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Manager Engineering

El Dorado Hills, CA
October 28, 2019

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El Dorado Hills, California 95762 Executive with broad Information Technology and Telecommunications management credentials. Results oriented professional with over 20 years of in-depth experience in program management, network planning & deployment, technical support, systems engineering, IT infrastructure management, customer service, organization development. Highly organized and flexible, able to analyze and strategize to improve operational efficiency and profitability. Excellent oral and written skills with a proven track record as a leader, manager, and team member. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

§ Change Management Strategic Problem Solving

§ Budget Management Staff Development

§ Program Management Contract Negotiations

§ Technology Analysis Technology Implementation

§ Applications Development Business Analysis

§ Organization Development Systems Engineering


• Successfully Program Managed a $120M portfolio of IT and Engineering Advanced Technology Integration projects in support of a centralized Gas Operations Control and Call Center.

• Successfully Program Managed new Call Center Technology deployment for a major customer, in addition to, Change Management, Customer Service Training, Marketing, Sales, and Software Support.

• Successfully assembled, developed, and led organizations consisting of highly educated and technically experienced people focused on planning, testing, engineering, implementing, marketing, finance, legal, and technically supporting new technology in both centralized and de-centralized environments.

• Successfully Program Managed the planning and deployment of large IT and Telecom networks (wireless and wireline), both domestic and international.

• Successfully Program Managed the development of technology testing, assessment, and technical support centers for a major Wireless start-up for Broadband Services, Signaling System 7 (SS7) networks, and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) systems, all precursor enabling infrastructure for today’s smart phone applications and services.

• Successfully Project Managed the billing material handling for the deployment of GSM and CDMA for Vodafone/Airtouch, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, and Verizon.

• Project Managed the Global Enterprise Deployment of the Windows 10 Operating System upgrade from Windows 7 for a major health care provider.

• Influenced the decision making by major telecom carriers in the areas of network investment, including, CDMA, GSM, LTE, IPTV, VoIP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, IMS, GPON, Hybrid Optical E-Band and Dark Fiber, DWDM long-haul transport, handset, and storage technologies.

• Successfully developed the process with performance measurements for managing the work of a Vendor Management Group and an Enterprise Organization responsible for ordering telecom services.

• Successfully led telecom services migration from one mix of vendors to a new one governed by cost savings, enhanced set of telecom services, and a new vision for managed network services.



Senior Project Manager – CompuCom 11/2018- 03/2019 Location: Rancho Cordova, California

Responsible for leading a team of subject matter experts in the Global Enterprise Deployment of the Windows 10 Operating System From Windows 7 for a major customer.

• Engineering the Windows 10 “Gold” image including deployment tools.

• Defining the roadmap, schedule, and plan for Application Remediation.

• Development of the Communication Plan.

• Defining the Deployment Plan and identifying resources.

• Operational Readiness Plan including support and RASCI. Senior Program Manager – Pacific Gas & Electric 10/2014- 03/2017 Location: San Ramon, California

Responsible for directing cross-functional teams of project managers, engineers, software programmers, operational specialists, and business analysts through successful execution of a portfolio of advanced technology integration projects, as shown below, for a centralized gas operations control center.

• Video Wall.

• Network visualization tools for situational awareness.

• Predictive and simulation tools for gas leak isolation (earthquake, floods, fire, gas pressure & flow, resource location).

• Event Management tools for locating, retrieving, organizing, and presenting all pertinent data and documents on screen related to any event (critical and non-critical) to enable quicker and effective decision making.

• Change Management for all communications and process changes.

• Cyber Security processes and measures for critical field data gathering devices and transport facilities.

• Smart Meter & Wireline/Wireless SCADA field technology, Dark Fiber, and DWDM transport.

• Major upgrades to Control Center Operations Technology (servers, displays, software, processes) associated with switching to a new vendor.

• As an individual contributor, developed a tool for forecasting project expense and capital requirements based on hourly rates, contract commitments, and person hours.

• Movement and consolidation of voluminous critical legacy spreadsheet data to an enterprise relational database.

Executive Consultant – (Aoptics Technologies, Inc., Next Generation Networks, Inc.) 08/2012-10/2014 Location: Campbell, California

Responsible for providing consulting services to senior management & staff of all major technology and telecom companies on the following topics,

• Wireless Deployment.

• Social Media Applications and Location Services.

• TDM to VOIP migration.

• Hybrid Optical E-Band backhaul over dark fiber.

• Vendor management.


Senior Manager – Bear Data Solutions 07/2011-08/2012 Location: San Jose, California

Responsible for directing and leading a client organization's Telecom Operations and Engineering Business Units in support of the Enterprise Voice Services.

• Management oversight for all IMAC support for all phone appliances (TDM & VoIP), and change management for infrastructure equipment, such as, Avaya/Nortel PBX, Call Pilot, HMS, Meridian Mail, Cisco Call Manager, Unity, UCCX, and other Cisco servers.

• Hands on management of all Tier 1,2, and 3 support, 7x24, including Data Systems.

• New Call Center technology implementation, support, and training.

• Developed Capital and Expense forecast for all growth and daily operations requirements.

• Executive member of governance and other committees overseeing the National Operations and Growth of the Enterprise Voice Network.

• Vendor management of Avaya/Nortel and Cisco Systems.

• Organizational development and deployment of a Performance Measurement Plan. Vendor Management Service Delivery – (Kaiser Permanente) 03/2010-01/2011 Location: Walnut Creek, California

Responsible for directing and leading the Vendor Management Service Delivery Group which oversees the providers of telecom services and the ordering of services from these same providers

• Management oversight for compliance to the terms and conditions of the negotiated contracts, tracking of performance per Service Level Agreements, and resolution of contractual issues.

• Development and implementation of the Vendor Rules of Engagement governing how the vendors will engage the company's different groups, including engineering, operations, finance, IT, and the other groups.

• The Telecom Services include, voice, data, and mobile, and the vendors include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Qwest, and the remaining tier 2 & 3 service providers.

• The services ordered are voice circuits (i.e. T1, DSL, DS3, Audio Conference, Telepresence); data circuits (i.e. OC-3, OC-12, Metro Ethernet, Ethernet to MPLS Cloud); Mobile handsets and Service Plans.

• Leading the circuit order migration bound by old contracts to a new contract with a different mix of vendors, different transport architecture, an enhanced set of voice, data, and mobile services, plus a new approach to Managed Network Services. Executive Consultant – (Next Generation Network, Inc., Hewlett Packard) 01/2007-03/2010 Location: Cupertino, California

Responsible for providing consulting services to senior management & staff of all major technology and telecom companies on the following topics,

• Wi-Fi and Wi-Max deployment strategies and tactics, including, network architecture, system design, RF propagation studies, site surveys, and required documentation.

• Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which includes the IT infrastructure, the voice, data, and video systems, the applications and storage environments.

• VOIP, IPTV, SS7, GPON, Dark Fiber, DWDM, and Metro Ethernet.

• Vendor management.


Frontier Communications - Director Wireless Engineering & Technology 10/2005-01/2007 Location: Elk Grove, California

Responsible for the engineering and testing of wireless technology for deployment as well as the evaluation of new technology for the wire-line business,

• Established and directed the organization focusing on testing, deploying, and providing 7x24 technical support for mobile Wi-Fi services at universities and other business enterprises.

• Development of requirements for the Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which includes the IT infrastructure, the voice, data, and video systems, the applications and storage environments.

• Evaluation and deployment of new technology, such as, VOIP, IPTV, Wi-Max, GPON, Dark Fiber, DWDM long haul systems, 3G handsets, storage platforms, and Metro Ethernet.

• Successfully managed the vendors to deliver on the negotiated contracts. Teleworx Inc – Vice President, McLean Virginia 06/2004-08/2005 Responsible for providing consulting to senior management & staff of all the major US wireless carriers on the following topics,

• Development of an organizational structure and process for testing, introducing, and technically supporting new network technology as well as IT systems.

• Developed the architecture and network design for leveraging the IT systems to carry and store commercial voice and data traffic and bypass the circuit switched network resulting in an annual cost savings of over $100 million for a major wireless carrier.

• Market and technology assessment of VoIP technology, including vendors, competitors, history, technology, scenario development, network design, and network architectures.

• Assessment and use of tools for optimizing the backhaul of traffic from the cell site to the Mobile Switching Center through the use of facilities hubbing and fiber ring design.

• VoIP, including development of requirements for the media gateway, signaling gateway, softswitch, and session border controller, all focused on moving towards an IT infrastructure.

• Familiar with the following systems through assessment and architecture design efforts; iDen, GSM, CDMA2000 (1XRTT, EV-DO, & EV-DV), Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, DWDM short & long haul. France Telecom - Research & Development, San Francisco, California Consultant to Vice Presidents of R&D, Business, and Strategic Planning 03/2002-03/2004 Responsible for providing consulting to senior management on the following topics,

• Management and direction of university research, as well as establishing research partnerships with leading research universities, such as, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT.

• R&D investment in the USA and assessment of technology and economic trends.

• Strategic Analysis of organizational structure and performance management for IT and research organizations.

• R&D benchmarking, business model development and competitive analysis.

• Effective technology transfer of university research to operations and business units.

• Frameworks for basic and applied research, advanced engineering, and development.

• Management of innovation and intellectual property.

• MEMS, Smart Dust, Sensor, Multimedia, E-Commerce, IPV6, Ultra Wideband, Grid Networks, DWDM, Wi-Fi and Web Services research advancements and issues. GASPER LOUIE RAYA Page 5

Charles Schwab, San Francisco, California

Managing Director - Network Capacity Planning 11/2000-11/2001 Responsible for managing network bandwidth and providing 7x24 technical support for the assigned voice and data systems. Also, managed the measurement, analysis, forecasting, and reporting of network capacity.

• Successfully positioned the company to realize $2M in annual savings by automating the measurement and reporting of network capacity and performance.

• Significantly improved the team's forecasting results by directing and focusing the team on the use of an advanced network modeling and troubleshooting tools.

• Saved over $1M in expenses by restructuring the organization.

• Maximized network savings by implementing a quarterly review of the voice network.

• Successfully led the development and implementation of network capacity measurement guidelines.

• Member of the Change Management Board overseeing all of the corporate IT systems. Vodafone/AirTouch, Walnut Creek, California

Director - Network Planning (Engineering Development) 01/1992-08/2000 To plan, engineer, and support the network and IT infrastructure with the appropriate network technologies & capabilities in a way that facilitated (1) improved network efficiencies, (2) rapid introduction of services, (3) high degree of vendor independence, (4) graceful network evolution.

• Created and managed a high powered organization with functioning capability in the areas of switching, storage, radio, signaling, systems engineering, planning, testing, implementation, and providing7x24 technical support.

• Successfully planned, deployed and managed new computing platforms in data centers for processing real-time voice and data transactions, plus storing customer profiles, location data, equipment inventory, and billing information.

• Positioned Vodafone/AirTouch to realize over $500M in savings over 5 years by influencing the company to embrace Interim Standard 634 as the option of choice to pursue for reducing radio infrastructure costs because of the capability to mix and match different vendor radio and switching equipment, thus, avoiding lock-in.

• Successfully directed the testing and demonstration of the viability of using low cost small roof top base station technology in a CDMA infrastructure.

• Successfully directed the testing and deployment of SS7 and AIN in the cellular network, including, Service Control Points, Signal Transfer Points, Service Switching & Signaling Point functionality, IS-41, off board HLR, and a host of revenue producing services.

• Successfully negotiated over $50M in vendor equipment and software cost savings.

• Created the vision and plan for evolving the cellular network and IT systems to be more competitive.

• Effectively established an inter-operability testing capability and a vendor management process for IT systems and voice, data, and video networks. GASPER LOUIE RAYA Page 6


§ Carnegie Mellon University Attended the Information Networking Institute's

(6 Mo Program) Advanced Technology program. Core courses in information networking, business administration, electrical engineering, and computer science.

§ MSEE, Stanford University Core courses in information theory, signal processing,

& radiation. Specialty in bioelectronics.

§ BSEE, UC Berkeley Core courses in circuit theory, circuit design, & system theory.

§ Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical Engineering) State of California.

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