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Manager Plant

Flowery Branch, Georgia, 30542, United States
September 20, 2019

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Sean M. Henderson

**** ***** ***

Flowery Branch,Ga.30542, Cell 470-***-****

I have extensive qualifications in the management of domestic and international manufacturing operations utilizing state of the art production systems and processes. I have success managing multi-million dollar development programs and delivering products that meet or surpass their specified cost, function, schedule and objectives. Recognized for building highly productive, multi-disciplined teams and establishing strong working relationships with customers worldwide. I am a high impact team player with demonstrated talent for analyzing problems, developing procedures and implementing innovative solutions.

My Key Strengths include:

* Detailed Program Planning & Scheduling * ISO9000, ISO1400 2008 & 2015, QS9000 * Plant Safety & EHS

* Vendor Analysis & OEM Relationships * Kaizen, Poke Yoke, 5S, Lean Toyota * Proactive Leadership

* Manufacturing Operations Management * Line Flow / Ergonomics /Global Sourcing * P.D.C.A. Implementation

* Cross-functional Deployment * Just In Time, Continuous Imp., One Piece Flow * Value Stream Mgmt

* Product Safety Standards & Testing * T.Q.M. /Q.F.D., Corporate Training Programs * Environmental Mgmt.

* Building and Leading Teams * Lean Manufacturing & Visual Management * Caterpillar Manuf.

* Budgeting & Cost Model Development * Six Sigma Trainer and Implementer Master B.B * TPM optimization


Bachelors of Science * American Commonwealth University – San Diego California class of 92

Managing for Six Sigma * Phoenix University- San Diego California,

Value Stream & Lean Manufacturing Georgia Tech 2001.

Transformational Leadership Workshop Berry College 9/26/1997

Continuous Improvement Facilitator Workshop Harold Kay & Associates 3/17/1995

Maintenance & Trouble shooting of Programmable Logic Controllers North Metro Technical Institute 7/19/1998

Certificate of Completion Managing Workers Compensation in Georgia 9/21/1995

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Dr. E. William Lareau 1992 Black Belt,

Lean Talent Qualification March 2018 Amsterdam

Professional / Community Involvement:

A.P.I.C.S. (American Inventory Control Society) 1997-present Member #1147320

A.S.Q.C. (American Society of Quality Control) 1985-present Member #00407704

Bartow Chamber of Commerce Member- 1998-2000

Environmental Protection Board Bartow County - 1998-2000

Mentoring Program Bartow County - 1998-2000

Business Expo. Bartow County - 1998-2000 *Hall County Environmental Management (Chair Person)-2001- 2004

Positive Response Board Member & Treasurer- 1995-1999

Cartersville Parks & Recreations: 2000 & 2003 Youth Program, Soccer Coach

Lean Talent Qualifications Amsterdam March 2018

Professional Development: Extensive list upon request

Comprehensive experience in strategic planning and impact analysis. Root Cause Corrective Action Consistent track record for objective judgment and capacity to steer consensus among core business disciplines with diverse agendas and visions to achieve aggressive business goals.

Proficient in an array of continuous improvement tools centered on lean manufacturing and six sigma methodologies including standard work, standard operating procedures, Toyota Systems, statistical process control, visual management systems, 5S, A3, APQP, Value Stream Management,Cross functional workforce implementation, continuous flow, and Kan-Ban systems. Skilled in team building, leading kaizen events, and developing and implementing ISO quality systems along with GMP's.

Consistently improved quality while increasing production on the successful achievement of project goals & KPI's.

Work Experience:

STG-Lane Americas June 2016 to May 9th 2019 (2019 Currently Contract employee for supplier quality for STG Lane Americas)

Operations Excellence Manager, Developed a lean principles not only for production but for entire plant based on Value Stream Methodology

*Created & Implemented spending budget for the production department for review by the Plant Manager and operate within the scope of the budget by creating KPI's tracked daily.

*Created & Coordinated machine schedules and manning with production scheduling to ensure maximum effectiveness based off forecast & Demand Planning Methodology..

*Supported Overall Plant- Improvement Efforts in United States and in the Nederland's Corporate;

*Assisted in implementing AX, ERP system to replace SAP, on all processes in the Plant production area and logistics. Monitored all implementations to ensure that those processes remain in control or take necessary action to return the process to control.

*Developed and implemented plan to improve the quality of the products in plant and what was being supplied (VOC) Voice of the Customer'

*Ensured all standard operating procedures are being followed by all production personnel and Quality personnel by auditing & updating all SOP's. & current processes.

*Directly trained and mentored all VSM's in Gemba Walks, PDCA, methodologies & Continuous Improvement

Consistently maintained on-time shipment record of 95% with gross profits in excess of 30% on average from 62% before re-organization/re-structure

Implemented automated workflow information system within ERP to improve intercompany communication and ease of access to project information utilizing Visual Management & 3 Tiered Communication.

Developed comprehensive employee training and development program to promote and document cross training, new employee training and orientation, and safety awareness.

Lead the implementation of AX from SAP to communicate with corporate offices and facilities overseas on inventory levels and logistics of all NTM's Non Tobacco Materials.

MDKS FITHco. August 2014 to June 2016

Plant Manager responsible for 45 employees and 2 supervisors and 3 outside sales managers.

Provided leadership for the successful day-to-day operation of the facility. Worked closely with quality personnel to review product consistency while monitoring scrap rates to determine trends and areas of improvement.

* Reviewed & established production schedules for all manufacturing departments to ensure established inventory levels were met while operating at the highest efficiency possible. (Plan today so we do not react tomorrow)

* Coordinated the hiring and training of all manufacturing personnel. Monitored operation expenses and researched ways to reduce costs while maintaining product quality. Worked closely with the Environmental Health and Safety * Managed all members of the manufacturing team were aware of safety policies to provide a safe workplace for our employees.

* Maintained inventory levels and controlled flow of product from our subsidiaries based off usage and Lead Times.

* Maintained and supported a superior safety and housekeeping program, including all timely communication initiatives.

* Developed and executed the plant manufacturing budget. Analyzed workforce requirements & set up Cross-functional work teams..

* Conducted performance appraisals and provided coaching and guidance to all operations employees.

* Encouraged and promoted operating in a continuous improvement environment from methodologies from PDCA.

* Removed production constraints; allocated human and equipment resources and directed production employees to attain all established goals.

* Removed waste and constraints from the production process to improve efficiencies and enhanced productivity.

* Communicated with research and development as well as product management personnel to develop new product strategies for environmental change and direct contact with Sun's rays, from Kiosk's going Isotropic conditions.

* Worked with purchasing manager and suppliers overseas to develop and improve timely deliveries and better quality. * Created purchase orders for Purchasing manager to place orders & maintained inventory to Pull process instead of Push, reduced inventory by 50%

* Eliminated 46 active lawsuits within first 6 months of employ due to Kiosks not performing to customer specifications.

* Implemented a back to school program to increase employee morale and improve customer satisfaction by raising the bar across the board

* Implemented Kan Ban system for inventory, and WIP, cutting inventory in half and eliminating down time by not having components for builds.

* Invented numerous concepts for Kiosks in field to be resilient from the Sun's rays and Kiosks going Isotropic facing Sun.

* Created a Drugs Don't Work program

* Set up an Employee share program based off production goals for incentives based off current sales forecasts.

Graphic Packaging, Inc. July 2003 to 8/15/2014

Continuous Improvement Manager/Steering Team Member 7/2004 to 08/2015

Facilitated lean events for the Stone Mountain and South East Region (3) other facilities, while maintaining my position of Quality manager. Ran all lean training and development for the employees of our plant and region. Developed charters and project plans for the lean initiatives For South East Region. Worked as a cohesive group with multiple departments and developed employee relationships and working knowledge while running lean projects.

Overseeing Customer Satisfaction/Corrective for South East Region of three area plants and their warehousing with union employees. Handle all customer complaints. Developed customer focused teams driven by efficiencies in daily tasks and improved cultures internally and externally.

* Received Environmental Excellence Platinum Award 2005, 2006, 2007

* Received Taco Bell Supplier Excellence Award 2006, 2008

* Received PERSECO Supplier Award 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Tighitco, Inc. August 2000 to 2003

Recruited as a Continuous Improvement Facilitator to build and lead teams to increase the bottom line.

Organizational responsibilities:

* Conducted monthly reviews with Director of Operations, VP, and CEO that covered key areas of P&L, goal attainment, cost reduction, variance analysis and staffing requirements for new business.

* Slashed inventory variance and error rates through strong management practices and strict adherence to policies and procedures created by utilizing teamwork and S.O.P’s. Also working with Vendor’s to maintain certain inventory.

* Takt time reductions on production floor by utilizing “One Piece Flow, Kan Ban, & Lean Manufacturing Methodologies which increased Gross Margins from 12% to 23% and lowered indirect labor by 50% but increased production throughout.

* Reduced Manning by implementing One Piece Flow by 35% and Cross-Functional work teams.

* Created Method Sheets and Standard Operating Procedures on jobs to maintain uncompromising focus on high quality standards, Takt time, Customer Critical characteristics and the bottom line to stay focused on profit improvement.

* Created Manufacturing system based on pulling instead of pushing.

* Implemented Recycling program and eliminated 34% of waste streams going to landfill. (First year savings $46,000.00)

* Implemented Cross-functional deployment workforce which increased over all efficiency of plant by 19% monthly improvement.

Caterpillar, Inc. September 1996 to September 2000

Recruited as a Contract Continuous Improvement Facilitator for Chemical/Safety/5S/Environmental Management.

Organizational responsibilities: Responsible for procurement of all chemicals and environmental processes, handling and disposal of all fluids, lubricants, washer solutions and recycling efforts.

* Updated and maintained MSDS currently on-site.

* Conducted monthly meetings with Corporate to review waste disposal, chemical usage, training and 5S implementation.

Delivered Results:

* Reduced Chemical usage by 50% saving Caterpillar $235,000 in yearly purchases

* Waste disposal/elimination of waste streams equated in over $176,000

* Chemical recycling process saved over $535,000 in one year, by using reverse osmosis and filtering carts, implemented all over Caterpillar

* Evaporator implementation for wastewater disposal saved caterpillar $345,000 in disposal fees after cost of implementation.

* Received Environmental Excellence Platinum Award Caterpillar 2000

* Received Jackson County Environmental Award for Caterpillar 2001

* Received Environmental Excellence Platinum Award for Caterpillar 1998

* Received Environmental Excellence Gold Award for Caterpillar 1999

Cosco, Inc. January 1994 to August 1996

Recruited as a Quality / Lean Manufacturing manager and challenged to revitalize diminishing quality and technical creditability in the marketplace due to recent re-call’s, accelerate product development, improve product functionality and redesign internal process to reduce R & D costs. Direct all new product lines, testing, evaluation and development while creating and maintaining quality systems of all products manufactured in the Cartersville facility by eliminating waste, improving methods and increasing plant production capabilities through better quality.

Organizational responsibilities: include managing all standards governed by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association, Engineering, Research and Development and Maintenance Departments. Responsible for hiring, training and counseling of all quality supervisors and inspectors as well as other department hourly associates.

This facility employs 325 people with an operating budget of $6.5 million and a production value of $35 million.

Delivered Results:

* Reduced indirect labor by 18 % while increasing production and reducing machine downtime, by implementing Preventative Maintenance and Tracking.

* Increased Plant efficiency from 68% to 84%.

* Implemented Lean Manufacturing techniques and reduced Supervisors, Group Leads by 75 %, reduced quality auditors by 50% for a yearly savings of $260,000.

* Implemented an Inventory control system eliminating year end shut down, the cycle count accuracy is at 2% on finished goods, work in process and raw materials.

* Reduced rework and work in storage space by 50 %, using Just in Time Concepts, Kan Ban and Poke Yoke philosophies.

* Supervised 65,000 square foot expansion to existing facility

Constar, International February 1993 to January 1994

Total Quality Manager / Safety Director Responsible for promoting all team training and activities for South Eastern Region. Direct, manage, and advise the innovation and continual quality improvement initiatives throughout Constar Division, suppliers and its customers. Lead/ facilitate senior management in the development and implementation of strategic and operational plans; lead product innovation and technology introduction; direct/coordinate all T.Q.M. initiatives; develop, implement and direct all T.Q.M. training programs.

Delivered Results:

* Outstanding success in developing T.Q.M. and Quality initiatives throughout all levels of the Constar Divisions, reducing spoilage by 50% savings of $400,000 in a year.

* Increased field product cycle yields by 35% for a total of $756,000 in a year.

* Reduced lost time accidents ratio to a 0 for a yearly savings of $36,000.

* Efficient usage of Manning for a yearly savings of $127,000.

* Published bulletin for all Constar facilities monthly. (The Price of Non Conformance).

* Set up Warehouse for SAP and initiated location for inventory based off customer demand

* initiated and helped coordinate Transfer tunnel for product to be moved from production floor to warehouse without having to use trucking service .

General Dynamics Convair, August 1986- September 1993

(Reason for leaving, facility shut down) “Union Facility 10,000 employees”

Quality Inspector, Lead Inspector, Quality Engineer-, TQM Manager & Lean Team Lead liaison

Responsible for conducting all quality material testing, creating Operational Descriptions for all quality personnel, form teams with appropriate skills, analyze problems, define and implement improvement actions, evaluate effectiveness, institutionalize improvements, assign and follow up activities, assess and arrange training needs of personnel, ensure that meeting, agendas and reports are properly set up, interfaced extensively with customer representatives concerning product integrity and material review actions.

Delivered Results:

* Received more than 65 awards for Operational Excellence, Employee of the month and Year, Cost Saving Initiatives, & inventions for tooling optimization .

* Developed an automated Production/Quality/Customer buy off of assemblies for MD-11 production lines reducing overall paperwork and storage of documentation/re-inspection of sub assemblies and fuselage sections, documented buy off person, time and date accountability. This process saved Convair in one year $5.2 million.

*Lead the development/implementation of the Craftsman Program reducing the reliance on inspection, reducing inspection cost and improving production schedules. $800,000 thousand per scheduled shipment savings based of completed fuselage sections not being held up due to zones not being accounted for.

Facilitated and help implement defect collection via Data Mite, utilizing barcodes and identifying real time defects and align Craftsman employees assigned work orders by signing in and identifying, hold up, in-process and complete along with identified Buy Off of customer FAA, via paperless implementation this again based off shipments and the utilization of positively assigning work based off importance and elimination of over time based off shipments the savings on average equated to 630,000 on overtime alone.

* Implemented and trained over 400 employees in Yellow and Green belt Six Sigma classes.

* Worked with Union representatives and upper management on creating a Craftsman program for a multifunction cross-functional team to interact on floor to establish metrics for all employees to ensure for continuous improvement and training on a continual basis. Cost savings was based off shipments being held up due to mistakes/communications

* Implemented recycling & training programs for MD-11 and Space Systems, facilitated the overall engagement of all recycling metrics and tracked benefits with posted monthly savings of waste streams being eliminated and or re-used this equated in a 1st year savings of 1.8 million in savings.

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