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Manager Office

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
September 14, 2019

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Nader M. Salama

Heavy Oil Team Leader


NAME: Nader Mohamed Salama


BIRTH DATE: 24th May 1957

MARITAL STATUS: Married + 2 boys and 1 lady

ADDRESS: New Cairo, 1st settlement, block 9008, villa 3, Cairo

TELEPHONE: 002***********

: Egypt



Ph.D. (Petroleum Geology) Trinity College May 1995

M.Sc. ( Stratigraphy & Sedimentology ) Cairo Univ. Oct. 1988

B.Sc. (Geology) Cairo Univ. May 1980


Sequence Stratigraphy & Structure

Basin analysis & Field Development

Reservoir Characterisation

Reservoir Modelling (limited experience)

Prospect Evaluation

Regional Petroleum Geology Studies

Software Skills include:

Geo-Quest: Geol. Office / CPS-3


MONTE CARLO for reserve calculation

RMS for modelling (limited time)

Office (Word/Power Point/Excel)

Power-log (petrophysical analysis)

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (30 years in Oil Sector)

OIL Business Jobs:

Kuwait Gulf Oil Co. (KGOC & Chevron) Heavy Oil Team Leader)

oKuwait Office, Wafra

o13 years (2004 – 2017)

My job description can be summarized as follows:

Manage the evaluation of new business opportunities (exploration and development areas), conduct analysis and prepare reports.

Manage G & G aspects of Exploration & development well planning and execution as part of KGOC/SAC business plan.

Manage the meetings with shipment company that provides bunkers to evaluate the best specifications to fulfil the company policy. Also to evaluate the lubricant types and prices that offered from the shipment company.

Manage preparing exploration programs and new locations in exploration & development areas.

Set the standards and specifications of drilling contracts.

Search for and evaluate growth opportunities to support asset growth strategy.

Execute any work programs within approved budget.

Carry out technical and commercial evaluations of open and held acreage

Seeking technical and financial approvals though different processes.

Manage and integrate the output of geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, well engineers and commercial personnel in order to make a coherent request for approval of projects and funding.

Review and adjust the field activities based on objectives and goals achieved.

Manage the daily reviews of operations and solve any problem while drilling.

Manage and follow up any operational activities (drilling, workover & deepening).

Manage and plan new locations (Vertical or horizontal wells) in either exploration or development areas.

Manage and direct any job related to the field i.e. Coring, Logging & any reservoir studies.

Supervise the risk management team that works to keep fuel costs within the predictable range and also to secure the bunker prices.

Participate in complex field development planning to improve the production performance.

Participate in preparing the deepening & workover list to optimize the production.

Mange the reservoir Uncertainty Management Plan team (UMP) to reduce the uncertainties and improve the production.

Provide Business Development Geology and Geophysics plans to Managers.

Represent company in technical meetings either with Government or with partners.

Supervise and prepare training programs for geoscientist, petroleum and drilling engineers to upgrade their technical levels.

Acting as Superintendent in some tasks (one of the recent assignments).

Generate reports on technical issues and activities of the field for Senior Managements.

Review the technical database of the reservoir for improvement.

Participate in some safety and environmental meetings of the company to improve safety skills.

German Oil Company (RWE) Senior Staff Geologist (Team Leader)

Egypt Office.

3 years (2001-2004)

3 oil fields have been improved as a result of data integration and evaluation.

Pennzoil Company Co. Senior Staff Geologist (Area Manager)

Egypt Office

5 years (1996-2001)

I did discover new oil fields in Gulf of Suez.

British Petroleum Co. Operation/Senior Geologist/ Geoscientist

oEgypt Office

o8 years (1985-1993)

oNew areas were discovered in Nile delta & Gulf of Suez.

Note : I did discovered new Gas field in Nile delta ( North of Cairo).

BP, German Oil Co. & Pennzoil Main Tasks:

1.Evaluation of Development areas (Gulf of suez and Nile Delta) and well planning for each of them to optimize production and reduce water cut that has been classified as one of the major challenges in the field. This task was done by remapping most of old maps with integration of all geological and production data. As a result of this task, new locations have been selected to delineate the reservoir. Some of them were drilled. Those drilled locations have achieved good results for Pennzoil.

2.Evaluate and supervise any technical tasks related to logging, coring, reservoir pressure, Geo-steering & LWD.

3.A sequence stratigraphic study was performed for one of the blocks in the Nile delta. This task was done for RWE/Dea. The aim of it was to define the number of sequences by using wireline (GR/DT) and paleontological data. These results were integrated with seismic sequences defined from the seismic data. The result of this study was very significant for defining new drilling locations. These locations achieved very good reults and high profits.

4.3D modeling of 3 oil fields in Gulf of Suez. This task was performed for RWE/Dea to create static models (RMS) with different trials for each field. This static modeling included structural, facies and petrophysical modules. My goal had 2 tasks; supervise all modeling steps and QC the results with the well data. New locations, new intervals and workover jobs were recommended for each field as result of this work .

5.Geological and hydrocarbon Evaluation of Exploratory areas (i.e. Upper Egypt province). This task was done for BP and included 2 steps. The first step was the examination of stratigraphic succession, main reservoir intervals, source rock and seals while the second step was the integration of the seismic and geological data to define prospects. Reserve calculation, risk assessment and ranking were prepared for each prospect prior to drilling. BP’s recommendations for this area were used to find new oil targets. Upper Egypt is now one of the major oil provinces in Egypt.

6.Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy study for North Sinai offshore. This project was also performed for BP and included the integration of well and seismic data to predict the distribution of sand bodies in the area. Seismic sequence techniques were applied and mapped to define the sand distribution of each sequence.

7.Field trip leader for BP/ Pennzoil expatriate staff to Sinai.

8.Coatching Title: This has been assigned to me through many tasks in KGOC, RWE/DEA, PENNZOIL & BP, as follows:

8.1.Training of UD’s Geologists:

8.2.Supervisor for UMP projects.

8.3.Manager of WAMD safety team in 2006.

8.4.Area Manager for one of blocks in Gulf of Suez, Egypt.

8.5.Field trip leader in BP & Pennzoil.

8.6.Team leader for 3D modeling project in Gulf of Suez field.

Academic Jobs:

UAE University (teaching assistant)

National Drilling Company (Consultant (part time Job)

Al-Ain, UAE

3 years (1993-1996)

Cairo University (Demonstrator)

M.I.T., Boston (Geologist (part time Job)

oEgypt & Boston (USA) for specific tasks.

o5 years (1980- 1985)

Recent Publications:

1st Eocene New Challenge Areas integrating Geological, Petrophysical and Production data in Wafra Field, PZ, Kuwait (AAPG Conference in Singapore, 2012)

Reservoir Characterization of 1st Eocene Heavy Oil Carbonate Formation using FMI Fullbore Formation MicroImager in Wafra Field-A Case Study, PZ, Kuwait (AAPG Conference in Milan, 2011)

Interpreted Strike-slip Fault elements in the 1st Eocene Reservoir of Wafra Field, PZ-Kuwait. (AAPG conference in Bahrain, 2010)



Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy workshop( Dec.1996,Egypt)

Exploration techniques in frontier areas ( Sept.1991,London)

Structural Geology workshop ( Nov. 1987, Egypt).

Stratigraphic principles workshop (Oct.1988,Egypt ).

Development Geol. & Reservoir Eng. (june 1989,Egypt).

Seismic Stratigraphy workshop ( 1989, Egypt ).

Seismic Stratigraphy & Basin analysis workshop ( Feb.1990, London ) .

Sequence Stratigraphy Field trip (AAPG Conference,1998).

Reservoir Modeling (RMS), Cairo, Jan 2000 .

Applied petrophysics with carbonate emphasis (OGCI

Abu Dhabi, March 2002), {5 Days}

Application of Reservoir Modeling (RMS), Roxer Center, Dubai, UAE, Feb. 2003) { 5 Days }

REFERENCES 1. Dr. Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman

Vice President Exploration, Royal Eneregy Inc., USA

2. Mychal Murray

Chevron Oil Co., Houston

3 Anwar Al-Sharkawi

FDD Manager, JO, KGOC

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