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Air Force Manager

Pune, Maharashtra, India
October 09, 2019

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Ayub Sayed


Nationality :


Current Position :

IT & Telecom Technician (Construction/Commissioning)

Companies :

Petrofac / SRACO / Nokia / Indian Air Force

Preferred Locations :

Any Location


Mar 1991–Sep 2009

Indian Air force - Radio & Telecommunication

Over 18 Years of experience as Radio Network & Telecommunication Technician in Indian Air Force. Responsible for preparing Designs, Installation (Construction), Commissioning, fault finding and Maintenance of Transmission System, UHF Radio System, Radio & Telecommunication System (e.g. TETRA, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Data Radios etc.), PBX, PABX and EPBAX system and Signaling Equipment & Terminal Devices. Experienced with maintenance of UHF radio repeaters, analog/digital radios, antenna systems, Radio Paging system, Emergency Services system and related radio equipment. Familiar with International Standard such as EIA/TIA and other Engineering Standards of Telecommunications and All kind of existing Telecom Technologies like ATM, ISDN, SDH, CDMA, TDMA and their application. Conducting Site Survey, Installation and Commissioning with Provisional Construction Support. Ability to work on GSMRSDH Technology Multiplexing, Splicing, Fault Tracing, Terminating Single Mode and Multimode in Optical Fiber Systems. I have good drive testing knowledge with parametric knowledge of Ericsson, Nokia and Huawai etc. Technical Experience on projects involving Electronics, Telecommunication, IT, Networking and Security Systems. Able to conduct Training and Instructional Techniques. Experienced in PLC system, Modems installation, Designing Procedures. An in-depth knowledge of Telecommunications & IT Technologies and their associated architectures, infrastructures and devices. Design of bespoke security and communication systems to a range of clientele. Technical experience on PMR installation and Programming. Trunk Radio Database management. COTS radio repair down to component level. Experienced in Radio Network Design, Radio frequency & Radio System Design.

Sep 2009 Jan 2014

Nokia Care Pvt. Ltd. - Service Manager

Over 4 years of experience as Service Support and Customer Care Manager. Managing administrative and technical operation of the Nokia Care Center.

Jan 14 - May 16

SRACO System Administrator

2 years working experience as System Administrator with King Khalid Hospital, Najran, KSA

Jan 17 to Till Date

Petrofac – Telecom Technician (Construction and Commissioning)

Working as Telecom Technician (Construction and Commissioning) for BP project in CPF, Khazzan Block 61 under Petrofac (Contract). Experienced in supervising construction and commissioning activities such as monitoring overall construction activities, Construction of building, structure layout, cabinets, junction box, cable layout, trench etc. for equipment as per layout diagram and specification. Handover the building and equipment after testing (including optical fibre cable testing using OTDR and laser source) and function check, Witnessing the walkdown party, generating / clearing of walkdown Punch list, maintain proper documentation, Coordinate for material requirement, attend meeting and do presentation to monitor progress, raise timely required permits for smooth functioning of day to day activity, proper planning of the daily activities well in advance, maintain record of work progress and schedule it for timely completion.



Experience in Configuring Cisco Devices Routers and Switches. Also, Configurations of VLAN, VTP, Port Security, Telnet Management, Inter VLAN routing. Ether-Channel, STP, RSTP. NAT/PAT. Filtering, Applying ACL s. Routing and Switching protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, RIP). Creating of VPN, Wireless, Ethernet, Wireless LAN 802.11a, b, g and n (Principles) Configuration and management of Wireless routers, AP s, routers. Establishment of point-to-Multipoint & point-to-point Wireless links. Surveys for Wi-Fi Deployments.

Thorough Knowledge of Networking, including Switch and Router Configuration, Network Analysis and Monitoring tools, TCP/IP, IP, PIM, IGMP and OSPF, LAN & WAN. Experience with video system and command and control applications. Experienced in networking device configuration including firewalls (Sonic Wall) and routers. CCNA (Switching and routers) & CCNP (Switching and routers). Protocols including TDM, TCP/IP, VOIP, ISDN & SIP

PC Assembling

PC Assembling & Troubleshooting & maintenance. Fault finding & trouble shooting of hard drive, Ram, Processor, Mother Board. Installation of Operating Systems-Win98, Win XP, Win 7, Win Vista etc. Installations of various software. Installation of device drivers & hardware components.

System Administration

Installation of server 2008 & 2003, Domain setting (DNS), Active Directory, Configuration of DHCP, WDS, Configuration and installation of File Server, Experience in both Voice & Data cabling

Knowledge of Windows Server 2003 / 2008, Windows 7 within a Domain Environment, VM Environment, Net Appliance (Net App Storage), Firewalls, SQL Server and installing & configuring bespoke security. Monitoring, troubleshooting and implementation of changes of Cisco Network.


Capable of safeguarding human life, property and valuable assert. Trained on used arms and ammunition.

Trained in weapons, police operations and security. Military professional with experience in team management, administrative, accountability and supply management. Sergeant with more than 18 years in the [IAF]. Successfully led training programs for thousands of soldiers. Reliable, diligent and flexible professional with excellent communication capabilities. Exceptional Security Manager adept at identifying strategic and operational risks and making recommendations to senior-level staff. Surveillance expert highly skilled in responding to emergency situations and providing crisis intervention. Focused on safety and security management, as well as asset recovery. Skilled in problem solving and conflict resolution. Excellent communication skills who consistently maintains detailed logs of important events. Experience in testifying in court and aiding in law enforcement investigations.

a) Handling of small arms, automatic weapons and rifles, Sten Machine, and light machine gun etc.

b) Undergone defense training course.

c) Completed the course in fire fighting drill and handling of various fire fighting appliances.

d) Imparted sufficient training exercising adequate security measure to safe guard the govt. property from theft, sabotage and fire risk. Also has been given training to command the guard on duty.

e) Safe custody of keys and various lock ups.

f) Security of secret information and materials.

g) Official correspondence of various natures.

h) Physical training during entire career in Indian Air Force.

i) With experience is competence to take quickest action with less trouble and greater safety.


Jun 2000 - Apr 2009

Computer, Bachelor(BCA/BA), IGNOU

Mar 1991 - Mar 1993

Electronic & Telecommunication, (Diploma)



Security Manager

Fundamental Course in Computer

NIIT Linux & Windows Operating System.

CCNA (Switch and Routers) Cisco Certified

CCNP (Switch and Routers) Trained


Maintenance of UHF radio repeaters, Analog/Digital radios, Antenna systems, Radio Paging system, Emergency Services, Web Programming &Development

Programming in dBase IV, FoxPro, C, C++, VB, FoxPro, VC++,

Linux & Windows Operating System.

Networking & Hardware Troubleshooting


English Fluent

Hindi Fluent

Marathi Fluent

Gujarati Average

Urdu Average

Driving License No.



Passport No.


Date of Issue

10th June 2016


09th June 2026

Issued Place


Skype ID


Mobile No.





19, Galaxy D-1, Kausar Baug, NIBM Road, Kondhwa Khurd, Pune-411048, Maharashtra, India

Pan card number:-.


Aadhar card number:-


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