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Chemical Engineering Engineer

London, ON, Canada
October 22, 2019

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Dawood Al-Mosuli

MSc, M.Eng, P.Eng 519-***-****

Research and Development Engineer (Chemical)

20+ years’ success leading engineering innovation for high-growth organizations

Repeated success guiding design and operational-focused chemical engineering projects for a range of global industries. Committed to improving processes and architecting solutions to improve productivity and meet industry demands. Graduate-level education, with strong experience leading university-level students to success. Talent for project management, working independently or in a supervisory role; highly-flexible and able to relocate. Graduate degrees in chemical and biochemical engineering.

Highlights of Expertise

Process & Equipment Design

Chemical Process modeling & Simulation

For Example ( CFD modeling of FCC downer)

Solid - Fluid Separation operation & processing

Solid - solid Particles Separation

Metal Detection, Hydrometallurgical

Pyro-Metallurgical and hydro metallurgical Extraction. Production of Eutectic alloys (as in brazing wires for example)

Proactively assessed risks, including HAZOP, maintained safety compliance, and ASTM standards throughout the process.

Steam generation (Firetube and watertube boilers).

Risk assessment

Techno-Economic study of chemical processes

Industrial Chemistry

Management & Supervisory Skills

Middle-East Exposure

Water Treatment (for petroleum industry and power generation)

Oil refining & processing

Fuel & Oil characterization

Gasification of Biomass

Very good mechanical skills (Canadian Welding qualifications)

Basic knowledge of PLC programming (Canadian certificate in industrial control)

Career Experience

University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Technical Specialist (2018)

Supervised senior students in the utilization of Aspen Plus, Aspen Hysys, and VMGSIM as part of complex design projects (detailed design, optimization, and sensitivity analysis of petroleum distillation units as an example).


Facilitated hands-on individual and group learning through management of industry-standard projects, enabling rich understanding of real world requirements for chemical engineers.

Supervised senior students in utilization of Aspen Plus and Aspen Hysys as part of complex design projects (such as PFD, P&ID, heat and mass balance, equipment sizing, detailed design of petroleum distillation columns, etc.)

Co-supervised 4th year students in using FLUENT CFD and graduate students in using POLYFOW software, which was used in completing a highly-successful industry-focused simulation for Firestone Company (Tyre yarn production).

Judged, co-supervised, and consulted on the Capstone Design Competition, which showcased the university’s best accomplishments in chemical and biochemical design


Served as a subject matter expert and researcher for an odor abatement pilot project for Cargill Value Added Meats Factory, as part of a joint venture sponsored by University of Western Ontario.


Design and optimization of the new process.

Commissioning and troubleshooting of the new pilot plant inside Cargill plant

Running experiments (unsteady-state and steady-state operations)

Data analysis


Directly involved in operation of the pilot plant

Managing the time due to limitations and time conflict with regular plant operation

Followed the ASTM standards during the design.

Scheduled the experiments time and planned based on the wastewater treatment system availability

Followed all the safety rules and regulations as advised by the plant manager

Prepared HAZOP and assessed the risks involved with the operation.

Reported the results on a daily basis

Prepared technical report as required by the supervisor

Made presentation (Power Point) to address the progress and objectives.

Applied ability to think out-of-the-box to a range of highly site-specific technical production projects, leading to increased efficiency and improved revenue streams.


Ulla Companies: Lead a hydro-metallurgy and pyro-metallurgy refining processes to detect and extract valuable metals from ores, alloy scraps, foundry wastes, utilizing chemical and physical methods (mainly hindered settling separation followed by smelting to separate metals or leaching followed by filtration, crystallization and drying to separate metallic salts). Spearheaded sub-projects based on inorganic (copper sulfate, copper chloride, zinc sulfate, nickel sulfate and chloride) for electroplating. Was responsible for conceptualizing an innovative method of producing copper phosphide alloy in a copper eutectic phase diagram which is used for the production of certain qualities of brazing wires.

Al Mousilly Consulting: Produced best qualities of garment and shoe upper leather by applying private and standard tanning procedures when supervising a private project for leather tanning, and production of tanning and leather finishing materials. Converted scrap soap to fatty acids. Produced window glass sealant. Created products for food processing including potato chips, vinegar (bubble column fermentation acetator), and gelatin from animal skin wastes and sodium bicarbonate from soda ash. Contributed to the design of aluminum anodic oxidation and coloring plant.

Education & Credentials

University of Western Ontario, London, ON Grad. 2014 with GPA 3.93 out of 4

Master of Engineering in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Particle science and fluidization)

George Brown College Toronto ON Grad is expected at the end of 2019

PLCII control technical diploma

University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (Transport Phenomena), Hydrodynamics of Cross flow Filtration

University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Fanshawe College, London ON Grad 2018

Electrical Industrial Control Certificate

Fanshawe college, London ON Grad 2019

University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Four months training in Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis

Professional Development: P.ENG certified (PEO member).

Technical Proficiencies: Aspen Plus, Aspen Hysys, CFD, FLUENT, ICEM, POLYFLOW, VMGSIM, PLC and industrial control, Simulink, Solidworks, Microsoft office (word, excel, power point), Inorganic chemical analysis, FORTRAN, BASIC, 5 Canadian Welding Qualifications (MIG, TIG, and stick Welding), Power boiler operation.

My References and publications in Canadian and British journals are available on request

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