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Agriculture Research & Development

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
$ 55000-70000
October 07, 2019

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To pursue a scientific career in the seed industry (Research and Development), which will utilize my

updated advanced knowledge and experience in the field of Plant Breeding and Product Development. I would like to join a team where my skills can be utilized effectively that encourages my professional and personal growth. To work in a challenging environment where my potential capabilities are mostly utilized and sharpened to shape my future career and create a landmark. SATISH KUMAR RAI

S/O- Mr. Arun Kumar Rai

DOB: 12th August 1991, Male, Married

Mob No.-738-***-**** / 709-***-****

Email Id.

Permanent address: Village + Post- Patkaniya, District Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh- India -232332

Mailing Address: H.No. 2, Shri Krishna Vihar Colony, Near VIP Karishma Back Gate, Mowa Raipur, Chhattishgarh, India 492001 CARRIER OBJECTIVE

Research Officer- From August 2017 to Present date in Corteva Agrisciences (Agriculture Division of DowDupont) at Chhattisgarh R&D farm.


Product Delivery:

RU Programme (MMAI) Paddy breeding Team: Planning, management and implements nursery and yield trial, sterilization of G-line, breeding crossing, genetic studies (bloom study and germplasm), maintainer line development, restorer line development and assist other Paddy breeding programme team (TGMS, LM, JV, MS) and coordinate Product Development trial program for the hybrid rice program for market segment in India.

Evaluate TC1 to R3 yield trials at research station: Discuss and prepare detailed sowing and planting plan of various Yield trial (R2, R3) and Nursery (TC1, R0, R1) of RU_APNI breeding program at Raipur station. Organize systematic data gathering and timely harvesting for various trial.

Extensively evaluate 20 MMAI R3 hybrids in East (Raipur station) and identify 3-4 hybrid for promoting to R4 and evaluate combine MMAI R2 hybrids and selected best picks to promote to R3. Evaluate breeding yield trials

(RU_TC1 to R1) and generate good quality data

Conduct Genetic discrimination, TGMS (TC1 to R3), JV, LM, Chinese, Inbred_R1, PAT, Demo, R3 Strip and TC2 G trial at Raipur station.

Grow observation trials/ Demos of new hybrids (R4/R5/RC) with competitors: Discuss with manager for observation/ demos pipeline hybrids with competitors and record comparative observations and compile data. Technology Capacity & Capability:

Work on Breeder Desktop tools (i.e. Location Manager, Experiment Manager, Experiment Assignment, Mapping Tool, Planting Preparation and Data Quality) to create locations, experiments and map them through mapping tool and planting trials based on system planting.

Use Harvest Master at station to record yield data in all trial and 100% field data collection by iPad only. Check data quality and sending/ uploading to iDC and prism. Molecular Breeding & Inbred creation:

Grow and evaluate RU breeding nursery (G-line, M-line) along with observation nursery (TC1, TC2, codes): Grow and evaluate RU breeding nursery RGA F3, F4 received from RGA team and collect observation field data and do the selection and harvest the selected line.

Grow and generate data on observation nursery (TC1G, TC1M, TC2G, TC2M, Pours, Observation Nursery & new codes).

Leaf Sampling: Planning of requirement for leaf sampling activities for BLB, BPH and Blast projects of paddy and send indent for required material. Conduct leaf sampling of selected breeding lines for systematic data gathering on target traits. Compile trait data and harvest selected plants/ progenies individually.

Breeding cross and Sterilization: Planning and conducting new breeding cross on desirable traits (CPR & CPG), handling sterilization programme of G-line and CMS conversion of G-line (BC0-BC5). Conducting research seed production:

Discuss with manager and team and prepare detailed plan for RU_TC1 to R1 hybrid seed production at Raipur station and ensure healthy crop, following proper agronomic practices like staggered planting, barrier erection, nicking and use of GA3 and trained contractual staff on HSP in return.

Produce target quantity of hybrids seed in TC1 (30-50g), TC2 (50-100 g) and R1 (100-150g). Harvest F1 seed properly, thresh, and packet the seeds of hybrids and make need based packeting and prepare for rainy sowing. People Development, Core values & Productivity:

Ensure 100% implementation of core values especially PPE and contractor values at farm. Strengthen safety culture through visible and active leadership. Comply with DuPont core values Implement PPE for all workers at station.

Program lead for PPE- Head Protection, Incident reporting & Investigation, Machine Safety and Thermal Stress at Raipur Site Safety Committee.

Independently handle and manage the Raipur Satellite R&D farm and handle segregating material and selection of B and R line. Production of TC3 HSP, MHSP, SHSP, DHSP and other breeding material (hybrid testing, disease and insect screening material).

Supports Paddy breeding program by working with breeders in developing parental lines with good seed production traits.

Planning of the projects as per the Breeder guidelines & Provides supply management with high purity parent seed by implementing seed purification procedures for nucleus and breeder seeds and work with supply team for a timely and adequate parent seed turnover; provides technical support to supply management.

Supervises field aides and implements seed production plans, administers performance management of direct reports, implements and monitors safe working practices.

Frequently visits to other multi location for Seed preparation, field layouts, sowing and growing successfully crop for breeding and trials and maintaining field books and data recording. Research Officer- From July 2015 to August 2017 in Bisco Biosciences Pvt Ltd. (Limagrain India) at Chhattisgarh R&D farm.

Conducted, monitored and evaluated various trials in Maize, Paddy, Sunflower and Pearl Millets.

Assist the scientist in various breeding programme and trials for these crops in the development of hybrids and varieties.

Applying timely agronomic practices, layout and systematic arrangement of field for excellent crop growth and timely data recording in all the trials.

Conducted successful trial in RAJ, GUJ, MH, A.P., KTK, U.P. for Maize & Pearl Millets and U.P., BIH, JHK

& CHG for Paddy.

Knowledge of various trails such as the IHT, AHT, MLT, DEMO and STRIP trials for these crops are performed. At all these, also possesses a good knowledge on parental line production.

Maintaining data bank of loyal regular farmers in states for trial conduction.

Data compilation of PD trials after trial completion, follow up with PD team for timely submission of trial data.

Report preparation after trial data compilation and shortlisting good products for state with summary from PD trial.

Maintaining SAU trial testing across India after coordination and planning with Directorate Research of University.

Product Development Executive- From Oct 2014 to July 2015 in Bisco Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. (Limagrain India) at Hyderabad R&D farm.


2014 - M. Sc. (Agri.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding from SHIATS AAI DU ALLAHABAD (U.P.), 9.8/10

2012 - B.Sc. (Agri.) from VBSPU JAUNPUR (UP), 76.96%

2008 - Intermediate from CBSE BOARD with 56.80%

2006 – High School from CBSE BOARD with 66.66%

M.Sc. Research Thesis: Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient studies for grain yield and other yield attributing traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.)


Two days’ Workshop on Application of Plant Genomics Using Bioinformatics Approaches on date 13th – 14th Sept. 2012.

One day Workshop on Green Nanotechnology & Its Role in Agriculture on Date 31st August 2012.

One day National Workshop on Professional Communication on date 29 Jan. 2013.

One day Awareness Training Programme on “Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights in Relation to Conservation of Plant Varieties” on date 11th February 2013.

One day Awareness Workshop for Rajat Jayanti Vigyan Sanchark Fellowship 2013 -2014 organized by NASI on date 30thSeptember 2013.

One day Awareness Training Programme on “Dissemination of Knowledge about Protection of Plant Varieties Farmers Rights and Plant Genetic Resources” on date 25th- 26thNovember 2013.

Work on UPCAR trail tittle Evaluation of Rice Hybrids under different Agro Climatic Condition of Uttar Pradesh.

Worked in All India Co-ordinate Rice Improvement Research (AICRIP) sponsored by DRR- ICAR during Kharif 2012.

For Biometrical Traits. The Ecoscan 9 (1&2): 209-212, 2015 (Supplement on Rice). RESEARCH PAPERS

Satish Kumar Rai, Suresh B.G., P.K. Rai, G.R. Lavanya, Ravi Kumar, Sandhya (2014). Genetic Variability, Correlation and Path Coefficient Studies for Grain Yield and Other Yield Attributing Traits in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.). International Journal of Life Sciences Research ISSN 2348-3148 (online) Vol. 2, Issue 4, pp: (229-234), Month: October

- December 2014, Available at:

Satish Kumar Rai, Ramesh Chandra, Suresh B.G., P.K. Rai, Ravi Kumar, Sandhya (2014). Genetic Diversity Analysis of Rice Germplasm Lines for Yield Attributing Traits. International Journal of Life Sciences Research ISSN 2348- 3148 (online) Vol. 2, Issue 4, pp: (225-228), Month: October - December 2014, Available at:

Ravi Kumar, Suresh B.G., G.R. Lavanya, Satish Kumar Rai, Sandhya and L. Bandana Devi (2014). Genetic Variability And Character Association Among Biometrical Traits In F3 Generation Of Some Rice Crosses. International Journal of Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences ISSN: 2277-209X (Online) Vol. 4 (1) January-April, pp.155-159.

Sandhya, G.R. Lavanya, G. Suresh Babu, Ravi Kumar, Satish Kumar Rai and Bandana Devi (2014). Study Of Genetic Variability And D2 Analysis In Elite Rice Genotypes. International Journal of Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences ISSN: 2277-209X (Online) Vol. 4 (2) May-August, pp. 12-16.

Ravi Kumar*, G. Suresh Babu, Satish Kumar Rai and Sandhya (2015). Genetic Variability And Divergence Studies In Elite Rice Genotypes For Biometrical Traits. The Ecoscan 9 (1&2): 209-212, 2015 (Supplement on Rice). ACHIEVEMENTS

Participate in District Level Competition of General Knowledge 2005 organized by R.T.T.I. Ghazipur U.P. got IInd prize.

Participate in Debt Competition organized by Sahitya Chetna Samaj in Year 2010 and 2012 got Ist and IInd prize respectively.

Participate in Essay Competition organized by Sahitya Chetna Samaj Ghazipur in Year 2010 and 2012 got IIIrd and Ist prize respectively.

Participate in Essay and General Knowledge Competition organized by Sarada Sanskar Bharti Ghazipur in Year 2009 got IIIrdand IIIrd prize respectively

Participate in Essay Competition organized by Sarada Sanskar Bharti Ghazipur in Year 2010 got IInd prize.

Participate in Debt Competition organized by Sarada Sanskar Bharti Ghazipur in Year 2011 got IInd prize.

Participate in the programme on BASIC LIFE SUPPORT conducted on 27th September 2017 as LIFE SAVER organized by Dupont-Pioneer.

Participate in the programme on BASIC FIRE SUPPORT conducted on 27th September 2017 as LIFE SAVER organized by Dupont-Pioneer.

Awarded for SAFE EXECUTION- RAIPUR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT for safe 11950 safe man hours and 150 safe days in 2018-19 Infrastructure development project.

Awarded for Create Value Through Operational Excellence for sterilization of female nurseries in Rainy 2018 and growing BC0 population in Raipur R&D Farm. CORE STRENGTH

Analytical and computational skill.

Fluent in Hindi and English language.

Proficient in team building and managing man power, their work plan etc.

Excellent interpersonal skill to coordinate the team and achieve the organizational goal. DECLARATION

I hereby declare that all the information provided by me is true and genuine as per the best of my knowledge and belief. Date: 8th March 2019

Place: Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Satish Kumar Rai


Dr. Ajay Tomar

Research Scientists, Raipur

Corteva Agriscience (Agriculture Division of Dow Dupont) Email:


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