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Maintenance Machine Operator

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
October 17, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae


Charimba James

** ******** *****

The Crescent Green Avenue


Kempton Park Cell : +277********


Personal Information

Date of Birth : 31/01/1977

Sex : Male

Nationality : Zimbabwean

Drivers’ Licence : 11093H

Passport number : FN 458074 SAIEE Membership : 14939

Career Profile

A qualified electrician with close to 15 years of plant maintenance and industial automation experience. Adapt in performing electrical installations, maintenance, repairs on industrial and plant facilities. Experienced in analyzing and following manuals, schematic and circuit diagrams and other specifications. Excel in analyzing and solving problems with various electrical controls and systems. Experienced in machinery operation, minding and fitting, worked with hydraulic presses and ginnery equipment. Mechanical/Electrical repairs and maintenance of lifting equipment (Overhead Cranes and Hoists), conveyors, fans and boilers.Knowledge of basic pneumatics and hydraulics.

Key Skills

Installations and maintenance

Trouble shooting/Fault finding

Electrical systems and controls

Electromechanical Repairs


Circuit diagrams

PLC experience (Siemens Series and Allen Bradley)

Generators and Transformers

Switches and circuit breakers


VSDs and Softstarters

Wiring diagrams

Mechanical repairs and maintenance of machinery

Hydraulic pressing equipment

Basic Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Professional Qualifications

Class 1 Electrician Trade Tested(SAQA Evaluated)

N5 Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering

Department of Education(SA) 2018

N4 Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering

Department of Education(SA) 2016

Certificate in Electrical Installation Rules 1and2

Department of Education(SA) 2017

National Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering(SAQA Evaluated)

Mutare Polytechnic 2003

Certificate in Programmable Logic Control

Harare Institute of Technology 2015

A member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers

Currently studying for N6 Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering

Academic Qualifications

Six Ordinary Level Subjects including English,Mathematics and Science

Dadaya High School 1990-1993

Work Experience

1)Current Occupation

Employer : Snow Soft Tissue t/a Picknik Marketing

Position : Plant Maintenance Electrician

Period : January 2018 to date

Main Duties and responsibilities

Service and maintenance of electrical equipment in a paper mill and tissue converting plant.

Installation,service,maintenance and troubleshooting of PCMC paper converting machines (Forte and Amica).

Installation,service,maintenance and troubleshooting of TMC packing and bundling machines (Uno and Due).

Service,maintenance and troubleshooting on Serviette(Omet),Interfolder and Industrial Paper Towel Machines

Installation,configuration and maintenance of Variable Frequency Drives

Parker Hannfin AC890 Series;Common Bus Supply,Common Bus Drive and Standalone Drive with Safe Torque Off and Dynamic Breaking Resistors

Allen Bradley Power Flex 700S/PF70/40P;Standalone Drives with Safe off Option Board

Allen Bradley Kinetix 7000/6000;Intergrated Axis Modules,Axis and Shunt modules,and Braking choppers

Schneider Pac Drive 3 and 4;Mac 5;Elau Multi Axis Controllers with inverter enable safety

Monitoring and maintenance of Industrial Communication Protocols

Serial Realtime Communication System(SERCOS Second and Third Generation)

Process Field Bus(PROFIBUS)

Process Field Net(PROFINET)

FireWire High speed Serial Bus

LAN Protocol and CAN bus

Troubleshooting and clearing Alarms on Allen Bradley Logix 5000,Siemens S7,Mitsubishi (MELSEC),TN5(Schneider)and BR X20 PLC programs

Maintenance and replacements of input and output field devices

Sensors;Photoelectric(Diffuse,Retroreflective and Qptic Fibre),Proximity(Inductive and Capacitive),Through Beam,Magnetic,Loadcells and Linear Transducers

Semiconductor contactors,Contactors,Solenoid coils and valves, Encoders(Incremental,Absolute and Sin/Cos) and Resolvers

Service,maintenance and replacement of 3phase induction motors and brushless servos

Service and maintenance of sealing equipment/machinery;Cartridge and Straight Elements,Thermocouples and PT100

Maintenance of all protection and safety devices

Safety Relays;Guard master,Pnoz and Pilz

Zero Speed Monitoring Relays

Prosafe(Siemens) and Allen Bradley Safety Plc

Motor protection circuit breakers and Overload relays

Door safety switches and E stop buttons and lifelines

Earthleakage circuit breakers and Residual current devices

Participated in the installation and commissioning of a new production line. Also doing procurement and management of Electrical Spares

2) Previous Occupation

Employer : OILSA/Distell Springs (Home of Ciders)

Position : Process/Line maintenance Electrician

Period : May-December 2017

Main duties and responsibilities

Working with S7 high speed bottling/canning machinery

Monitoring and servicing field devices and PLC inputs and outputs

Fault finding/detection and maintenance of electrical motors,pumps,control panels,and distribution boards to required standards

Service and maintenance of Danfos A/C Drive,Rexroth and Eco drives.

Service and maintenance of Siemens A/C Drives

Maintenance and repairs of sensors,sensor control,VSD,HMI,switch gear,AC motors,relay logic,temperature controllers,I/P convertors and basic Industrial Instrumentation

Adhering to and encouraging subordinates to practice safety procedures According to OHS

3)Previous Occupation

Employer : Halwick Investments t/a Whelson Gdc and Road Grip Tyers

Position : Electrician

Period : 2013-May 2017

Main duties and responsibilities

Repairs and maintenance of workshop tools:lathe machines,milling machines,heavy duty drilling and grinding machines

Repairs and maintenance of arc welding machines, aluminum synchrowave machines, CO2 machines

Repairs and maintenance of fuel pumps: power and controls

Installation, repairs and maintenance of boreholes and submersible pumps: voltagewindow comparators and pump protection relays

Wiring maintenance and repairs of tyre curing chambers: thermo couplers, temperature control circuits solenoid and pressure control switches

Service and maintenance of tyre builder circuits: forward, reverse and sequential starters

Repairs and maintenance of rubber extruder guns.

Repairs and maintenance of tyre buffing machine; forward and reverse star delta and Ac variable speed drives (1-phase in, 3- phase out)

Maintenance of Softstarters

Repairs and maintenance of compressors: power and control circuits: transducer configurations and error rectification

Designing and wiring new circuits

Repairs and maintenance of single phase motors:capacitor start capacitor run, universal motors, split phase motors

Repairs and maintenance of single phase and three phase generators

4) Previous Occupation

Employer : Mutare board and Paper Mills

Position : Electrician

Period : 2004-2009

Main duties and responsibilities

Maintenance and overhauling of electric motors ie Squirrel cage, slip ring,DC shunt, wound rotor, synchronous motors and excitation generators

Designing and wiring new circuits

Maintenance of DOL, forward and reverse star delta, liquid and rotor resistance starters

Monitoring daily machine performance i.e. checking temperatures, smoothness of rotation, winding to winding,winding to earth resistances and current balances

Installation and maintenance of proximity,float, emergency switches and pendant controls

Service and maintenance of overhead cranes and hoists: long, short traverse and hoisting circuits

Maintenance of Ac and Dc variable speed drives

Maintenance of substation switch gear for 6.6 KV, 3.3KV and 380V supplies

Domestic installations

Supervision of apprentices

Participation in occupational health and safety programmes and environmental management systems

5.1)Previous Occupation

Employer : Cotton Company of Zimbabwe

Position : Electrical Handyman

Period : 1999-2001

Main duties and responsibilities

overhauling and maintenance of electric motors i.e. Squirrel cage, DC shunt and Wound rotor

Repairs and maintenance of single phase variable speed drives

Wiring and maintenance of starters i.e. DOL,forward and reverse and star delta

Repairs and maintenance of power tools

5.2) Previous Occupation

Employer : Cotton Company of Zimbabwe

Position : Machine Operator

Period : 1997-1999

Main duties and responsibilities

Operating Ginnery stands, lint cleaners and hydraulic press

Repairs and maintenance of Gin stands, lint cleaners and hydraulic bale press

Repairs and maintenance of hoists and cranes

Repairs and maintenance of conveyers belts and screws conveyors

Repairs and maintenance of centrifugal and vane axial fans

Repairs and maintenance of boilers,stalker and FD fans

Repairs and maintenance of centrifugal and axial pumps


1.Mr D. Mtetwa Kimberly Klark of South Africa Ltd +277-****-***** Email

2.Mr C.Mackenzie

Electrical Foreman

Picknik Marketing(Jumbo Centre)


3. Mr R. Gumbo


Director Divex Edutraincon


4.Mr Marco Mudyawabikwa


Electrical Technician

Distell/OIL SA


5. Mr A Sibanda

Maintenance Foreman

Road Grip Tyre Factory


Email adress:

6. Mr G Mukwashi

Mutare Board and Paper Mills



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