabassum Alvi Sex Female

Marital Status Married

Nationality Pakistani

Address Apartment # 5 Building 24 university campus Apartments AlMajmaah,Saudia Arabia

Contact No. 009***********



1993 M.B.B.S, Dow Medical College, University Karachi, Pakistan.

1987 F.S.C, Higher School Certificate Examination of Karachi.

1985 S.S.C (secondary school certificate) St Lawrence’s

School, Karachi.


F.C.P.S Psychiatry in 2006, Pakistan.

M.C.P.S Psychiatry in 2001, Pakistan.

Advance Diploma Humanistic Integrative Counseling affiliated from CPPD UK.

Diploma in Humanistic integrative Counseling affiliated from CPPD UK.

'Certificate' course in Humanistic Counseling

“Psychiatric Rehabilitation” course affiliated with New Jersey Medical and Dental University, USA. (January 2011)

Communication Skills workshop Facilitator, for Post graduate Medical Students CPSP, Pakistan. (02 years)


PMDC Registration Number 27375-S

CPSP Fellowship Number PSY - 06 -7870

Saudi commission for health specialties 15-R-M-0049684



23rd June 2014-till date (4 years 4 months) Assistant Professor Psychiatry/Behavioural Sciences, Al Majmaah University, KSA.

April 2012 – May 2014 (2 years 1 month) Assistant Professor Psychiatry/Behavioural Sciences. Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Karachi.

Feb 2010- 31st March 2012 Consultant Psychiatrist Karwan e Hayat, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, Karachi.

Jan 2007-Jan 2010 Assistant Professor Psychiatry /Behavioural Sciences,

(03 years and 7 days) Wah Medical College, Wah Cant.

April 2003- March2004

(01 year, 01 month and 24 days) Post graduate trainee Psychiatry,

Rawalpindi General Hospital (RGH) Rawalpindi

Oct 2000 – Oct 2001 Post graduate trainee Psychiatry, JPMC.(01 year)

(04 year, 05 months and 03 days) Post graduate trainee Psychiatry, The Aga Khan University Hospital.


Jan 1994 - June 1994 Internship, Department of Medicine, Civil Hospital Karachi.

July 1994 – Dec 1994 Internship, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Civil Hospital Karachi.


April 1999- May 1999 Neurology rotation at AKUH Karachi.

Sep 1997- Nov 1997 Observer ship in Community Psychiatry.

at Charring Cross Hospital, London.

June 1999- Aug 1999 Child Psychiatry rotation at AKUH Karachi.


June 2014- till date 04 years and 9 months at Majmaah Medical University.

April 2012-May 2014 02 year and 1 months at JMDC

Jan 2007 – Jan 2010 PMDC Recognizes experience of 3 years 07 days teaching experience as Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences/ Psychiatry at Wah Medical College, Wah Cant.



1. Alvi T, Reza H. Case Report “Neuroleptic Induced Incontinence” J Pak Med Assoc 1997; 47(7):195-6

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5.Presentation and Psychiatric co morbidity in patients with Dissociative Disorders. JPPS 2011; 8(1):18-21.

6.S Hussain, T Alvi, A Zeeshan, S Nadeem .Perceived childhood paternal acceptance-rejection among adults

Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 2013, Vol. 23 (4): 269-271 269.

7.Moghal F, Yasien S, Alvi T, Washdev.Quality of life and perceived social support in psychiatric patients.Asian Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities Vol 2 number4 Nov 2013) www. P a g e 32

8.Anxiety and depression among Caregivers of psychiatric patients as compared to normal population. JPPS. January – june 2014 volume 11 number 1. Page 02

9.Medical Professionals Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Depressive Disorder in Pakistan.” MAJMAAH J. HEALTH SCIENCES. April 2015,Vol 3,issue1 page 37-43.,5&as_vis=1&q=9.%09Medical+Professionals+Knowledge,+Attitude,+and+Practice+of+Depressive+Disorder.

10.ATTEMPTED SUICIDE AND SERIOUSNESS OF INTENT” Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 2017, Vol. 27(1): 55-56

11. Psychiatry Teaching and Its Impact on The Attitudes Towards Psychiatry, Psychiatry As A Career Choice And Psychiatrists As A Role Model on Saudi Medical Students- A Comparative Analysis.EC Psychology and Psychiatry 5.2(2017):52- 58.

12.Yasien S,Alvi T,Dev W,Moghal F.INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE DURING PREGNANCY AND ITS OUTCOME.Intimate Partner Violence Pak Armed Forces Med J 2018; 68 (5): 1429-33.



Module coordinator Psychiatry Majmaah University 2019

Module coordinator Behavioural Sciences and Psychiatry module Majmaah University 2017.


I NCHARGE ‘Rehabilitation and Day Care unit’ KEH.

Member of Drug tendering committee KEH.

In charge of Postgraduate teaching Program at KEH.

Involved in renovation and up gradation of Department of Psychiatry, POF Hospital, Wah Cantt.

Chief Resident, Department of Psychiatry, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.


3rd International Alziemers’s Disease Association Conference Riyadh. Feb 2017

5th Saudi International Medical Education Conference, 2016 and the American College of Physicians Saudi Chapter Meeting, at Alfaisal University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

19TH I NTERNATIONAL Psychiatric Conference of Pakistan Psychiatric Society Islamabad 2012.

18th National Psychiatric Conference Pakistan Psychiatric Society Disaster, Resilience, Prevention – A Step Forward 2009.

National Symposium on Depression 2009

5th International Symposium on Psychiatric updates and Media /Public awareness held in Lahore in 2008.

National Psychiatric conference Faisalabad, Pakistan 2005

International Psychiatric conference Karachi, Pakistan 1997

Psychiatric Conference Agha Khan University Hospital Karachi in 1997.

National Workshop at AKUH on “Role of Media in Promotion of Mental Health” March 1999


August 2013 One paper presented in Nation symposium on Depression Islamabad.

Dec 2009 One paper was presented 18th National Psychiatric Conference Pakistan

Psychiatric Society Disaster, Resilience, Prevention – A Step Forward 2009.

Bhaurban, Pakistan.

August 2009 One paper presented at National Symposium on Depression 2009 RWP.

April 2008 Two papers were presented in 5th International Symposium on Psychiatric updates and Media /Public awareness held in Lahore in 2008.

2005 One paper presented in National Psychiatric Conference in Faisalabad.


Oct 2017 Advances in Kidney transplantation conference, Riyadh.

April 2016 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): How to Design & Implement. A Hands-on Workshop,KSA.

Feb 2015 Workshop Co-dependence and addiction by Francis Lickerish

2015 Advance Diploma In Integrative Humanistic counselling;UK

2014 Diploma in Humanistic counseling,CPPD ; UK

Sept 2013 Workshop on adolescent Psychiatry by David Taransaud’s (UK).

Feb 2013 Certificate Course on ‘Counseling’ from CPPD UK.

Dec 2012 Workshop ‘counseling’ organized by CPPD England.

Feb 2012 BLS and ACLS Workshop CPSP, Karachi

Dec 2010 “Supervisory Skills” workshop at CPSP Karachi

Nov 2010 “Research Methodology” Workshop at CPSP Karachi

Nov 2009 ‘Best Evidence Medicine’, Workshop held at Wah Medical College,

Wah Cantt.

March 2009 Workshop held in CPSP regional office Islamabad ‘Assessment of Competence’

March 2009 Workshop held in CPSP regional office Islamabad ‘Educational Planning and Evaluation.

Feb 2009 Workshop held in Wah Medical College’ Constructing Multiple Choice Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences’.

2007 Workshop attended at UHS regarding examiners training in Behavioural sciences

2006 Workshop “Assessment and Management of Trauma Victims and

Research Issues” at Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

2004 10TH Postgraduate Clinical Course in Psychiatry.

2004 ‘Communication Skills’ Workshop held by CPSP, at regional centre


2003 ‘Research Methodology, Biostatistics and Dissertation writing’

Workshop held by CPSP, at regional centre Islamabad

Sep 2003 WHO Internal Fellow ship Course in community, at institute of psychiatry, RGH

2000 ‘Introduction to Computer and Internet’, Workshop held BY CPSP

at Bhawalpur.

1999 Role of Media in Promotion of Mental Health ‘, conducted at The

Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.


Proficient in: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,

Statistical Software SPSS.


Dr Nusrat Zareen

Assosciate Professor Anatomy

College of Medicine ‘Taif University

Dr Abdul Rahman Atrum

Head of Department Psychiatry

Majmaah Medical University

Professor Zafarullah Chandray Dr Tariq Sohail

President CPSP,Pakistan Consultant Psychiatrist Chairman JMDC Karachi Pakistan

Mr Saleemuddin Ahmed

Vice President Karwan E Hayat

Psychiatric care and Rehabilitation

Karachi, Pakistan. 030********

Pof Iqbal Afridi

Head of the Department Prof Mussarat Ramzan

Jinnah PostGraduate Medical Centre Dean an Vice Principal, Wah Medical

Karachi,Pakistan College,Wah Cantt.030*******

Contact#: 030********

Prof Fareed A Minhas

Head of the department

Institute of psychiatry

Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi.

Contact # 030********

Prof Murad Moosa Khan

Head of department

AKUH, Karachi


Contact # 021-********

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