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Software Engineer Engineering

San Diego, CA
October 09, 2019

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Zhoulin Chen


Tianjin University Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering Sep.2015-Jul.2019 Overall GPA 3.87/4.0 & 91.68/100 Major GPA 3.92/4.0 Rank: 1/127 Nanjing University Study in Computer Science & Technology Aug.2018-Nov.2018 University of California San Diego MS in Computer Science Sep.2019-present Honors and Awards

● Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling Meritorious Winner 2018

● ACM-ICPC Asia EC-FINAL Contest Bronze Medal 2017.12

● ACM-ICPC Asia Shenyang Regional Contest Silver Medal 2017.10

● ACM-ICPC Asia Shanxi Regional Contest Silver Medal 2017.5

● CCPC(China Collegiate Programming Contest) Hangzhou Regional Contest Silver Medal 2017.11

● CCPC NorthEast Regional Contest first prize(8/200) 2017.5

● CCPC Heilongjiang Regional Contest first prize(4/160) 2017.5

● National Scholarship (2 out of 127) three times 2016-2018

● National college students mathematics competition second prize 2016

● China Automotive Technology and Research Center Intern Excellent Intern Award 2018 Experience

China Automotive Technology and Research Center Software Engineer Intern Apr.2018-Jul.2018

- Autonomous parking project and simulation platform for automatic drive Advisor: Shuai Zhao, Director

● In charge of the integration of immediate localization and mapping of vehicles —Lidar SLAM (C++)

● Drove the automatic driving perception control algorithms of vehicles for simulation platform(Python)

● Relying on CarMaker to establish a standard-compliant simulation platform, built and integrated multiple vehicle dynamics models and perceptual control models based on Simulink Intel innovation competition —Java code cloning detection platform Nov.2017-Jan.2018

● Used ANTLR to parse source codes, analyzing the syntax structure of standard open source software

● Used Word2vec to analyze the corpus, obtained word vectors, function vectors (by PCA)

● Calculated the similarity of the function according to distance, detection accuracy about 93% Weakly supervised temporal action Detection on untrimmed videos Jul.2018-Oct.2018 Advisor: Limin Wang, Professor, Nanjing University

● Designed and implemented a weakly supervised iterative model based on Wang’s previous work

● Used AutoLoc to obtain CAS and predicted action boundary, trained boundary predictor with OIC loss

● Took boundary output as ground truth to train the structured segment network, attained more accurate scores, iterated the process to obtain the final output, accuracy about 64% Research on Deep Reinforcement Learning Experience Replay Mechanism Feb.2019-Jun.2019 Thyroid nodule classification based on VGG Convolutional Neural Network Oct.2017-Jan.2018 Remote sensing map classification based on FCN Network Jun.2017-Sep.2017 Course projects

Student information and course selection system ——by Angular2 + node.js + MySQL Answer contest application on mobile ——by Framework7 Weather inquiry application ——by Android

Curriculum arrangement system(time, location, professor) ——by C# Campus route query application ——by C#

File compression/decompression application ——by Java Skills

● Programming Languages: C++, Python, Java, C#, Javascript, Matlab, SQL

● Software Tools: TensorFlow, Opencv, OpenGL, Autoware 1

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