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Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Sarasota, Florida, United States
September 29, 2019

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**** ******* *****, *********, ** 16148-5409

Tel: 724-***-**** (text or call) / E-mail: / WORK EXPERIENCE

SURGEON, FOOT & ANKLE 3/2018-present

Locum Tenens work with remote Telemedicine Consulting for various agencies and assignments in licensed states. SURGEON, FOOT & ANKLE 2/2017-2/2018

Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists, Morgantown, WV Orthopedic private practice with on-call duties & privileges at Mon General Hospital Medical Center. SURGEON, FOOT & ANKLE 1/2016-1/2017

Medical Associates of Erie - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), Erie, PA Associate Clinical Faculty for LECOM students, residents, and fellows On-call & Clinical duties at Millcreek Community Hospitals, Corry Memorial Hospital, and LECOM Institute for Successful Aging SURGEON, FOOT & ANKLE 4/2008-11/2015

Specialty Orthopaedics, P.C., Hermitage, PA

Orthopedic private practice with on-call duties & privileges at Sharon Regional Hospital & UPMC Horizon Hospitals. SURGEON, FOOT & ANKLE 8/2006-10/2007

Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center (Orthopedics & Podiatry), Riverside, CA On-call and clinical duties for the medical center with privileges at Kaiser Fontana and Ontario Vineyard Surgery Center FELLOW, RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY IN FOOT & ANKLE 7/2005-6/2006 Sarasota Orthopedic Associates (Director Harold W. Vogler, D.P.M., FACFAS), Sarasota, FL Fellowship training in complex reconstructive surgery & traumatology of foot, ankle, & leg PODIATRIC MEDICAL-SURGICAL RESIDENT 7/2003-6/2005

DVA (James A. Haley Veterans Hospital), Tampa, FL

Residency training in podiatric/ plastic/ general/ orthopedic sx with duties at Bay Pines VA & MacDill Airforce Base ROTATING PODIATRIC RESIDENT 6/2002-6/2003

DVA (Wadsworth Veterans Hospital), West Los Angeles, CA Residency training in rotating podiatric medicine & surgery, orthopedic, vascular surgery, radiology, anesthesia, pathology, & internal medicine with various duties at Olive View- UCLA Med Ctr, Century City Hospital, & Sepulveda-Santa Barbara VA RESEARCH ASSOCIATE 1/1993-8/1998

LAC-USC School of Medicine (Cardiovascular Research Laboratory), Los Angeles, CA Abstract publications: Correlation of CVD with ASH, STI, stress, Ca intake, MVP, passive smoking, pulse pressure AFCR Trainee Investigator Award for Excellence in Scientific Research 1994 EDUCATION

TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, 9/98-5/2002 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY, 1/97-8/98 Master of Public Health in Research Epidemiology FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, 9/93-9/96 Master of Divinity, Family Pastoral Care & Counseling UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE, 9/90-12/91 Bachelor of Arts in Biology UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS, Manila, Philippines 6/87-8/90 Bachelor of Science in Biology LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION

Board-Certified with the American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery 3/2014 - present Board-Certified with the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery 9/2014 - present State Licensures for West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and California Licensed & Ordained Minister- Western Evangelical Association 5/1993 - present ACADEMIC & PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS

Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Excellence Award, Harding Foundation Scholarship, and Fuller Grant American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons 2003 - present International Association of Orthopedic Surgeons 2012 - present Associate Clinical Faculty at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine 2016 - 2017 Adjunct Clinical Faculty at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine 2010 - 2013 American Federation for Medical Research / American Association for the Advancement of Science 1994 - 2002 American Diabetes Association / American Heart Association- Hypertension Research Council 1999 - 2002 American Public Health Association 1999 - 2005

Biomedical Research Society / ROTC Medical Unit-Red Cross 1987 - 1990 Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare (7th ed)

Who’s Who in the World (19th, 22nd, 23rd eds)

Who’s Who in the West (26th ed)

Who’s Who in America (54th, 56th, 58th, 59th, 60th, 62nd, & 63rd eds) Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders (1st ed)

Dictionary of International Biography (26th ed), Strathmore’s Who’s Who (2004 ed) Languages Spoken: English, Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish Evangelista, Allan


The following articles have been presented at National Meetings and at Western Regional Meetings and published as abstracts in Journal of Investigative Medicine, Clinical Research Journal for American Federation Clinical/ Medical Research and American College of Physicians: I. Carmel, California (2/94) and Baltimore, Maryland (5/94)- Barndt R., A. Evangelista, E. Mattson, J. Hwang, J. McFadden, T. Cox. “Hemodynamic studies of the pathophysiology and treatment of systolic hypertension with aging,” Clinical Research. 42(1):14A. February 1994.

Hwang J., R. Barndt, T. Cox, A. Evangelista, C. Emont. “Evaluation of systolic blood pressure and symptom levels with increased calcium intake in elderly women with mitral valve prolapse syndrome,” Clinical Research. 42(1):14A. February 1994.

Barndt R., A. Evangelista, J. Hwang, R. Higman, T. Cox, J. Strickland. “Systolic time intervals identify people with high behavioral stress and increased coronary risk in prospective studies,” Clinical Research. 42(1):71A. February 1994.

Wong J., Hwang, R. Barndt, A. Evangelista, T. Cox. “Electrocardiographic prediction of assymetrical septal hypertrophy identifies mitral valve prolapse patients with increased sympathetic tone,” Clinical Research. 42(1):39A. February 1994.

II. Carmel, California (2/95) and San Diego, California (5/95)- Barndt R., A. Evangelista, J. Huang, H. Moon, J. McFadden, A. Shah. “Basilar artery migraine reduces the severity of aortic and coronary atherosclerosis in patients with hyperlipidemia,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 43(S2):302A. April 1995.

Barndt R., R. Higman, A. Ibrahim, K. McGee, A. Evangelista, J. McFadden. “Image processing of digital ultrasound enables visualization of coronary calcification and fibrosis at regions of significant stenosis,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 43(S2):385A. April 1995. Barndt R., J. Huang, R. Conner, A. Evangelista. “Prospective prediction and prevention of systolic hypertension of the elderly,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 43(S2):264A. April 1995. Barndt R., T. Moon, R. Conner, A. Evangelista, A. Ibrahim. “Ultrasonic evidence of restrictive cardiomyopathy due to fibrosis in catecholamine sensitive diabetics with passive smoking,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 43(S1):198A. February 1995. III. Carmel, California (2/96) and Washington, D.C. (5/96)- Barndt R., A. Evangelista, P. Yoshino, R. Higman, C. Emont, J. Huang. “Ultrasonic coronary screening as a cost effective epidemiological tool in measuring the severity of coronary atherosclerosis and risk factor significance,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 44(3):312A. March 1996. Evangelista, Allan

Barndt R., L. Wong, P. Yoshino, M. Ammar, A. Evangelista, J. Huang. “Prediction and prevention of microvascular angina in high risk patients,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 44(3):312A. March 1996. Barndt R., J. Huang, P. Yoshino, L. Hsian, A. Evangelista, M. Adeli-Sardo. “Ultrasonic population screening to identify people at risk of congestive heart failure,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 44(3):313A. March 1996.

Barndt R., R. Higman, K. McGee, F. Hajaliloo, A. Evangelista, J. Huang. “Ultrasonic evidence of greater coronary damage in passive smoking children with higher serum cholesterols,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 44(1):100A. January 1996.

Barndt R., R. Higman, A. Evangelista, M. Adeli-Sardo, C. Emont, J. Huang. “Three dimensional transthoracic ultrasonic evidence of regression of coronary atherosclerosis by changes in wall density and luminal stenosis,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 44(1):122A. January 1996. IV. Carmel, California (2/97) and Washington, D.C. (4/97)- Barndt R., A. Evangelista, R. Higman, E. Yacoub, L. Wong, L. Hsiao. “Epidemiological studies in Coptic Egyptians show possible genetic effects in premature coronary atherosclerosis,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 45(1):84A. January 1997.

Barndt R., J. Palacios, L. Hsiao, A. Evangelista, J. Huang, and R. Higman. “Epidemiological studies show catecholamine sensitivity as a cause of systolic hypertension,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 45(1):86A. January 1997.

Barndt R., L. Hsiao, R. Higman, A. Evangelista, L. Wong, and J. Palacios. “Prediction and reduction of the progression of myocardial fibrosis and dysfunction in latent diabetes,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 45(3):290A. March 1997.

V. Carmel, California (2/98)-

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Barndt R., A. Evangelista, and A. Vardapetian. “Pulse pressure and ultrasonic coronary calcification: Predict risk factor levels and severity of coronary stenoses,” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 48(1):96A. January 2000.

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