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Drafting, Litigation, Legal Research, Company & Insolvency Laws, Intel

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
October 11, 2019

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RAVI MOHLA (Advocate)

Mobile: +91-701******* ~ E-Mail:

Executive Summary

Advocate practicing in the areas of Intellectual Property, Trademark, Copyright, Cyber / IT laws, PMLA, FEMA, DRT, SARFAESI, Company Laws, Insolvency Laws, Competition Law, RERA, Contracts, Civil, Wills, Partitions, Criminal Laws, NI 138, SLPs/Writs, Electricity, Consumer matters.

Thorough professional open to all legal modes of professional engagements with lawyers & law firms in the area of litigation and drafting including permanent & temporary assignments. Vast Corporate Engineering and Management experience in various industries and domains incl. IT, Software, Telecom, Embedded, Electrical, Electronics and Marine/Shipping to name a few. Legal involvements

Bhalla & Bhalla Law Office

- Recovery Suits, Summary Suits, Appeals, Review, Revision Arbitration, NI 138, SARFAESI matters, Consumer Matters.

- Regularly appearing in District Courts, DHC, DRAT, District/State/ National Consumer forums. SC Adv Pandey

- Company law and IBC matters representing all sides i.e. Companies / Resolution Professionals / Financial Creditors/ Operational Creditors, Consumer matters, Electricity matters, Writs in Company matters

- Regularly appearing in NCLT / NCLAT, District Courts, DHC, DTR / DRAT, District / State / National Consumer forums, Electricity Appellate Tribunal Arbitration Forums. Adv Bhugra

- Consumer Disputes matters

- Regularly appearing in District / State / National Consumer forums. Shams Legal LLP.

- PMLA (Money Laundering) litigation & prosecution, Criminal Writs

- Regularly appeared before Adjudication Authority, Appellate Authority and Special Courts, Criminal Writs before DHC.

Key areas of Expertise or Experience

Areas Skills or Experience

Intellectual Property Rights Patent

- Patent search using InPASS, IPOnline, USPTO db, Google Search, EPO etc.

- Perform patent valuation, Freedom To Operate search and opinions.

- Patent Infringement and Litigations.

Trade Mark

- Registered Trademark Agent

- Prior search, filing, TM office interactions and contesting, Tradedress matters etc.

- Trademark Infringement, Passing off, Trade and Litigation Copyright

- Registration, Copyright for SW, Websites, etc.

- Related, Derivative, Translation, Adaptation, Moral Rights etc.

- Plagiarism, Ownership issues, infringements etc

- Licensing, Sharewares, Freewares etc.

- Litigation etc.

Design & GI

- Searching, Filing, Infringement and litigation.

Handling IP matters in IPAB

Cyber Laws Both Civil litigation and Criminal prosecution

Cease and Desist notices.

Domain Name disputes handling at WIPO, In Registry etc. Prevention of Money

Laundering (PMLA),

Foreign Exchange

Management (FEMA)

Handled both Civil Complaints, Applications filed by Enforcement Directorate as well as Criminal Prosecution matters.

Represented parties before Adjudicating Authority, Appellate Tribunal, High Courts.

Writ Petitions before High Courts.

Companies Act, Insolvency

and Bankruptcy Code

Appearing before NCLT, NCLAT, High Court.

Issuing Demand Notice on behalf of Operational Creditors, preparing Writ in DHC regarding Director disqualification etc. Contracts Contract Management & Drafting

Arbitration proceedings


Civil / Criminal matters All criminal prosecutions, Quashing, Bail etc.

Civil Filing, Injunctions, Execution etc

Matrimonial matters

Forums & Board Matters Filing & handling Consumer complaint matters in District, State and National Forums

IPR matters with IPAB

Proceedings with Adjudicating bodies & officers

RTI appeals etc.

Arbitration & Conciliation Conciliation proceeding and filing with Delhi Mediation & Conciliation Centre etc.

Arbitration proceedings with various forums like .in Registry, WIPO etc. NI act Notice, litigation, etc

Legal Drafting SLPs, Writ Petitions etc.

Contracts, Agreements, Settlement Agreements etc.

Wills, Power of Attorney/Special Power of Attorney etc

Deeds & Agreements like Sale deeds, Relinquishment deeds, Settlement agreement, etc.

Civil suits, original Petitions, Appeals, Written statements, rejoinders etc.

Bail applications etc.

Complaints, Notices, Legal letters etc.

Affidavits etc

Employment History

Applied Research International

R Systems International Ltd., Noida

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Gurgaon

Adobe Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Siemens Information Systems Ltd., Gurgaon

Zoom-16 Software Services Ltd., Calcutta

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