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Environmental Inspection Manager

United States
September 25, 2019

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OBJECTIVE: Obtain a position in the energy industry where my nearly 20 years of experience, knowledge and expertise on pipeline projects, leadership, innovative problem solving skills, and relationship building abilities are utilized to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance on pipeline projects.



Environmental Inspector (January 2018-December 2018)

Spread B, 30 miles, 42-inch FERC 7c pipeline in West Virginia. Provided environmental support to the team of Environmental Inspectors (EI) and construction. Ensure the construction team is provided with the most recent documents as things are updated, including alignment sheets, E&S Plans, FERC approved variances, updates from the different agencies, update the punch list, redline changes, complete the FERC Weekly for Spread B, and ensure EIs completed the required reports in a timely manner (daily construction, dust reports, stormwater inspection reports, non-compliance reports, visual inspection reports, etc.).

Coordinated with the contractor, EQT Construction Management, the ROW department, engineering, and Inspection daily to ensure the team received and understood all environmental related permits and plans.

Conducted daily Safety Environmental Awareness Training daily for the contractor.

Ensured EQT’s internal third party inspection group’s weekly inspections were communicated, addressed, and documented.

Coordinated with key staff to ensure all compliance issues (internally reported and agency reported issues) were communicated, addressed and documented and responses to agencies were completed in a timely manner.

Developed solutions to environmental issues as they were identified during construction.


Environmental Project Manager (April 2017-January 2018)

Environmental Project Manager for Welded Construction on Spreads 5, 6, and 7 (approximately 95 miles) of the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company LLC (Transco) ASR project in Pennsylvania.

Coordinated with Williams’ engineering and environmental contractors, Williams project management, compliance management, Environmental Inspection, safety, engineering, land/right-of-way and construction during pre-mobilization and construction to ensure Welded’s clear understanding of the ASR environmental compliance requirements, including:

oFERC Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (Certificate)

oUnited States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Section 10/404 Clean Water Act Permits

oState Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106 Consultations

oUnited States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 consultations

oState Threatened and Endangered Species Clearances / Consultations – Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PADCNR) Rare Plant Species Consultations, PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) Rare Aquatic, Amphibian and Reptile Species Consultations, and PA Game Commission (PGC) Rare Mammal and Bird Species Consultations.

oPennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Water Permits

Section 401 Clean Water Act Water Quality Certification

Ch. 105 Permit – Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit

Ch. 102 Permit – ESCGP2 Permit and Supporting Documents, including:

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan / Site Restoration Plan

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Narrative

Best Management Practices and Quantities Plan Sets

Erosion and Sediment Control and Layout Plans for Access Roads

Erosion & Sediment Control Plan and Site Restoration Plan Narrative for Temporary and Permanent Access Roads

Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan Narrative for Permanent Access Roads

Clean Water Act Section 402 PAG-10 - General Permit for Discharges from Hydrostatic Testing of Tanks and Pipelines Submerged

Land License Agreement

PFBC Aids to Navigation Plans

PFBC Stream Blasting Permit

SRBC Water Allocation Permit

Recruited, trained, and managed a team of 3 Environmental Coordinators (one per spread) and the Variance Coordinator.

Ensured quality control, upper management, construction supers and assistants, project managers, and project engineers were aware of all project compliance requirements.

Developed a project Environmental Execution Plan (EEP) to ensure construction is conducted in accordance and compliance with the Project environmental requirements, and to prevent and minimize erosion of disturbed soils and transportation of sediment off the ROW and into sensitive resources (wetlands, streams, and residential areas) during construction. The EEP provided the methods and means to implement to ensure the project team (from upper management to the laborer level) were informed of, trained on, and implemented methods to establish and maintain environmental compliance through construction and restoration.

Complex environmental compliance requirements included the voluminous materials associated with the PADEP permits. Each County traversed by the pipeline had its own PADEP ESCGP2, Water Obstruction and Encroachment, Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan, and more than 40 project specific environmental plans.

Developed internal communication plan that ensured all required parties were in the loop with respect to project variances and redlines being submitted to the customer, approved and appropriately distributed.

Developed a program that identified all environmental compliance requirements by spread that when used in conjunction with construction’s two-week look ahead, the environmental and compliance requirements that would be impacted were easily identified, communicated to construction, and tracked.


Environmental Inspector (December 2016-April 2017)

Coordinated with contractor and RICE (including compliance management, the Chief EI, ROW, safety, engineering, and construction) during each phase of construction to ensure compliance with the RICE Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP), and federal, state and local permits.

Worked with the RICE compliance management team to ensure the RICE ESCP addressed the applicable Federal and state compliance requirements and was consistent with internal standard operating procedures.

Ensured ECDs are installed properly (per the construction plans), function properly and maintained as needed.

Tracked installation of all ECDs as pay items.

Reported daily activities to the RICE management team and ensured the punchlist was updated daily and addressed in a timely manner by the contractor.

Worked closely with the contractor to minimize the potential for environmental compliance issues.

Communicated potential high level compliance issues to the RICE compliance management team.


Environmental Construction Permitting Project Manager (July 2015-July 2016)

255 miles, 42-inch, FERC 7c pipeline project in Ohio and Michigan. Hired due to extensive experience and expertise, and knowledge of FERC regulatory and compliance requirements, from project routing, through to post construction monitoring requirements.

Managed the environmental consulting firm, including executed all required environmental surveys, associated reports, and consultations/permits. Managed the preparation and delivery of the FERC 7c documents, including the Pre-Filing and Application documents to ensure they were completed efficiently, effectively and in compliance with the requirements under 18CFR157 and 312.

Coordinated and managed the development and submittal of all Federal, state and local permits in Michigan and Ohio.

Developed, implemented and managed the project EI Program.


to and understood by the project team and contractor via training, ensuredO LOGISTICS – MARINER EAST PHASE 1

Environmental Project Manager/Chief Environmental Inspector (December 2013-July 2015)

Over 2,000 anomaly digs along more than 250 miles of pipeline in Pennsylvania.

Recruited, established and managed a team of 5 Lead EIs and 25-30 EIs.

Ensured PADEP GP requirements were relayed environmental resources were protected, and that construction was conducted in compliance with PADEP GP6 and 8 by identifying, establishing and maintaining ECDs.

Ensured restoration activities proceeded appropriately and were tracked in an efficient manner.

Developed processes and procedures to aid in the systematic completion of future pipeline construction projects, including restoration inspection, monitoring, and tracking; alternative analysis, approval, and implementation; and an environmental compliance communication plan.


Environmental Inspector (August 2013-November 2013)

9 mile, 42-inch, FERC 7c project, eastern Kentucky.

Ensured project constructed in compliance with Federal, state, local, and company requirements.


Restoration Environmental Inspector (May 2013-August 2013)

Inspected via foot 325 miles of existing ROW to ensure restoration in NE, KS, and OK. Reported issues to TKP on a real time basis. Coordinated with environmental, engineering and ROW to ensure issues were addressed in a timely manner.


Chief Environmental Inspector (January 2013-May 2013)

10 mile, 36-inch, FERC 7c project, Canadian, Texas.

Coordinated with contractors during each phase of construction to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local permits, ECDs are installed, functioning, and maintained properly and in a manner to minimize the potential for erosion issues and off ROW sediment

Ensured compliance with the FERRYING morning C Plan and Procedures, NPDES General Permit conditions, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Nationwide Permit (NWP) 12, and additional state and local permits and consultations.

Conducted Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections.

Reported to NNG on a daily basis to ensure team members were aware of potential issues in an effort to resolve matters prior to them becoming a true compliance concern.


Environmental Inspector (January 2012-January 2013)

55 mile, 42-inch, FERC 7c pipeline, southwestern Pennsylvania and eastern West Virginia.

Coordinated with foreman and Dominion staff for each phase of construction to ensure compliance with the FERC Plan and Procedures, and other federal, state and local permits.

Wrote and submitted the FERC weekly report and variance requests.

It should be noted no Non-Compliance Reports were issued by the FERC.


Assistant Biologist

Assistant biologist on several proposed projects in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

Conducted environmental surveys (wetland delineations and waterbody surveys) for pre-permitting efforts.

Coordinated with the lead biologists, engineering, ROW, and inspection staff regarding potential permitting and construction issues based on features identified, in an effort to ensure the most efficient and effective crossing locations were identified and permitted, so as to minimize the potential for construction, permitting and erosion control concerns.


Senior Project Manager (May 2011-November 2011)

Senior Project Manager for numerous Appalachian Midstream Services (AMS)gathering lines in northern Pennsylvania.

Coordinated and managed several multi-disciplined natural gas gathering line projects and aboveground facilities, concurrently, from project development to post construction permit closeout.

Coordinated with client and internal team players in permitting, engineering, land, and construction, including route selection and refinement, permit coordination, construction inspection, restoration and post permit closeout.

Managed development and submittal of PADEP ESCGP-1, GP-5, GP-8, USACE Joint Permits, and local road permitting. Worked with AMS staff and the PADEP to successfully and effectively obtain and implement emergency permits due to unforeseeable erosion control issues as a result from the 100-year flood.

Developed and implemented a process to ensure survey data was collected and managed in a manner that minimized the potential for disoriented data, ensured data represented real time features, and was accurately portrayed on preliminary alignment plans, permitting maps, construction plans, and final alignment plans.

Guaranteed client satisfaction with deliverables, excellent understanding of client’s needs and ensured client expectations were exceeded at every opportunity and ensured projects were completed within the scope, schedule and budget.

Worked with inspection team to ensure construction was conducted in accordance with regulatory, environmental and AMS environmental standards.


Senior Environmental Consultant (2010–2011)

In-house consultant and obtained environmental permits required for FERC blanket projects, operations and maintenance projects, and on several multi-disciplined projects. Recognized for identifying compliance issues, and for developing efficient and effective processes that streamlined and resolved internal organizational issues.

Collaborated with key members in environmental, engineering, ROW, and regulatory departments to ensure permits were obtained in an efficient time frame and projects were completed on schedule and under budget.

Created an automated, less time consuming database with internal controls that linked multiple projects, enhanced access, traceability, and enforced compliance management.

Established document control and minimal documentation requirements for minor projects.

Recognized for identifying company needs, proposing and developing solutions, improving productivity, and instilling a more team-oriented atmosphere.


Environmental Project Manager (2009-2010)

Provided Environmental Project Management and leadership for Regency’s first FERC, Natural Gas Act (NGA) Section 311 intrastate pipeline projects. Identified company needs and project compliance requirements, and subsequently developed and implemented procedures to ensure compliance. Managed regulatory and environmental compliance requirements, third-party environmental survey/permitting team, and environmental inspection team and support staff, from project conception through to post-construction monitoring. Ensured environmental survey, agency consultations, and environmental permits were inclusive, consistent with project needs, and received in a timely manner to support construction. Managed development of documents to provide evidence of compliance with 18CFR157.206(b), per Section 284.11 of FERC regulations.

Served as the FERC liaison and created successful FERC Variance Notification Process in coordination with FERC staff, wrote, coordinated, submitted all FERC required weekly status reports, and coordinated and conducted FERC Inspections—FERC only issued 1 non-compliance report throughout projects.

Designed and managed efficient Internal Proposed Route Change (PRC) process, which allowed engineering, construction, ROW, and environmental to provide input/feedback and stay informed on project modifications.

Recruited, trained, and managed the team of environmental inspectors (1 chief, 6 inspectors).

Initiated lessons learned program.

Developed internal company guidance procedures/documents, from initial market need determination through to post construction monitoring, for future 311 projects.


Environmental Field Coordinator (2008–2009)

Environmental Field Coordinator during construction of the Gulf Crossing and Fayetteville to Greenville Expansion projects, these projects were both FERC 7c projects, and constructed concurrently. Hired based on recent extensive and successful experience on projects of similar nature in the area. Managed compliance program and EI staff through construction.

Partnered with management to develop, implement and direct an efficient, effective, successful compliance management program, including the compliance reporting system and the variance request procedure (processed and filed 400+ FERC variance requests throughout the projects).

Conducted environmental training for 500+ employees.

Supervised and directed environmental inspection team of more than 50 environmental inspectors. Lead the environmental inspection team, from the hiring process, including benefits, time and expense reports, and payroll, to lay-offs. Directed EI team to ensure compliance measures and requirements were interpreted, understood and executed consistently.


Environmental Specialist (2006–2008)

Hired due to extraordinary level of knowledge and experience as the environmental manager for FERC 7c projects. Provided innovative, yet efficient and effective, leadership and guidance to the compliance group, and allowed CEGT to stay informed of new regulations and maintain compliance. Served as the Environmental Project Manager for CEGT’s FERC 7c projects, 60-day Prior Notice Projects, and blanket certificate projects. Identified the necessity for compliance management programs and responsible for the development and implementation of these programs.

Duties as the Environmental Project Manager included assisting in route design, conducting and managing environmental surveys, obtaining and managing permitting efforts, the pre-filing process, resource report development and FERC filings, managing the third party compliance program, internal environmental inspection program, environmental training, compliance reporting, coordinating and participating in FERC inspections, managing post construction monitoring and reporting. Managed and coordinated the pre-filing process; coordination, development, and submittal of environmental applications and consultations; and ensured compliance was maintained to balance environmental issues through construction.

Managed third-party contractors in support of 7c applications, including the FERC 3rd party monitoring program, and consultants providing environmental survey and permitting activities.

Developed regulatory and environmental compliance system / team to support supplemental filings, data requests and responses, variance request filings, Implementation Plan development, non-compliance reporting, FERC reporting, third party inspections, CEGT’s environmental inspections, and environmental training.

Initiated and managed environmental permitting awareness program, compliance tracking and management process, non-compliance identification and reporting process, variance request process management, permit tracking, minimum document control requirements, and lessons learned program.



Environmental Consultant (2002–2006)


Project Engineer (2000–2001)


BS in Geography and Environmental Science, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI

FERC Natural Gas Pipeline Environmental Compliance Workshop

FERC Environmental Report Preparation Seminar

Cultural Awareness Workshop

NEPA Cumulative Impact Analysis and Documentation

Certified Storm Water Inspection During Construction

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