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Engineer Civil Engineering

Houston, Texas, United States
September 26, 2019

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Project Management Professional

Accomplished and results-driven professional with extensive experience in leading a diverse range of construction projects from conception to completion within budgetary and time constraints. Proven record of devising and executing robust plans with an aim to achieve organisational objectives. Demonstrated expertise in recognising complex process issues as well as suggesting appropriate solutions for continuous process improvement. Ability to streamline operational process in line with strategies to ensure seamless work flow. Articulate communicator, skilled in administrating big teams, negotiating contracts, liaising with contractors, and developing strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. Possess knowledge of SAUDI ARAMCO desktop standards and international codes of practices, such as ACI (American Concrete Institute), ASTM (American Society of Testing Material), and uniform building code UBC, IBC, ACI-318, ASHHTO, and AISC.

Areas of Expertise

Construction Project Operations

Procedural Enhancement

Budgeting & Forecasting

Contract Negotiation

Interpersonal Skills

Gulf Construction Practices

Engineering Specification

Cost Control & Reduction

Relationship Management

Staff Training Programmes

Communication Skills

Interpret Drawings

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Quality Assurance & Control

Regulatory Compliance

Team Building & Leadership

Problem Resolution

Analytical Skills

Project Management experience in Oil & Gas sector and other industrial / commercial/ residential component sectors.

Expertise in Areas: Project Management (Construction and QA/QC Engineering Specifications; Standards & Design review including Structural Steel and Concrete, Professional Development and Training

Versatile Experience of more than Three decades together with a Strong Technical Background that enables the candidate to gracefully adapt in new situations and in adding value to varying work environments

Excellent project management skills with background in areas: Construction, Supervision, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Resource, material handling and Change Management, geared towards projects delivery and completion of Saudi Aramco’s capital project safely, on schedule within budget and highest standard integrity

Liaise and coordinate with consultants and contractors on all site matters.

Ensure works are carried out in accordance to QA/QC plan, work method statement, quality specification and proper sequence of work.

Attend and follow up on matters raised in all site meetings.

Able to manage and coordinate main contractor and nominated subcontractors works.

Able to work with client for smooth implementation of projects.

Interpersonal skills and proven ability providing leadership to teams build and sustain team environments.

Ability to travel and work on different locations during project execution.

Ability to work with a team of professionals to implement project and quality objectives.

Ability to interpret drawings and work instructions.

Clear conceptual thinking with good analytical skills in problem solving and decision-making.

Ability to adapt to stressful environments

Ability to handle multiple tasks, co-ordinate, manages and communicates efficiently and effectively.


Well versed with SAUDI ARAMCO desktop standards.

Well versed with international codes of practices and standards such as of ACI (American Concrete Institute), ASTM (American Society of Testing Material), and uniform building code UBC, IBC, ACI-318, ASHHTO and AISC.

Special Training:

Construction Estimate, Plant Assessment, Civil and Structural, Preparing of inspection reports for civil/ structural plant assessments and conducting periodic inspections of Community and Operations Support Facilities, Special Request Inspections of existing buildings and facilities per SAEP-309 & SAEP-20 and Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards.


30+ Years Professional Track Record

Current position: Civil Site Superintendent in,Houston Texas 2018 to till date

Contractor: CLASSIC CONSTRUCTION CO.13170, FM 529 HOUSTON, TX 77041.

Project: CONSTRUCTION OF Express Holiday IN Hotel North 3401 MAIN ST, Houston, Texas. 77009.


Civil site Superintendent: The responsibilities includes coordinating on site construction activities, supervising field personnel, manAs sagement of subcontractors and coordination with the client as required successfully completed the project safely, on schedule and within budget. This includes maintain a high standard of quality of production, while administering safe construction practice with all on site activities.

Position: Civil Site Superintendent (2015 T0 2017)

Client: Khurias Al-Crude Increment Project Division with Saudi Aramco

Position: Civil / Structural Site Superintendent.

SAMP Contactor: HAK GROUP. Doha Camp, Dhahran,

Contract No: 661********, B.I. NO: 10-01506

Title: Khurias Al-Crude Increment Project Division.

Client : Saudi Armco Project Management Team (SAPMT)

Position: Civil / Structural Site Superintendent. (2012-2015)

SAMP Contactor: HAK GROUP. Doha Camp, Dhahran,

Contract No: 660*******, B.I. NO: 10-009**-****

Title: Waist Gas plant (Inlet and gas processing facilities project, pakge-1)

Client: Saudi Armco Project Management Team (SAPMT)

Position: Civil / Structural Site Superintendent. (2009-2012)

SAMP Contactor: Al-Hugayet Contracting Establishment. Dammam, KSA

Contract No: 660020933/01

Title: Karan Sulphur Mania and Gas Facilities Project. Khursniyha, KSA.

Client: Saudi Armco Project Management Team (SAPMT)

Position: Civil / Structural Superintendent. (2007-2009)

Grade Code-13 (C.T.S Contract, Saud Consult.)


Contract Nos. 660******* / 660*******/ 660*******

Client: Saudi Aramco Project Management Team (SAPMT) Khurias Projects

Position: Senior Civil Inspector- Grade12 Saud Consult, Dhahran (2000-2007)

Operation Inspection Division /Dhahran Facilities Inspection Group

Project: I.T.S. Contract, Saudi Aramco, DEPT, OID/IEU/DFIG

Client: Saudi Aramco, inspection department, Dhahran, K.S.A.

Position: Civil Site Engineer, Omrania & Associates. Jeddah (1998-2000)

Project: Jeddah Storm Water Drainage Project. Contract nos. 3 and 4.

Client: Municipality of Jeddah, K.S.A

Position: Civil Site Engineer Saud Consult, Al-Qasim Region. (1997-1998)

Project: Development of Industrial City, Al-Qasim Phase-III, Part-1,

Client: Ministry of Industry & Electricity, Riyadh, K.S.A

Position: Civil Site Engineer Saud Consult, Makkah (1995-1997)

Project: Engineering, supply and erection of 380kv transmission line including installation of OPGW communication system in between shaiba desalination plant and south aziziyah sub-station, Makkah

Contract No. 93/26/1/G

Client: Electricity Corporation, Riyadh, KSA.

Position: Civil Site Engineer. Saud Consult, Makkah (1994-1995)

Project: Jeddah Tourist City,

Utilities Plants & Hotel Buildings, Telecom System - North Abhur, Dahaban, Jeddah. K.S.A

Position: Civil Site Engineer. Saud Consult, Dammam (1993-1994)

Project: 230/69/13.8kV Indoor Substation at Rakah BSP & related modification at seven (7) Grid Stations. Installation of 230kV LPOF & 69kV XLPE /13.8 kv/ fiber- optic underground cables.

Client: SCECO – East Dammam, Saudi Consolidated Electric Co - K.S.A

Position: Civil Site Engineer. Saud Consult, Madinah Al-Munawarah (1990-1993)

Project: Construction of three underground reservoirs at Quba & South Madinah Al-Munawarah

Client: Water and Sewerage Authority, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. K.S.A.

Position: Civil Site Engineer. Saud Consult, Al-Ruqai Border (1989 – 1990)

Project: Residential Complex at Al-Ruqai Border Centre Stage – II Construction supervision of Mosque with two towers, W.C., Elementary School, Administration Building, Multi-story building, Custom authority, Guesthouse, overhead and underground water tanks, Guardhouse with compound wall.

Client: Ministry of Finance and National Economy, Riyadh. K.S.A

Positions: Civil site Engineer. Saud Consult, Buraidah (1988-1989)

Project: Buraidah Sewage Treatment Plant- Contract: 1A

Client: Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs Water Authority

Position: Site Civil Inspector. Saud Consult, Riyadh- K.S.A. (1984 – 1986)

Project: 1st and 2nd Extension of Riyadh Sewerage System

Contract: C-13, C-15, C-19 & C-22

Client: Riyadh Water & Sewage Authority, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

Civil site superintendent

Khurais Al-Crude Increment Project Division with Saudi Aramco

Preiously worked as civil site superintendent Khurais Al-Crude Increment Project Division with Saudi Aramco, engaged in the construction of hydro carbon pipe laying lines network ABUJIFAN AND MAZJILZ areas. I have completed Waist Inlet and Gas Processing Facilities successfully. Previously I have worked for the construction of Karan and Khurias gas plants. I have successfully completed and hand over these projects to Saudi Aramco proponents.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Personally responsible for all the Civil / Structural construction activities in one zone of the entire project.

Managing day-to-day production activity, material and manpower for the smooth progress of the zone. Managing the sub-contractors and scheduling the construction activity. Ensure design is interpreted and implemented correctly.

Propose changes to the design where applicable, and make sure it is followed through.

Review of vendors drawings, supplier bid review & evaluation.

Provide expertise to site team to avoid/resolve quality problem.

Ensures assigned construction operations and contractors performance are in compliance with specifications and within schedules and budget.

Daily discuss with the led- project engineer in-charge about constraints and problems on the jobs.

Provide engineering and technical support required for the project.

Study in advance each working area to identify possible hazards and difficulties.

Coordinate with other contractor/supervisors for any work interference and other vital matters that affect one another during construction/erection.

Conduct daily tool- box meeting/always emphasize hazards of the job.

Strictly implement company safety rules and regulations

Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly report.

Prepare 3- weeks look-ahead work plan to advance material and equipment preparations and Necessary scaffolding.

Conduct close supervision of construction works to ensure work quality, productivity and safety.

Strictly implement company safety rules and regulations

Handling and controlling of all civil works activities responsible for erection of steel structures for main pipes rack and equipment’s plate form steel structure’s erection, concrete pouring for footing foundations, pedestal’s column’s equipment foundation,OWS manholes, communication / electrical duct banks, ditches, lift station sump pits, Sulphar recovery and gas trains construction, local supports foundations and equipment’s structures foundations, backfilling and grouts pouring for the pipe rack pedestals columns and including buildings such as PIB,SUB-STATIONS, MSB, OME, EDGB,SMOKE SHELTERS. PONDS, ROAD NET WORK, TEL-COMMUNICATION and PRAYER SHELTERS buildings constructions works on site, preparing the material order, consumption, reconciliation reports, daily reports for client / Client review.

Attending and reviewing the progress in the weekly and monthly review meetings with management for the proper sequence and to achieve the target completion dates and mile stones of the project.

Providing technical support to all subcontractors, reviewing and forwarding technical queries to senior project engineer for review / approval and follow up shop drawings approval from AOC and conceptual designs, Rising of Site clarification requests to the designer for approval.

Check Lists – following the Quality control procedures as per project specifications and company standards towards the successful completion of the Project.

Co-ordination with the SAPID for inspection and clearance prior to the concreting.

Review material and TQ submittals and WMS, and continually coordinate with contractors on how to improve progress status. Initiated safety walkthroughs to highlight safety deficiencies at site that require contractor's action

Review the structural adequacy of existing plant structures to support access of heavy lift equipment’s.

Coordinating with plant operations and maintenance personnel with regards to safety permits, plant access and shut down schedules to permit uninterrupted construction. Verify the reported progress and actual progress at site and its correctness. Look head two-week schedule and follow up on daily/weekly basis. Monitor the contractor’s work activities on a daily basis. Follow up weekly construction schedule activities and progress of contractor.

Verify the procurement schedule to incorporate vendor’s delivery schedules. Define critical milestone dates and monitors them. Alert SAPMT in advance of slippage area and corrective action required. Revising construction drawings and make the necessary change to complete the job.

Consolidation of exception items YES / NO and re-entering in MPCS system.

Follow up and close coordinating for closing YES / NO exception items with SAPID, Loss Prevention and with operation departments

Follow-up for the preparation and checking of as built drawings end of project completion.

Worked on various fields of projects and successfully completed and listed below:

These include office, high rise building, hospitals, laboratories, schools, restaurants, recreation facilities, exhibition hall, housing, mosques and warehouses. In the field of Electrical, Construction of 23/ 69/13.8 kv Indoor substation. Installation of 230kv LPOF and 69 kv XLPE / 13.8 kv / fiber optic underground cables, underground utilities diversion and protection works for high and low tension cables. Overhead transmission lines, OHTL 380 / 115 / 34.5 kv lines execution works. Construction and Commissioning of Sewage treatment plant, sewer / storm water drainage lines networks and pumping stations. Construction of water supply main / secondary pipe lines network, water reservoir, irrigation water tanks, water well and oil pipes lines. Construction of road network, pipe culvert, box culvert, ditches, catch sin, Reinforced Concrete Bridge and piling work. Construction of power plant, gas plant oil and gas etc.

Construction of Gas Plants:

Gas plant construction at khurias, Karan and Waist projects was executed as per Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard. Summary of projects details are listed bellow

Interface buildings, sub-stations buildings,edge, smoke shelters, Sulphur recovery units, construction of gas trains,construction of pipe rack footings and columns, equipment’s foundations,erection of steel structures and,inlet gas facilities including constructions of equipment’s structures and analyzer shelter, emergency diesel generator building, process interface building smoke shelters,oil water lift station low cap pumps, oil water lift station high cap pumps,oily storm water lift station,oily water separation pond, evaporation pond, gas treating area sewage lift station, maintenance services building, operation maintenance building, operation /supervising operator shelters and prayer shelters.


Involvement during design review & construction stages mainly in the CIVIL / STRUCTURAL discipline for implementing projects of Commercial / Industrial Buildings, Communication & Transmission Towers, Oil & Gas Plants, Hydro-Carbon Pipelines & Plant Support Facilities such as Power Houses, Offices & Admin buildings, Warehouses, Industrial Security Facilities.

Technical review / support of contractor’s base design, detailed design packages (In-house design / General Engineering Services), proposed construction materials, shop / fabrication and vendor drawings.

Scope of Work & Detailed Technical Specifications, Final Detail Engineering Design (FDED) and Preliminary Acceptance Test / Mechanical Completion Certificates

Upon request of proponent organization, critical supervision (beyond routine work) of project at key hold point stages parallel to Project Inspection representatives.

Coordination with other disciplines namely Proponent, Operation, Roads & Heavy Equipment Department, Loss Prevention, design contractor and Security Engineering / Technical Support Group regarding design, field changes / revisions to adhere the scope of work.

Providing engineering support and technical input to major users, contractors, sub-contractors for specification in projects & during work execution.

Commented technical proposals & reports for employing solutions tailored to end users’ specific needs.

Developed and conducted in-house / field trainings to client representatives in various regions of Kingdom.


Bachelor of Science in civil engineering-1982 from university of manila, Philippines

(Specialization: Civil Engineer.

Engineering Standards & Codes of Practice

SAUDI ARAMCO Desktop Standards, ACI (American Concrete Institute), ASTM (American Society of Testing Material), uniform building code UBC, IBC, ACI-318, ASHHTO, and AISC.

Note: References are available and can be provided upon request.

Civil / Structural Superintendent

Preferred Industry: Construction / Civil Engineering

Preferred Location: Houton Texas

Goal-oriented professional offering 30+ years of experience targeting assignments in Construction of gas plants, Powers plant and Building.


Result oriented and highly motivated, strong organizational skills with keen analytical ability and communication flair (written and oral), with a knack to develop collaborative relationships with general contractors, consultants, subcontractor, suppliers, vendors and other project stakeholders and functional organizations.

Problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolution skills with ability to implement amicable solutions for win-win outcomes.

Strong commitment to safety, quality, progress, health, & environment.

Highly motivated, well organized and able to work unsupervised.

Delivery of project on budget and within the program.

Positive attitude and strong work ethic. Strong interpersonal skills.

Expertise in the Gulf construction practices, culture, and techniques with emphasis on civil engineering and construction management in heavy construction and industrial facilities.

Hardworking, self-discipline, responsible, possess good analytical, interpersonal and communication skills, good teamwork

Plan and manage progress development activities of project.

Ability to analyze and implement corrective actions to prevent project delays.

Shams Ur Rehman

: +001– 832-***-****


Personal Details.

Authorized to work in Uas.

Valid driving license avilable

Location: HOUSTON, TX-77598

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