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Linguist, OPI tester, Language Diagnostic Assessor

Seaside, CA
October 09, 2019

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Choudhry Iftikhar Ahmed

**** **** ****, ******, ** 93933

Phones: H 831-***-****, C 831-***-****

(Application for the job of Urdu/Punjabi instructor)

I am native Punjabi/Urdu speaker who can fully speak 3 dialects of Punjabi i.e. south, central and west Punjab (Most of Punjabi Taliban spoken language). I can speak/write/read Level 4 Urdu language, as graded by the DLI.

Recent Job details summary:

Urdu Sr. Instructor, July 2006 till July 2018: Employed full-time for 12 years at the prestigious institute, the Defense Language Institute, Monterey California, as Senior Instructor “URDU Language”. During these 12 years of my tenure, I taught numerous classes of US Officers and Soldiers with 100% result rate. My Supervisor use to call me “Golden Touch”, because whichever class I taught they got 100% results. My students would wait for my class, as they found it enjoyable and lot of learning. I effectively taught all intricacies of the Urdu language, with extra touch of colloquial phrases, cultural norms, grammatical details, societal behavior of the target country etc. My job at the DLI included:

Extensive experience of Translating Urdu to English and English to Urdu, Interpreting the Native Urdu Language, Colloquial and Idiomatic Language Interpretation, making Lesson Plans from a scratch, and Designing fresh Scope & Sequence / Curriculum etc.

The ILR level of English need to be re-assessed because this was taken 12 years ago, and I feel this OPI test was taken hurriedly and the ILR level assessed was not factual.

I had taken primary & secondary education from an English medium Missionary school since I was 5 years. The official medium of language in the Pakistan Navy is also English.

My past 23 years of military life (Pakistan Navy) was of great learning for the students of the DLI, as Pakistan Navy shares and practices traditions / commands of British Royal Navy & US Navy. Recently, my Dean and Supervisor had to let me go on July 7, 2018, with heavy heart, due to lack of incoming students and lay-off.

Certified OPI Tester Urdu: at the DLI, Jan 2010 till to date July 2018: During 8 years as OPI Tester, I carried out successfully numerous OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) test interviews of: Out of state Military Students, Regular Urdu students of the DLI, and all those native Urdu Instructors who applied for teaching jobs.

Curriculum Developer: from Aug 2014 for 2 years: Prepared afresh Scope & Sequence and Curriculum for the Urdu classes for the Department, keeping in view grammatical features going along with supporting the topics provided by the Military. Was awarded “Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of serving as a Curriculum Developer in Urdu Department”.

Certified Diagnostic Assessment Specialist since Feb 2018: Currently carried out Diagnostic Assessment of number of the DLI students. Also attended 60 hours of Diagnostic Assessment Training in March 2014.

AF/PAK Project, from Oct 2008 till Sept 2009: Prepared entire Urdu Teaching Material & Lesson Plans for AF/PAK project. Created Films of Urdu with authentic dialogues and scenarios, and other related Teaching Material. Was in this regard, “Awarded Certificate of Achievement”.

Performed duties of Cadre in Urdu dept.: In that reviewed Students Graded Tests by the other fellow instructors, to ensure grading quality and fairness.

Past Military Service:

Military Service: Served in the Military (Pakistan Navy) for 23 years from 1971 till 1994 as a Commissioned Naval Officer. During my meritorious military service, I was part of Special Forces in which carried out various military exercises with the US Navy and Royal British Navy. During 1978 had an opportunity to do EOD course (Bomb Disposal course) in the US Navy EOD School in Maryland State.

I had an experience of teaching foreign international students, subjects such as Administration Management, Inventory Control, and Law Subjects etc. in the Logistic School.

Past Work Experience (other than Military):

1994 – 2000: Administration Manager & Inventory Controller of world level Group of Textile Industries at Karachi.

2000 - Deep sea fishing business

2003 – 2006: General Manager of 47 rooms franchise motel in Monterey California.


Proficiency in all skills of URDU, ENGLISH, PUJABI, and SARAIKI Languages i.e. Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing

Native Speaker of Urdu, Punjabi, and Saraiki (the language spoken by most of the Punjabi Taliban)

In depth knowledge of all military related terminologies, scenarios/special forces exercises in Urdu and Punjabi which are greatly useful to the Military Students.


Bachelor of Sciences: Graduated from Pakistan Naval Academy affiliated with the Karachi University.

Senior Officers Management Course: From Pak-Army School of Logistics at Murree, Pakistan

Master of Arts (Education) ongoing: Did 20 credits of MAE courses at CSUMB (California State University Monterey Bay)

Professional Education:

Certificate of attending 160 hrs. of Instructor Certification Course – 2008

Certificate of attending 160 hrs. of OPI Tester Course

Certificate of attending 20 hrs. of Microsoft Applications – 2009

Certificate of attending 8 hrs. of Teaching Listening Comprehension

Certificate of Completion 4 hrs. Quick & Smart Lesson Planning


Certificate of Appreciation for UML Reverse Evaluation by Provost

Certificate of Achievement for AF/PAK Hands Project – 2009

Certificate of Recognition for recording of NetProF Project

Provost Team Excellence Award in Urdu- 2013, 2014, Feb 2017, Jul 2017, and Feb 2018

Dean’s Teaching Team Excellence Award in Urdu - 2017

Certificate in recognition of 10 years’ service in Govt. of USA

Certificates of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution on Language Days – 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Certificate of Appreciation: In recognition of outstanding support that led to success of Language Capital of World-Cultural Festival

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