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Irbid, Irbid Governorate, Jordan
October 06, 2019

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Date of Birth : **,February, 1987

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Jordanian / Turkish





Carried a Transferable working

Iqama in Saudi Arabia

: Arabic (native fluency), English (Very


: Saudi Arabia 009**-*********

Jordan 009**-*********


: B.Sc. Geology & Environmental,

GPA=(Good),Hashemite University / Jordan/ 2009

Key Competencies

- Geology software (server, Remote sensing (RS ), Grapher,RockWorke,3D model,aquifer test

- AUTOCAD, Photoshop, Microsoft – office, Computer Literate,Internet application .

- Globule position system ( GPS ), Globule Information System (GIS) .

- WellCAD, Geovista, Century-Geo,WINlog (for Wireline logging and interpretation raw data ),. SELF-CONFIDENCE, team worker, team leader, ability to learn Certification and Training Courses:

INJEAS Certifications (How to be a Leader, Successful Skills, Ethos Market,…)

Queen Rania competition to Design Environmentally Friendly Home with the support of German Agency number 4th for all Jordan .

Mud Logging Services & Petroleum geology from Jordanian Geologist Association (JGA).

First Aid course form Jordanian Red Crescent & Fire fighting,HSE course by Site Drilling CO .

First Aid course from Jordanian Civil Defense

Geovista course logging and data interpretation by Terratec Geophysical service CO .

Fire alarm Inspection,test and maintenance to Honeywell devoices from MDG .

Petroleum Industry course from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Paper prepared (Total Organic Carbon Content Determine by Δlog R Technique In Wadi Abu AlHamam- Jordan)

From To Company Job Title

Apr 2016 Sep 2018






Interfacing with internal clients Collaborating with project team to develop project plans and timelines to meet content, budget and schedule requirements Working with leadership to assign resources to projects and updating team-wide resource schedule Checking in with production teams to stay updated on project status

Meet with managers define the overall goals and objectives of the project,Prepare recommendations for resource requirements to accomplish the project; Plan, coordinates and establish operating methods and procedures for accomplishment of project mission; as needed .

Establish a system to review, control, and report on project status; Monitors project status and adjusts work plans for project accomplishment. Monitor progress, coordinate delivery dates, and maintain financial controls and systems including marking budgets for all project expenditure

,meetings with vendors & suppliers related to the Program From To Company Job Title

Apr 2015 Mar 2016



Consultant Hydrogeologist


Hydro geological study for aquifer & maps, supervisor drilling of Water Well (deep and shallow

), drilling,logging,hydrology Data analysis, rehabilitation and testing water wells, operations all drilling activity in site,drawdown, pump test compilation report,,wireline logging with data analysis interpretation with installation casing /screen depend the logging data and sample

,mapping,description sample, and problem fixing

Hydrogeological field work (site reconnaissance, water level measurements and groundwater sampling, supervision of water well installations and pumping tests)

Field data review, /GIS-based data management

Support of technical reporting daily drilling report Timely execution of projects in accordance with quality, cost and safety standards, in close consultation with the service line manager and associated project managers

Technical assistance and support of hydrogeological and environmental projects Cooperation with other service lines and project-related subcontractors or project partners

Technical field and office work, compiling of project documentations and further task-specific documents

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Nov2014 Feb 2015

Saudi Makamin Oil & Gas Services

Saudi Arabia Site Manager

Manage drilling work in site, Operation site activity, supervisor drilling, write DD report (daily drilling report), management, QC, communication, awareness HSE procedure in field, competitively plan the geological aspects of a well including well and data, identify and mitigate drilling and subsurface risks, Supervisor the contractors and their responsibilities, manage well site derived data effectively, evaluate formation, report preparation, lead fishing operation, sample description, interpretation data,borehole plans and drilling fluid programs. Ensure maximum production and full utilization of all equipment, tools, manpower and facilities involved with drilling operations. Reducing leakage through efficient operation .Support the mobilization to site of drilling rigs, . Technical / Drilling point of contact to onshore and field operations during project execution. Monitor market fluctuation and technical developments in all areas of 3rd party supplied drilling equipment and drilling fluid .Be actively involved with the procurement of drilling equipment and tooling, rigs, and also extraneous drilling plant, to ensure best value and budget compliance.

Review project documents (DPRs & Drill Logs) to ensure compliance with correct drilling methodology, and ensure daily targets are met to achieve maximum production throughout entire project lifecycle. From To Company Job Title

Feb 2014 Aug 2014


Geologist /Geophysicist

Lead exploration team in site for mining oil shale ( Geological studies, site investigation, modeling, description sample and core logging Data analysis & Operator wireline logging tool (Century-Geo)), run log to depth 300m for exploration oil shale Coordination all operation in site, interpretation data, Manufacturing new equipment operation the drilling activities in site,reporting, detect new possible boreholes by GPS and map, cross section, mapping,help and gave hand to making fishing tools for ( rock bit,drill coaler,pipe and also logging probe )and supervisor in fishing operation in site,Write final report, make calculations for TOC( Total organic carbonate ) and oil yield from oil shale depending to the data from logging, expert in WellCAD program process data and calculate volume, logging sonde (caliper, Resistivity,NGRS natural gama also sample description and reporting drilling core supervisor activity From To Company Job Title

Oct2011 Jan 2014

Site Group For Drilling and Services,BAUER



(Wireline logging Engineer )

Operator wireline logging tool (Geovist,Robertson), run log to depth 2000m, Coordination with the client and supervisor to the operation before go to site an also in site,interpretation data, Maintenance logging tools, Manufacturing new equipment will help to work like wheels in different position + gave hand to making fishing tools for ( bit,drill coaler,pipe and also probe ) and supervisor in fishing operation in rig,Write final report, calculation average caliper and other calculation for drilling department .

Rehabilitation of Water Wells - Data analysis, rehabilitation procedures and testing, operations and pump test

Make inventory sheet and communication with other for deliver new tool or parts, expert in WellCAD program to process data and in logging sonde ( 4ACS caliper, E-log Normal Resistivity Focused Resistivity Measures 16 64 SPR,NGRS natural gama ray,Dll3 Dual Induction Induced Polarization, flowmeter,ASMP water sampler,CCTV,TCME Temperature conductivity,SP self potiansel,Density by use source Cs173, Sonic / CBL ) Feb2011-Oct 2011 Operations Geologist, Well Site Geologist Operation the geological work in geologist department,write daily report for drilling department

,mange the operation inside geological department ( tools, rotation, sieve analyses test for sample description sampler and make check for daily report received from geologist in site Dec2009 Jun 2010 Geologist, Hydrologist

Supervisor drilling exploration(DD,RC drilling ) wells sample descriptions, log core descriptions cross section, modeling, team lead and mobilization for rig and team,description sampler (core

,cutting ) write drilling report,mange all operation on rig and between Write pumping test report,collection data from pump and flow meter value, supervisor on flowmeter test operation, supervisor wireline logging (sampler,Gama ray ) From To Company Job Title

Oct 2009 Dec 2009 Engineering Axis For Studies Geologist, Lab Supervisor for drilling exploration(DD,RC drilling ) wells sample descriptions, log Technician core descriptions cross section, modeling, team lead and mobilization for rig and team,description sampler (core,cutting ) write drilling report,mange all operation on rig and between Description sample, write a report, sieve analyses soil test and concrete test, site investigation,. Reference

Zeid Al Mashaqbah


Mobile : 009**-*********


Bassam M. Al-Qaisi

Senior Civil Engineer (Msc. ), Water Resources,


Head of The Geophysical Investigation Unit

T: +962-***-***-***, +962-***-***-***

E-mail :-,

Imad Fakhoury

MSc. Geology

Project Management & Control Unit-PMCU

Tel: +962-*-*******

Mobile: +962-*********

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