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Construction Mechanical supervisor

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
2,200 USD
October 11, 2019

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Job Objective

To join reputed concern and rise through the rank by hard work and perseverance using knowledge preferably in EPC and Maintenance of Refinery, Petrochemical & Power (Gas, Cement) Sector.

Professional Synopsis

Mechanical, Structural & Piping Supervisor having more than 10 years of working experience in the field of Mechanical Structural & Piping related to Plant Construction, Oil & Gas, Cement sectors like chemical & petrochemical projects and refinery Projects.

Educational Qualification:

D.M.E. (Mechanical) from Lalgudi Co-Operative Polytechnic, Trichy, India, Under Anna University in 2006-2009.

Company Name






Alghanim International

Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor

Al-Zour New Refinery

KIPIC (Green Field)

Nov 2018 to Till Date




Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L, Kuwait

Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor

Gas Train GT-5

MAA (Brown Field)

Apr 2017 to July 2018

KNPC/Tecnicas Reunidas

Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor

Clean Fuel Project, MAB-2 (Green Field)

July 2015 to Apr 2017

KNPC/HYUNDAI (Flour-Daewoo-Hyundai JV)

Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor

New Gathering Center GC-29, North Kuwait (Green Field)

July 2015 to Jun 2016


Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor


July 2014 to June 2015


Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor


Dec 2013 to Feb 2015


Mechanical\Structural\ Piping Supervisor


July 2013 to June 2014



Dalmia cements Bharath Limited

Mechanical Supervisor (Maintenance)

Anode Service Plant (Brown Field)

Feb 2012 to Feb 2013

Dalmia Cement


Karthik Engineering & Construction Dalmiapuram,Trichy Tamilnadu,India

Site In charge (Construction-Mechanical)

Fabrication Erection Maintenance and Shutdown (O & M)

May 2009 to Feb 2012

Dalmia Cement

Chettinad Cement

Ramco Cement


Contract Management, Field Engineering, Data Management, Equipment Management, Manpower Management, Purchase Management and Sub Contractor Management for completing the project in time.

Ensuring compliance and completion of all necessary documentation in accordance with the project specifications and drawings, Quality control procedures, health and safety policy and statutory regulations.

Ensuring the site activities are in compliance with client and company HSE procedures and National and International legislations.

Ensuring all required quality control procedures is made and the project execution is in compliance with the procedures, codes and standards.

Study/REVIEW of Contract documents in association with specifications and amendments.

Read and understand the project specifications, applicable codes and standards, Procedures and Inspection test Plan.

Adhering and ensuring Safe Working Practices in the Site & Shop Floor (Through Work Permits, Toolbox Talks, and Walk through audits).

Actively involving and motivating Engineers, Supervisor and Forman for accomplishing the Goals of the organization.

Coordination with the Quality control, Engineering Dept., Raw material, Purchase, Finance, Human resource Dept. to accomplish the organizational objectives.

Planning and executing the various activities like pre-fabrication of structure, pipe supports and Structural and Equipment erection.

Preparation of Method Statement requirements, Procedure for the erection and alignment of Static & Rotary Equipment’s.

Coordination and preparation of Rigging Study & Lifting Plan for Equipment and Structural Steel erection.

Preparation of Civil foundation and dimensional checking for various Equipment’s, Structural foundation & grouting works through Civil Subcontractors.

Subcontractors Management for arranging the Gate passes for manpower, material and vehicles. Arranging work permits for equipment Insulation works, Re-instate works, and Fire Proofing works.

Monitor field work, including subcontractor’s work to ensure compliance with company standards, procedures, specifications and codes.

Close coordination & correspondence with Client, Sub Contractor, Third Party Inspection agencies for smooth execution & timely completion of the Contracts.

Divide the work within sub-group teams and allocate required resources such as manpower, equipment and tools upon the work schedule, site condition and progress of the works.

Keeping the work under acceptable quality level and maintain site work program by communication with planning department.

Responsible to provide work procedures-JSA (Job Safety Analysis), WMS (Work Method Statement), RA (Risk Assessment) for fabrication of piping, installation & testing of piping, structural steel and equipment’s.

Checking the availability of required material in connection with warehouse/yard to ensure work continuality.

Responsible for all the needed drawings and manual or any other required technical information is available with the installation team.

Communicate with Vendor representative at site to get necessary guidelines and hints.

Report to Construction manager on a daily basis all construction activities.

Supervise the construction activities and ensure that the work is done in accordance to the contract requirements; non-conformities to be reported to Construction manager and corrective measures proposed.

Knowledgeable in the Safety and Environmental procedures.

Preparing as built Isometric as per site condition.

Preparing Isometric by referring General Arrangement drawing.

Piping fabrication of various sizes of pipes and material class.

Routine inspection of progress of work.

Fabrication and installation of A/G and U/G piping works at different areas.

Coordinating work assignments with subordinates and superiors.

Attending construction coordination meetings.

Other job-related responsibilities by implementing safety regulations and procedures in order to protect life and property.

Material traceability, Mill test certificate verification for client approval.

Heat No control as per MTC and NACE satisfaction as per Mill test certificate.

Verification of material satisfaction / identification and properly punch marked or not in all fittings and pipes.

Verification of wall thickness / schedule of pipe and color coding as specified in MTC by physical inspection.

Controlling traceability number during fabrication & erection.

Monitoring air blowing, water flushing, tightness test, inserting, in hence cleaning, degreasing, and chemical cleaning activities.

Lining and warming up of LP & MP steam system for steam blowing and acceptance.

Able to diagnose faults on Mechanical Equipment system.

To execute overall on plot pipe fabrication and erection works including identification of materials, coordination for the qualification of welders, inspection of site as per isometric, GAD and P&ID, fabrication of pipe spool, organize inspection of welding, preparation of mechanical punch list, hydro testing, flange management and box up activities as per applicable codes, procedure and standards.

Sound background for reading Isometric, P&ID’s, schematic drawing and standard operation procedure.

Adequate knowledge in site welding procedures & NDT.

Familiarity with Engg. Codes & Specs – Shell Dep,API 686,ASME B.31.3, B.31.1, ASME-16.5 NACE Standard

Working as a Mechanical\Structural\Piping Supervisor at KNPC KUWAIT in following Downstream Unit

Al-zour Refinery

Gas Train-5

Clean Fuel Project – MAB-2

Flare Gas Recovery Unit – MAA

Flare Gas Recovery facility - MAB

Sulphur Recovery Unit

Wastewater Treatment plant

New Acid Gas Recovery & Revamp Plant

Burnery Unit

Working as a Mechanical\Structural\Piping Supervisor at KOC KUWAIT in following Upstream Unit

Hydrogen Induced Cracking Unit

Gathering Center

Booster Station


Linear Meter- 50 Kilometer

Equipment Structure – 14,587 Ton

Pipe Rack Structure – 26,450 Ton

Ware House and Workshop Shelter – 1420 Ton

FD/ID Fan Structure and Ducting – 350 Ton

Tunnel and Radiation Shelter Structure – 260 Ton

Pump House – 685 Ton

Boiler & Turbine Structure – 560 Ton

Equipment /Access Platform-2580 Ton

Handrails – 1420Ton


Hands on experience in crane mobilization and performing the rigging works of Crane AC 500-2 (500 T), AC 1000-9 (1200 T), Crane crawler crane 650t CC 3800-1 deployed for erection of below mentioned equipment’s for various projects of KNPC & KOC.

Compressors - 300Ton

Economizer – 90 Ton

Exchanger – 1130 Ton

Vessels – 2340 Ton

HP/LP Flare stack in KOC – 135 Ton

Jacking and Skidding - 1145Ton

Fin Fan with Bundle - 1552Ton

Cold box – 157 Ton

FAR (Field Auxiliary Room) - 520 Ton

Scrubber – 350 Ton

Cooling water pumps -More than 100 no’s

HP/LP Separators -970Ton

Soot Blower Installation (Rotary, longitudinal & Retractable)

Ultra-Heat Power Boiler, Waste Heat Boiler, Reboiler

DMW Package, Claus Package

Heat Exchangers, KO Drums

De-Mountable Flare and Derrick Package – 146 Mtr and 650 Ton (02Nos)

All types of Skid

Vertical Roll Mill (Lime Stone, Clinker), Ball Mill (Coal)

Circular, Linear Stacker and Reclaimer

Single Arm Impact Crusher

FD fan, ID fan & Reverse Air Fan

Belt Conveyers, Pipe Conveyers (Hot & Cold Vulcanization)

ESP Unit, Rotary Kiln & Cooler (Pre calcinations & Pyro section cement plant)

Gantry and EOT Crane and Transformers


Hands on experience in assisting for the rigging works of Crane AL.SK 190 (4300 T) deployed for erection of below mentioned equipments at Gas Train-5 project, MAA Refinery.

De-Ethaniser Tower, Wt- 1151.30 T; Height of Tower-53.797 meters.

De-Propaniser Tower, Wt- 952 T; Height of Tower-58.52 meters.

De-Methaniser Tower, Wt- 780 T; Height of Tower-57.352 meters.

De-Butaniser Tower, Wt- 257.57 T; Height of Tower-38.52 meters.

Chilled Feed Gas KO Drum A/B, Wt- 490 T; Length-17.32 meters.

Condensate Feed Drum, Wt- 240.26 T; Length-19.196 meters.

Condensate Stripper Tower, Wt- 177.17 T; Length-29.566 meters.

LPG Feed Drum, Wt- 165.821 T; Length-14.387 meters.

In Maintenance:

Receiving maintenance orders from client to perform the preventive & breakdown task.

Performing all maintenance activities as per Client safety standards & work permits.

Coordinate with all mechanical departments for spare parts or in the interrogation of data in Root Cause Analysis.

Attend weekly planning meetings for completion and ongoing jobs.

Preparing Weekly Maint. Schedule, site and workshop KPI’s.

Coordination with workshop for timely completion and client satisfaction.

Actively involved in bidding tenders.

Discuss with client/Engg. Dept. with new design for the plant reliability.

Fairy knowledge in creating notifications, checking stock materials/items in SAP.

Ensure STA by conducting safe start meeting, pre- start meeting, near miss reporting between team member, STA leadership meeting with manager, event report, risk analysis, provide engineering control etc.

Breakdown, Shutdown and Modification jobs:

KOC Successfully completed the job (Shut down) of Fabrication, erection of steel structures (485 MT), Piping (1.2 lac inch dia) and Equipment’s 7143 MT (i.e. HP / LP Separators, Scrubbers) in GC 01,06,08,11 for KOC-Kuwait.

Computer Proficiency: -

Operating System


Oracle, MS-Word, Excel, Outlook,

Power point,

MS Project, SAP (Intermediate).



Auto CAD –2010

Personal Details

Father’s Name



Date of Birth



Marital Status



Languages Known


Tamil (RWS) English, Hindi(S)

Passport Number


S8433464 (11/10/2028)



3 Month

Location Preference



Mailing Address


2/6 A East Street, Dalmiapuram 621652, Trichy (Dt), Tamilnadu, India


I have declared that all the details and particulars furnished above are correct to my best of knowledge. If opportunity is given, I will prove to be worth of your confidence and satisfaction

Place: Kuwait Yours Sincerely


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