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Customer Service Sales

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
September 22, 2019

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5b, 13th Street, Linden

Johannesburg, 2149


Personal Summary

My name is Grace Bernadine Strachan. I am honest and am pleasant of disposition.

I am a skill office business operation administrator, always eager to learn and take on new challengers in order to develop myself. I always ensure that deadlines are met in their set time frames. I take pride in whatever work is assigned to me. Customer service, admin are areas that I excel in most. My other passion is putting together ideas or processes and procedures in place in order for business to function or flow more efficiently.

Patience and punctuality are my two strong suites. I believe I have tremendous potential and given the opportunity I will prove to be a valuable member and asset to any company.

Thanking you in advance.



Surname :Strachan

First Name :Grace Bernadine

Contact No :062*******(cell)

Nationality :South African

ID Number :781**********


Excellent administrative

Good communication (verbal and written)

Excellent interpersonal

Time Management

Ability to deliver

Stress management

Decision making

Computer Package( Microsoft Office Suite)

IBCS / Mactrack



Attention to detail

Integrity, confidentiality

Service Orientation


Work independently


Team player

Honest and Loyal

Deliver with pride

Sense of urgency - good time management

Positive attitude, self-motivated and of sound judgement

Passionate about client satisfaction through service excellence


Schooling :Wentworth Senior Secondary, Durban

Highest Standard Passed :Matric

Year Completed : 1999


2008 :Nominated as Employee of the Month for Absa


2008 : Completed a personal empowerment course

“Mind Tools” for working environment.

1994 : Elected to go on Leadership Course (Seen as

Promising leader)

1995 :Diploma in Basic &Elementary Modelling

1996 :Youth &Awana Leader

1997 & 1998 : Nominated Class Captain

1998 : Elected to go on Leadership workshop at the

University of Zululand.

1999 :Elected as School Prefect(Matric)

2011 : Having complete the Absa Relay


Eyeporium Optics :20 May 2019 to Date

Position: Receptionist : Northcliffe Corner

Employment Status: : Currently Employed

Contact Person: 072******* :Zainab Loonat


Open the store on a daily basis.

Ensure that the store is swept, dusted and moped.

Switch on pc, printer and all systems used for processing.

Assist new clients to complete their information forms.

Advise walk in and new clients of the rage of glasses we have on promotion.

Assist clients who would like more information regarding our prices and would like to make an appointment.

Contact medical aid to confirm if the client has sufficient funds for the glasses they have chosen.

We then have our labs collect all the frames, and amend the lenses according to the optometrist results of the eye examination.

Once glasses have returned from the lab, we contact the client to collect their glasses.

We contact clients for the following day to ensure that they are coming for their appointments.

End of day we print a report of sales made for the day, and file away.

At close of business, switch off pc, printer and other systems and lock up store.

Dunkeld Medical and Dental Centre :28 November 2018 to 31 February 2019

Position: Receptionist : Dunkeld West

Reason For Leaving : Temp Assignment

Contact Person :( Zeyn Anagamia – 082*******)


At start of day switch on the water, dental chair and generator.

Start up the Dentist pc and printer and ensure all equipment is sterilized before start of business.

Answer calls. Arrange appointments. Once appointments are booked ensure the day before the appointment date we confirm if the patient is still attending.

Welcome new and existing clients on arrival of appointments

Ensure once patients have completed their consultation that I type out and invoice for them to claim from their medical aid.

Continually update the filing system should we receive new patients.

Constantly keep Doctor notified of any changes to her diary.

IEC :23 May 2018

Position: IEC Voting Administrator : Johannesburg

Reason for Leaving : One day assignment

Contact : Contact Person: Ian Green - 078*******


Verify if the voter is registered at this voting station on our registration sheet. If not direct them to the correct voting station.

Direct the voter to the ballet table to receive a ballet paper in order to vote.

Direct the voters to the thumb marking table confirming that they have voted.

Thereafter the voters to the ballet boxes whereby they place their votes which they have made.

9 September 2013 to 27 February 2015 : Rand Merchant Bank

Position: Forex Administrator/ :Contact Person: NicholasNontabane

Payments Allocator : 087577025(w)/082*******(c)


To capture Forex payments as per daily report drawn from the RMB system.

Ensure all payments are settled in accordance to the rate exchange.

Provide clients with confirmation of payments processed.

Continually check the Forex report throughout the day to ensure that no payments are missed for the day. Ensure an end of day report is printed to check all payments are settled.

As a Payments Allocator I must ensure all payments printed are written up on the payments schedule and taken through to Excon (Compliance) to be approved and fit for process.

Once the payments return from Excon I then allocate the payments evenly amongst the payment administrators.

After all payments are settled for that day. It is my duty to ensure they are filed away in their respective files.

From month to month I must ensure that the previous Months documents are boxed into Metro file boxes and ready to be sent off to be filed / storage.

In terms of my Forex payments I have to return Original Payment documents to specific clients on request.

September 2008 to 30 September 2012 : Absa Commercial Property Finance

Position:Securities Administrator : Contact Person: Absa HR

(Employee no:9093339)086*-***-***/011-***-****


Support the Commercial Property Finance business by capturing all original security documents on the security management system.

Actioning of the security listing (x – Listing, E – listing)

Once captured – ensure documents are audited.

Thereafter verifying and despatching of document are done

All documents are to verified with a tracking number and sent off to the National Security Centre – were all Security document are stored.

Securities administrator must also follow up and ensure that all documents despatched are then approved (A- Status)

Incomplete work or Bundles received are actioned and returned to the relevant sectors.

Acknowledge & receipt is sent out daily for any new work received to give the Product support confirmation that we have received their work

May 2007 to September 2008 : Absa Commercial Property Finance

Position: Payments Administrator : Contact Person:Absa HR



Prepare payments &pay-out to the relevant clients.

Ensure that the payment is made before cut off time. (outside banks)

Ensure that once a client’s loan has been fully paid out – that we finalise his account.

Daily prepping of the payment for pay-out.

Ensure the individual who has signed off the payment is mandated to sign for that sum of money.

Verify all signatures on payment request before processing the payment.

Make sure that all development loans are finalised only when client is paid out.

September 2006 toApril 2007 : Absa Home loans (Absa Contact Centre)

Position: Sales Support Administrator : Contact Person: Christopher Morris

(1990 – 1993) 083*******


Prepare Home loan applications on the MactracSystem

Request all the necessary documentation for the application for application from the client.

Print the Deed Search for the Property / Application off the Encompass system & IMSP system.

Give the client an ongoing update on the progress of their home loan application.

In the case were there are outstanding documents it is the duty of the sales support to follow up on them.

Determine if the client is a high or low risk client.

Confirm if their source of income is valid.

Thereafter it is our duties to send the file off to the processing unit were they will determine if the loan is granted or not.

On a daily basis follow ups are done as to when the clients will be submitting their documents so that we know the progress of a particular deal.

August 2004 to March 2006 : MTN Service Provider

Position:Activations Administrator : ContactPerson:Andrew Gardner 083-***-**** / 011-***-****


Activate new lines for new contracts

Sim swop on lost, stolen or damaged handsets

Transfer cell numbers from one account to another.

Suspension of line in event of unpaid accounts.

Deactivate and Reactivate accounts

Migrate lines from one package to another

Credit Note capturing / Maintain spreadsheet of all monthly credit notes

Scanning /archiving project – to scan all relevant documents onto the system for all to access client’s info.

Resolve all queries related to clients handset

Deliver prompt and accurate service to the client.

April 2004 to June 2004 : Citigroup / Citibank

Position: Administrator – Strategic : Contact Person: Donna Oosthuisen

Planning Department 011-***-****


Correspondence with companies regarding the Financial Intelligence Centre Act(FICA)

Updating companies details

Contacting various companies regarding FICA

Updating vat details

Ensuring that companies are FICA compliant

October 2003 to March 2004 :Nedbank

Position: Receptionist / SWB/ : Contact Person: Marcus Minnegin

Customer Service011 340 6000


As receptionist/SWB: Screening calls for Account executives, branch manager and various departments.

As customer Service consultant: Resolve queries, Electronic transfers, stop payments, stop orders, hand out of cheques & credit cards.

July 2003 to October 2003 : BOE BANK

Position: Receptionist/ SWB : Contact Person: Hugo Kriel



Typing quotes

Arranging appointments

Liaison with clients

Filling / Faxing of documents

Answering and screening calls

July 2002 to December 2002 : Impact Cleaning

Position: Receptionist Clerk : Contact Person: Trevor Ackerman

011-***-**** / 083-***-****


Answering and screening calls

Typing quotes

Arranging appointments

Liaison with clients

Filing & faxing documents

August 2001 to July 2002 : Clicks RandburgWaterfront

Position: Shop Assistant / Till Operator : Contact Person: Mr. T. Nhatso (Store Manager)



Processing Sales

Stock Control

Liaison with customers (Customer service)

Balancing Cash

December 2000 to March 2001 : Mr. Price (Eastgate)

Position:Till Operator : Contact Person: Mr. Roodt


Stock Control

Processing Sales

Customer Service

Balancing Cash


Metro Financial Services :3 April – 31 Aug ( SWB / Receptionist)

Wella SA :14 – 22 May 2003 ( SWB / Receptionist)

Fempower Personal :13 May 2003 (SWB / Receptionist)

Discovery :8 May 2003 ( SWB / Receptionist )

World Wide African Investments :2 May 2003 (SWB / Receptionist)

Motorola – Sandton :March 2003 (one week) (SWB / Receptionist)

Drake Personal :March 2003 (1 day) (SWB / Receptionist)

BME Packaging :17 – 19 March 2003 ( SWB / Receptionist)

SA Beauty Photography :3 – 26 February 2003 (Receptionist)

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