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Nurse Medical

October 06, 2019

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With more than 8 years experienced, seeking to secure a full-time STAFF NURSE position where I can continue to develop and enhance my skills and knowledge in the medical field and to use my past training to help others. Responsible for delivering safe, high-quality surgical services to all patients

Areas of Specialization

Operating Room Nurse Emergency Room Nurse

Qualifications Summary

•Able to understand and effectively deal with emotional and medical needs of victims of injuries, acute illnesses, or psychological emergencies and maintain a professional and objective approach to caring for ill or injured persons.

•Open to learning new concepts in rescue and medical skills, and techniques in pre-hospital care.

•Skilled at performing a variety of limited mechanical work involved in the use, testing and maintenance of rescue and medical equipment

•Able to understand and follow oral and written instructions and orders and to maintain a professional attitude.

•Skilled at establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with other employees, assisting agencies, hospital personnel and the general public.


Operating Room Nurse: Head Nurse Position

OCT 1, 2014 to Present

Northern Mindanao Medical Center,Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines (600 Bed Capacity Tertiary-Training and Research Hospital)

Job Description:

Circulating Nurse:

Specially trained nurse who sees to it that the sterile team has all the instruments and supplies they need during the entire surgery

•Consulted with healthcare teams to assess, plan and formulate patient care plans in pre and post-op.Plan the patient's care in the operating room, focused on patient safety

•Prepare the room for the procedure,checks and monitors all equipment used during surgery to confirm they are running smoothly for proper functioning such as cautery and suction machine, OR light and OR table

•Gathers supplies needed for the procedure according to the surgeon's preference card, positioning equipment, and any special supplies needed as determined by the nurse's assessment and the patient's history,Handles patient documentation

•Assists in positioning, responding to comfort/safety of patient

•Provide warmed blankets for the patient and applies the safety strap across the patient.

•Prepare and administered medications through IV, orally and subcutaneously

•Instruct patient to take deep breaths before and after anesthesia to maintain oxygen saturation

•Assist anesthesiologist apply and connect necessary monitoring devices

•Assist anesthesiologist in administering anesthetics via intubation, epidural catheter insertion,spinal injection, nerve block or gas mask

•If spinal anesthesia is contemplated, place the patient in fetal position and provide pillow

•Perform lumbar preparation aseptically

•Anticipate anesthesiologist needs

•Guards patient during induction to prevent possible injury or fall and ensure measures for safety are observed

•Assist surgical team in putting gown

•Checks the integrity of sterile packs

•Observes for any breaks in sterile technique during draping and during the entire operation

•Observes and enforces strict standards of asepsis

•Inventories all items both pre- and post-surgery

•Calls surgeon to the OR suite and the "time out" is performed with the patient participating. Items verified in the time out are the patient's name, date of birth, allergies, procedure to be performed, correctness of consent, site marking, if applicable, and any antibiotics to be given within one hour prior to incision

•Provides for accurate care and handling of specimens

•Record the time of specimen out and label properly

•Charged all the equipment used,complete patient chart and proper records

•Assist anesthesiologist in preparing for discharge from OR table

•Hand-over patient for post-operative care, as ordered( PACU, specialized unit nurse, ward nurse or to watcher for OPD patients

SCRUB NURSE: works directly with the surgeon and maintain sterility throughout the operation

•Welcoming the patient to the OR, performing a assessment and helping the person understand what to expect.

•Assist surgeons with patient information throughout surgical procedure

•Prepare the operating area by laying out instruments and equipment. Before each procedure, “scrub in” by thoroughly disinfecting hands and arms and putting on sterile clothing. Under the direction of the surgeon, handle instruments, assist with procedures and monitor the patient throughout the operation.

•Drapes back of the table and mayo table as necessary according to standard procedure

•Performs assisted gowning and gloving to the surgeon and assistant surgeon

•Performs initials sponges,sharps and instruments count with circulating nurse,Inventories all items both pre- and post-surgery

•Selects and handles instruments and supplies used for the operation, passing them to surgeon

•Assist in preparation and care of patients undergoing surgical intervention and oversee the maintenance /sterilization of OR supplies and equipment

•Anticipate than needs of surgeons and surgical teams and assist in operative procedures

•Delivers direct surgical care by assisting physicians :

•Helps control bleeding

•Provides wound exposure

•Sutures patients after the surgery

•Announces to the circulating nurse when the specimen is already out

•Strict aseptic and sterile techniques are maintained throughout the surgical procedure to reduce the risk for postoperative infection.

•Performs final counting of instruments, needles and sponges with the circulating nurse

•Remains at the bedside during the induction phase and holds the patient's hand to help reduce anxiety. The patient is reassured as needed.

•Responsible in taking care of all necessary equipment’s in the operating room

•Responsible for the management of surgical procedures during or after major operations

•Communicate with all patients and their families to provide them any kind of help

•Prepared reports of the patients recovery and provide it the related doctors

•Adhere closely to safety procedures when dealing with sharp instruments, bodily fluids and chemicals.

•Provide post-operative care

•Ensures all instruments are clean and packed for sterilization



•Permanent Peacemaker

•Patent DuctusArteriosus


•Spinal Decompression

•Spinal Fusion


•Kidney Transplant, Nephrectomy


•Abdominal Perineal Resection




•Colon Resection/Surgery

•Gastrectomy,Gastric Bypass/Roux-en-Y


•Herniorrhaphy with Mess- Inguinal, Ventral, Femoral, Umbilical,

•Laparoscopic General Surgeries-Spleenectomy,Cholecystectomy,Appendectomy

•Total Thyroidectomy

•Breast Surgery -Axillary Lymph Node Dissection,Fine-Needle Breast HYPERLINK "file D:/Users/RCJ19/Downloads/OR-ER%2520RESUME"– HYPERLINK "file D:/Users/RCJ19/Downloads/OR-ER%2520RESUME"Aspiration (General Surgery), Simple/Total Radical Mastectomy/skin grafting

•Colon - Exploratory –Laparotomy,Abdominoperineal Resection with Total Colectomy and End- HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""Ileostomy, ulcerative colitis or Crohn'sdisease,diverticulitis, colon and rectal cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding and hemorrhoids,Fistulotomy,Pedia-imporate anus



•Total Implant Hip Replacement Surgery,Hip Disarticulation

•Internal Fixation of HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""the Hip

•Below / above knee amputation, Arthroscopy,IM Nailing, Hand surgery, Shoulder and elbow surgery,

•Total joint reconstruction (arthroplasty),Pediatric orthopedics, surgery, ORIF with dual plating


•Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Cystoscopy,Proctoscopy



•Cesarean Section


•Hysterectomy-Total Abdominal hysterectomy&SupraCervicalhysterectomy,Tuballigation,D&C






•Glaucoma,Pterygium repair



•Gunshot / Stab Wounds (Abdomen,Chest,Head

•Multiple Injury


•Arteriovenous Fistula Creation

•Internal Jugular Catheter Insertion

Emergency Room Nurse: June O6, 2011 to August 31, 2014

Amai Pakpak Medical Center, Marawi City, Philippines

Job description:

Dedicated and patient-focused RN with more than 3 years ongoing experience working as an Emergency Room Nurse.

•Provide nursing care, Handle medical emergencies resulting from events such as strokes, cardiac arrest, car accidents, stabbings, head injuries, poison ingestion, drug overdoses, sexual assault and burns. Assess and stabilize patients with expedience and accuracy.

•Provided and directed fast, efficient Advanced Life Support to the ill and injured utilizing all basic and advanced abilities and techniques, including the placement of peripheral lines

•triaging of patient, prepare patient for examination

•provides basic life support, including patients assessment, airway management

•start IV’s, monitor patient respiratory ventilation, pulse oximetry, assist with Intubation, respond to all codes

•Displayed expert clinical skills in managing the critical care of all categories of Emergency Department patients.

•Efficiently and knowledgeably provided RN care for all ER patients. IV starts, A-line setups, splinting, suturing and more.

•Closely monitored ER patients; alerted physicians/charge nurses to changes in patient status; and interacted with patients and family members often suffering from pain, stress, shock or grief


•Chest pain, choking, bleeding, fainting, seizures.

•Children Fever- Fever with associated symptoms, such as a cough, sinus congestion, headache or cold symptoms, high fevers in children who have a history of fever-induced seizure, or other medical condition

•Children with a history of otitis media, or ear infection, or who have been recently diagnosed with an ear infection

•Strains and sprains with fractures, bruises and open wounds as additional complaints, injuries include motor vehicle accidents, falls and accidental injuries. Injuries to the head and neck are the most frequently assessed areas of injury

•Chest Pain-those with a history of past heart attack or other heart conditions, as well as those with new cardiac symptoms, such as upper back pain, chest pain and pressure, shortness of breath or arm pain.

•Abdominal complaints often include general pain in the abdomen, cramping or spasms, and can also include accompanying diarrhea or constipation.

•Complaints of back pain often arise because of previous injuries to the back or spine. Additionally, patients with new symptoms of back pain, from either a traumatic or work-related injury

•Trouble breathing or shortness of breath, Patients suffering from respiratory disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or asthma.

CLINICAL ROTATIONS - involving the different fields in the nursing practice (2005-2008)

•NORTHERN MINDANAO MEDICAL CENTER, -Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Areas: Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Delivery Room, Emergency Room, Medical-Surgical Ward, Pediatric Ward, OB Ward, General Ward

•J.R BORJA General Hospital- Cagayan de Oro City,Philippines

Areas: Operating Room, Delivery Room, Emergency Room,

Medical-Surgical Ward, Pediatric Ward, OB Ward,

•Madonna and Child Hospital, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Completion of Operating Room and Delivery Room Care

•Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center-Cebu City, Philippines

Areas: Neurology, Orthopedic Ward, Psychiatric Ward


College - Cagayan de Oro College –Phinma, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Nursing



•Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam for Nurses-

February 18, 2009

•Prometric Passer- February 29,2016


Experienced as a Staff Nurse in 600 bed Tertiary-Training and Research Hospital assigned in Operating Room and Emergency Room, familiar in handling hospital apparatus and equipment such as:, Mechanical Ventilators, ECG machine, Suction apparatus, Built-in O2 nebulizers, Infusion Pumps, Anesthesia machines. Highly respected by physician and staff for the ability to remain calm in emergency situations, collaborative in, team settings and exhibit superior competency n complex medical procedures.Communicate effectively with physicians, technicians and other nurses to provide high quality care and respond to emergencies.


•Current RN License, Philippines

•Prometric Passer

•CPR and First Aid certified


•IV Therapist Certified


● OR Procedures

● Intravenous therapy

● Ventilator care


● Phlebotomy

● Patient / Family




•3-BASIC INTRAVENOUS THERAPY TRAINING-Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital-Audio /Visual Room Banilad,Mandaue City-JANUARY 24-26,2014


•PEOPLE IN OPERATING ROOM- AmaiPakpak Medical Center,

FEB 17, 2012

•BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING-Healthcare Providers and Standard First Aid-HEMS(DOH)AmaiPakpak Medical Center,

NOV 23-26, 2011

•Total Patients Care which EncompassessPhysical,Mental,Social and Spiritual Aspects- Cagayan de Oro College –Phinma,2008

•BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING ( Adult Cardiopulmonary Training for Lay Rescuers- Philippine National Red Cross, Cagayan de Oro College –Phinma, FEBRUARY 20, 2008

•FIRST AID TRAINING (Standard) - Philippine National Red Cross

Cagayan de Oro College –Phinma,Feb 20,2008

9. BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Training forHealthcare Provider- Philippine National Red Cross

Cagayan de Oro College at Phinma,OCTOBER 17-18,2005

10. FOODHANDLERS-Department of Health, NOVEMBER 16, 2001


•Profound ability to educate and demonstrate the health care and nursing programs.

•Exceptionally sound knowledge of the medical treatment and nursing care.

•Great ability to manage, organize and resolve the problems

•Excellent communicational skills both written and oral.

•In-depth knowledge of word, excel, outlook, access and PowerPoint of computer.

•Driving/ Basic Auto Mechanic


•Service Crew-Jollibee Foods Inc. - Oct 2001 - Mar 2002

•Service Crew-Barangay Manok - Jan 2001 - Aug 2001

•Sales Representative-Crystal Lake Food Inc. - Mar 1996 – Dec 1996

•Partime Assistant Clerk-Express Telecommunication Co., Inc - Jan 1994- Dec 1995


•Operating Room Nurse Association (ORNAP) -Present

•Association of Nursing Services Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP)-Present

•Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), 2009 – Present

•Cagayan de Or College Alumni Association, 2008- Present

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